A Favour Ch. 04

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It was not long before Josh had essentially moved in to David’s house. It didn’t happen all at once. Progressively, he moved from leaving a toothbrush in his bathroom, to having a clean shirt and underwear for sleepover ’emergencies’. Before long, David cleared out a drawer for him in the dresser and before he knew it, he was calling to see if he should pick up anything from the store on the way home.

Their domesticity had limits though. Josh still maintained his own house, even though he rarely slept there. To anyone that asked, he lived alone in a compact little apartment in Fitzroy. He wasn’t ready to take the step of ‘officially’ moving in.

At times it was difficult to hide from those that knew them well. They had to be careful not to always arrive together at social functions and to spend some time apart with their mutual friends. Josh didn’t spend much energy thinking about it, though. They’d both always been so straight that no one would ever suspect they were fucking each other!

And boy, did they ever. Spending so much time naked was certainly enjoyable, but at such an early phase in their relationship, every glimpse of the other’s naked body had them hard and dripping almost instantaneously.

Josh had never had so much sex in his life. Even in his 20s, he would usually go a few days between orgasms most of the time. Now he was cumming 2 or 3 times every day, and still a glimpse of David bending over to pick something off the floor had him horning up again.

One lazy summer Sunday, he lay out in the yard on a patio lounge, sunning himself. He’d gone out there purportedly to read his book for a while, but the warm sun on his naked body soon had him dozing off.

He woke to the sound of the back door opening, as David came outside to empty the rubbish bin. Pretending to still be asleep, he lay there on his belly, listening as the rubbish bin lid opened and closed, and waited expectantly for the back door to open again as David went back inside. The silent pause got longer, and without turning around, he knew that David was standing there admiring his body on the lounge chair.

His cock stirred under him, as the thought of being admired like that aroused him. Refusing to admit that he was awake, he lay still, and steadied his breathing. He could imagine David standing there leaning against the wall by the back door, cock firming up, perhaps beginning to stroke himself.

He loved this power he had over David; the power to make him stop and pay attention, to drive him to instinct. He knew that David had the same power over him, but it was a rush nonetheless.

Pretending to stir, he parted his legs slightly on the patio lounge, opening his crack and exposing his sac, just poking out between his legs. The wet slap of David’s hand stroking his own cock was unmistakeable now, but he kept his own breathing steady, willing him to step forward and take him right there in the backyard.

As if responding to his silent wish, he heard David approach, not speaking. He straddled the patio lounge and spat into his hand, wiping the saliva over the end of his cock. With one hand, he parted Josh’s arse further, exposing his hole. Josh felt the pressure of the head of David’s cock push against him firmly as he leaned forward, kissing his neck. His breath was hot against his skin.

Pushing outwards, Josh opened himself to the insistent pressure, and felt David slide smoothly into him in a single stroke. His pelvis convulsed and a hot stream of fluid seeped out of him as the hard cock glanced over his prostate gland.

David wasted no time, pumping into him vigorously, hands on Josh’s pelvis as he crouched above him. His heavy breathing was the only noise he made. Josh lay there, pinned beneath him as David used his hole for some quick relief.

Pretending to sleep now was impossible, but Josh lay still, submitting to David as he had his way. With each thrust, Josh was pushed forward on the lounge, the rhythmic movement rubbing his rock hard cock between his belly and the material beneath him. His pelvis sang, as the angle of David’s cock brought fresh pressure against his prostate with every stroke.

Eyes closed, Josh quickly lost himself in the movement. He could hardly believe how quickly he’d shifted from a straight, regular guy, to being a hole for his mate to use when he wanted to get his rocks off. He felt like he should be angry at David for jumping on him unasked like this, but at the same time, the feeling of power he felt from being able to turn David on like this was enough to make him shoot his load.

As his thoughts returned to the tingling pressure in his pelvis, he felt David speeding up above him. His balls were slapping against his arse as he humped him like an animal. Sweat dripped from him onto Josh’s back as he puffed and panted.

Josh could hold it no longer. The feeling built deep inside him as the orgasm erupted from his trapped cock, shooting hot cum and slicking up the patio lounge. His spasming hole was all David needed rus escort to throw him over the edge, and he grunted quietly as he thrust deep inside of Josh, losing his load in his anal canal.

His thrusting slowed as the orgasm waned, and after a brief pause, he pulled his cock free, wiping it on Josh’s leg as he withdrew. He slapped Josh on the arse as he stood up, and without saying a word, he walked inside and shut the door.

The boys’ sexual awakening was soon interrupted though, as Josh had to head interstate for a work trip. After such an intense few weeks, 10 days without sex seemed unfathomable.

Their fucking built to a crescendo just before Josh left, so much so that David was noisily shooting a load into Josh’s arse just as the taxi for the airport pulled up the driveway and honked. Hurriedly wiping himself with a dirty shirt, and doing up his pants, Josh kissed him deeply, before heading off to make his flight, holding his mate’s last load inside him.

The trip seemed to last forever, but they made it work, swapping porn links to jerk off to. Josh made a point of disappearing into the toilets at the conference centre each day to send a fresh cock pic, and David reciprocated. Before long, their competitive nature had them taking more and more adventurous and absurd pictures.

Josh started the game, with his conference lanyard tied tight around his junk, and then David soon followed, sending a shot in return wearing only a toolbelt and helmet. The mirror behind him showed a large handled screwdriver protruding from his arse. Not to be outdone, Josh replied that night, with a photo of his semi-hard cock in a hotdog bun, drizzled with tomato sauce.

Their one-up game quickly escalated from there until finally, Josh was returning home. His final pic was of his hard cock poking out of his open fly, precum leaking from the slit. The background showed his surroundings, sitting as he was on a nearly (but not quite) empty train.

Anticipating a quick reply after his fairly brazen photo, and of course nervous that one of his fellow passengers would wander to his end of the carriage, he zipped himself up quickly and watched his phone. Five, then ten minutes passed and still there was no reply.

The train rumbled into the station at this point, and he got out into one of the waiting cabs. The lack of reply was odd, but it did nothing to dampen his building sense of anticipation at their reunion. The cab ride seemed to take forever, but finally he pulled up outside David’s house, and quickly payed the driver.

He let himself in with his key, dumping his bags on the floor and quickly stripping off his clothes. He could barely wait to taste David’s cock after such a long time.

“Honey, I’m home” he called out musically as he strode naked down the hallway. The slightly frantic note to David’s reply had him stopped in his tracks just before entering the loungeroom.

“Ah, good that you decided to come by, mate. Haven’t seen you in ages. Matt’s dropped in for a beer as well. Come and join us!”

The meaning hit him instantly. They weren’t alone! Frantically, he raced back to the entry and threw his clothes back on before Matt saw him. “Be right in boys.” He called, trying to portray a sense of relaxed calm that he certainly didn’t feel. “Just have to stop for a quick slash. That taxi ride was a killer!”

Leaning awkwardly into the toilet, he took a long, forceful piss, willing his hard on to go down. Amazed at how close he’d come to walking into an impossible situation, he took a deep breath looking into the mirror, shook himself off, and headed for the kitchen to grab a beer.

“Anyone need a refill?” he called out.

“I’ll give you a hand.” David called out as he got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen. “I’ll get some snacks out of the cupboard as well” he offered, by way of an excuse.

He walked up behind Josh, who had his head in the fridge, and slapped him on the arse.

“What the fuck, man?” Josh whispered furiously. “Where’d he come from?”

“He just dropped in for a drink” David giggled. “My phone kept beeping with your cock pics flashing up, so I had to turn it on silent and hide it under a pillow! Half thought you’d walk in naked and hard, ready for a good fucking!”

Josh, seeing the funny side, laughed in return. “I nearly did!” he replied. “Still have a semi now if I’m being honest!”

“You boys bringing those beers back in the lounge-room any time soon? A man’s not a camel!” Matt was standing in the doorway, tapping his foot.

Josh cracked open one of the bottles in his hand, and handed it to Matt, slapping him on the shoulder.

“Settle down, mate! What’d your last slave die of?”

The night quickly settled into the familiar routine of beers and pointless conversation that the three of them had had many times in the past. Matt was an old mate, friends with both of them since soon after high school. He was a man’s man, forever boasting yenimahalle escort of his sexual conquests (always incredibly hot women) and times he got “so fucken pissed” he couldn’t even walk. He was a good drinking buddy, but Josh often found himself wondering when he was going to start acting his age.

The evening was relaxed, and would have been quite enjoyable had Josh been able to think of anything other than David slowly sliding his fat cock into his arse and giving him the hot fuck he’d been aching for the last 10 days.

As the night wore on, he knew David was thinking along the same lines. They kept meeting eyes when Matt was looking away, at times a quick lick of the lips or a subtle crotch grab to show where their minds were at.

At one point, Josh looked over at David as he shifted position and saw the end of his cock just pointing out of the leg of his shorts. He quickly looked at Matt but saw that his view was obstructed by the arm of the couch. Struggling to stay involved in the conversation, he watched entranced from the corner of his eye as David reached down and surreptitiously wiped a tiny drop of precum from the end of his cock. Pretending to scratch his nose, he darted his tongue out and tasted the sweet fluid.

“Yeah, I loved that show.” David continued their conversation as if nothing had just happened. “I binged the whole 3 seasons in a single weekend.”

The secretive display had Josh instantly hard, and with nothing to hide his erection, he jumped out of his chair, walking away from the other two guys.

“Just going to take a leak.” He explained as he walked away. He left the room, but couldn’t let David have one up on him like that. Opening his pants and freeing his hard on, he walked back into the room to the back of Matt’s chair, trusting he wouldn’t bother to turn around.

“Need any drinks while I’m up?” he asked, nonchalantly. He watched, pleased, at the almost imperceptible widening of David’s eyes and the sly smile dancing across his lips.

“I’d go another beer.” Matt said, oblivious.

“I’ll take whatever’s on offer.” David grinned

“I bet you would, you little slut!” Matt laughed, not realising double conversation that was going on.

Josh turned and left the room before he was caught out and headed for the bathroom, once again trying to deal with his tenacious hard-on.

The night continued in much the same vein, Josh and David continuing to secretly flirt while Matt was none the wiser. Finally, with all 3 of them comfortably drunk, Matt got up to leave.

“I’ve got to go, boys, or I’ll miss my last train. Been a great night. We should do this more often.”

A couple of rounds of shoulder slapping, and promises to catch up soon, and Matt was finally out the door. Peeking through the curtains, David watched to make sure he really did leave. He turned around and was faced with Josh, already completely naked and rock hard, standing before him.

“I’m not waiting any longer” was all Josh said, as he pushed David backwards onto the couch behind him. He fell to his knees, ripping David’s shorts down to his ankles, and was greeted with the wondrous site of the cock that he’d been craving for days.

Mouth watering, he dove down onto it, swallowing it to the hilt, and then slowly drawing his lips back along the shaft. He felt a faint twitch before a small glob of precum erupted out onto his tongue, the flavour driving him wild with desire. He doubled his efforts, vigorously stroking and sucking his cock, trying to draw more of the fluid from him.

David moaned softly, eyes closed and head tipped back, savouring the long-awaited sensation of his best mate devouring his cock. He’d jerked off frequently while they’d been apart, but had held off for the last couple of days in anticipation of Josh’s return. After a few months of at least daily orgasms, the period of abstinence had left his balls so full he’d been aching all day.

Josh knelt on the floor in front of the couch, knees spread on the carpet, and arse fully exposed to the hallway door behind him. With one hand around the base of David’s cock, he held him steady while he pistoned up and down, sucking the essence from him.

The taste of him was better than he’d remembered. The sweetness of his copious precum was balanced by a subtle saltiness; a taste like nothing he’d experienced anywhere else.

A noise behind him caused him to pause, still holding onto David. Matt’s voice was enough to startle David’s eyes open and they both turned to him in alarm.

“I missed my train.” Matt leaned unsteadily against the hallway door, blushing furiously. “I knew you guys were up to something! You’ve been acting weird all night! I didn’t know you were poofs though!” His words slurred slightly, the alcohol clearly affecting him.

Josh stared at him in silence. He knew there was no hiding what they were doing. Not with his arse spread pointing straight at him, his balls still swinging slightly between his legs. There was no hiding David’s still hard cock in his hand, or the smear of precum across his cheek.

Matt hadn’t walked away though, and the sight of him pitching a tent in his loose-fitting shorts gave Josh a small shred of confidence.

“Well,” Josh ventured. “Are you going to just stand there staring or are you going to come over here and get your dick sucked?”

Feigning nonchalance, he turned back to David, and quickly swallowed his cock again, deliberately flaunting his arse directly at Matt. His mind raced, panicked at the thought of being outed like this. At the same time, the thought of performing for someone like this, of enticing them across a boundary they’d never crossed was a massive turn on. His lips continued the job of pleasuring David, but his attention was solidly on whether or not Matt would approach them.

After what seemed like an age, he heard a shuffling sound as Matt stumbled slightly and approached them. He stood awkwardly next to the couch, eyes transfixed by what was happening to David’s cock. David looked up at him encouragingly, and slowly, watching for objection, he reached up and undid Matt’s pants, allowing them to drop to his knees.

A wet spot marked the end of his hard on, leaking into his underwear. His hands hung limp by his sides as David pulled down his underwear, initially catching them on his erection, before finally releasing it with a hard slap up against his belly.

Josh paused the blow job to look up at Matt standing beside him. He checked out this new cock beside him, and was somewhat surprised to see his modest little uncut dick, no more than a narrow 5 inches, standing to attention above a big, weighty sack. The large hanging balls seemed totally out of proportion, the smaller dick somehow emphasising their heft. In all, it was surprisingly alluring.

He watched as David leaned forward, gripping the base of Matt’s cock in one hand, and directing it towards his open mouth. He licked his lips one last time before slowly sliding his mouth down along Matt’s shaft, taking him all in one mouthful.

Matt swayed slightly as he stared down at his cock disappearing into David’s mouth, cheeks still flushing bright red, his lips slightly parted.

Josh couldn’t avoid it any longer. He had to taste another cock. He pulled himself up onto his knees, still gripping David’s cock, and brought his face up next to David’s. David pulled back, turning and kissing Josh passionately, Matt’s cock poking into both of their cheeks as he swayed.

The initial faint taste on David’s tongue was enough for Josh to go seeking more. He broke from their kiss and turned to Matt, his tongue darting out and sampling the fluid at the opening of his cock. He licked gently, savouring the taste that was so like David, and yet still different. He parted his lips, sliding his mouth down along his shaft, before returning to the familiar back and forth action that was becoming second nature.

Changing position slightly, he made room for David to move in beneath him, his tongue seeking out the heavy balls swinging near Josh’s chin. Matt was no longer important. David and Josh were linked in this action, the cock in front of them just a shared prop.

A twitch of David’s cock in Josh’s hand drew his attention back, and Josh knelt down again, taking him in and swallowing the large collection of fluid that erupted. He could tell David was as turned on by this as he was, the puddle on the floor beneath him indicating his own excitement.

Matt stepped back slightly and bent down, removing his pants and shirt before returning to David’s side completely naked. With one hand on the back of his head, he drew David back to him, taking a more forceful role, and sliding his cock into the soft mouth before him. There was no going back now.

Matt leaned down over him, arms on the back of the couch as he began to fuck David’s mouth, his big balls slapping against his chin. David’s legs parted further as he leaned back, and Josh took the opportunity to dive down lower, tonguing the hole that was now exposed. Josh buried his face into him, his nose thrusting into his sack, breathing in the sweaty musk of David’s crotch.

Needing better access, Matt swung one leg over them both and stepped up onto the couch, straddling David who was now pushed back against the cushion behind him. Josh looked up to see him being face fucked, Matt’s arse spread in front of him invitingly.

It was all too much for Josh. His dick hard and aching for some action, he crawled forward, spitting a glob of spit into his hand and rubbing it over the end of his cock. He directed it to the slick opening of David’s arse, and pressed some gentle pressure.

Before long, David responded, relaxing his muscle and allowing Josh entry. Josh slid into him, reveling in the tight squeeze of his sphincter as it worked its way down the shaft. Finally fully inside him, Josh waited, looking up and enjoying the sight of Matt face-fucking his mate, legs sprawled in front of him.

Slowly Josh drew back, working himself in and out of David’s slowly relaxing hole. Barely able to manage being penetrated at both ends, David momentarily turned from Matt’s cock, a low moan growling from his mouth as Josh began to fuck him.

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