A Boy and His dungeon XIII

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Sunday was one of those days where nothing much seems to happen. On Monday I spent most of the day waiting for the technician who finally showed up to install our phone system at about 2:30. Claudia was thrilled to see the new phones when she came in and dove into her work. Conner and Lisa arrived with another guy in tow, who the introduced as ‘Robert’, another game designer. Claudia finished a call and turned to see Robert. With a happy squeal she ran to him and climbed up his body to kiss him. I turned out that Robert made medieval war games as opposed to Conner’s fantasy games.

Jill wandered in at about 5:00 and with everyone there the conversation turned serious. Conner thought we needed a better place to work. With more space and a way to insure privacy for the research division, citing Saturdays incident. Lisa thought that might be a good idea, but liked the easy relaxed atmosphere here Jill also liked it here, but pointed out that this was a residential area and the city might cause problems for us if our commercial enterprises came to their attention. Claudia didn’t care one way or the other, she just tuned everyone out when she was on the phone. Robert as a newcomer didn’t know enough yet to have an opinion. They all looked at me. I liked the idea of more privacy, but we had been enjoying the essentially free rent on the shed as it was included in my rent. After a little more discussion we decided to give it some time to percolate through our brains before making a decision.

Jill took her place on the lounger and we went to work on cataloging the feeling and sensations from various sessions as well as my homemade stimuli.

Robert broke away from Conner and Lisa to see what Jill and I were up to. He watched silently for a while. Not that there was much to see, I would make small adjustments and Jill would name a location or try to describe a feeling as she lay, relaxed, on the lounger. When we took a break for a cup of coffee, Robert asked what we were doing. I got Conner’s attention and raised an eyebrow, he responded with a thumbs up.

“It’s easier to show you,” I said, “If you would lay down and relax, we’ll get started.”

Robert lay down on the lounger as Claudia joined us Conner and Lisa took a break from what they were doing to watch from across the room.

“Robert,” I said, “handing him a tablet, pick one of these you don’t know”

“Okay,” he said, working down the list, “Whats this ‘walrus and carpenter’ thing?”

“Lewis Carrol? Through the looking glass?” I prompted.

“Never heard of it.” he replied.

I made a quick selection and pushed a button. There was about fifteen seconds of silence. Then Robert opened his eyes, blinking a few times

“Robert, please recite ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’. I said

Robert began to recite the poem, looking bewildered.

“If you recite that a few more times and spend a little time thinking about it, it will become permanent.” I told him, “demonstration 2.”

“Who did that?” london escort agency Robert demanded.

“Did what?” I asked innocently

“Someone kissed me,” he said, “practically stuck her tongue down my throat!”

“Nobody was within ten feet of you.” I told him

Claudia pulled the privacy screens into place and disappeared behind them.

“Claudia! What are you . . . Stop that!” came Robert’s voice

“Give him the big ‘O’” called Claudia.

A quick selection and button later . . .

“Argh! What the . . . Oh, jeeze! Ahhh!” came Robert’s voice.

A few moments later, Claudia walk back out, wiping something off her chin with a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin.

“When you’re ready, come on out.” I called to Robert.

After a moment, Robert walked out taking a shaky breath

“That is a sample of what I’m working on,” I told him, “I record brainwave patterns and then I can play them back. If I record someone getting kissed, when I play it back the current subject feels like he’s been kissed. I can imprint information directly to your memory cortex or read from your memory.”

“And you haven’t published?” Robert asked incredulously.

“Too dangerous,” I said, “suppose for a moment that I set up the scanner outside some high power business and the CEO walked by, with a little work, I’d know every company secret he knew.”

“Or, said Jill, sneak up on a couple getting some in the back of a car, we could make the poor girl cum like ten times in thirty seconds, I tried it five times on one occasion, almost made me lose my mind.”

“We had a peeper threaten us the other day, he moved to Canada to get away from the giant spiders,” said Conner.

“How giant?” stammered Robert.

“But end at the peak of the roof, head almost at ground level.” replied Conner

Robert shuddered, “remind me not to piss you guys off.”

“So, too dangerous.” I concluded

“I can see that.”said Robert soberly.

“The only reason you know this is because Conner vetted you,” I said, “and Claudia likes you.”

“Yup! As tasty as ever.” crowed Claudia.

“And on that note, I think work is done for the day.” I said.

“Pizza and beer in the house,” said Conner, “30 minutes.”

“Just one of those for me.” I said

“Or maybe two.” said Jill.

Laughing, we made our way to the house.

Conner and Lisa arrived with pizza and beer and we settled into munching and small talk for the next half hour or so. Claudia had taken a position on Robert’s lap, Lisa was with Conner, as usual, and Jill and I cuddled on the big easy chair. Claudia was holding a whispered conversation with Robert, apparently trying to talk him into something, with one hand in his pants and urging his hands to her small breasts with her other hand. He finally gave in, nodding yes to her and she jumped up and ran to Jill and I. After a brief exchange of whispers, Jill joined Robert and Claudia crawled into my lap and raised herself to kiss me. I automatically escort london grabbed her ass to support her. She wiggled on my hands and nibbled my ears. I noticed Jill leading Robert, by the hand, down the hall.

“It’s showtime.” Claudia whispered, dragging from the chair and down the hall.

Robert was on his back, pants around his knees while Jill straddled him, working her hips as he mauled her breasts. Claudia was naked in a flash, pulling down on my pants. She sat on the edge of the bed, pulling to her a taking my cock in her mouth, sucking strongly as she gently massaged my balls while running her tongue along the underside of my cock, pushing me to a quick orgasm. Robert grunted through clenched teeth, almost bucking Jill off as she moaned and gasped out her own orgasm followed seconds later mine, spraying cum into Claudia’s mouth that she gulped down greedily. Jill climbed off, giving him a few cleaning licks before Claudia spun and took Robert in her mouth, wiggling her ass at me. I fingered her pussy and clit briefly than slowly pushed my cock into her. Jill came out of the bath, handing me the lube and straddled Robert’s face, so he could eat her pussy. I took some lube on my fingertips and gently lubed Claudia’s ass, pressed a finger into her tiny ass hole. She gasped and held her hips still as I worked a finger into her as I absently stroked my cock into her pussy. Her hips shook as I probed and stretched her with slow careful movements. When my finger moved easily in her, I added more lube and a second finger, still moving slowly probing and stretching. Robert bucked again while Claudia greedily swallowed every drop. Claudia began to buck back against my fingers and cock, working her muscles expertly to bring on another orgasm for both of us. Her hips were nearly vibrating as she pushed herself onto my fingers, letting my cock slip out of her pussy. She was gasping and moaning as I felt an easing of the tension around my fingers. Jill had Robert hard again, telling him to keep it that way and crawled around to suck me back to hardness as I continued to work my finger’s in Claudia. Gasping and moaning Claudia pulled herself off my fingers and squatting over Robert, impaled her self on his cock, maneuvering herself to straddle him and lay on his chest. Finally hard again, I knee walked into position behind Claudia while Jill smeared lube on my cock and wiped her hand across Claudia’s slightly gaping hole. I placed the head of my cock against her hole, and seizing her hips pressed myself slowly in. She whined as as I entered, gasping as my cock head popped past her sphincter. I paused for a moment, until she started to wiggle her ass a little, and slowly pressed in further as she shook her hips between Robert and I. She kept moving faster as My cock went deeper into her. I held her hips firmly, slowing her, so she wouldn’t hurt herself. She gasped and whined, lost in her lust, she was losing control of her self. Jill was fingering her clit, while offering her tits to Robert london escorts who was mauling Claudia’s tits. I felt my balls beginning to tighten. On the next stroke I had my full length is Claudia’s ass and rode her down as she engulfed Robber in her pussy. As she rose off him I pulled back, and then we both slammed into her together. Claudia screeched and gasped as we pulled back then screeched again as we slammed into her together. On the next stroke she screamed out her orgasm, while her hips shook uncontrollably. She collapsed onto Robert’s chest, gasping for breath. I held as still as I could as my cock softened in her ass until I slipped out of her.

Jill brought me a warm washcloth to clean myself as she mopped at the copious amount of mixed fluids leaking from Claudia’s overfilled holes. Claudia tried to push herself up, but collapsed back onto Robert’s chest. He gently pushed her up and held her upright.

“Can’t move,” she gasped out, “bathroom.”

Ina move worthy of a yoga master, Robert got his legs under himself and cradled her in his arms, carrying her into the bath. Jill followed and soon Robert joined me.

“Does that happen often?” he asked. “orgies like that?”

“More than I ever thought possible.” I replied.

“I’m either going to like working with all of you, a lot.” he said, grinning, “Or die very happy.”

“Actually, it’s more often the case that we split up for the night.” I told him.

“If I may ask,” he began, “Claudia always told me she was afraid of anal sex . . .”

“So, why me? I finished for him, “I think is has to do with trust and experience.”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Back when all this started, “I explained, “Jill, the only one of us who had any experience with anal, taught me and pronounced me a careful, gentle and intuitive anal lover. I introduced Jennifer, my girlfriend, to it, and then Lisa, and tonight, Claudia. It takes a lot of effort to make it pleasurable the first time, and every girl, so far, has been different. Somehow I know what will work best for each one.”

Claudia came stumbling back, supported by Jill, and flopped herself onto the bed

“That was the most . . . amazing thing I’ve ever felt.” Claudia announced, “Why didn’t somebody tell me sooner?”

“Maybe it wasn’t the right time.” I said stroking her hair.

“Bobby,” she said, “next time it’s your turn. “Maybe, in a week or so. Jill says I might be a little sore.”

We slowly dressed, all of us exhausted, and went back out to the living room. Conner and Lisa were finishing with buttons and zippers and gave us big smiles.

“That was quite the performance.” said Conner.

“What? You watched? I said.

“No, but we aren’t deaf.” said Lisa

We spent a little time straightening and I took out the trash, stale beer in the morning being one of my less favorite things. Claudia somehow wedged Robert into her Beetle and Jill and I waved them on their way.

“If you want one of your multi-orgasmic, pounded to a pulp nights, you better go get the tablet.” I told Jill with a grin, “I’m beat.”

“I’ll let you off, this once.” she replied.

We walked inside and soon were sleeping soundly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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