A Bullied Virgin Final Chapter

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This is the final chapter and a complete re-write of chapters 1-3 of A bullied virgins sexual awakening.

I apologise for the wait for the ending.

Please enjoy.


I endured a few years of teasing and bullying from my older sister Sophie and her friend Lynn, but one day I decided enough was enough and I wanted to gain revenge on them.

Growing up I was very shy, a bit geeky, and would go bright red if a girl even spoke to me. People told me I was good looking but I lacked confidence and my love life suffered for it. I had just turned 18 in 2014 when everything changed. Sophie and Lynn were a year older than me.

My sister Sophie was usually nice to me and we were very close until she met her friend Lynn. She had a bad reputation in our small village of about 400 people. Lynn was very pretty though and had a great body, good size 34D boobs, black hair and beautiful green eyes. I fancied her like mad but I hated her attitude.

Sophie had brown hair, brown eyes, slightly smaller boobs than Lynn and a similar body shape to her.

I noticed a change in Sophie, whenever Lynn came to our house they would both boss me around telling me to make them a cup of coffee or a sandwich, fetch a biscuit or tidy their things up. Lynn would often stay at our house for a few days every week usually at weekends.

If I refused to do anything they asked they would jump me, pin me down and dig their knuckles in my spine, pinch me, knee me in the back, but worse of all they would tickle me, they found out that I hated being tickled so they done it all the more, it was torture.They would also tease me because I was still a virgin at 18, even worse I’d never even kissed a girl.

Lynn would often bend over in front of me when she was wearing just a t shirt and panties when she was ready for bed giving me a full view of her boobs. She would also sit on the floor or the sofa exposing her panties to me, she was a tease and knew how to manipulate me. After seeing her teasing I would often go to my room and stroke my hard cock. I actually loved Lynn teasing me like this but never let her know it.

Then came the incident that would change everything. Mum and Dad were both at work as usual and Sophie and Lynn were dressed in their usual bedtime t shirts and panties teasing me as usual.

Lynn said to Sophie “I’m thirsty, do you fancy a coffee?”

“Yes, I’d love one.” Replied Sophie.

“Two coffees Paul and hurry up.” Lynn growled at me.

I said “no, I’m sick of you two bossing me around go and get your own.”

Lynn said to Sophie “let’s get him.”

They each grabbed an arm and dragged me off my chair and pinned me to the ground, Sophie sat on my legs and Lynn sat on my chest so I couldn’t move.

“Did you refuse to get us a drink?” Said Lynn.


As usual Sophie was quiet while all this went on and done what Lynn told her to do.

I always felt that Sophie wasn’t happy treating me this way but went along with it because Lynn told her to do it.

Out of nowhere Lynn lifted her t shirt and said “do you like my tits?”

I refused to answer but the truth was I loved them, they were beauties, quite big but firm with huge puffy areola and hard nipples. I felt my cock stiffening in seconds and hoped they wouldn’t notice or they would surely tease me about it.

Lynn then leaned forward and gently smacked me around the face with her tits while laughing loudly, it didn’t hurt but I protested even though it was nice. Lynn and Sophie were now both laughing, they thought I was suffering but secretly I was loving it.

“Right, I’m going to suffocate you now.” Said Lynn.

She shuffled up my chest and sat on my face, her pantie clad pussy covered my nose and mouth, I inhaled and got my first smell of pussy. I loved her musky aroma and as Lynn was grinding vigorously on my face I stuck my tongue out a few times and got a taste of her cunt through her wet panties, Lynn was enjoying it more than she would admit to, I loved that too and wanted more. My cock was now rock hard and only Sophie was able to see it from her position but luckily for me she didn’t say anything. I pretended to hate it knowing they would do it even more.

“Ok I’ll make you a drink.” I said in a fake upset voice.

They released me so I went to the kitchen to make the drinks, while the kettle boiled I went to the bathroom, I could still smell Lynns pussy on my face and stroked my still stiff cock, it didn’t take much beating and I cum very quickly. This incident was the closest I’d ever come to having sex, but it triggered something inside me and I wanted more, and I wanted it now.

It was an awakening for me and made me realise what I’d been missing, I decided I’d turn the tables on them and manipulate the situation to my benefit.

A few months previous I’d bought Sophie a clock for her birthday, but unknown to her it contained a motion activated pin hole camera. Recordings were saved on a SD card so I’d retrieve güvenilir bahis the card when she went out and download the files to my laptop computer.

What I saw and heard was amazing.

I had collected many videos of Sophie and Lynn naked, I saw them shave each other’s pussy once and masturbate together and alone. They would cuddle a lot and they shared the bed when Lynn stayed over, but what interested me most was that they talked a lot about sex.

I heard Sophie admit that she wasn’t a virgin but she had not had a boyfriend for a long time, but the rumours seemed true about Lynn, as she enjoyed telling Sophie about her sexual exploits, she was definitely a slut and loved cock.

The day after the face sitting incident Sophie and Lynn went out shopping, I retrieved the memory card and downloaded the files to my laptop then quickly put the card back in the clock.

What I heard shocked me. Lynn said “I nearly cum when I was sat on Paul’s face, he definitely licked me a few times and I loved it and I’m going to do it again soon but without panties on, if he wants to taste my pussy then he’s going to taste it.”

Sophie replied “Paul had a hard on when you were on his face, I was going to grab it but was too scared.”

“I wish I’d known, I’d have sat on it as well as his face.” Replied Lynn giggling.

“So, when are you going to fuck him?” Sophie asked.

“Soon, but don’t forget I need your help.”

I was stunned to hear them say that Lynn was going to fuck me, it seems they had been planning it for a while. Once I’d recovered from the shock I became excited at the prospect of losing my virginity, especially as it was to my secret crush Lynn, despite her reputation and what I’d heard on the secret videos she really was beautiful. She thinks she will take my virginity against my will, but I am going to be more than willing, I’d fancied Lynn for a long time so it was a dream and a fantasy to fuck her.

I also decided that when Lynn sits on my face again I’d lick her pussy more openly at every opportunity and stop pretending I didn’t like it, and also get my first real taste of her pussy. I wanted to feel my tongue deep inside her pussy.

Apart from a bit of teasing from both Sophie and Lynn, that night passed by quietly probably because mum and dad were home.

The following day started as usual, mum and dad were up early and had both gone to work, I heard Sophie and Lynn showering and eventually they came downstairs and started bossing me around, I let it go for a while but when I refused one of their demands Lynn said “let’s get him.”

Just like last time they pinned me to the floor but this time my sister Sophie sat on my cock area instead of my legs and Lynn sat on my chest as before.

“You’re about to learn something virgin boy.” Said Lynn.

She took off her t shirt and leaned forward “suck my tits.”

“No.” I replied, but secretly I couldn’t wait to taste those big tits.

“Just do it and you won’t get hurt.” Said Sophie.

Lynn leaned forward and put her tit on my lips so I opened my mouth and sucked and licked her nipple, my cock hardened within seconds and I felt Sophie positioning herself on it. I didn’t object because it felt so good. It was obvious that Sophie was enjoying it too because she started grinding her cunt on it.

“Lick my nipples.” Said Lynn.

I licked and sucked on her gorgeous puffy nipples again feigning my displeasure and then she took her tits away from me and shuffled up my chest and onto my face, only this time she wasn’t wearing panties, just as she had said on the hidden recording. She wasn’t shaved but had a very light covering of hair on her cunt. I pretended to protest and Lynn said “lick it you geek.”

Inside I was smiling and I couldn’t wait to feel, smell and taste the pussy that I’d spent hours masturbating over in my fantasies.

Lynn took hold of my hands and placed them on her amazing tits as she adjusted herself so I could lick her properly.

It felt amazing feeling her soft pussy on my lips, the natural musky smell of her pussy mixed with whatever soap she had used in the shower was so erotic so I thought right you bitch I’m going to enjoy this, I licked between her lips and she slowly started moving her hips back and forth so I could lick the length of her cunt, I could feel she was very wet and I was trying to put my tongue deep inside her, she tasted great and my face was soaking. She stopped being aggressive and took it more slowly to make sure she enjoyed it, I moved my hands down from her tits and grabbed her thighs and pulled her forcefully into my face, she thought this was about her, but I made sure it was definitely about me too, I was using her for my sexual experience and loving every second of it.

Sophie continued grinding on my hard cock, I still had my shorts and pants on or I’m sure I’d have cum already.

“Do you know what a clit is?” Asked Lynn.

I shook my head as I still had a face full of her dripping türkçe bahis cunt.

“You’re about to find out.” She said.

She reached between her legs and using the fingers on both hands she pulled her pussy open raised herself a little way off me and showed me her sexy little pearl like clit. “Now suck it.”

Then Lynn slowly lowered herself back onto my mouth and I sucked on that little jewel, she bucked on my face as I sucked on her clit, her juices were flowing from her pussy into my mouth and all over my face as I sucked and licked her, she shook then yelled “oh fuck, you dirty boy, you’ve made me cum.”

I put my tongue back inside her pussy and tasted her wetness. I loved it and wanted more. So I grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard onto my face once more as I licked every inch of her wet cunt inside and out, sucking on her pussy lips, it was her protesting now as I refused to let go of her. Sophie was grinding harder on my cock and I reached the point of no return and shot my load in my pants.

Sophie quickly climbed off me and ran upstairs. I released Lynn’s hips and she stood over me with one foot either side of my shoulders, I looked up at her and I was smiling and saw her full naked body and her cunt juice trickling down her inner thighs. She had a real cute pussy I thought. Lynn looked down at me and smiled at me, it was the first time I’d seen any normality from her. Then she shocked me even more by dropping to her knees and kissing me on my lips.

She said “You fucker, you enjoyed that didn’t you.” She tried to act disappointed that I’d enjoyed it, but her smile told another story. I just laughed and she went upstairs to Sophie.

Using my fingers I wiped her juices from all over my face and licked them clean, at one stage I smeared her cum on my lips and gently licked it all off, the slimy wetness and taste was something I shall never forget, and I needed it again.

I went upstairs shortly after to get a shower and change my cum filled pants. I noticed the outside of my shorts was soaking wet and realised it was Sophie’s juices. She obviously had no panties on while she was grinding against my hard cock, I lifted the shorts to my face and sniffed it, then I tasted it and was surprised how sweet it tasted. I loved it and wanted to taste it again, hopefully straight from her pussy.

The events of that day were the start of my sex life and I decided that I wanted my sister too, I’d sampled her pussy now I wanted to devour it. But would she agree to it?


After I showered I laid on my bed with a huge grin on my face, the taste smell and feeling of Lynn’s pussy etched in my memory forever, I’d loved the sexual experiences I was getting from Sophie and Lynn but it was getting difficult to keep pretending I hated it.

I was concerned that if they knew I secretly enjoyed it they might stop, and I wanted it to continue for as long as possible.

They were in Sophie’s bedroom, probably talking about what happened and I couldn’t wait for an opportunity to get hold of the memory card from the clock and see what their next move would be.

I went downstairs and made myself a drink, about twenty minutes later Sophie came downstairs, she said to me “Lynn’s in the shower, do you want a coffee?”

“No thanks, I’ve just had one.” I replied.

Sophie came up behind me and hugged me, I could feel her tits against my back.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’ve never felt better.” I replied sarcastically.

“I’m sorry for what happened earlier Paul.”

“Don’t worry about it Sophie, you seemed to enjoy it.” Thinking about her wetness all over the front of my shorts.

“I think you did too.” She replied.

She was right of course, but I couldn’t admit it. I turned around and hugged her too.

I suddenly looked at Sophie differently, she wasn’t just my sister any more but my sexual plaything, or maybe I was hers.

Just a couple of hours earlier she’d been grinding her wet cunt on my hard cock and made us both cum. If it wasn’t for the thin material of our underwear we would have been fucking, things could never be the same again between us.

Lynn came downstairs and sat with us in the living room, she acted as if nothing had happened, not long ago I had my tongue in her cunt as she cum all over my face and she starts talking about going shopping. I was amazed and confused, so as I didn’t want to raise the subject out loud I sent Sophie a text, even though she was in the same room as me.

‘You made me cum.’

‘I cum too, on your cock.’

‘So, we both enjoyed it.’

‘Yes definitely, Lynn told me you made her cum too and you’re good with your tongue.’

‘That’s good to know. Would you like to swap places with Lynn because I’d love to taste your pussy, but don’t tell her I enjoyed it.’

‘I won’t tell her, and yes I’d love to swap places with her.’

‘Make sure you’re not wearing any panties next time, I don’t want anything to get in the way güvenilir bahis siteleri of me tasting your pussy.’

‘You’re a naughty boy aren’t you, I wasn’t wearing any panties today and I could feel your cock just inside my pussy, if you weren’t wearing shorts it would have gone all the way in me, but ok if you’re sure, then I won’t wear any and you can lick me as much as you like.’ Maybe we could do it without Lynn being here.”

‘Wow Sophie, yes I’m sure, I’m getting hard right now thinking about it.’ I wish you had pulled my cock out and put it inside you.” I replied.

‘Me too. Please keep all this a secret.’

‘Don’t worry sis I will.’

Sophie telling me she wasn’t wearing panties certainly explained why the front of my shorts were soaked in her juices.

The thought that my sister was willing to sit on my face and let me lick her pussy was racing through my mind and I was impatient for it to happen. I didn’t care how wrong it was, I wanted to taste her and feel her cum on my face just as Lynn had done, I also now knew it would lead to us fucking some day.

Unfortunately our parents were due home soon so I knew I’d have to wait.

Luckily for me Sophie and Lynn decided to go out for a couple of hours, I went to Sophie’s room and retrieved the memory card from the clock. I downloaded the files to my laptop computer and replaced the card in the clock.

I found the file that I was looking for, it was when the girls returned to Sophie’s room after our latest encounter.

It shows Sophie running into the bedroom followed a few seconds later by a naked Lynn they burst out laughing and hugged each other. Sophie said “that was great, I cum on Paul’s cock and my juices are dripping down my thighs.”

Lynn sat on the edge of the bed opened her legs wide and said “look at my pussy, it’s soaking too. That little fucker is enjoying this too much. His tongue felt so good on my pussy, he looked so cute covered in my cum.”

“His cock felt good on my pussy too as I was grinding on him, I was tempted to get it out and fuck him for real” replied Sophie.

“Don’t you dare, I want to be his first, that’s always been the plan. When I’m done with him you can do what you want, until then my pussy is getting it first.”

Listening to the two girls was making me horny, I’d fantasised for years about what it would be like to fuck a girl and now two very pretty and sexy girls even though one is my sister were arguing over me. I had a guaranteed fuck but when would it happen?

My cock was hard and I couldn’t keep my hand off it as I continued to watch the video, Sophie picked up her towel and went for a shower, Lynn laid back on the bed still naked and started stroking her tits, then she began fingering herself and I could hear her moan as she gave herself an orgasm. Her thighs tightened around her hand and her body was shaking. She just laid there on Sophie’s bed with her hand between her legs until Sophie returned from the shower.

Sophie got dressed as Lynn went to the shower.

As usual that evening was quite uneventful apart from Lynn teasing me with a flash of her underwear or a naughty smile whenever my parents left the room.

A little later mum announced that her and dad were going away to Rome for a long weekend Thursday until Monday in ten days time to celebrate their wedding anniversary. “We’ve never left you two alone before, but now you’re both over eighteen, so can we trust you to behave and look after the house?” Asked mum.

In my mind I thought that’s perfect, four days with two horny girls, this has to be when I lose my virginity at long last.

“I’m sure we’ll be fine mum, we’ll look after the house.” I said.

“And I’ll look after my little brother Paul, so have a nice time and don’t worry.” Sophie replied and flashed me a big naughty smile. I knew what she was thinking, and judging by what I witnessed on the hidden camera in the clock I hoped to be fucking both Sophie and Lynn that weekend.

The day before our parents were going away Lynn was at our house as usual, “I’ve got to go home tomorrow morning to help my mum, but I’ll be back on Saturday morning.” Said Lynn.

Mum and Dad had been at home every day for the last five days preparing for their long weekend away tomorrow, there’d been no sex with Sophie and Lynn so I was really looking forward to tomorrow. The thought of Lynn not being there was disappointing to say the least and I felt a bit down as I was sure I’d lose my virginity that day.

The something hit me, I’d be at home with Sophie for two whole days. Just me and her. We’d not had any time to speak alone about what we were doing so this was going to be even better. We’d had a text exchange where she said she’d be willing to let me lick her pussy, I wondered what else we’d get up to.

Thursday arrived and we were all up early to wave goodbye to Mum and Dad as they had an early flight to Italy.

After they left I heard Sophie and Lynn talking in the kitchen, Lynn said “Don’t you dare touch him while I’m gone, I’ll come back on Saturday and we’ll have a lot of fun with him.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll behave.”

“You’d better, just remember I want mine to be the first pussy his cock enters.”

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