20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 04

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The next time I got a chance to see my beautiful cousin, a year had passed, and it was time for the big summer family get-together once again. This year my Aunt decided we should all meet for five days in Las Vegas. This didn’t excite me all that much, as I had been to Vegas a few times before and, at 19, was still technically too young to partake of the best that town has to offer.

The crew this time was extensive: my mother, my brother and I, two Aunts, two Uncles, two male cousins, and finally my cousin Denise, along with her best friend Jenna. This was to be the first of many family occasions that Jenna was to grace with her presence. What was left of her family back in New York was in disarray, and she much preferred our group to her alcoholic mother and a brother who was in and out of various penal institutions.

I didn’t mind having her around at all, since she was…well, I wouldn’t say “beautiful” – I guess “sexy” would be a better term. Sexy in a tough, New York Italian leather jacket wearing sort of way. She reminded me a lot of Marisa Tomei in “My Cousin Vinny”, and that could never be a bad thing: dark, curly, shoulder-length hair, amazing pout-y red lips (the world hadn’t been given the term ‘Dick Sucking Lips (DSL)’ back then, but that’s indeed what they were). She was on the short side, ‘petite’ is the term I think, and what she lacked in bra cup size she more than made up for on the back end. Jenna had an ass that a man wanted to pitch a tent and camp on for the weekend. And something about the way she got it moving when she walked just oozed sexuality – to me, anyway. She seemed to like me fine as well during our first few exchanges, though my eyes (and my mind) seldom left Denise’s body if she was nearby.

The whole lot of us took over the 14th floor of the Excalibur Hotel/Casino on the south end of the Strip. I was rooming with my brother, and as fate, or luck, or lust would have it, we were not only next door to Jenna and Denise, but the rooms featured an adjoining door. Whether this was intentional canlı bahis on the part of my Aunt to keep the kids entertained or not matters little. It was a fact, and a small portal to Heaven had just announced itself in my hotel room.

The first night was spent wandering up and down the Strip on foot. It was just the younger set, including my two male cousins from New Jersey, Mark and Jonathan. During the course of the evening, it became fairly obvious that Mark had a major thing for Jenna, and she did her share of flirting with him in kind. They certainly both had the East Coast thing to bond over.

I spent most of my time uncomfortably trying not to stare at Denise’s cleavage, which insisted on peaking out of her fairly low-cut blouse. It was black with silver stripes at an angle, and featured three buttons up the lower belly. The open “V” took care of the top half, and her golden tanned, slightly freckled globes set the whole thing on fire. Tight black designer jeans completed the look, and I found myself completely in thrall to the graceful curve of her hips as they swept up to her narrow waist.

More interestingly, while walking we got a chance to talk, probably more of a “conversation” than we’d ever had as adults. I think we were both surprised to discover that in many ways we thought alike – similar neuroses, similar likes and dislikes when it came to film and music. We had even read some of the same obscure authors. It added to the turn-on that my cousin was intelligent and imaginative, on top of being a total fox.

We got back to the rooms around midnight, and my brother, who had recently become Vegas-legal, headed downstairs to hit the casino. Jenna said goodnight to a disappointed Mark. I said goodnight to a radiant Denise, and the two girls disappeared into their room.

I had just gotten into bed, flipped on the TV, and was preparing to engage in my nightly ritual of rubbing one out to one of last summer’s Denise encounters, when I heard a soft knock at the adjoining door.

I got up, padded over bahis siteleri in my t-shirt and boxer briefs, and was more than a bit surprised to see Jenna standing there in an oversize black t-shirt. It fell to about mid-thigh on her small frame, but was thin enough not to hide too many of the curves underneath.

“Hey, Thom,” she whispered.


“Watcha up to in here?”

“Um, not much, really. Just getting ready to…wind down. You?”

She looked back into her darkened room.

“Well…mind if I come in for a sec? Denise is asleep and I don’t want to wake her up.”

Not at all sure where this was going, I said “Sure.” Hopping back on the bed, I propped myself against the wall and covered my lower body with the blanket. I had just met Jenna that day, and it seemed a bit strange to be sitting there in my underwear in front of her. That turned out to be the right move, because when she closed the door and walked over to the desk chair, the movement of those hips was enough to cause a stirring in my crotch that would have certainly been noticeable.

I wasn’t sure what she was wearing under that long t-shirt, but if she was wearing underwear, it was only the bottoms. The outline of her small but perky little tits was clearly visible under the thin fabric, her nipples standing out like pencil erasers. She pulled the chair out and sat down, legs together, hands on her knees.

“So I hope I’m not buggin’ you, but I’m totally not ready to go to sleep yet. Do you mind hanging out?”

My tongue certainly didn’t mind hanging out, and I decided to agree with it. “I think I can cope with the company of a half-naked girl for a little while.”

She grinned. It was a nice smile, somewhat sarcastic by nature. A little jaded, though I wondered if she realized it came off that way. We talked for a while – the usual getting-to-know-you stuff, and she asked me a few questions about my cousin Mark. I in turn asked plenty of questions about how she knew Denise. I was slightly dismayed to learn that they bahis şirketleri had met primarily over liking the same guy at the junior college they went to. He had ultimately chosen Denise (really, who wouldn’t, but what a nice problem to have) and the two had been dating ever since. So my cousin had a boyfriend at college. Not surprising, but why was I jealous?

Jenna’s next question came as a bit of a shock.

“You like your cousin, don’t you?”

I paused. “Sure, she’s a cool chick.”

“But you think she’s hot.”

“Well…I suppose she’s attractive, yeah. I mean, I’m not supposed to notice stuff like that.”

“Hard not to,” she smiled again. “I think she’s gorgeous. And…if you don’t mind me pointing this out, you do notice stuff like that. I’m pretty perceptive.”

I must have turned about five shades of red, because she laughed, more genuine this time.

After about 45 minutes of conversation, it suddenly dawned on me – something that probably would have been obvious to someone less naive. This girl liked me.

She wasn’t just killing time, or trying to find out more about Mark. Shortly after this realization hit me, I began to look at her in a totally new way.

I had a habit of assuming that cute girls, especially those older than me (Jenna was 20, the same age as Denise), automatically wouldn’t be interested. I was usually so busy fantasizing about them and undressing them in my mind that I never considered that the feeling might be mutual. In this case, my cousin so outshone anyone in her vicinity that I hadn’t really given Jenna more than the cursory male gaze.

Now I really began to see her, noticing the smoothness of her pale legs, the mysterious feline bent of her eyes. Green eyes. Black hair and green eyes. Hmmmm…

I started to see her not just as a cute girl, but a cute girl that I just might have a shot at…touching, or something.

Now all of a sudden it was up to me not to blow it.

I also noted that during our talk, her small feet had drifted up from the floor to the edge of the TV table, so that the underside of her creamy white thighs was more visible. A little further and I’d be able to get an answer to the question of panties…or no panties.

To Be Continued…

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