A Dream Come True

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It was another beautiful day in south Florida, it was about 5pm and I was waiting in the car to pick up my sister Meghan from dance classes, which she has been taking since she was 3 yrs old. Several months ago I made a show with my parents about not wanting to pick up my sister especially on a Friday but they said I could use the car on the weekend if I picked her up. I really didn’t mind because I was able to see several beautiful nubile goddesses dressed in spandex tights showing off their bodies in detail.

My sister hopped in the car with a giggle in her voice “like the show Brian? I said why do you think I agreed to pick you up every day? She just said I thought so. Now let me describe my sister to you she is 5’6” and 115lbs of hard body she has shoulder length brown hair and the cutest heart shaped face with almond shaped eyes, she had 36c cup breasts (I checked the hamper) and an ass to die for. I was only 2 years older then her at 20 and we went to the same high school so I knew all of her friends. She asked me who I thought was the hottest at the dance studio? I said besides you? She just smiled and said seriously? (Little did she know how I lusted after her) I told her celene who was a real beauty she was 5’2” with a great ass huge D cup breasts Brown eyes and long brown hair, Celene was also her best friend, I started the car and was about to pull out when Meghan said Brian wait for Celene I said I cant drive her home she lives on the other side of town. Meghan said no silly she is sleeping over tonight she saw me smile and said I thought you would like that.

Well Celene came to the car and both girls got into the back seat so they could whisper and giggle to each other so I could not hear them. About half way home Meghan said to Celene I cant ask him that he is my brother. Which perked my ears up, Celene said he is your brother you know he won’t tell anyone. Meghan climbed over to the front seat and said Brian can I ask you a personal Question I said sure she said promise it wont leave this car. My sister and I have always been close and she knew I would not say anything. I said I promise, I could tell she was embarrassed she sat there for a moment and didn’t say anything I said out with it! She said well I have been with Drew for 6 months (her boyfriend) and well … I … Out with it I said! How do you give a Blow Job? My jaw dropped to the floor. I was speechless, but then an idea began to form, I said why don’t you ask celene (trying to see how sexually active she is) Celene piped in and said she has never done it before either. I said well it’s important to be careful of your teeth they can bring pleasure but they can hurt also. Just then I pulled into our driveway and the conversation ended for the moment. I said we would continue this later.

It was 2 AM and I just got home from my date with Donna we had a great time but as usual I had a bad case of blue balls. I checked on my sister and her friend and they had fallen asleep with the light still on so I went in to turn it off but not before checking the 2 of them out very carefully they were wearing thin tee shirts and no bra’s and I could clearly see there nipples through there shirts which caused me to catch my breath. Meghan’s were small and pink and looked to be about a half inch long, Celene’s were much thicker and darker (because of her Italian heritage) my eyes traveled further down there young hard bodies when I was surprised again neither one was wearing panties and both of them seemed to be shaved clean as a new born baby. This had me hard in nothing flat. So I shut the light closed the door and went back to my room to relieve my extremely blue balls that were even worse now that I had that brief peep show.

I close my door turned on my TV with the headset on and popped in my favorite porno and began to stroke my 8” cock to hardness. There was a seen of a blond chick with huge boobs sucking a cock all the way down her throat, which reminded me of the question my sister asked me earlier today. Then the seen cut abruptly to a brunette getting a big dick shoved up her ass (which, being an ass man was always my favorite) but not tonight I kept thinking of the question my sister asked and had this vision of my sister with my 8” dick in her throat sucking for all she is worth until suddenly my balls tightened up and exploded with the biggest orgasm of my life the first salvo of cum hit the head board just to the right of my face and three consecutive shots hit my chin chest and belly, my balls were throbbing and I had a head rush like you get if you had been under water too long and suddenly broke the surface and took a gasp of air it took a full 5 minutes before I came down from my orgasm I cleaned my self up and threw the towel on the floor by my bed. I put my shorts on and went out to the kitchen to get a drink. It was then that I noticed that my bedroom door was slightly opened?? I was sure I closed it but thought nothing more about it

I was in the kitchen and opened the cupboard to get a glass and an idea hit me I took the cereal bowls from the bottom shelf and put them on the top shelf, I downed my drink retired to bed I woke up around 8am which was normal for me casino oyna and found a note on the kitchen table from my parents saying they went to the Honda classic and would not be home till about 6 pm (my parents are big golf fans) so I sat at the kitchen table with my coffee and news paper when my sister came down the stairs rubbing her eyes and said good morning she went to the fridge and fished out the O.J. and chugged from the container. I said that is gross use a glass! She said she only wanted a mouth full and she didn’t touch her lips to the container so it’s not gross. Just then Celene came down the stairs and I said good morning sleepy head she mumbled good morning.

My sister asked where mom and dad were and I told her she then whispered into celene’s ear and they both giggled. Meghan asked celene what she wanted for breakfast and she said cold cereal would be fine. Yes! I was in luck my sister went to the cupboard opened it and noticed the bowls were on the top shelf she looked over her shoulder at me but I was engrossed in the sports section (or so she thought) she had to stretch to reach the bowls which made her shirt ride up her body giving me a perfect view of her sweet ass and pink pussy lips. She then got the cereal for Celene then said I think I will have some too and went back to the cupboard and stretched again but this time her leg’s were further apart and I could see right into her virginal pussy I got hard in a second and was staring at my sister when Celene said Meghan you are giving your brother quite a show. I was caught! My sister looked over her shoulder and looked me straight in the eyes and said we are even now!

I didn’t know what she meant at the time but decided to drop it. They finished their breakfast and announced that the were going to get some sun out by the pool and went to change which left me in the kitchen with a huge erection I turned back to the news paper to get my mind off my sister which seemed to be working for my dick was back to its normal state of sleepiness.

Just when things were back to normal Meghan and Celene came down the stairs in the skimpiest bathing suits I have ever seen they were sinful and my dick sprang back to full life. Meghans Bathing suite was a tiny white ensemble which left very little to the imagination And Celene’s was just as illegal as the walked by me I got the second shock they were g-strings which showed there perfect asses off to my eager eyes. After they went out to the patio I went up stairs and took a cold shower and came back downstairs dressed in my bathing suit.

I decided to join them in getting some sun out back. The two of them were stretched out on the chase lounges on their stomachs with the strings of their bikini tops untied and their ample breasts visible from the sides. I groaned and dove into the water startling them I swam the length of the pool under water and the cold water did wonders in bringing my erection under control.

I got out of the water and pulled the one remaining lounge chair up besides my sister and started to get comfortable when Celene asked me if I would mind putting some lotion on her back. I groaned knowing my erection would be coming back to life in moments I grabbed the oil and squirted it on her back and proceeded to rub it in quickly Celene said come on Brian you can do better then that she said sit on my ass while you do it you wont crush me so I did as asked and began to give her a massage with the oil she groaned and said that is much better I rubbed her shoulders and worked my way down her back to her ass which was completely naked because the string of her bikini was between the cheeks of her ass . (I said to my self what the fuck and went for broke) and began massaging her ass in earnest working the tight muscles of her sweet ass then moving back up her back then working along the sides of her breasts getting a good feel of her ample tit flesh I worked my way back down to her ass and noticed she had spread her legs slightly apart giving me an unobstructed view of the string of her bottoms disappearing into the folds of her pussy I was hard in seconds and I knew she could feel it. I worked my hands down her legs massaging her thighs and calves then worked back up the insides of her legs till I was rubbing between her legs and working my index finger across the base of her pussy.

Meghan said ok that’s enough now do me. I could not get up with out her seeing my erection but luck was with me when she turned her head and wiggled down the lounge chair to make room for me, spreading her legs in the process I proceeded to give my sister the same treatment I just gave Celene and as I was working her ass muscles I could hear her groan and say that feels nice I worked down her legs and back up the insides. Her legs were spread wider then Celene’s were and I could see everything she had. As I massaged her inner thighs my index finger again began to work up and down her slit bringing another groan from her she wiggled her ass and my finger slid in further I could smell the unmistakable smell of aroused pussy this had gone too far I slapped her bottom and said your done and quickly jumped on my lounge chair hiding slot oyna my erection.

My sister said let me put some lotion on you back now and before I could say anything she was sitting on my ass and began rubbing my back with oil. It felt great she then said ok turn over so I can do your front I said that’s ok just my back is fine. Meghan said are you afraid to show that erection you’ve had since this mornings peep show? Meghan said “come on roll over” so I complied she again sat astride my torso but this time she was sitting on my erect cock she squirted some oil on her hands and leaned forward to massage my chest as she leaned forward I felt her pussy lips separate and my dick slide between them I was in heaven she worked up my torso and down again moving her hips back and forth in the process. My god I thought my sister is dry fucking me she leaned all the way forward to rub oil on my shoulders and in the process mashing her clit against my erect cock she let out a groan and looked me straight in the eyes she licked her lips smiled at me and ground her hips harder against my dick, she then sat up straight and said you never did answer my question yesterday?

I was confused, when she said you know how do you give a blow job I was speechless I stammered and sputtered and said ok go in the kitchen and get a banana she said why I said I cant just describe it, you have to experience it she smile and said o.k. And went into the kitchen and came back empty handed, said sorry I used the last one on our cereal this morning she came back to the chase lounge and sat on my lap again I groaned she then shocked the hell out of me and said how about we use this banana and put her hand firmly on my erect cock I just groaned and said you win you two have been teasing me since this morning and I give up she clapped her hands and said Celene come over here and have a look she then proceeded to take my 8” cock out of my shorts and said wow this is bigger and thicker then drew’s

I beamed with pride at that comment . She said o.k. What do I do? I said you begin licking like it is a lollipop she said that’s easy enough she then dipped her head and began licking up and down my dick I was in heaven she said mmmm its so soft and hard at the same time she did this for a few minutes and said what next I said put the head in your mouth and suck being careful not to use your teeth. When my sister put the head of my cock in her mouth

I thought I would explode right then and there but Celene said o.k. Let me try I could not believe my luck here were the 2 hottest chicks I knew and they both want to suck my dick Celene picked up where Meghan left off and popped the head of my dick into her mouth and began to suck. Again I was in heaven but the pause between my sister and celene was enough time to let me regain my control she then began bobbing her head up and down while sucking my cock it felt glorious.

I through caution to the wind and told Meghan to take off her bottoms and sit on my face so I can lick that bald pussy of yours she giggled and said you don’t have to ask twice she proceeded to take off her bottoms and stepped over my head. I could not believe it, here I was staring straight into my beautiful sisters wet opened pussy.

She began to lower her pussy to my mouth I stuck my tongue out and began to lick her and it was delicious I stuck my tongue out and lightly licked the outer lips starting at the bottom of her pussy working up the right side towards her swollen clit, but skipping over that returning to the bottom and going back up the left side again skipping her clit, I then curled my tongue and slipped into the bottom of her pussy like a shoe horn and scooped up her pussy and deep into her hole and my nose was rubbing her clit she started moving her hips back and forth working my face as if it was her own personal dildo the whole time she was fucking my face Celene was still sucking my dick she was only taking about half of it into her mouth but it felt great. She was using her tongue on the underside of my cock and also sucking like it was a straw in a McDonalds frozen milkshake.

I thought she was going to suck my balls out the tip of my dick which was about to blow I brought my hands up to my sisters hips and moved her off my face so I could warn Celene I was about to blow Meghan said she wanted to see and got off my face and knelt next to Celene. Celene started bobbing up and down faster and sucking harder and then I blew my cork the whole world went black as the feelings ran from my balls up my spine and exploded in my brain then back down to my balls the first shot ripped right down her throat which caused her to gag pulling her mouth off my dick only to be replaced with my sisters my second shot came with no less intensity then the first and I felt that feeling again as I shot my second salvo down my sisters throat, but she was prepared and didn’t gag she just hummed Mmmmm which brought another salvo of cum out of my dick then she pulled her mouth off and Celene went back down on me sucking the rest of the cum out of my dick until there was no more left to give.

She then pulled her head off my dick and said with a smile canlı casino siteleri how was that? I said perfect she then said I feel a little left out! I said what do you mean? She said, you ate your sisters’ pussy but not mine, don’t you like me? I smiled and said clime aboard, and she did just that.

I was sucking her bald pussy and licking her clit till she was shaking then I felt my sister slip my half hard dick back into her mouth and began sucking my cock up and down and back and forth just then Celene’s pussy slammed down on my face and exploded into my mouth the sweet pussy juices just flooded out of her and all over my face and mouth and chin just then I felt my sister pull, her mouth off of my fully erect prick and I groaned because it felt so good then I felt her lips touch the tip of my prick again and slowly slip down my prick but it felt different this time, it was then that I realized it was not her mouth but her pussy.

I felt the crown of my dick at the opening of her pussy she was pressing down with more and more force suddenly it slipped into her pussy with a pop causing her to freeze in place I could tell she was scared because of how thick my cock is she began to pull off of my dick till I was no longer inside of her. I thought great she gave up but then she pushed back down again and my dick popped in a little easier she repeated this about 5 times massaging the head of my prick with the tight opening to her pussy pop! Withdrawal pop withdrawal pop withdrawal pop and then her pussy was slowly going down my cock then she stopped because I hit her hymen.

She raised up a little and slammed down all the way till I was buried to the hilt in my sisters incredibly tight pussy my god I was fucking my sister and I didn’t care it felt too fucking good. Meghan just groaned and said my god I feel so full it was then that Celene turned around and saw my sister sitting on my lap with my dick rooted firmly in her cunt the head of my dick wedged 2 inches into her womb.

I could feel her cervix squeezing around the head of my cock and her bald pussy lips mashed against my pelvic bone. Celene said oh my god this is so hot. She turned around and faced my sister planting her pussy back on my mouth and said how does it feel? Does it hurt? Meghan just said I feel so full he is so big. I could feel the walls of her wet cunt squeezing my dick like a second skin. My sister then started tightening her pussy, which I didn’t think, was possible because it felt like I was forcing my cock into a straw, her pussy was so tight.

Meghan then began moving up my dick and I could feel the head of my prick pop out of her womb and her eyes went round and she said Oooh! And smiled down at me and just wiggled her ass back and forth a few times. Every time she moved I could feel my prick moving, no gliding along the wet walls of her pussy, then she stopped and started moving up and down an inch or so at a time getting used to the fullness in her pussy then she pulled all the way off and slammed down. I felt 2 pops one when my dick went past her opening to her pussy and a second much harder one when I entered her cervix she did this 3 more times. All the way off then back down pop…., POP! All the way off then back down pop…., POP! All the way off then back down pop…., POP! She stopped with my prick buried deep in her womb and ground her clit against my pubic hair celene could see the whole shiny length of my prick as it exited Meghans pussy Celene said hold on a moment and leaned forward and began to lick the base of my dick sucking Meghans juices off the side of my dick then she started working her tongue up to where my prick was still inside my sisters cunt and continued licking my sister paying special attention to her swollen clit Then Meghan slammed back down taking me to the hilt I felt every inch of her pussy as it engulfed my prick. She reached behind Celene’s head and pulled it back down to her pussy and Celene began sucking her clit taking her little nub between her lips and nibbling on it while flicking her tongue back and forth over the tip.

I could tell this was really getting to her because her body began to vibrate which I first felt in my prick which was still stuffed into her tight wet cunt Meghan began sliding her pussy forward and backwards sliding the head in and out of her cervix the vibrations began to radiate outwards until it consumed her body and she erupted in the mother of all orgasm’s, her juices were running out of her pussy and down my prick and balls which Celene was still taking care of sucking one then the other. Meghan leaned back putting her hands just below my knees trying to catch her breath causing my dick to pop out of her womb I was about to loose it I could not believe I held out this long (she was huffing and puffing like she just ran a marathon) she then sat back up forcing my cock back into her womb and that was all it took I felt my balls tighten up and the whole universe want black except for my dick my spine and my brain as the first shot erupted from my dick with the force of a bazooka rocketing deep into my sisters womb Meghan stopped and said Oh! My god! And pressed harder down on my dick then the second eruption came with the same intensity as the 1st and she gasped and that was all she needed for a second orgasm, her pussy was convulsing around my prick causing a third forth and fifth salvo of cum to be pumped deep into her womb.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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