A Dream Come True Ch. 01

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It was early one Saturday morning, the sun was just beginning to peek through the curtains. My husband rolls over and grabs the blindfold from under the bed. I wake up as he places it over my eyes.

“Good morning baby. Sleep well?” He asked.

“Yes. What are you doing?”

“Just lay back and relax. Don’t worry about anything.”

Once the blindfold is in place he kisses me very gently on the lips then down my neck. He reaches to the sides of the bed where we keep the satin ropes tied (just in case!!). He ties my hands and feet to the bed so that I can not move. With the blindfold in place and my limbs tied securely, he moves to the closet where we keep our toys. I know that something is going on as he keeps his distance from the bed. We have talked and teased about a day like this, but it couldn’t actually be coming true?

I listen as he moves through the house. I hear ice, coffee, and then footsteps. My body is responding well to just the thought that this dream might actually be coming true. canlı bahis When he enters the bedroom again, I hear some movement that I can’t identify. Finally he moves back to the bed.

My tits are fully aroused and my pussy is dripping with anticipation at the events that my mind has been reeling over for the past few minutes. As he grabs my tits he says, “just a little excited aren’t we?” Then he squeezes the right nipple between his fingers and lifts it into the air. I let out a slight moan as he lowers his mouth to the left nipple and grabs it between his teeth. The pulls on both nipples at the same time and I arch my back and pull at the restraints holding my hands. As he continues to massage my tits with his mouth and hands I notice that he is keeping the rest of his body away from mine. The only parts of his body that are touching me are his hands and mouth.

Then he moves his free hand down to my shaven pussy. As he crosses my clit he pauses just a bit to massage it, just enough to drive me crazy. Then bahis siteleri his fingers venture further south to my dripping cunt. As he slid on finger easily in I gasped at the pleasure from this simple move that I had experienced so many times before, but every time it felt wonderful and new. He moves his finger in and out just a couple of times then pulls it out all together.

I hear him opening the box of toys, then I hear the ice. I moan and a shudder runs through my body as he runs the ice around my nipples and over my breasts. Then he moves the ice right on top of one nipple and lets it sit for a few seconds. As soon as he removes the ice, his mouth replaces it. I gasp and then moan as I realize that as the ice was caressing my chest, he was taking a sip of coffee. The change from cold to warm shocks my nipple and sends a wave of pleasure through out my body. He repeats this game with the other nipple and goes back and forth several times. My body is pulsating and I am moaning loudly, wanting and begging bahis şirketleri for more.

He guides the ice down my body and toward my pussy. Once again as he reaches my clit, he pauses and lets the small amount of ice finish its melting. As he is grabbing another ice cube he grabs my nipple in his teeth again and pulls hard. I pull at the restraints again trying to release some of the pressure that is building inside my body. The next ice cube starts at my clit and he massages it slowly with the ice. Then as the ice moves further south, his mouth moves in and attaches to my clit. One again he has made his mouth warm from coffee and the shock sends waves of pleasure throughout my entire body.

As he pushes the ice inside of my dripping cunt, his teeth latch onto my clit and he pulls back just a little. After another drink of coffee, he pushes two fingers inside of me to massage my g- spot and the inside of my pussy as he sucks and nibbles at my bulging clit. I scream and shudder as I approach my first climax and it takes over my body.

To be continued…


If you like this story and would like me to continue it, please let me know. This is my first attempt at a story and I am very interested in what people think.

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