A Good Morning

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Todd touched his mother not the way a son touches his mother but the way a lover does. He wanted gently woke her, not wanting to wake her to fast he let his hand slide over her breast and down to her sweet warm pussy. He could believe that a month ago he only dreamed of this but then that business trip changed everything. He had lose count of the number of time he had enter his mother in the last month and filled her cunt with his cum.

He couldn’t resist sliding his hand under her panties, to feel her smooth cunt. she felt so warm and moist. He slid a finger just inside his mother’s pussy lips to moisten his finger with her juices and then tasted them. It was so sweet he had to do it again. As he sucked the juices off his finger Jane opened her eyes smiling looked up at her son and asked so do I taste good or not.

Todd response with their private joke, “Finger licking good mom.”

His hand moved up to his mother’s breasts. They were so soft and warm, the nipples were hard and looking right at him as if to say “suck me”. Jane gave out a sigh as her son caressed them.

“All I have thought about was since waking up this morning was touch you, mom.”

“then we are both getting what we want I dream of you touching me all night.”

Then they kissed, she let her son’s tongue explore her mouth and she explored back. Jane could feel how hard her son was, her boy seem to always be hard and need and Jane loved it. They had explored so much in the month since their first time. He had learn so much about pleasure her. Even though he needed his release badly, she had taught him to make it last as long as possible.

She smiled as he kissed down her neck to her awaiting breast, sucking one nipple then the other. His tongues feather like caress felt so good his technique was get better. As his tongue caress her nipples and gently he suck bahis firmaları on her breasts Jane’s hands now exploring her son’s body.

“I love you hard body, son. So strong, mmm” She said. Todd had kissed his way from his mother neck to her breast, now he moved lower to her belly button, circling it. He stop and looked at his mother.

She looked so sexxy in her panties, just laying on the bed. Todd kissed her up her thighs and right on the crouch of her moist panties. Then he slid down her undies, Jane wiggled to help get them out of the way. After Todd slid them off he brought them to his nose and smell her sweet musky pussy smell.

“do you want your pussy licked before?” Todd said. Jane smiled strange how respectful Todd was even at moments like this. She knew his cock was throbbing and she so badly wanted to slam it in her. She was wet enough, honestly she didn’t need any fore play. But he love her taste. So smiling she spread her pussy lips.

Todd started to kiss then lick her moist pussy, it tasted so good. he took his time to enjoy every fold, every drop of her juices. I used the technique his mother had taught him, suck gently his mother’s clit into his mouth while moving his tongue up and down it in his mouth. At the same time he tease her by circling her hole slowly with his finger but every once in a while quickly darting it in and back out.

Jane quickly being to climax, her body was shaking. Todd sucked up the juices her cunt was leaking and continued until she was begging him to stop.

As Todd kissed his way up his mother’s shaking body. When he reached her face, her eyes were closed suddenly they snapped open and she pushed her son over on to his back and took charge.

Now she kissed down her son’s chest to his nipples but spent only a short time before moving to his waiting dick. The thing stood straight kaçak iddaa up, hard as a rock, veins bulging, the head swollen and red. Smiling she took her son’s cock into her mouth. She took half his length in her mouth then just kept going till all but a inch wasn’t in.

It didn’t take long before Jane’s attention had Todd ready to cum. Todd grunted his was going cum and Jane sucked hard and faster till she had want she wanted a mouth full of her son’s cum. Todd watched his mother make a big show of swallowing. She looked at her son with a little cum running down her chin and said “Wow! That was a lot of cum to swallow.” They kissed and she said “I hope you knew I still want to be fucked.” as she looked down at her son’s soften cock.

“So wants going to make that thing hard again?” She asked knew just about anything she do or let him do to her would make him hard again and quickly. Todd push his mother back onto the bed and dove between her thighs, “Moan for me, mother.”

And he went for it. His mother’s cunt tasted so sweet and was so dam wet. Todd would be content to lap her all day. After about only a minute of this she began moaning, and calling his name, begging for him to stop licking her and to fuck her,

She was wiggling around so much Todd had to grab her ass to hold her for his mouth to continue it’s job. Jane grabbed her son’s hair and pulled him up to her face saying to him

“Take me now, son! Fuck your mommy’s hot cunt.” She flipped over and got on her hands and knees.

Todd pressed his dick against his mother’s her pussy lips. They slid apart and his head went in. She pushed back against him and more went in. Todd pushed forward as his mother pushed back and She took all of him in and went nuts. They only had fucked for a couple of minutes when Jane yelled out “OH YES I’M CUMMING. MAKE ME CUM SON!!” She shook so kaçak bahis wildly todd almost came right that minute.

It took a hell of a lot of control to keep from shooting his load in her. They continued to screw, she slamming back into his crotch, him drill his rigid pole as deep into his mother and she kept cumming. It was like a flood had erupted in her pussy.


A couple minutes of this was all Todd could take.

“I’m going to cum!” Todd said and was getting ready to pull out when his mother yelled

“Cum inside of me, please cum in me and make me a fill me up. Make me your woman!!”

That was all it took. Todd came inside his mother’s pussy and he came again. Twice in a row, that had never happened before. Jane’s pussy was full of jizz and her orgasm had cause it squished out all over the bed. Jane fell forward onto the bed and todd lay there on top of her for some time before she spook, “Wow that was so good, it felt like I was going to pass out and when you came I could you fill me up.”

We kissed and laid there for awhile. A half hour later Jane climbed on top of her son and started to rub her pussy against his dick. It got hard instantly and she slid him inside once again. She rode her son’s dick, slowing down to stop him from cumming too soon and speeding up to cum herself.

About five minutes into this she felt his cock head against her cervix. She went wild, bouncing up and down, moaning and crying out “Your dick in me, Son. Now cum, cum in mommy’s womb. Fill me with your seed!”

With that they both came so hard, she fell forward and they kissed. “did we mom?”

“Maybe baby, just maybe.”

The thought the maybe he had impregnated his own mother caused his cock grow hard again instead of soften and slipping from his mother’s cunt.

“MMMM” Jane said looking into his son eyes “so soon again.”

“One more load just to be safe.” Todd said rolling his mother onto her back.

They didn’t make a baby that day but…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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