A Gothic Seduction Ch. 03

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-Finally Chapter 3 for those of you who have sent me e-mails requesting another chapter. A big thank you and hugs to Lady Catie who helped me with some judicious editing. Stay tuned, kids, this will get more interesting, I promise.-


“Shit!” Dagmar hissed shifting her weight and leaning across Arabella to get the insistent telephone. “Hello, Dags here…” a pause followed by, “Fuck no, I’ve got a guest! I can’t just drop everything whenever you feel like it.” Another long pause and Arabella turned her head so that she could watch Dagmar. “Okay, okay…” She was nodding as she spoke, “I’ll come pick you up, but they had better be fucking good or I’ll take it out on your ass…Yeah I love you too, kiss, kiss.” With that she put the phone down and turned to look at Arabella, regret in her face. “Um, look Bella honey, I’ve got to go and collect someone, sort of spur of the moment thing. I’m really sorry ya know… we’d just started having some fun. I hate my life sometimes I really do.”

Arabella sank back on the bed, barely able to mask her disappointment, she stammered, “It’s okay these things happen, I’ll be fine, really I will.”

“Look,” Dagmar said, “I’ll be out for about an hour or so, so make yourself at home.” She began rummaging through her puddles of black clothing to find something to put on. “Hey, while I’m out, maybe you can find some of my things to wear, whatever makes you happy, I don’t have favourites. Shoes and boots are all in the bottom of this cupboard,” she spoke as she yanked at the door unleashing a small avalanche of footwear. “Shit shit shit!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll find what I like and I’ll put the rest back. You go; I told you I’ll be fine.”

“Thanks look, make-ups on the dresser, I’ve got every shade of black, help yourself.” She gestured to the myriad bottles, compacts and tubes that lay scattered across her vanity chest. While putting one pale length of leg into some tight black jeans she had extricated from one of the clothes piles Arabella noticed she hadn’t bothered finding underwear. Stretch denim got pulled and jiggled until it covered her firm ass and she hopped up and down once or twice to hitch up her jeans over her crotch. Her beautifully round, bedava bahis white breasts bouncing up a down as she did so. “Right I think that’s everything.”

Arabella rolled on to her left hip exposing her right breast as she did so. “Could I get a kiss before you go?” she asked.

“I wasn’t going to leave without giving you one.” Dagmar hopped back on the bed and straddled her still wet body. Arabella raised her head slightly and met her kiss full on, not holding anything back. Her hands came up and she pulled Dagmar into the kiss, their breasts squashing against each other. Their lips parted wetly as they gasped into each other’s kiss, tongues writhing like mating cobras. Things probably would have got a lot heavier had Dagmar not broken the embrace and pushed away saying,

“Whoa girl, not now, we’ll take a rain check on this.” As she straightened up Arabella couldn’t help but notice her eyes were on fire, her breathing uneven and her nipples were standing at attention. She flicked her hair back and stood on slightly wobbly legs. “Phew, you’re a firecracker when you get going, I’ll remember that for later.” she grinned. Turning she grabbed a black t-shirt off the back of her vanity chair and, wiggling some fingers, waved as she exited the room. “I’m going to be as quick as I can, be good while I’m gone.” She was jingling keys fiddling with the lock of the front door, a brief pause was followed by a slam.

Arabella found herself naked, alone in the strange girl’s bedroom with blood racing, her heart pounding, and her pussy damp and horny as hell. She was aware of the sombre strains of music coming from the sitting room. Lazily she rolled off the bed and made her way to there. Reaching down for her drink she spied the photo album they’d looked at earlier and, picking it up, returned with it and the sloshing glass to the bedroom. Leafing through the album she quickly found the pics of Dagmar naked. Hell she so wanted this goddess; for that to work she would need to look a good deal sexier. She decided to occupy herself with finding something to wear.

A quick rummage through the piles of black garments got her a tight black leather mini skirt, a skin-tight net shirt with bedava bonus long sleeves. She found a teeny tiny black baby-doll t-shirt with white lettering that read “Death Chic.” This took her all of 15 minutes. She started thinking about makeup…black nail polish that’s what she needed. She pulled open several drawers before finding Dagmar’s stash of nail varnishes. The girl had a veritable rainbow of dark shades and colours.

As Arabella pulled the drawer out to see them all she came across a more interesting stash hidden behind the bottles. A large selection of sex toys lay before her, from cute little silver vibes to a large purple strap on. Suddenly her pussy made its presence felt again. Here was a way of getting a solid deep penetrating cum; Dagmar and the person she was meeting would not be back for ages. “Use us!” the toys seemed to whisper to her.

She selected the small silver vibe and a slightly larger black 7″ dildo and returned to the bed. She propped up a few pillows and after a moment of fiddling found the switch for the little vibe. With a sound not unlike that of an angry bee, it kicked into life. Its vehemence actually caused her to drop it onto the throw, where it’s buzzing sent her fingers after it again. It sent a weird sensation along her fingers, her palms and her wrists. By way of experimentation she dragged the tip of the machine across her thigh. A line of gooseflesh followed in the vibe’s wake, her thigh muscles twitched involuntarily. “Wow!” she said her voice sounding loud in the lonely room.

Curiously she trailed the device further up her thigh toward her mons. Electrical fire raced through her groin. Suddenly she felt her pussy gush, and gazing down through the dark threads of her pubic triangle she could see the glistening dew on her outer lips. With a sudden resolve she brought the buzzing bullet right up to her pussy lips, thrill of sensations ignited her nether regions. Her puffy lips parted around the vibe as she slid it in between them.

“Oh Gawd,” she muttered through clenched teeth. The feeling she had experienced previously was nothing compared to this, pulling it up slightly she gritted her teeth and mashed it against her clit. deneme bonusu It was too intense, nerves in her groin, her belly and thighs screamed, her back arched and her ass actually rose off the mattress. The intensity was more than she could stand, so she pulled the little machine out and thumbed its dial to the off position.

Still breathing in gasps she fumbled for and finally latched onto the big black dildo, it wasn’t the biggest she’d ever seen but it would suit her sexual hunger for now. The full length of it slid into her without much resistance, helped along by the slickness of her already moist cunt. Its base nudged up against her clit giving just the right sort of pressure she required to get the job done. Turning the photo album to face her, she ate Dagmar’s gorgeous body with her eyes while her fingers formed a vice around the dildo between her thighs. “Fuck me Dagmarrrr,” she growled, her voice rising to a squeak, as the dildo slid back and forth, “Oh god you beautiful bitch, fuck me.”

Thrusting the plastic rod repeatedly into her, feeling its length penetrating her depths, feeling her impending climax growing within her. Desperately she titled the dildo dragging it up against her pubic bone, squishing her clit in the process. This was the spark she needed, her orgasm exploded within her, starting deep inside, her pussy walls heaving against the plastic invader. “God, God, Godddddd” she screamed, as wave after wave of pleasure rocked through her. Breathing rapidly, she continued to thrust herself against the dildo for several moments until she finally peaked and the flutters of her orgasm began to subside. The ceiling spun overhead and dark spots fluttered in front of her eyes. Gingerly she extracted the shaft, glistening with the sex juices that had flooded her thighs. Still heaving slightly she drew the rod up to her face and inhaled the heady scent of her seepage. Perversely she extended her tongue to touch the dildo’s damp tip. Twirling the sex toy like a snow cone she licked her juices off the warm black plastic rod. Her fingers toyed lazily with her pubic curls, and then flung her arms out and closed her eyes for a while. She snuggled into a pillow and drifted off into a deep satisfied sleep.

“So, I see you found my toy box!” Arabella started awake at the sound of Dagmar’s voice. She was leaning against the doorframe with arms folded with an amused smile on her face. “I was tempted to leave you sleeping; you looked so precious lying there.”

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