A Fantasy Realized Ch. 02

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It had been just three days ago that I had sucked my first cock, Mike’s cock. I couldn’t stop replaying it in my mind and I wanted that cock deep in my throat again soon. Mike and I had talked a few times since and were finally able to arrange to get together in a couple of hours. The thought of it had me half hard in anticipation. I kept watching the clock but time seemed to drag as I anxiously waited. Four o’clock finally arrived and I knew Mike would be here very soon. I was actually pacing as the time drew near for our next adventure.

Mike didn’t show at four, or five or even six. I had called at five but my call went to his voicemail. I tried again at six, same result. I have to admit that I was worried, and then upset as I thought perhaps Mike had changed his mind. I replayed the events of a couple of days ago in my head and the phone conversations we had since. I couldn’t think of any reason why Mike would just blow me off without at least a call.

It was about half past six when my phone finally rang. It wasn’t a number I knew, but I answered hoping it was Mike. “Ron, it’s Mike. I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it. Actually, I’m in the hospital. I had an accident on my motorcycle on the way and they want me to stay overnight for observation. I was hoping you might be willing to come down for a while.”

“Mike, I’m so glad you called. Are you OK? What happened? “I was worried sick when you didn’t come.”

“I was on my way and took a corner a little to sharply. I guess I was thinking about your beautiful cock and not paying attention to the road. I took quite a spill. Nothing’s broken but I hit my head pretty hard and they want me to stay tonight. I’m in room 216. Can you please come? “

I was out the door in 30 seconds and on my way. I felt a little guilty about thinking Mike would just blow me off but I dismissed that thought and was just glad that he called and would be okay. The hospital is only about 10 minutes away, so I was there in no time. As I entered his room I was a little shaken to see the head bandage and bruising on his face. He was pretty scraped up on his right arm and his right leg was bruised from his hip to his ankle.

“Ron, I’m so glad to see you,” he said. “I probably look worse than I feel. I’m a little disoriented from the medication but I feel all right, considering.”

I went to his side and gave him a hug, then pulled up a chair and sat. We talked about his accident and he admitted that it was probably dumb not to wear his helmet. We had talked for about an hour when his nurse came in to let us know visiting hours were over. Mike told her he had no family in the area and asked if I could stay a little longer. She must have liked us because she said she would give us an extra 20 minutes. She left the room and closed the door behind her.

Once she left the room, I moved my chair to the other side of Mike’s bed, canlı bahis between him and the door. He asked why I had done that and I just told him to relax and enjoy. The room was cold, as hospital rooms tend to be, so I blew into my hand several times. Mike began to smile. He knew what I was going to do.

I gently raised the blanket and slid my hand down his stomach to cock. It was soft and I wondered if the meds might prevent him from getting hard. I gently rubbed balls and he quietly moaned. I began to stroke his cock, slowly. As I had hoped, he was rising to the occasion. Mike was moaning more now and I knew he was enjoying the feeling of his friend’s hand moving up and down his cock. I continued in a slow steady motion for a couple of minutes, and then began stroking a little more rapidly. Mike began breathing a little harder. I knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Here it comes” Mike said. Oh crap, I didn’t have any tissue or a towel. This was going to create a mess. Without a second thought, I lifted the blanket and took his cock into my mouth. I needed this as much as Mike. He came in my mouth as I worked his head with my tongue and lips. God, it tasted so good. I kept him my in mouth until he softened and made sure all the cum was cleaned from his cock.

I had just sat back in my chair when the nurse came back to tell me it was time to go. I thanked her for the extra time and rose to leave. Before I got to the door I turned and asked Mike if would like to stay with me for a couple of days while he recuperated. “Absolutely! You don’t know how much I would appreciate that. See you in the morning. Thanks Ron.”

I picked Mike up in the morning and we were at my place in no time. I had straightened the guest room after I got home from visiting him in the hospital and led him to his bed. I wanted to stay in the same bed with Mike, but I was worried he would be uncomfortable due to his injuries. I guessed we would just have to see how things went. Mike said he’d like to take a shower but was feeling a bit dizzy. I told him to just get comfortable and relax. I had an idea.

I left the room and returned in a couple of minutes with a soapy washrag, a clean wet washrag and a hand towel. I told Mike I would take care of him and started the task at hand. I washed his face, neck, shoulders and armpits. I repeated with the clean rag and dried him. Next, I moved to his chest, paying close attention to his nipples and moved on down to his stomach, followed by a rinse and dry. Mike new what was next and gave me a big grin. I had reached his cock and balls and very carefully cleaned and dried. Mike seemed disappointed that it was over so quickly.

I asked Mike if he could turn over so I could get the other side. The grin was back. Mike turned over and raised his ass slightly. I washed his cheeks then ever so gently his crack and pucker. I rinsed and dried then bahis siteleri said, ” Stay like that, I have to make sure all the soap is off.” With that, I bent forward and began kissing Mike’s ass, one cheek then the other, starting with closed lip kisses then a mix of kissing and licking.

“That’s really nice,” Mike said. He hadn’t felt anything yet, I thought. I spread his cheeks and began slowly licking his crack. First the sides then that small puckered anus. I flicked my tongue over it several times then plunged my tongue right into the sweet spot.

“I’ll give you an hour to stop that,” Mike said. I licked and sucked his butt hole, then fucked him with my tongue for several minutes. I told Mike to turn back over and gave him a slow sweet blowjob. My cock was so hard it hurt and I wanted Mike’s mouth on it in the worst way. But I finished the job at hand and took my mouthful of cum to Mike’s lips. We kissed for minutes and shared his load. I told Mike to get some rest and left the room. He must have been exhausted as he simply nodded and closed his eyes.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I brought Mike lunch in bed. He ate pretty well and then fell back to sleep while we were talking. At dinnertime, Mike said he would like to get up sit at the table. I made a casserole and we ate and talked for over an hour. After dinner, we watched a basketball game on TV. I still was concerned that Mike would overexert himself, so there was no sex that night. We just enjoyed the game. I helped Mike back into bed and kissed him goodnight, hoping he would be back to his normal self tomorrow.

In the morning, I went to wake Mike up and he was sitting up in bed reading a book. He said he would like to take a shower and was feeling quite a bit better. While I didn’t want to baby him, I wanted to be sure he didn’t have any mishaps. I agreed to get the shower running for him if he would allow me to shower with him. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said.

We took turns washing each other, hugging and kissing. Mike turned his back to me to rinse under the shower and I took the opportunity to drop to my knees and began tonguing his ass. He leaned over, bracing himself against the wall and moaned and groaned at the attention he was receiving. He suggested we return to bed and we barely dried off before lying down and finding ourselves in each other’s arms. We alternated between kissing and nipple sucking. My God, this felt so right. Mike suggested we move so we could suck each other’s cock.

Mike’s mouth working my cock deep down his throat and having him fill my mouth was heaven. We worked each other into frenzy. I wanted his cum. I wanted it on my face. “Please cum on my face, Mike.” Mike moved over my face and shot about 6 warm, heavy spurts. He licked most of it off and shared with me. It was unbelievable.

“Now, show me that ass again, Mike.” He bahis şirketleri rolled over to his hands and knees with his butt in the air. I was licking that bud before he had fully assumed the position. My tongue pistoned in and out, getting as deep as I possibly could. I wet a finger and gently slid it in. He took it with no problem and asked for more. I reached to the drawer next to the bed and removed the lube I had purchased after our first encounter. After applying a healthy amount of lube to his ass and two fingers, I pushed them in slowly and moved them in and out. He was relaxing and moving back into my fingers.

“Fuck me, fuck me now, Ron.” I didn’t need to be asked twice. After more lube on him and plenty on my cock, I positioned my head at his well-lubed chute and prepared to fuck my first man ass. Slowly, I pushed until my cock head entered. There wasn’t as much resistance I thought there would be. Mike moaned and seemed to stiffen, clenching his cheeks.

“You okay Mike?”

“Yes, just give me a moment to get used to it.”

I waited about 30 seconds until Mike relaxed and said, “I’m ready Ron, give me your cock.”

I pushed in about 2 inches then drew back. Again I pushed in, about half way, and pulled back. One more time and I was all the way in. He was warm, slick from lube and tighter than any cunt I had ever screwed. “Are you okay, Mike?”

“God, yes. It feels so good. Keep going.”

I began slowly fucking his sweet ass, drawing back to just the head and pushing in to the root. Mike said nothing but moaned with each push. I knew he was enjoying this as much as I was. He began to push back into me each time I pushed into him. “Turn over Mike. I want to watch your face as I fuck you.”

Mike flipped onto his back and pulled his knees back. I reentered, giving him every inch of my cock. Leaning forward, I licked Mike’s lips with the tip of my tongue. Mike opened his mouth and sucked my tongue. We kissed for a minute then I straightened up and began slowly pumping in and out. “Harder, Ron. Fuck me harder. Fuck me deep and hard.”

I picked up the pace, slapping my balls on his ass as I gave him all I had. This was the best fuck of my life. Mike’s cock was hard and seemed to twitch as I bottomed out. I knew I was hitting the right spot. As I continued slamming into Mike I began stoking his beautiful hard cock. “I can’t believe how good this feels, Ron. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.”

In and out, in and out. Mike was squeezing my cock with every thrust. “I’m getting close Mike.”

“Me too,” he said.

I withdrew completely and moved my cock to Mike’s. With both hands, I stroked us together. “Oh my God,” we both said at the same time and began cumming all over Mike’s chest and stomach. I’ve never seen so much cum. We came for what seemed like minutes. I began smearing the cum all over Mike’s chest, especially his nipples. Bending forward, I licked and sucked his nipples, getting as much cum into my mouth as possible.

As we kissed and held each other Mike said, “We are definitely doing that again.”

“Absolutely, Mike, absolutely.”

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