1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 22

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(continued from chapter 21)…

“That’s it, I’m bushed….you win,” Tess conceded to Janice in losing to her in the backstroke race of 10 laps.

“Told ya’ you couldn’t beat me,” Jan smugly said, moving to slip her hands under Tess’ arms as Tess floated on her back, trying to catch her breath from the strenuous swimming competition.

Using just her feet, Janice kick-swam them both to the shallow end of the large pool. Finding purchase for her feet, she continued to pull Tess along as she made lazy-circles in the pool, simply meandering with no end-point in mind.

Tess let her body totally relax in the firm grip of Jan to her arms, floating languidly in the warmth of the water, in the embrace of the summer sun.

Moving forward so that Tess’ head now rested on Jan’s shoulders, Jan playfully nibbled on Tess’ earlobe, moving her hands from Tess’ arms to wrap around, and grab onto, her boobs.

“What time do you think Jo’ll call us to meet them for lunch?” Janice cooed softly into Tess’ ear, her hands squeezing Tess’ boobs softly, pulling at the hard nipples.

“Don’t know, but if we get out of the pool now and dry off, I’m sure we’ll have enough time to fuck and, shower, afterwards,” Tess replied softly, letting her hand float behind her so that she could squeeze Jan’s fine ass with her fingers.

“Or, we could skip the drying off part, and simply fuck out here, on the chaise,” Jan suggested, dropping a hand down Tess’ belly to give her pussy a soft squeeze.

“Or…we could do that, what you just said……” flipping around and taking Jan into her arms so quickly that poor Janice barely had time enough to open her mouth for Tess’ tongue to enter.

Sixty-nine…..what a wonderful position, thought Tess as she leisurely sucked and gnawed on the delicious, brown-skinned pussy under her mouth, letting her tongue slowly play over Jan’s clit.

Laying on her back on the chaise, Jan had both hands dug firmly into Tess’ ass-cheeks, using Tess’ ass as leverage to pull her mouth harder against her sweet snatch, the pleasure from what Tess was doing to her, driving her lustful and noisy cunnilingus of Tess’ sweet smelling cunt.

Goddamn, but these two white girls can certainly eat pussy, Jan thought to herself as she took her time with Tess’ cunt, slipping her tongue in and out of the slit, chewing on Tess’ larger clit with teeth and lips. She absolutely loved it when Meg ate her, absolutely loved it but, damnit to hell, these two, white, sister-lezes know how to eat pussy, plain and simple……

“So, anything hit your hot button of the ones we’ve seen?” Jo asked Megan as they toyed with their ice teas while waiting for Tess and Jan to meet them.

“Of the ones he showed us, I liked the place near the college, near the fitness center,” Megan replied, “Damn sure taking their sweet time getting here,” switching topics to express her displeasure at having to wait to order. Shit, she was hungry. All that fucking last night with Tess and only 2 cups of coffee this morning, well hell’s bells, growing girl needs to eat, was her feeling.

“Pretty sure I caught them in the middle of something,” Jo chuckled, “Tess was breathing heavy when she answered her phone.”

“Janice’s a horny little thing,” Meg commented, “wouldn’t surprise me at all…..” her voice trailing off to silence.

“How do you and Tess do it?” Megan asked out of the blue, “you know, screw around with other chicks without being jealous and all that crap?”

“Many levels to love, Meg,” Jo explained, “Tess and I, well, our love for each other is strong, heart-strong. We recognize that sex with others is just that, sex, nothing more, nothing that lessens our feelings for each other.”

“Still, doesn’t it ever bother you when she’s with someone else or you’re with someone else?” Megan pressed.

“No, never has yet and I’m pretty sure that Tess would tell you the same,” Jo answered, her eyes catching Tess’ car pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant.

“That’s a strong love for each other,” Megan observed with admiration.

“Yes, yes it is, baby….”

“So, in a nutshell, I’m torn between two spots but favoring the one near the college and fitness place,” Jo said between bites of her salad, catching Tess and Jan up on the real estate thingy.

“Lease or purchase?” Tess asked, her interest genuine.

“Lease with an option after the first year,” Jo replied, “with the lease payments after six months credited towards the purchase price.”

“Sweet….” Tess replied with a smile.

“Yep, that’s what I think too,” Jo responded, winking at Tess afterwards.

Turning towards Jan, Jo swallowed her bite of shrimp, saying to the teenager, “So, did my sweet sis get you off?” the brashness and suddeness of the question causing Janice to almost spit out her bite of sandwich.

“Um, well, yeah, of course, why wouldn’t she have?” Jan sputtered in reply.

“Just checking….” Jo laughingly replied, smiling at the response she had hoped for when asking the question.

“You guys illegal bahis up for the movies?” Megan asked Jan and Tess, “Jo and I are going. Want to join us?”

Looking to each other for a nano-second, Tess answered for them both in the affirmative…..

The theatre was near the campus where Tess would soon be going to school, an arts-type house that showed ‘Indie’ flicks for the most part. The theatre was about half-full and taking seats at the back of the complex, the four gals settled into their strangely comfortable, cushioned seats, liking that the seats could scoot forward or backward for comfort.

Each of the couples shared a popcorn and had their own drinks. Through with the snack by the end of the trailers, the four women settled into their seats for the main feature. Leaning towards Megan a bit, Jo took Megan’s arm and placed it over her shoulder, placing and holding Meg’s hand onto one of her boobs with her own.

“Play with the girls a bit?” Jo asked when she turned her face towards Megan’s, her fingers lightly stroking the teenager’s thigh through her pants.

“Only if we sleep together tonight,” Megan answered as her hand softly caressed the familiar tit of the older Clancy sister.

“Only?” Jo teasingly asked.

“Of course not, silly, I’d play with you anytime,” Megan answered, “you know that.”

“Yes, and yes, I’m sleeping with you tonight,” Jo smilingly confirmed as she leaned up to kiss Megan, “though we might not get much sleep.”

“Works for me,” Meg replied softly, her lips, afterwards, meeting Jo’s in a lustful kiss of anticipation.

The movie was black and white, more dark than light as the film progressed. Dark enough that Jan thought nothing of letting Tess open her blouse to suck on her bra-less tits in the theatre, thought nothing of letting Tess finger her while doing so, either. She stifled her cry of joy when she orgasmed by biting down on Tess’ neck…hard, hard enough that Tess would have one hell of a hickey before the morning sun rose in the east….

“Great weekend you two,” Jo said as she and Tess hugged the oreo couple goodbye that Sunday afternoon, “Remember, next Friday night, a little goodbye dinner for you two before y’all head off to school.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Jan answered for she and Megan, “we’ll be here with bells on.”

“Yeah, but not for long I’ll bet,” Tess wise-cracked in jest despite the truth of the observation.

“Well, damn, that was surely a fun time,” Jo expressed to Tess as they fell onto the couch to chill, to hang.

“Yeah, it was,” Tess agreed, “like fucking ’em both, I have to say, both very nice in the sack,” she further opined.

“Think they’ll last?” Jo asked out of idle curiosity.

“Doubtful. Too young and the girl-girl thing is too new for them both…..they’ll have fun for a while but, in the end, I think they’ll move on to others at some point,” Tess opined to her sis.

“Yeah, kinda’ what I think too,” Jo agreed, “So, what’s up for you this week?” changing the subject.

“Have a meeting with my graduate advisor tomorrow morning, and meeting the Goodwill truck tomorrow afternoon for them to pick up the furniture from the ‘rents’ room,” Tess answered, “You?”

“Meeting with the bank on my application for the business loan. Shouldn’t be a problem but still, makes me nervous,” Jo replied, stretching then flipping around to lay her head in Tess’ lap on the couch.

Looking down to Jo’s face, Tess smiled a gentle smile, her hand moving to casually stroke over Jo’s girls, no bra holding them in today. It wasn’t an overt move of seduction by Tess, her hand just seemed to find its own way to Jo’s tits, most times. Kinda’like petting a house cat when it curls up on your lap, ya’ know?

“Want to go look at some bedroom furniture and shit?” Tess asked.

“Arrrgghhh, you know I hate that shit…..why don’t you just handle it, babe, I’m absolutely worthless in picking and matching colors and all that crap,” Jo tried, in vain, to argue.

“I want your input, Jo….C’mon, it’s going to be ‘our’ room, bitch, and you’re going to help,” Tess said in a tone that left little doubt that Ms. Jo was going furniture shopping today, like it or not…….

“May I help you?” asked the twenty-something sitting at the desk outside of her graduate advisor’s office. The receptionist? assistant? student aide? looked up at Tess, her head tilted down, looking over the top of her glass-frames.

“I have an appointment with Doctor Hughes at ten?” Tess answered, “Clancy. Theresa Clancy?”

At the mention of her name, a flash of recognition slipped across the face of the gal behind the desk.

“You’re Doctor Clancy’s daughter?” she asked.

“I am,” was the short reply.

“A great teacher, your father; I had him for three courses when I was an undergrad and loved his classes,” the gal clarified for Tess.

“Thank you,” Tess said of the compliment, “I get a lot of that from people who’ve had him as an instructor.”

Standing, the aide extended her hand in greeting illegal bahis siteleri to Tess, “I’m Doctor Hughes’ grad-assistant, Betty, but please call me Betts, everyone else does.”

“Good to meet you; please call me Tess, not Theresa,” taking the gal’s offered hand and returning the greeting.

Taking a quick appraisal of Betts’ ‘look’, Tess liked the package in front of her. Auburn-colored hair, cut short, female-jock short but longer than butch-short, ya’ know? Taller than Tess by a couple of inches, making her five-ten’ish or eleven’ish or so, probably one-thirty or thirty-five, Tess judged quickly as she did a quick up and down appraisal when Betts turned to Doctor Hughes’ door to let him know that his appointment was here.

Had you asked, Tess would’ve deemed her eminently fuckable.

Darting her eyes to a light on her phone, Betts motioned with her head towards the closed door behind her, “He’ll see you now,” smiling to Tess, “Want to grab some coffee after your meeting? I’ll be through with the desk for today and can sorta’ give you the lay of the land in grad school,” Betts offered.

“Sure, that’d be great,” Tess accepted gladly, she needed some coffee…..

“Yeah, he is sort of a queer little duck, isn’t he?” Betts agreed, nodding her head and blowing across the top of her super-hot latte.

She was speaking of Doctor Hughes, of course, Tess’ grad advisor. Tess had express a ‘thought’ that he seemed a little, well, a little ‘out there’ with his nineteenth century mannerisms and all, almost as if he’d traveled in a time machine from then to now.

“I mean, is he for real?” Tess asked Betts.

“Oh yeah, he is…..strangely though? There’s a waiting list for his classes on Victorian History and, also, for his class on the Civil War,” Betts answered.

“Well, this is the list of courses he recommended for my first semester; would you take a look at it and tell me what you think?” handing the list to Betts. Betts, as was Tess, was a History graduate student but specializing in the Reformation Movement of Europe.

“Looks doable, I think; lots of library time but get use to that, grad school is all about the fucking library,” Betts advised, handing the list back to Tess.

Slipping from her fingers to the floor, Tess bent to retrieve the list, grimacing when doing so, uttering a soft ‘ouch’.

“What’s the matter? Did you hurt yourself?” Betts asked.

“No, I’ve been sore ever since our return flight from Ireland,” Tess explained, rubbing a spot on her back with her hand. She went on to explain to Betts of the interment of ashes, etc. their flight to and fro, leaving out the salacious details, of course.

“You should give my girl a try,” Betts offered.

“Your girl?”

“My masseuse. I’ve used her from senior year on to iron out the kinks from playing.”

“I thought I recognized you. Played for the school’s golf team, right? Think I remember seeing pictures of you in the paper when I’d return home from school,” Tess said, happy now that she’d finally figured out why Betts seemed so familiar to her.

“You play?”

“Not on your level. I carry a twelve handicap,” referring, of course, to her golf score.

“I miss the daily grind of practice with the squad,” Betts admitted, “let me know if you’d like to play sometime. So, want me to set it up for you with Tori?” Betts pressed.

“Sure….I’m too young to be gimpy,” joked Tess.

Pulling out her cell phone then and there, Betts pressed a button and brought the phone to her ear. Standing and walking away for privacy, Betts spent a few minutes on the phone, talking about what? Tess couldn’t say. Returning to their table, Betts fished a slip of paper from her purse, wrote some numbers and handed it to Tess.

“Give her a call after five today to set up an appointment. I sorta’ fudged and told her that we were friends,” Betts ‘fessed up to Tess, “and, don’t be put off by her appearance…her hands are pure magic.”

“Thanks Betts, I really appreciate this and who knows, we just might become friends after all is said and done,” Tess replied.

“Wouldn’t surprise me at all if we did, sunshine,” Betts replied crypticly, her eyes squinting as she gazed towards Tess………

“I know you,” they both said at the same time when Tori opened her door after Tess rang the chime, both laughing a bit self-consciously.

“You were at Tugboat Annie’s a few months ago, weren’t you?” Tori asked as she stepped aside for Tess to enter her home/massage studio. Tugboat Annie’s was a hodge-podge bar in ‘Old Town’ that catered to whoever could throw money onto the bar; gay, straight, butch, boi, whatever, it just didn’t matter at Annie’s.

“I was….you stopped by the table and talked to my friend, Madge,” Tess supplied, Madge being an in-the-closet married woman that Tess had been fucking for some time.

“Fun gal, that Madge,” Tori contributed knowingly as she led Tess through her home to the add-on studio at the back of her house.

“She is that,” agreed Tess, trailing behind canlı bahis siteleri Tori admiringly so, staring at Tori’s muscled glutes that were straining the material of the tight gym shorts.

“Like what I can see of the tat,” Tess said further, referring to the tail of a dragon? that was shown on the exposed, firm back, Tori wearing a cut-off tee, much like muscle builders wear.

If Tess were to be honest, she liked Tori’s ‘look’; short, almost buzzed dark hair, little or no makeup, big hoops in her ears, high, firm breasts barely contained by the half-tee. Butch, but femme; boi, but barely so….all in all, thought Tess, kinda’ appealing.

“Thanks, it’s a work in progress,” Tori replied, ushering Tess into the studio with a sweep of her hand.

Warm and inviting was the first impression to most everyone who came into Tori’s studio. Soft woods and fabrics, soft, indirect lighting complemented by rope lights on some large tree-plants in the corners.

“You can change in there,” Tori said to Tess, using her chin to point to a small dressing room with a beaded curtain hanging in the doorway, “if you’re shy or bashful, there’s a large towel-sheet to wrap in and I’ll keep it over your privates as I work on you. Otherwise, I’ll work on you in the buff, okay?”

“I’m not bashful,” Tess said with a smile, stepping into the changing room as she did so.

Quickly stripping to her panties, she thought for a second and then pulled them off as well, checking herself out in the full-length mirror in the changing space. I’d definitely fuck me, Tess thought as she admired her body, liking how flat her stomach was, loving how firm her C-Cup girls were….yep, she concluded, I’d definitely fuck me.

“Where does it hurt?” Tori asked as she quickly admired Tess’ nakedness when she stepped out of the dressing room, “Betts said something about some long overseas flights?”

Tess brought Tori up to speed on the trip to Ireland and back, and of how she’s had a pain in her lower back that just won’t go away.

“Hop up onto the table Tess, on your stomach, and put your face in the hole of the head-pillow, I’ll have you feeling like a million bucks before you leave here,” Tori instructed as she rubbed her hands together briskly to warm them before she started ‘oiling’ and working Tess’ body.

Tess’ very lovely body thought Tori’s evil twin.

Tori tried hard, really, really hard to not make ‘moves’ on some of her clients. She tried super hard to separate her business world from her private world but, well, fuck it! sometimes she just couldn’t do that.

Some of her clients were purely that, clients. But some? Well, there were more than a few, mostly married ones at that, that encouraged Tori to be as friendly and personal as she cared to be with them as Tori rubbed and caressed their flesh with her expert fingers. That’s how she met Madge and there was no doubt in Tori’s mind that Tess was fucking Madge, no doubt at all.

And if that was the case, well, who knows where this might go this afternoon. Sure as hell, Tori thought as she slowly poured the warm oil onto the small of Tess’ well-formed back, letting some of the oil just barely trickle on Tess’ ass-crack, I wouldn’t let that chance slip away should it arise.

“Oh…My…God,” Tess cooed after a few seconds of Tori’s fingers and hands working her back muscles, “Betts said that you had amazing hands but wow, she sure under-stated that fact.”

“She would know,” Tori said in a tone that dripped with double-entendre meaning.

“Like that?” Tori asked as she slowly rubbed her hands up and down Tess’ firm body, liking how Tess obviously took care of herself.

“Oooohhhhh, yeah…..I could let you do me for hours,” Tess cooed softly, the reference of ‘doing her’, purposeful on Tess’ part.

“That can be arranged,” Tori chuckled, her hands now working Tess’ firm glutes, her fingers squeezing deep into the flesh. Slowly, working Tess’ cheeks apart as she did so, Tori kneaded the orbs of flesh, spreading oils as hands and fingers took command of Tess’ naked body.

When Tess felt Tori’s hands on her ass, she reflexively pulled her legs apart slightly, as if expecting to feel a finger or tongue in her ass-crack, next.

Tori smiled to herself when she noticed Tess’ legs move apart, knowing from experience that women did that, almost as if inviting to be violatated by a dick or tongue or whatever.

“How personal are you comfortable with me getting with you, Tess?” Tori asked as her fingers moved closer to Tess’ puckered hole while kneading Tess’ ass.

“I’m not bashful, Tori; we both ‘know’ Madge….’nuff said, don’t you think?” Tess answered, her legs moving a teeny bit further apart.

That was when she felt it, the finger circling her asshole, teasing it, almost entering it but not quite. Tori’s hands and other fingers rubbed, squeezed, kneaded Tess’ ass-cheeks but one, one stayed rubbing her asshole at all times.

Tess liked that. Tess liked that a lot.

Tori knew this. Tori knew this and use this to tease Tess, teasing her for a long time until finally, much to Tess’ relief, she inserted her finger into Tess’ asshole, just to the first knuckle, making small stroking motions, slowly, Tori moving her other hand up Tess’ back at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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