A Hot White Mess Pt. 02

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For the next four days heavy metal music filled most of Alex’s waking hours. It was angry and loud and distorted. He skipped the occasional tracks on Spotify that attempted metal’s version of compassion (Disturbed’s cover of Sound of Silence in particular) and preferred songs with minimal lyrics. His head banged. His head avoided thought.

To add to his misery his cock was doing too much thinking and not enough banging. He whacked off once, the night he got back from his trek in the woods with Steve; well he almost whacked off. It was going along just fine. He had imagined Kim’s pert breasts and pouty lips but then she grew a beard and he forced himself to stop. He didn’t make another attempt.

Kim finally snapped him out of it.

“Hey, summer’s almost over and we haven’t gone camping yet,” she said eagerly.

Alex gave a weak ‘yeah’ but it got his attention. Perhaps a night or two of camping is just what he needed. He lost his virginity with Kim last year when they went camping; it was an awkward affair but he lost it nonetheless.

Fifteen minutes later he tapped his phone and reserved a spot at Bunganut Campground not far from Portland. Kim snuggled up to him, happy his funk was gone, and they binged watched ‘Arrow’.

When Alex and Kim showed up at Bunganut on Wednesday afternoon, Bill and Jeanine, their best dating friends, were already waiting at campsite B19.

“Bill,” Alex said trying not to sound too surprised, “what you guys doing here?”

“Um – well – we’re camping,” Bill answered as he walked up to greet his ex-soccer teammate with a bro hug.

“Oh, it’s so great you guys could make it,” Kim shrieked as she bounced out of the passenger seat and into Jeanine’s arms. The girls hugged more passionately than the boys and Alex caught Bill jeering at the girls as they bounced together in skimpy summer wear.

“I didn’t – didn’t know you guys – that you were coming,” Alex stammered to Bill.

“Oh? Kim asked us last night. She didn’t tell you?” Bill responded awkwardly sensing Alex didn’t want them around.

“Yeah – see – the thing is,” Alex offered, “our tent is kind of small – it’s really only large enough for two.”

Bill lit up in a broad smile. “Oh man, don’t worry about that – we brought our own. I figured, – sure, you guys want some privacy.” and he slapped Alex on the back.

Alex figured Bill wanted some privacy as well. He smiled back.

Alex picked campsite B19 for its seclusion. It sits at the end of the dirt camp road and the back of the site faces the lake. Plus, Alex knew that no one had reserved B18, the spot next door, and he was looking forward to being alone with Kim and the stars. But now there would be four around the campfire.

“Oh, OK, perfect,” Alex said. Bill winked at him. He turned to get the gear.

Alex and Kim set up their tent in record time while Bill and Jeanine struggled. Alex stepped in to help the less experienced campers and before he knew it Jeanine abandoned the effort and joined Kim in their tent to change into swimsuits and Bill became distracted trying to catch glimpses of naked legs, fleshy asses and small tits. He left the pounding of tent stakes into the ground to Alex.

Alex was about to shout to Bill to come and help finish when he looked up and found his friend with his back to him half naked. Bill had just removed his shirt and his hands were busy smearing sunscreen on his shoulders. Then Bill dropped his shorts and a pale set of white ass cheeks almost blinded Alex. He dropped his hammer. Bill stepped out of his khakis and quickly stepped into his swim suit. It was not as small as a speedo. It covered the upper part of his thighs. But it was just as tight and it hugged his ass and upper thighs with skin tight black and blue lycra.

Bill turned around and Alex quickly looked away and grabbed his hammer off the ground. He took a misguided swing and struck his thumb. “Fuck,” he shouted.

“You OK?” Bill asked stepping over.

“Yeah, just slammed myself with -” Alex turned to find Bill’s crotch just a few feet from his head. The material outlined his ‘package’ with remarkable accuracy. Alex jerked his head away and plunged his swollen thumb into his mouth. The sucking relieved the pain.

Bill laughed a little then knelt down, “Here, let me help.” Bill finished hammering the last two stakes into the ground while Alex watched. It became clear to Alex that the next two nights might not work out like he planned.

Bill stood up and gave Alex the hammer. “I think this one’s yours.”

“Yeah, thanks,” he mumbled with the thumb still in his mouth. “I guess I should go change.”

On queue the girls stepped out of the tent in skimpy two piece suits that did great justice to their summer colored skin and youthful bodies. As Alex ducked in the tent he snuck an appreciative glance toward Kim. She caught the glance and giggled. Inside the tent Alex stripped and looked down at his erection. He closed his eyes and tried to will the hard-on to shrivel and was rewarded canlı bahis with partial success. He slipped on his baggy swimming trunks and joined the threesome outside.

“OK,” Bill said as Alex emerged through the flaps, “let’s hit the beach!”

Alex waded into the water first and was up to his waist before Kim called him back a few feet. She threw her arms around his neck. “Cold water! You’re warm,” was all she said through chattering teeth and he walked her into the deeper water. He felt her goosebumps and smelled her coconut suntan lotion. She clung to his back while he did the breaststroke. She was his cape and he was her superman, keeping her warm and afloat. Problem was, Alex didn’t feel like a superman.

Bill threw a foam football their way and the four began an energetic game of catch and keep away. It warmed their blood as they moved about in the water. Bill dunked Alex. Jeanine dunked Alex, and Alex attempted to tackle all three. Slippery skin met slippery skin. Bikini’s came partially undone eliciting shrieks and giggles. Bill almost depantsed Alex and when Alex tried to return the favor Bill’s skintight number slipped through Alex’s hands like a slithering eel. At times they were a tangle of arms and legs. Alex wasn’t sure who was turning him on, but he was turned on and glad he was waist deep in water.

Like puppies they nipped at each other in playful delight. But it wasn’t simply play. They established the social hierarchy of their little pack of wolves. Bill was the clear alpha; in complete control and able to withstand any attack. Oh sure, he went underwater a few times as Alex or Jeanine embraced his torso and wrestled him off of his feet, but it seemed to Alex that Bill was playing with them because when he wanted to, he stood firm.

Kim was at the bottom of the pack. She was picked on by everyone, and at one point Alex had to step in and protect his girlfriend from a double attack as Jeanine and Bill sandwiched her body between theirs and attempted to push her to her knees and submerge her under the water. Her scream of fear and delight got the attention of the other swimmers – and of Alex. Bill reached down and grabbed her ankles to tackle and dunk the girl but Alex stepped in and positioned himself in between Kim and Jeanine. Kim reached out to grab her Clark Kent.

The two men pulled Kim’s extremities causing her body to float on the water. This gave Bill a clear view of her ass as it bobbed on the crystal surface. Kim held on and pleaded with Alex to help in that ‘I know this is a joke but it’s not funny anymore’ kind of look. Bill laughed at Alex as he struggled. Alex tried to stare the alpha down but it didn’t work and Bill didn’t hide his appreciation for Kim’s butt cheeks as they glistened in the sun. He made googly eyes at Alex that made him look perverted and sexy at the same time. Alex struggled more to no avail and then Kim slipped out of his grip and Bill pulled her away to the deeper water. In a show of mercy he did not dunk the puppy and simply let her go. She swam back to Alex. “My hero!” she said sincerely.

Back on the beach the four laid back on towels and dried off in the hot summer sun. Just as Alex was falling into that glorious half sleep of a summer sunshine nap he heard him. He looked up just as Steve and two other men were splashing their way out of the water and walking up to the beach a good thirty feet to Alex’s right. Alex sucked in his breath.

“Hey, how ’bout I run out and get some lunch?” Alex heard Steve tell the other two. Alex may not have felt like superman but his spidey senses were highly active and he caught their every word and every gesture.

“Nah, Fred brought some chicken salad,” another masculine voice added. “It’ll be ready in a few.” The other two equally chiselled men walked to a tent almost right on the beach leaving Steve to dry off on his beach towel.

“Hey, is that Steve?” Kim asked and Alex jumped at her sudden interest in his obsession.

“Geez! Oh, yeah, I guess it is,” Alex said turning away from the man.

“Well – why don’t you – you know – go talk to him?” Kim suggested.

Alex just shrugged.

“Aren’t you curious?” she asked.

He looked at her stunned.

“I mean, why did he just run off and leave you at the Reserve last week? Did he ever explain that?”

“Um, no, I haven’t really talked to him – I mean why would I?” Alex mumbled.

Kim shrugged a little and laid back down. Then through closed eyes she whispered, “He shouldn’t have left you there like that. You gotta learn to stand up for yourself.”

“Hmm,” was all that he replied as he laid back down but turned his head in the direction of the bearded swimmer. Steve wore a speedo and he wore it well. Thick tufts of hair filled out his chest and ran down the center of his abs to disappear behind the black speedo. Their color was a little darker than the hairs on his chin and cheek. Muscular thighs framed a black bulge in his nylon suit and Alex looked away. Then Alex stood up.

“Where you bahis siteleri goin?” Kim asked blocking the sun with her hand.

“Standing up for myself,” Alex offered with a weak smile. Kim smiled more broadly.

“Good,” she said. “I may be head back to the tent soon.”

“OK,” Alex acknowledged and then limped toward Steve.

“Hey,” Alex said when he was within a few feet of the man who was laying on the beach.

Steve squinted up from his towel. “Hey,” he replied automatically and then looked more closely to make out the body standing above him. “Oh – Alex,” he gave out a small laugh, “It’s you. I thought you would have run yourself off to Vermont by now.”

Alex felt blood fill his head. “Yeah, um, right,” he replied then turned and thought about walking away.

Steve stood up. “Don’t sweat it,” he said with more laughter. “It happens.” Alex wondered what he meant by that comment. “I was a little worried about you. You didn’t text me back. You OK?” Steve asked.

“Yeah, sure,” Alex spoke into the sand. “I’m just here with Kim and some friends,” and he pointed to his pack of puppies. Steve looked past Alex and they both watched as the three young-uns’ gathered up their towels. Steve waved in Kim’s direction and she waved back and smiled before heading back towards their campsite. She blew a kiss to Alex. Alex reflexively started to throw her a kiss back then remembered Steve was standing two feet away and pulled his arm back. He looked like he was swatting away flies.

“Nice girl,” Steve said.

“Yeah,” Alex replied and wanted to change the subject. “Why – um – why are you here?” Alex asked. He shifted his gaze to the two men setting up a late lunch at the nearby campsite. Steve followed his stare.

“Oh – that’s Fred and Hirsh,” he nodded in their direction. “We’re training for a triathlon and we came out here for some swimming and biking.”

“Oh,” Alex said looking into Steve’s eyes for the first time. He wanted to ask him about the two men; if they were ‘like’ him; if he was with ‘one’ of them. Maybe Steve was with both of them. Alex had no idea how any this worked and his mind raced with questions. Kim was right, he was curious. He opened his mouth.

“I never ran a triathlon,” he whispered softly, unable to admit to his more peculiar questions. “I’m not much of a swimmer.”

“Hmm, well you’re plenty fast enough on your feet,” Steve said and Alex wondered if he was referring to his frostbite performance or his other more recent run for the hills.

“Swimming, it’s not that hard; just requires a little technique and a lot of practice.” Steve eyed Alex’s torso then patted Alex’s shoulders between his two big hands. Alex’s eyes popped. “You could also use a bit more mass in your upper body though,” Steve proclaimed and his big mitts stung Alex’s skin with their loud slap. “Do you workout – lift weights?”

“No,” Alex confessed, “I just run.”

“Yeah, well that makes sense. I can show you a few pointers if you’re interested.”

“Really?” Alex said and locked on Steve’s eyes again. “After I left – well – I wasn’t sure you’d want to talk to me again,” and his eyes shifted down again.

Steve laughed. “Hey, like I said, it happens.”

Alex glanced back to his side of the beach but Kim and Bill and Jeanine were gone.

“Hey, how about a race?” Steve slapped Alex’s back.

Steve pointed to a diving platform about one hundred yards from shore. “I’ll give you some tips on your swim form.”

“Well, I – uh – I don’t know-” but before he could offer more protests Steve grimaced, grabbed Alex’s forearm and pulled him into the shallow water before letting go and diving forward. Alex stood for a moment in knee deep water as his merman cut it’s way through the lapping waves in slow evenly strokes. “Fuck it,” he told himself and then dove.

Steve won the race and was hanging on to one handle of the ladder that hung off the edge of the platform by the time Alex finished his last freestyle stroke and grabbed the other handle. Their heads bobbed no more than two feet from each other in the ten foot deep water.

“Not bad,” Steve offered but Alex thought it was a lie. Alex spit water out of his mouth.

“You need to work a bit on your breathing rhythm. It’s too irregular and I bet you feel like you’re going to choke at times, right?”

Alex nodded his head.

“You have to train yourself to take in regular breaths, not too much and not too little. Don’t panic and inhale a bunch of air. If you take in too much air it’s only to make it harder for you on your next breath. Find your rhythm. In and out; in and out. Know what I mean?”

Alex wondered what he was talking about but nodded and tried to position his body as far away from Steve’s as the ladder would allow.

Steve wiped the water from his face and beard and looked back at the mostly deserted beach. There were just a few sun-bather’s out on the weekday afternoon. Behind the beach, campers were busy biking or chopping wood or lighting fires. No bahis şirketleri one was paying any attention to the barely noticeable heads drifting in the shadows of the diving platform.

As Alex hung on to the ladder some one hundred yards from shore he became aware of how quiet and serene it can be on the middle of the lake. He only heard the ‘lap-lap-lap’ of soft waves splashing against the oil barrell’s used to keep the platform afloat, Steve’s breathing and his beating heart. The water was relaxing and the scene picturesque. The two heads floated on the surface in quiet reflection. Alex’s shoulder bumped up against Steve as the water pushed the two men closer together. Alex reacted with a swift stroke with his free hand and moved away.

“Don’t worry,” Steve said, laughing at Alex’s overcompensation, “I’m not going to kiss you.”

The young man just blushed and looked away.

“Alex,” Steve said in a lower whisper, “what you decide to do with your life – who you decide to be with is your business. I’m not judging. Gay, straight, bi – hell maybe you’re trans. Don’t know. That’s your deal and something, well, something you just need to figure out.”

Alex clenched his teeth. “I’m not a girl – I mean I don’t wanna be -,” he said sharply and let his voice trail off. The ‘trans’ comment pissed him off and he felt he needed to draw some kind of line with the one person that knew Alex’s secret.

“Hey, hey, relax,” Steve said good-naturedly. “I’m not saying you are.” Steve let a few waves lap against the platform before continuing. “But I think we can both agree that you are curious. You have some questions; some unsettled thoughts. You wouldn’t have let me kiss you if you weren’t, right?”

Alex looked away but nodded a weak ‘yes’.

“Of course you are,” Steve said. “You’re curious about having sex with a man, right?”

Alex didn’t move or say anything. Those words, spoken out loud, freaked him out.

“Alex, look at me,” Steve said with a more urgent tone. Alex complied and looked into the stoic bearded face. “You want to know what sex with a man might be like, don’t you?”

Alex nodded and gulped and fought the urge to break eye contact.

Steve smiled but said nothing for a long time.

“Go ahead, touch it?” Steve finally whispered but Alex was confused. Then Steve looked down into the water. Alex looked down too and saw a nine inch pale snake poking out from Steve’s crotch. Steve had whipped it out in the middle of the lake and was offering – ordering Alex to grab it.

“Um, I don’t think -” Alex said and instinctively moved backward.

Steve caught Alex’s eyes again in his and did not let go. “Touch it,” he ordered softly.

Alex blushed and looked down at the snake. He licked his lips but didn’t know why. He looked up and sort of giggled before peering down into the water and moving a little closer. Then he watched his own ghostly hand reach forward through the dark colored lake. He caught his breath. His hand slowly got closer. His fingertips touched the soft veiny surface. He laughed a little. His fingers moved along the shaft to touch the darker head. It was smooth and a little slimy, though Alex guessed that was the lake water lubricating its surface.

He looked up into Steve’s eyes who was now offering Alex a confident and knowing smile.

“Grab it,” Steve ordered. “Grab it, and feel it in your hand.”

Alex swallowed then looked back down. He watched as the hand attached to his body encircled the pale snake and held it. It felt cold and hard and veiny. Alex smiled and felt blood engorge his own cock. “Fuck,” he whispered.

“Not here,” Steve joked but Alex, worried things were going too far, let go of the snake.

Steve looked at him, disappointed with the young man’s nervousness. “Alex, grab it and don’t let go.”

Alex did what he was told and looked down ashamed at his reaction. His fingers wrapped themselves around the long thick dick and the movement of the water caused his hand to slowly slide back and forth.

“Alex, look at me,” Steve said after a few moments of having his cock stroked. Alex looked up. “That’s it. How does it feel?” Steve asked.

Alex tried to look away but Steve wouldn’t allow it. “Good,” Alex finally said, understating the excitement he felt at feeling another man’s prick for the first time. He realized his one word answer did a disservice to the man’s thick hot rod. “Great actually,” he added with more honesty. A surge of warmth swept through his groin. Steve’s dick felt harder, and stronger and more virile than his own. It was hard for him to explain but it was as if he held a dick for the first time, as if all of his own masturbatory exercise was with something other than a cock.

“It’s different – different than stroking your own cock, isn’t it?”


“I can tell you Alex, it feels good. Keep on doing that, nice and gentle. Can you keep doing that?”

Alex shook his head yes.

“Is my cock bigger than yours?” Steve asked.

“Yeah – yes,” Alex answered and gulped a little embarrassed.

Steve smiled. “That’s okay, it takes all shapes and sizes. Now this is important,” he continued. “I want you to know something. Alex, I know – I know your secret.”

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