A Holiday Surprise

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We were always close. Friends and relatives often commented on it. But last week… Was just ridiculous. I’m not sure I should have gone there. I’m not sure I should have let him. I’m not sure I should have enjoyed it. But I did.


“James and Sophie should come away with us next week, they’d love it out there. We could have a little couples’ holiday.”

Letty smiled, showing her neat little teeth, as she delivered this fateful remark. “There’s plenty of room in the house, we won’t be too squashed together. And he’s such a good cook, it’d save us forcing down my attempts at food.”

Her eyes flashed happily, lighting her face as they always did when she poked fun at herself. There’s no way to refuse that beautiful face, and nor would I want to- a couples weekend did sound like fun. The hetero pair of my brother James and girlfriend Soph, and we two, the visibly-lesbian-but-actually-bisexual couple who drew prolonged admiring glances from other Londoners when kissing in public. Me, 5’5 and curvy, Letty a few inches taller and with a tight, slim body sculpted by her passion for all things exercise.

“I’ll call him tomorrow,” I promised. Night was already upon us, two bottles of white behind us, and I could see easy satisfaction ahead of us. I only staggered a little as I stood up from the kitchen chair and walked slowly in the direction of the lounge, curling my finger in a gesture of warm invitation. Letty needed no more encouragement- our usual foreplay was abandoned in a drunken scramble to have each other naked, as we tumbled back onto the sofa.

Her soft golden hair tickled my face as I grabbed breathlessly at the buttons of her blouse- four months after moving in together, most nights had culminated in some similar performance. Usually not quite so drunk, but with the same result- and I never tired of seeing her come, or feeling that warm rush myself.

Tonight was brief but drunkenly intense- our kisses were hard and heavy, her naked body pressed on top of mine as I lay back on the sofa, two of her fingers disappearing inside of me, a move I copied, feeling her heat and wetness, keeping the rhythm that I knew would bring her to the brink quickly. It did, and she broke away from my lips to arch her back and give a little cry as she came, shaking as if doused with cold water. The smile was back.

Now in no rush, Letty kissed me gently, before moving slowly down my body, tracing a falling line with her tongue from neck to navel. She paused there, using her fingertips to lightly tease my entrance, glancing upwards to meet my eyes with her steady gaze and knowing grin. She shifted herself on the far end of the sofa, finding the right position.

My intake of breath was a sharp rush when her tongue caressed my labia, and I grasped my right breast, almost involuntarily, squeezing it’s plumpness as I raised my hips to Letty’s mouth. She slipped her finger into me, moving it in and out as she licked, deeper with each new upwards pull of her tongue.

Someone in next door’s apartment slammed a door loudly, as Letty quickened her pace, my breathing following suit, my fingers around one nipple, my other hand reaching down to run through her hair. One finger inside me became two, the way she knew I liked it.

Her tongue found my clitoris, flicking it gently, bringing me closer to climax- I couldn’t stop myself from whimpering softly- her cue to bring things to a close. She took my clitoris carefully, sucking it whilst I raised my hips, again, off the sofa, and moments later, with one hand in her hair and the other sqeezing my breast, came with a shuddering gasp.

Pleasure radiated from my clit to my core, intense for several seconds, before it slowly subsided and my body went limp on the sofa. Letty emerged from between my legs, beautiful face flushed, mouth wet and mascara smudged in dark smudges.

She crawled up along the sofa, looking into my eyes before kissing me passionately- she knew I didn’t like to taste myself, really really didn’t like to, and it gave her a perverse pleasure to make me do it in my moments of weakness.

“Stop it, that’s disgusting!”- I broke free and pouted, half joking, half genuine annoyance.

“You love it,” Letty replied, her usual brash self.

She sprung lightly from the sofa and headed for the bathroom. I lay back, trying and failing to get rid of the taste of my own genitals. A few minutes later we were in bed, entwined as we always slept, and I was drifting off. My mind raced through the day- work at the council’s housing office, the tube home, dinner… sex.

The fresh memory of our passion was beautiful to me. But for the kiss afterwards, my fluids on her lips, then mine. Not something I wanted at all. Letty thought that everyone else should be as kinky as her. At that point I strongly disagreed, proud to be vanilla. I didn’t know it, but that was to change.

* * * * * * * *

The following few days passed quickly, uneventfully. I extended the invitation to my Brother and his girlfriend, who responded canlı bahis şirketleri with enthusiasm, and I worked diligently at the council- pushing through a hefty workload of housing applications and various negotiations with landlords. The time for our Dorset countryside getaway was fast approaching, and I was determined to be ready for it. Saturday was in my sights, and a week of scenic walks, evenings out to restaurants and bars as a pair of couples, seemed perfect to me. On Friday afternoon my brother called me during my lunch break.

“Hey Claire.”

“Hi James,” I replied brightly. I expected a simple discussion of the time at which we would depart from London the next day. He always drive when we were together- he loved to drive, and always had. A year and a half older than me, he had earned his driving license at the first opportunity, and served me generously in my teenage years- chauffeuring me around to parties and gigs and friends’ houses. Our drives were filled with lively conversation, jokes and general catch-up about each other’s lives.

“Some bad news, Claire.” His words came reluctantly, and I instinctively braced myself.

“What?” I feared some awful news about our parents- we were in our early twenties, but our parents had us late, with my Dad being older- by this point he was in his seventies, and with a few health-scares behind him. I worried about him routinely.

“Soph can’t come away tomorrow. Work stuff, her hands are tied.” My first emotion was wonderful relief, but after a moment I felt disappointed- our couple’s week spoiled. “I was really looking forward to it, but unfortunately she just can’t get out of this one. I’m sorry to tell you so close to the time,” he continued.

“Don’t worry, it’s not a problem.”

“I’m sure you and Letty will have a great time anyway, obviously.”

“Yeah…” I paused, silence overcoming our normal chattiness for a few seconds.

“You still there?”

“Yeah, I’m still here.”

My mind was moving quickly. I wanted James to come. I hadn’t seen much of him recently, since moving in with Letty, further away from him and Soph.

And a week away with Letty could be… tiring. She always wanted to fill every day of a holiday with activities- cram it to bursting with long hikes and all-day sightseeing. I knew she would want to hire bikes, and her combination of impressive fitness and tendency to not fully consider the abilities of others could prevent the holiday from reaching anything even resembling relaxation. James’ fun nature and easy charm might help- and his expertly-prepared evening meals would give us a reason to stay in and relax, at least for some of the day.

“Why don’t you come with us anyway? If Soph doesn’t mind, I mean.”

He seemed surprised. “Well, yeah, I’d love to. She wouldn’t mind, she won’t be home much next week anyway. I just thought that… it might be a bit awkward?”

“Why’s that?” I asked teasingly.

“Because… you two will be having a romantic getaway, and I’ll be hanging around as a bit of a third wheel, won’t I? I don’t want to be in the way”

I laughed at that. “Do you really think it would be all that romantic, with Letty? She’ll just drag me around rock-climbing and mountain-biking and God knows what else. If you’re there, we can gang up on her and force her to be like us.”

“You mean lazy?”

“Yeah, exactly.”

“Well I’d love to- do you think Letty would mind?”

“Of course not, you know she loves you,” I replied.

And it was true- they’d always got on famously, since I had introduced them, a few months into what was by now a three year relationship. They chatted comfortably, and she even flirted quite openly with him- tactile touches, little innuendos, she loved it all, but never beyond what could be seen as fairly normal behaviour between friends. I never expected it to go further.

* * * * * * * *

James arrived at our apartment building bright and early the next morning. He looked relaxed and fashionable in dark chinos and a white button down shirt, flattering a tall, lean frame. His pretty-boy good looks had brought a steady stream of girlfriends round to our childhood home- the frequency of the changeover between them was a running family joke. His dark hair was stylishly messy, a visible breakaway from the strict combing regime that I knew he maintained for work.

We piled our suitcases into the boot, and before long were out of London altogether, the radio jangling along happily to the latest UK Top 40 drivel, which we all sung along with only semi-ironically, because the holiday spirit had us.

Three hours later we arrived at our rented Dorset cottage. Letty stepped out of the car and gave an excited little jump, turning back to grin her delight at James and I as we dragged the luggage from the car, exchanging knowing looks. We knew that Letty would announce our weeks’ plan, in detail, within the hour, oblivious to our desires of relaxation and spontaneity.

We delayed unpacking, choosing instead to take canlı kaçak iddaa a pot of tea into the pleasant, suspiciously-symmetrical garden. Letty explained to us the next day’s activities, and the next’s, and the next’s while I drifted off in my mind, mildly annoyed by her overly-assertive personality, but mostly just glad to be out of London and with my two most-loved people.

The rest of that day was easy-going and fun. The evening came around, and James prepared a wonderful Gnocchi dish for us, after which we came back out into the garden, this time with glasses of wine in place of cups of tea, the sun making its lonely red retreat in the distance.

“I wish Soph could have come,” James said, and sighed wistfully.

Letty took another gulp of wine. “Me too, but I’m glad you came anyway. We haven’t seen too much of you since we moved.” I nodded my agreement.

“We’ll have a great week anyway,” said James, pushing back his thick tousled hair. “With your itinerary, I don’t think we’ll be bored!”

Letty grinned unashamedly. “It’s pretty comprehensive, isn’t it?” A contended silence rested over us for a few minutes, city-dwellers with finally space to breathe.

Letty, as usual, eventually became bored with this, and decided to break the silence with a crass remark.

“You’ll be gagging for it by the time you get back home to Soph, won’t you James?” She threw him a cheeky smile, and raised her eyebrows, keeping eye contact to challenge him for an answer.

“Yeah, I suppose I will be,” he laughed, good-naturedly. “I’ll be okay though, there is more to me, you know.”

“I’m sure there is, I’m sure there is,” she said, gently pushing his shoulder before yawning luxuriously. We were sat on the grass in a childish little circle, grasping our alcohol, playing with the grass. Dark was falling fast. Starting to feel the effects of the drinking, I lay back on the silky grass.

“Me being here won’t…prevent you two from, you know… having fun?” I didn’t quite understand what James was getting at, but Letty caught the meaning straightaway- maybe less wine, or maybe a dirtier mind.

“No James, we’ll be going at it every day anyway, don’t worry about that,” She shot back, relishing the flirtation as she always did. “We’ll try to keep the noise down though, out of respect for your fragile disposition.” She met his eye and winked indulgently. “There’s no need for you to be woken at 5am by me moaning.”

James seemed to consider this for a moment. More likely he was actually just considering what he could get away with saying. “I wouldn’t mind…” He said carefully. I kept quiet. I didn’t mind them talking about sex too much, but I didn’t want to be involved in the discussion. I was always at least a little cautious at the best of times, and he was my brother after all.

Letty was enlivened by the conversation, her face animated in its telling eager way. “Oh, I see! You wouldn’t mind!”

“Well, I only mean that-“

“-I always knew you were a filfhy pervert!”

I couldn’t let that one go. Not when just days ago she had deliberately made me taste myself, or with the memories of so many time when she had tried to put her finger or fingers up my arsehole. “Letty you hypocrite, youre the biggest perv I know,” I said, remaining laid down, eyes closed.

She was pleased to have lured me into the exchange. “I never said that I wasn’t. I’m perverted and proud. You’re the one who should be ashamed- of being so prude!”

I declined to respond. A constant game of ours was for her to tease, and me to fake offence. A few minutes more of peace and quiet, with the second bottle passed around and drained. I felt heady and drunk, and slowly heaved myself to my feet, taking care not to move suddenly. I didn’t often drink more than one glass, despite Letty’s frequent encouragement to have more.

“I think I’ll go to bed,” I announced, louder than a sober woman would have.

“Lame,” Letty replied quickly. “So lame.”

“Yes, well some of us aren’t seasoned alcoholics, sweetness, so…” I poked my tongue out at her and turned to go inside. “Goodnight James-don’t forget to set your alarm. Letty has a long day planned!”

“I won’t,” James said, waving his arm in some sort of drunken farewell gesture. A few minutes later I was happily tucked into a double bed, stretched out freely, feeling the perfect touch of clean linen.

* * * * * * * * *

My eyes opened. I knew straightaway that it wasn’t morning. I didn’t need the toilet. Why had I woken? My confused thoughts were answered moments later- although I couldn’t at first believe it. This had to be a dream. It was noise that had woken me. A vigorous knocking from above. The attic room that James had taken. I could hear an unmistakable rhythm, the creaking of the bed, coming through the ceiling clearly.

I turned my head. Letty wasn’t there. The near-pristine nature of one side of the bedclothes told me that she never had been. Still in a state of disbelief, I reached out to the bedside table, closed canlı kaçak bahis my fingers around my phone, stroked the screen and stared stupidly at the display. 1:34am. I lay there, the sounds continuing and filling my now hyper-alert mind with images. It couldn’t be. They wouldn’t.

A few minutes floated by in a surreal haze, before I steeled myself to investigate. I drew the covers back, over-carefully, and slowly stood. It was a little cold, my feet protested and my nipples hardened a little under my thin blue vest top. Below, I had just my underwear, purple cotton, with the little bows that Letty liked to toy with before stripping me. I wanted my thick, warm dressing gown but it was still in my suitcase downstairs, and so I took a deep breath and walked to my door.

The knob was ominously cold, as if warning me. Don’t Proceed. But of course I had to, just had to, the unavoidable impulse to know the truth, whatever it might be. I already knew, I suppose, what I would find as I took the stairs at my slowest pace, but I didn’t want to confront it, still believing, hoping for some other explanation. What else could there be? They would hardly be dancing, without music, or jumping on the bed. I knew what I would find.

I reached the attic room. The noises continued, I could hear them more clearly now. More details were audible. Little gasps. Heavy breathing. My heart thumped like a tribal drum and I pushed open the bedroom door.

James had his back to me. Knelt on the bed, just a few feet away, the light on, I saw it all. Naked, tight bum in my line of vision as he thrust powerfully. Letty was on her hands and knees in front of him, and as I stepped silently around the bed, I could see that her head was down, buried in a pillow as James drove into her again and again, his strong hands gripping her narrow waist, his eyes clenched shut as if the sight of her athletic body as he fucked her would just be too much. She moaned primally- a familiar sound in an unbelievable context, as he hammered her, roughly, surely painfully.

He groaned and moved his right hand from her waist, to spank her, hard-the sharp sound making me jump. Could this be real? My brother fucking my girlfriend. My brother who I’d made sandcastles with, watched cartoons with. My girlfriend who told me she loved me.

My emotional reaction was pain. My physical reaction was arousal. I could feel the wetness between my legs. Growing, as I watched James grab Letty’s long hair, bunching it in his fist, pulling it, jerking her head back as his penis slid joltingly in and out of her, his balls slapping back and forth. No condom.

He kept the pace up for another minute before taking his cock in hand and withdrawing from her. I could see that her pussy was soaked. His cock glistened with her fluids. An indescribable thrill rushed through me. James lay back on the bed, giving her an inviting look, and she started to climb onto him. That’s when she saw me. Her jaw dropped, and she froze, half-straddling him. James whipped his head around, meeting my stare, and no one spoke. No one could speak.

Letty’s expression was concern, James’ was panic. Letty manoeuvred herself off him, sitting back against the bedboard, her eyes pleading with me. I didn’t want to look at my brother again. I’d never seen him naked, at least, not since he was three or four years old. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him put his hands over his face. I could smell their sex, I could smell it. I had to say something.

“Is this…” my voice sounded weak and high in my ear, “the first time?”

Letty’s response was instant, urgent. “It is, it is, I swear.” Her distress was obvious, near to tears. James remained silent, motionless with his face still covered, as if realising the magnitude of what was happening. I felt strange, going numb. It was like a dream, a mad, erotic dream.

Letty held my gaze, as if she would lose me if she let go. And she might have. But her beautiful, seductive eyes saved us. My heart was racing and my body was desperate for stimulation. The dreamy atmosphere, the sheer absurdity of the situation brought down my inhibitions. And so when she beckoned me, not coyly but pleadingly, I went to her without a word. I reached the bet and her hands closed around mine as she shifted backward to make room for me. On her back, she drew me in, to kneel with knees on eithe side of her.

I leaned down and we kissed, lightly, then forcefully, thoughtlessly, fighting against the threat of her infidelity. Her hand traced the back of my thigh, and she plucked at my underwear, then pulling it down, and I whipped my vest top off, freeing my breasts to sway above her. I shed my knickers from my legs, and pressed my naked body to hers, lying down over her. She was three inches taller than me, and I could feel her wet pussy against my flesh at the top of my pelvis.

This spontaneity was unlike me, but at that moment it was far easier than confronting what I had seen, and my lust by then was too much, more than I had ever felt before, and I yielded to it. Letty sat up suddenly, swivelling round on the bed to resettle with her head underneath my hips. I lowered myself onto her face, and felt her nose brush against my pussy, and then her tongue thirstily licking me up and down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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