A 21 Gun Salute Ch. 1

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As the daylight broke, I found myself in a hot lust filled dream. A beautiful man was giving my cock an incredible round of servicing. Up and down my hard shaft. And in that dream I suddenly found light pressure against my lips as my faceless lover lightly pressed his dick toward my mouth. The tip glistened with pre-cum and had a familiar and pleasant salty-sweet taste.

As I started to awaken from my dream sleep I quickly became aware that it was not a dream at all. My boyfriend, my lover of three years, Nate was positioned over me in an inviting 69 position. I had met Nate at school as an 18 year-old freshman who had just come out to my family and close friends. He, too, was newly “out” and we stuck up a friendship that had grown into a love affair. We became roommates in the second semester and had shared rooms, lives, and a passion for each other ever since.

As sophomores we moved off campus and had found a one-bedroom apartment. We shared a king-sized bed and always slept naked together. Nate has a cock that I can only call beautiful. It’s thick, cut, and a healthy 7″ when erect. Nate keeps his slim body wonderfully toned and totally hairless. Though he’s 21 years old, he has the slim hairless body of a 13 year old. He is an incredible turn-on visually and is one of the greatest cocksuckers I’ve ever met.

As I looked up from still half-opened eyes, his fully erect dick was mere millimeters from my face. Coming to my senses, I opened my mouth and welcomed the object of my sexual desire inside. Nate and I then treated one another to beautiful, lustful blow jobs.

Because I know Nate so intimately, I sensed his approaching orgasm, and concentrated even harder in pleasuring my svelte lover. Seconds later, the familiar grunt and moan signaled that his load had been dispatched and would soon be filling my mouth. As expected, he filled me with his cream while I milked his cock for every drop of his love potion. Sucking for all I was worth, I felt my own approaching orgasm. And just as that familiar tingling began at the bottom of my balls, Nate pulled off my cock and said, “Hold on, my love, you’re going to need that load later.” He immediately jumped out our bed and headed for the shower.

“That’s ONE!” he called from the bathroom. “What do you mean, Sweetheart?” I inquired. “What does ONE mean?”

“You’ll see,” he said as he emerged from the bathroom; the shower running and getting warm.

He walked over to the bed, leaned over, and gave me a kiss like only intimate lovers can share. “Happy birthday, Bri. I love you.” As we broke our kiss he said, “as soon as you shower, we’re out of here. We’ve got a birthday celebration to end them all.”

“Really?” I asked. “Who is ‘we’?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Nate replied as I heard him step into the shower.

Laying on the bed awaiting my turn in the shower, I closed my eyes to contemplate the wonderful blow job I had just enjoyed giving to my lover, still tasting the musky sweetness on my lips. I considered by own gratification that had gone unsatisfied. Dreaming of my lover and still savoring his taste, I rested for a few moments waiting for Nate to finish his shower.

I must have dozed for a few moments, because I was suddenly brought back to consciousness by a familiar warm, dampness surrounding my still semi-erect cock. I opened my eyes to see our neighbor, Mike, stark naked, kneeling over me and bringing my cock back to life. Standing behind him was his roommate and lover, Scott. Mike and Scott shared the apartment directly across the hall from us. We knew they were gay lovers and Mike and Scott knew that Nate and I were gay lovers. Oftentimes, we’d rent gay pornos on a weekend and the four of us would watch them together. It never failed that the movies always ended with each of us having hot sex on the living room floor with our lover. Up until now, though, Nate nor I had ever had sex with Mike or Scott.

Mike was an expert cocksucker along the same vein as my precious Nate. He serviced me and coaxed me toward orgasm, but always stopping just short of allowing me to cum. As the expert blowjob continued, Scott, climbed up on the bed and strattled my face. His semi-erect 7 inch dick, glistening with pre-cum, pulsating just inches from my mouth. As the sexual tension continued to build, I could wait no longer, I hungrily swallowed Scott’s gorgeous tool. In a matter of minutes, he poured his hot jism down my throat. What an incredible flavor he offered.

I, on the otherhand, was aching to shoot my own load, but the expert who was servicing my meat would not let me go over the edge. As Scott dismounted, Mike stopped sucking and re-positioned himself above my face and offered me HIS 6 inch, thick meat. As Scott went to clean up, Nate emerged from the shower and announced, “That’s TWO, birthday boy!”

I sucked Mike for all I was worth. Having no mouth on my own cock, I reached down and began jacking myself off, hoping, wanting, and needing canlı bahis şirketleri to get off. After two or three stokes, someone grabbed my hand and removed it from my dick. “Nope, Brian, you don’t get to cum yet. There’s too much yet to do,” Nate announced.

I dutifully kept my hands off my pulsating cock, and continued to fellate my handsome neighbor. Mike as 19, and very slim. He had cleancut, boyish features, and would be regarded as a fem by some. But, to me he was a beautiful young creature. I worked on his chubby, filled with the desire to taste his semen.

I licked his balls and the underside of his fat dick. “Brian, I’m gonna cum!” he shouted. “I’m cumming. I’m cummmmmmminnnnnnggggg!” That skinny young lad shot a load in my mouth like none other I’d ever had. He came in spurts, some of which ran down the side of my mouth. I couldn’t swallow it all. As he dismounted, Mike bent down and gave me a soft, wonderful kiss. He swept his tongue across my lips, trying to taste his own juices. He licked the side of my mouth and my cheeks, licking up every drop of jism that I had not been able to keep in my mouth. What a turn-on it was to watch and feel this gorgeous man eat his own cum.

“That’s THREE!” cried Nate. “Now get yourself out of bed and jump in the shower. We’ve all taken off work and we’re gonna have a huge day today.!” “One more thing, Bri. Don’t even think of cumming just yet. You’ll need that load later.

“Jesus,” I thought to myself. I was on the verge of cumming without even touching myself. I was about to bust. But, at the same time, I knew that if I did what my friend and lover Nate asked me to do, I would be justly rewarded sooner or later.

I must have set a record for a quick shower. I was in and out in about three minutes. I quickly dressed and prepared to leave.

As we were getting ready to walk out the door, the apartment’s doorbell rang. I opened the door and was greeted by Damon. Damon was my best friend from junior high and high school. We had virtually grown up together. Damon was a hot dude and always had a cheerleader or other gorgeous girl for a girlfriend. Damon was a football player, basketball player, and musician in the school’s band. He had always been popular with both the girls and guys. Damon is a true friend. During the times that I was struggling to find my sexual identity, Damon was there for me. When I was starting to deal with the possibility of discovering my homosexuality, Damon just listened to me. He never put me down, and he never was repulsed when I shared my feelings with him. Though he was as straight as an arrow, Damon was the best friend a gay guy could ever have. He is always interested in me and my love life. My being gay is just as normal to Damon as being straight is to him.

“Happy Birthday, Bri!” Damon proclaimed as he walked in the door. He came forward and gave me a friendly hug. “I’m your chauffeur today for your birthday trip.”

“Well, then let’s haul ass!” announced Nate. He kissed me on the lips, grabbed my hand and led our troupe out the door to Damon’s van.

“Let the festivities begin!” proclaimed Damon as he pointed the large conversion van toward the interstate. In a matter of minutes, we had come to Interstate 64 and started motoring east towards Mt. Vernon. A few miles past the Scott AFB exit, we pulled off at the Mid-America Airport exit, turned left, and then turned left again and got back on the interstate heading back towards St. Louis. Moments later, we pulled off at a rest stop. We pulled to a stop and Nate jumped out. “I gotta go to the bathroom. Anyone else need to go?”

“Hell, no, Nate!” I replied. “We just left the apartment 10 minutes ago!”

Damon’s conversion van was a full sized model with two captain’s chairs behind the driver and passenger and a bench seat across the back. It was plush, comfortable and extremely roomy. One could easily sleep in the van if forced to on a long trip. Three or four minutes passed before the side door came open and Nate stood at the opening. “Look what I found for you, birthday boy!” Nate stated proudly. Standing beside him was a handsome fellow in his mid-twenties. Sandy blond hair, medium build, wire-rimmed glasses, white t-shirt and lightweight khaki shorts set off this 5’9″ young gent. He was well tanned and had a blue bandana tied around his neck.

“This is Jordan, Brian,” announced Nate. “He has something for you.”

At this, fair-haired Jordan climbed into the van and joined me on the back bench. Sitting down next to me, he immediately leaned forward and kissed me firmly on the lips while taking his right hand and reaching for my crotch. With his left hand, he expertly unzipped his pants and a seven inch uncut cock sprung forth. I love foreskins, and this one was extra special, for on the underside of his cock, just below the head, his foreskin was pierced and held a ½ inch gold hoop. What a sexy site it was.

We broke the kiss and I reached toward this beautiful piece canlı kaçak iddaa of manhood while Jordan continued to fish for my own penis, which was growing hard for the fourth time in this young day. “Maybe they’ll let me cum this time,” I thought to myself.

Jordan stood up in the van as best he could. Still in much of a crouch, he took his bulging and pulsing cock into his hands and held it before me. I inhaled to experience the musky aroma. My mouth watered with anticipation as I looked at the beautiful dick before me, bouncing with every beat of Jordan’s pulse.

Throwing all caution to the wind, I threw myself forward and took his entire cock, hoop ring and all, into my mouth and down my throat. I was completely overcome with lust as my appetite for cock became uncontrollable. I suddenly found myself a cock crazed animal. All I could think about was having cock, cock and more cock. I had to have Jordan and I had to taste his spooge oozing down my throat. Nothing else mattered. I gave the blowjob of my life as I teased him, licking his shaft, taking his balls into my mouth, and licking the sensitive underside of his manhood. Soon a drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip of Jordan’s dick. My pointed tongue immediately targeted the slit and I orally milked every molecule of pre-cum from his dick that I possibly could. It was sweet, and oh so delicious. I had to have more. At this particular moment, my own sexual gratification and pending orgasm was put on hold. My sole purpose for my next breath was to entice a hot load of spunk out of this hot little man’s throbbing boner. After a few moments passed, my efforts were rewarded as Jordan offered up his protein-laced gift. My lips formed a seal around his meat so that not a single drop would be lost. The taste of his cum was unlike the sweet pre-cum. It was saltier, and a bit on the tart side, but all in all, still a meal fit for a king. I held Jordan in my mouth until his cock started to shrivel. After replacing his dick in his shorts, this young stud leaned forward and gave me a long, and very enjoyable kiss. “Happy birthday, lover boy. That’s FOUR!”

And just like that, he was gone.

“What is this, some kind of countdown?” I asked.

“As a matter of fact, it is” replied my straight buddy Damon. “We’re giving you a ’21 Gun Salute’ to celebrate your 21st birthday. The fourth gun just fired!” The van full of four other men, all friends and loved ones, erupted in laughter.

“Oh, my, what a gift!” was all I could say. “Twenty-one cocks? All in one day?”

“Yes, sir!” answered Damon. Though he was straight as an arrow, I loved this man because he was so open minded with my gay lifestyle. How supportive could a friend possibly be?

The van continued to be filled with laughter, which was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the sliding door. We had been so busy conversing and enjoying one another’s company that we did not see the guy walk up. He was a young, tall, African-American fellow. Somewhere between 18 and 22 years old, I would’ve guessed. Dressed in a baggy white FUBU undershirt, a single gold chain around his neck, a clean, white sweatband around his head and some low-riding baggy shorts were set off by black, high-tech tennis shoes.

Mike lowered the window. “Hey, man. I hear a man can get his dick sucked in here. Any truth to that?”

Still in my cock starved state, my single response was, “You better believe it. Get in here in the back!”

Without hesitation, the door slid open and the young, chocolate colored Adonis stepped in.

“I don’t have time for small talk or chit-chat,” I heard myself saying. “Just get in here and feed me that ebony cock of yours!”

The low-riding shorts came down easy, as did the silk boxers. True to my wildest expectation, the young stud was packing about 9 inches of brown love tool. I dove for the object of my current lust and commenced to deep throat the whole thing.

Men have often commented on my cocksucking prowess, and this was no different. Sounds of pleasure escaped the lips of this beautiful ebony god. The mere size of his dick would have been intimidating under normal circumstances, but my animalistic need to feast on cocks of any size or shape threw all inhibitions out the window. Nothing at the time could possibly compare to the feel of his cock sliding between my lips and down my throat. Occasionally I would remove his cock from my mouth and lick, nibble and kiss the underside of his shaft. I would gently take his scrotum in my teeth and seek to take one of his massive balls into my mouth. He enjoyed the service I was so happily providing him, but my animal instincts mandated that I have that gorgeous chunk of meet stuffed in my mouth.

My sheer drive to receive his seed caused me to provide this young brown cock an expert oral servicing. In no time, his moaning, his breathing, and his thrusting motion let me know that he was about to shoot his hot load. A short, masculine scream was the only canlı kaçak bahis prelude to the sticky load that erupted from his gun. It’s taste was delightfully delicious. After two bursts of his wonderful ejaculation, my black lover of the moment hastily pulled his still hard cock from my mouth, stuffed in back into his pants and quickly turned to leave. His only words were, “That’s FIVE, motherfucker.” And he was gone.

I was left in another terrible state. It was just a bit past 9:00 in the morning. I had sucked five gorgeously different cocks and was carrying five loads of semen in my stomach. And yet, my own crescendoed sexual tension had gone unsatisfied. I had to cum. Soon.

A few minutes to clean up and tidy up and our van was soon cruising westward back towards St. Louis. Moments later, the van slowed down and we pulled of Highway 159 and up to the giant shopping mall. Because it was not yet 10:00 a.m. there were just a handful of cars in the expansive parking lot. We pulled up to the north side of the mall. Scott led us from the van to a side door that was apparently a back entrance to one of the hundreds of shops. “What is this guy up to?” I thought to myself.

“Time for your first birthday gift, Brian. This one comes with love from Mike and me.” Scott knocked on the door and a moment later it opened.

“Hi, Mike. We’ve been expecting you,” said the twenty-something greeter. He welcomed Mike with a hug and a kiss on the lips. He greeted everyone else with a handshake, a hand on the shoulders and a “Welcome, please do come in.” He finally turned to me and said, “And this must be the guest of honor. Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m the store manager. Your friends have arranged this private shopping experience prior to our opening just for you. I hope you enjoy yourself.”

I was led in and discovered that we had come into the back room of one of the hippest and trendiest men’s fashion shops in the entire city. Cutting edge and extreme fashion surrounded us on the walls and the many floor racks. I was led to the center of the store that contained several large easy chairs and a bank of mirrors. Just behind were a series of several dressing rooms.

“Mike and I are getting you some new threads for your birthday. You try them on. We’ll pick them out, and pay for them, and you enjoy them,” announced Scott.

Ryan, the store manager, was joined by another employee. “Brian, this is Mitch. He’ll be assisting me in measuring you and selecting your fashions today. Now, Brian, won’t you please stand and let’s get you fixed up.”

I stood before the two clothiers. Ryan and Mitch both held tape measures. They promptly went to work and started measuring and recording my waist, inseam, sleeve length, neck size, chest, and so forth. “Okay, Brian, now we need you to remove all your clothes so we can fit you in your first outfit.”

I willingly obliged the hunky salesman. He was cute, bleached-blonde, slim, and talked with a slight lisp. I then learned that the lisp was caused by a huge stud that had been inserted into his pierced tongue. Upon a closer look, I also learned that Ryan was pierced in the eyebrow and both ears held multiple piercings. It was indeed a sexy site. I stripped down to my socks and underwear and waited for Ryan and Mitch to emerge from the backroom. Only Ryan returned, and upon seeing me he repeated, “Brian, I asked you to remove all your clothes. I did mean all of them, please, sir.”

Hell, by this time of the day, my friends had either been orally serviced by me or had watched me suck sufficient cock. All inhibitions were gone. I removed by Calvin Klein briefs and socks and stood before my four friends and lovers and Ryan. Ryan saw me in all of my naked glory and stopped for a moment just to look me over. “My, oh my. You are a cute one, Brian.” He reached up and tweaked one of my nipples. Mitch then emerged from the back room. He was carrying a white knit shirt with red stripes and some black leather pants. Oh yes. And he was totally naked as he delivered the first ensemble.

His cock was hard and standing out, almost parallel to the ground. He wasn’t as big as any of the other dicks I’d seen today, but his body was completely shorn of hair. He had no pubes, and the site of his hairless body was a turn on.

“Let’s try that shirt,” announced Ryan. I reached out to accept the shirt in order to put it on, but Ryan insisted that he dress me himself. I held my arms outward and upward and he slipped the shirt onto my arms. This was exquisite cotton material that felt soft and airy. As he pulled the shirt down and had it covering my head, he stopped for just a second. During that second, I felt lips surround themselves around my exposed cock. As Ryan finished pulling the shirt into place I looked down to see Mitch fellating my pounding dick. It was obvious that he knew what he was doing and enjoyed what he was doing. The shirt fit tight and accentuated my torso, showing off my tight stomach and broad shoulders. As good as the shirt felt, it was nothing compared to the ecstatic sensation of the tight lipped cock sucker paying homage to my dick. I stood, weak legged, and eyes closed savoring the complete feeling of total pleasure. Orgasm was just seconds away.

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