A conversation with Dee Ch. 07

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Dee returns from abroad and wants spanking.

(Dee had been silent since the previous week. It was now Tuesday, my usual day for having coffee with my girlfriend, Sue, who persuaded me to email Dee while I she was with me.)

Hello Dee.

This is Sue. I was hoping to meet you today. I had a dental check-up earlier so Sarah suggested I call in here for coffee instead of the vicarage, so that she could show me your photos and perhaps have a chat if you were on line. But alas, you’re away! I LOVE your breasts. Magnificent! Put mine to shame! I was rather hoping to be able to suck on one of your nipples while Sarah sucked on the other, whilst allowing my hand to stray under your skirt and search for the private parts that Sarah so much enjoys playing with.

Its me now, Sarah. While Sue’s doing that to you, her other hand is on more familiar territory – my inner thighs, fingering my pussy. I shall fondle Sue’s exciting hairy pussy and explore the undergrowth!

Sue again. Sarah has nice fleshy labia, Dee. As you may remember! Ah yes. And I can new feel the heat coming from your vagina, my hands cupping your gusset, squeezing the contents. If I slip it inside the leg opening, I can compare your pussies. But comparisons are odious someone said – they are both wonderful instruments of utter joy and bliss. I can feel your belly fluttering. You are filling your vagina with lovely thick juices. I shall scoop them out with my middle fingers, and share them with Sarah.

Mmm Dee. Sue has smeared my mouth with your delicious juices. We are going to kiss!!

Well Dee, I won’t have the pleasure of sharing an orgasm with you today. Perhaps some other time. Meantime, I shall treat Sarah to a blissful release, though we have to be careful in her living room! People may come in. So maybe that danger is part of the thrill! DO Please masturbate for me. And perhaps chat with Sarah later!

Sue and Sarah – both tasting your juices and enjoying the scent of your vulva. Mmmm.

Ps. Actually Dee, I have in mind tying your wrists behind your back and pushing you naked over the arm of the settee, bottom up, so that Sue could kneel behind your thighs and study your vulva before giving you a tongue fuck. I would be spanking your cheeks with your slipper, hearing your cries for mercy. To no avail! Not until you buck and bounce with a huge orgasm. Then Sue lounges on your settee, legs open and I force your head between them, to suck her hairy pussy and push your tongue in her vagina – then into her bum, until she shudders to a climax, squirting cum all over your face.

Then we spread you on the floor and I sit on your face, grinding my groin on your mouth while Sue pushes her fingers in your vagina and bum – finger fucking both holes.

Sarah xxxx.

(Several days passed. It seems Dee was away on business. Then, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on Friday …)

Hi Sarah and Sue.

That was fantastic. You are so hot, I can’t wait to feel you bodies pressing on mine. I’m laying in my bed now, having just read your emails. I’m so horny, I wish you were both here, kissing you both and exploring your bodies. Ooo I shall have to stop and just masturbate! OMG! Can’t wait!!

Horny Dee.

Hi Dee.

Mmm Thought you’d enjoy those messages. Good orgasm! Welcome back. Love you. Chat soon?

Sarah xxx.

(Friday afternoon.)

‘Hi Dee. I see that you’re back, but ‘busy’. Let me know when you’re free.’

‘Hey Sarah. Never too busy for you baby.’

‘Hope you’re ok. Are you in the office?’

‘ No, at home. I was ‘busy’ because I was on the iphone catching up reading your email and text messages. Wanted to throw phone down and rip your clothes off.’

‘Ripping my clothes off eh? Violence!’

‘Want to kiss you. Hard and passionately.’

‘Did you like Sue licking you while I spanked your bum.’

‘No. Just want you. Actually, yes – I loved it. I hope she did.’

‘Yes she did. And now my fingers are exploring your thighs once again.’

‘I can feel you.Your nipples are so erect.’

‘It’s been a while since I felt the lovely squashy labia, and the warm juices spreading into my palm.’

‘Omg I know. Oh Sarah …’

‘But I’m so delighted I can feel it again.’

‘Me too. I can’t tell you how much. Kiss them.’

‘And latch onto one of those fantastic nipples, while my fingers and thumbs are busy with your lower half. Remembering the soft silky feel of your skin, and the sweet smell of your pussy.’

‘Legs wide open for you.’

‘Stroking your amazing buttocks. Running my hands over your bum. So soft. Tasting the juices of your gem. That wonderful haven of bliss and joy.’

‘Reaching your pussy. Mmm your so wet darling.’

‘I know Dee. I only have to see you name come up as being available and I flood!.’

‘Can we get into 69? I want to make you cum. You’re so hot.’

‘Yes please … lie on the bed and I’ll climb over you.’

‘OMG! I look up at your pussy. So wet.’

‘Having tied your wrists to the bedhead. And press my hot vulva against your mouth, and my clit over your nose, while my mouth takes in the whole of your labia and chews.’

‘Omg … not again! Yes please. I’m sucking your wonderful, huge labia.’

‘I can feel your juices spread over my face. My tongue darting around your clit, eating your delicious private pieces. Such succulence … my tongue lashing your clit again, hard and proud, and trembling.’

‘Feeling you grind your pussy on my face Omg yesssss. So hard. Sarahhhhh. Omg . Eat me.’

‘My tongue enters you. Going güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in and out. You riding it. Deeper. Lifting your legs over my shoulders, tipping you up to expose that wonderful groin and bum.’

‘Feeling your pussy muscles grab my tongue.’

‘I push my nose and tongue into the vagina. Rolling them round the opening’

‘Oh yessss. Please don’t stop. Omg Sarah.’

‘Slipping the tongue deep into your secret passage. My fingers exploring your bum, pushing deep in to the warmth.’

‘I’m cummmiinnggggg. Deeper. Want to feel you. Yeesssss. Feels so good.’

‘As your vulva is chewed and sucked. Mmmm I can feel your belly shaking.’


‘Your thighs trembling, your vagina dilated to welcome my fingers.’

‘Omg darling you’re so hot. Such a great lover.’

‘Four of them pushing as deep as they can into the vagina.’


‘So wet and hot.’

‘Aaaggghhhhhhh. YeSssssss.’

‘Now fucking you hard and fast.’

‘Sarah darling. Yes. Don’t stop.’

‘Other hand searching your arse.’

‘Omg so good. Yesssss.’

‘My vulva swirling over your lips.’

‘Spank me.’

‘I shall cum into your mouth.’

‘Licking you. Cum darling. Squirt in my mouth.’

‘Yes my free hand slaps your bottom – very hard. You squeal.’

‘Licking your huge labia Sarah. YeSssssssss.’

‘The skin is turning red. More slaps.’

‘Omg yessssss. Noooooo!’

‘But I’m cumming for you. Ooooooooooohhhhh shhhhiiiiit!’

‘Cum baby. Cum with me.’


‘Shoot in me. My mouth. Drinking your juices. Squirt baby.’

‘My clit is crushing your nose, Dee, as I cum heavily into your mouth.’

‘Don’t stop … So wet.’

‘Chewing … fucking … slapping – all at the same time.’

‘Fuck me darling.’

‘Your all mine to beat and eat.’

‘Slap me. All yours Sarah. Yessssss. Beat me.’

‘Fucking you hard and deep.’

‘Don’t stop.’

‘Cum for me Dee.’

‘Yesssss deeper.’

‘Cum for me.’

‘Cumminnnnnnggg. Omg Sarah. Yesssssss.’

‘I want to see your vagina explode cum into my mouth.’

‘Oh shoot. I AM. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaarrrrrrrrrrr.’

‘Oh. AaaggghhHhhhhhhhhh. Panting.’

‘Yesssssssssssss. Sarah …’

‘Soaking wet.’

‘Legs so tight. Bum so tight. Soaking.’

‘Wanting desperately to be with you and holding you tight, my hand cupping your pussy.’

‘Yeesssss. Hold it. Please. Omg. Yessssssssss.’

‘Squeezing it, loving it, worshipping it.’

‘Sarah – Sarah – Sarah.’

‘OMG darling.’

‘Sarah – Sarah. Cuminnnnnnngggggg agaiiiiin.’

‘Let me just lie with you and breath your skin, your hair.’

‘Wowww! Oh Sarah … I love you. Hold me.’

‘Shaking. Your güvenilir bahis şirketleri pussy.’

(A pause to recover.)

‘Oh. Wow. That was some orgasm.’

‘I’ve been wanting that all week Dee. And more. Did you get any sex while you were away.’

‘Me too… so much. No sex at all, no. Just fingers thinking of you.’

‘Shame. Such a lot of joy to give.’

‘And receive. Thought of you so much whilst over there.’

‘Me you as well.’

‘Really, Sarah, even with all your other lovers. What are you wearing?

‘Long skirt and jumper, skimpy knickers.’


‘Some frilly knickers hoping you might chat with me.’

‘I wish. I would love to sit opposite you in a restaurant. Smiling. Knowing I want you.’

‘Would you like some sex in public? Furtive feels under the table. Perhaps hand up the waitress’s skirt. Playing with her bottom.’

‘Mmmmm Sarah – we could feel her together. So soft. She’s opening her legs.’

‘Mmm and she’s got very damp, and is squirming in her shoes.’

‘Very. Feels lovely.’

‘Wanting to feel our fingers penetrate her, two fingers each, Dee. Mmmm – can we each suck a nipple as well without anyone knowing – except her of course? Perhaps we can scoop her juices onto a piece of crust.’

‘Our fingers entwined inside her. Great minds. She wants us. Yes Sarah, open her blouse. Mmmm nice tits.’

‘And stiff nipples – suck one each Dee? I think she’s ready to cum already.’

‘Yes. Look at her nipples. Love to see you sucking them.’

‘Long and hard. Like Pat’s.’

‘ Yes. So big. Suck it Sarah.’

‘Am doing.’

‘Love to see it. Oh Sarah you’re so hot.’

‘She’s starting to buck and tremble. Pushing her groin against our hands. Bouncing up and down on our fingers.’

‘I’m wet Sarah. She loves it. Her pussy is so tight. She’s cumming darling.’

‘Oh yessss. She’s panting. Deeper.’

‘Hard and deep – deeper – harder. OMG – she squirting!’

‘Faster. Cumming on our hands.’

‘She’s moaning. Mmmm – now shes shaking her skirt back down and asking what we want for afters.’

‘I want to suck your nipples. What would you like for afters?’

‘Your cum.’

‘Oh Sarah … I want that so much too.’

‘What I want to do now is entwine or thighs, pressing vulva to vulva — AND FUCK.

‘Want to fuck you so much Sarah.’

‘It’s a new experience for you?’

‘Yes … very new.’

‘You’ve had quite a few new experiences, and of course – Pat

‘Oh yes, so many.’

‘When will you see her again?’

‘Probably next Friday.’

‘Meantime you’ll have to make do with me, or perhaps some phone sex with her.’

‘Maybe. You’re the best.’

‘You’ve always got my messages and pix to get you horny, Dee, and masturbate.’

‘I do, Sarah. I do! Always thinking of you. You’re amazing.’

‘More than you did before we met I hope.’

‘Certainly. So much more. I love it!’

‘I still read your very first email to me – over 2 weeks ago. I think that first exchange was a classic, and I’m so glad we’re still together.’

‘Good. Me too Sarah.’

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