A Fantasy Fulfilled

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Here is one of my favourite submissive gay fantasies –

I’d been in touch with this guy over the internet and he’d told me to come over to his house one evening. I find myself ringing his doorbell at the arranged time, not knowing quite what to expect. The door is answered by a handsome, well-built guy, who invites me in. I walk in to a large well-appointed living room where a slightly older man is already sat, relaxing in one of a pair of leather armchairs, watching me enter. I am a little taken aback; I was only expecting one man.

“Good evening,” he says. “You’re right on time. I do appreciate punctuality. I’m Peter, and this is Stephen.” He indicates the man who had opened the door as he walks past me to take a seat in the vacant chair. “He called round earlier and I invited him to stay. I take it that’s okay.” I get the impression that this isn’t a question and say nothing.

“Come over here,” he says, apparently taking my silence as a sign of consent and beckons me closer.

I walk over to the centre of the room and stand facing him. He takes his time looking me up and down, and I can see Stephen out of the corner of my eye doing the same. It is a warm summer evening and I am dressed casually in jeans and a short-sleeved shirt, with a pair of sandals on my feet. I am not in the best shape, but they seem happy with what they see.

Peter smiles at me. “Take off your shirt,” he says. I unbutton it and slip it off, letting it fall to the floor. “Your shoes, too.” I bend down and remove my sandals, before standing back up again. The luxuriant carpet feels good between my toes. “Now your trousers,” he continues. I unbuckle my belt and unfasten my jeans. I push them down to the floor, and step forward out of them. I am now stood right in front of Peter as I straighten back up, wearing only my shorts, and his smile broadens.

“Excellent! I also appreciate a man who does what he’s told. I can see we’re going to have a splendid evening. Don’t you agree, Stephen?” Stephen merely smiles and nods.

“Take your underwear off too. I want to get a proper look at you.” I slide my shorts down and step out of them. My cock stiffens slightly at the sudden exposure and Peter takes his time looking up and illegal bahis down my naked body. Without a word, Stephen stands up, gathers my clothes together and walks out of the room with them. I am now standing naked, being examined by a total stranger, and I can feel myself becoming more aroused by the moment. I can still feel Peter’s eyes feasting on me, and my penis begins to stretch out to its full nine inches.

“You have a truly magnificent cock,” he says at last, breaking the silence, as Stephen re-enters the room. He is carrying a plastic bag, although I can’t tell what is in it. He places the bag on the floor and takes his place back in the armchair.

“Turn around,” Peter instructs, and I slowly turn and face the opposite direction. As I do, Steven reaches into the bag and I catch a glimpse of a black dildo. I hear him stand up behind me and I give a slight gasp as he places an eye-mask over my face blindfolding me completely. I feel his hands travel gently down my back and onto my buttocks, where they pause for a moment, caressing my skin. His hands leave me and I hear the bag being opened, then a bottle being unscrewed. A moment later, his hands are back on me again only now the fingers feel oiled as they trace their way smoothly down between my arse-cheeks.

“Get on your knees,” he orders, removing his hands again, and I sink obediently to the floor. A hand on top of my head pushes me forward until I’m resting on all fours. I give a slight involuntary shiver as oil is drizzled onto my arse, and I feel it run down over my puckered sphincter. His fingers are on me again, massaging the oil into my tender opening. The muscle starts to relax as he gradually moves inside, probing deeper with each stroke. He slides a second finger in and I am aware that I am rocking back slightly to meet his strokes as he goes deeper still. Soon I can feel the tips of his fingers bumping against my prostate and a slight moan escapes me.

“You like that, don’t you?” Peter chuckles. “Let’s see how you get on with something a little bigger.” He slips his fingers out of me and immediately I feel the tip of the dildo nuzzling up against my anus. I try to relax my muscles as it pushes its way inside me. My God, it must be huge I think, illegal bahis siteleri as I can feel myself stretching to take it in. It forces its way inexorably deeper until it comes to a point where it seems to be able to go no further. I think there must be at least ten inches of it inside me and I can feel my passage straining to accommodate it. It starts to move in and out, slowly at first, but gradually increasing speed. The pain is quickly forgotten as the pleasure starts to build inside me. Suddenly, with an extra thrust, it pushes through the barrier and moves some two or three inches further in, filling me completely. I can feel the base of the dildo pressing against my ring and my insides feel about to split apart as it pauses for a second, before resuming its previous rhythm.

Something nudges my face by my cheek. One of the men, I don’t know which, has clearly moved around in front of me. Instinctively I turn my head toward them and open my mouth. My lips close around an engorged cockhead, and I can taste the salty precum on my tongue as it pushes inside. The dildo is still pounding my arse remorselessly as I reach up with my hand to grab the base of the prick assaulting my face. I pump it in time with the phallus ramming me from behind. After only a few seconds I hear the person in front of me groan and the cock in my mouth starts to twitch as his orgasm approaches. Suddenly my mouth is filled with spurt after spurt of hot cum. I swallow greedily, but there is too much and some of it escapes and spills down my chin. I keep wanking him until I have extracted every last drop with my tongue.

The dildo stops its thrusting, but remains buried deep inside me as the shaft in my mouth is withdrawn, and I am lifted off my knees and lain on my back on what feels like a padded bench. The dildo is finally removed and I try to catch my breath for a second. I don’t get long to rest though, as the dildo is quickly replaced by another stiff prick slipping easily into my gaping hole. The man inside me soon moves into a powerful rhythm and I can feel his balls slapping into me with each stroke.

Suddenly the doorbell rings, startling me, but the man between my thighs keeps on pounding me regardless. Peter says “That’ll canlı bahis siteleri be the others arriving,” and I hear him walk off to answer the door. I begin to wonder just how many people I will be fucked by tonight, as I hear more people entering the room. I try to picture what I must look like to these new arrivals, sprawled on my back, Peter’s spunk drying on my chin, with Stephen hammering his cock into my arse. Judging by the cheers I hear, they find the scene to their approval, and I can make out the sounds of clothing being quickly shed.

Very soon I can feel them clustering around me and I quickly have a rapidly hardening cock thrust into each hand and another in my mouth. Stephen groans and pulls out of my arse as he cums. I feel the first jet hit me on the chest, the next two land across my stomach, and the last few splatter all over my own cock and balls. He gets up and is quickly replaced between my legs by another raging hard-on, eager to sample my willing hole. This one feels enormous as it goes in, nearly as big as the monster dildo I was buggered with earlier.

The cock in my mouth is being wanked furiously as I increase the tempo on the ones in my hands. Soon another load is deposited in my open mouth, although most of it sprays over my face. While I’m licking it clean I feel the guy with the massive chopper up my arse spasm deep inside me as he fills me with his spunk.

The rest of the evening becomes something of a blur as I am fucked by all the guys, some of them twice, and there is a constant procession of cocks waiting to be licked and sucked. The evening finishes with all of them wanking themselves off together over my face and open mouth. They all manage to cum at about the same time, and I nearly drown in the torrent of spunk gushing into my mouth and down my throat.

I lie back, completely exhausted, and rest while I listen to the other guys get dressed, all the while talking to each other about the evening’s entertainment. I am utterly drained, and while I listen I drift off.

When I awake, I open my eyes and discover that the blindfold has been removed. Peter is kneeling over me, cleaning my body with a damp cloth. My cock gets hard as he cleans it. He smiles at me and gives me a long luxurious blow-job until I explode in his mouth, draining my aching balls.

I get dressed and thank him for an interesting evening. “Perhaps we can do it again some time,” he says to me.

“Perhaps,” I reply.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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