A Late Night Workout Pt. 04

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J led the way to the locker room, his shirt crumpled in his hand and his jeans held up loosely around his hips. Eric followed after, his hands held carefully away from his sides as he walked. He’d scraped the remnants of J’s load from his face as best he could, and it still clung to him, thick on his palms, his knuckles, his fingertips.

“You throw that on my floor and you lick it up while I watch,” J had said, so Eric had held onto it carefully, twisting his hands this way and that so it wouldn’t drip. I could smell it as we walked, and I wished I’d offered to help him clean off.

Inside the locker room, we all waited as J stopped at the last bench before the showers and stripped. This was the first time I’d ever seen him fully undressed, and I watched attentively, my dick throbbing as he pushed his jeans and his black trunks down to his knees. I resisted the urge to step forward and stroke a finger up along the curly hair that lined the crevice between the round, hard globes of his ass. When he turned to face us I looked at his dick, grateful to see it was still half hard, hoping it would jump back to life as I watched. I wanted my chance to feel the length of it stretching inside me.

“Alright, fuck boy,” J said, reaching out casually to pinch Eric’s left nipple, “let’s go. You can wash my back.”

Eric winced but didn’t pull away. He kept his eyes on J’s chest as he nodded, then followed his broad-shouldered boss around the last row of lockers. By the time Aaron laid his hot palm on my ass and pushed, I’d already taken a step forward.

Aaron and I watched, the water from the shower splashing just a few inches from our feet as J turned under the spray to face Eric. When Eric took a step forward, raising his hands uncertainly, J shook his head.

“No,” he said. “Wipe those off first.”

Eric took a step to the side, reaching for the soap dispenser attached to the steel shower column.

“No,” J said again. He nodded at Eric’s stomach. “Use those washboards.”

Eric kept his face neutral as he carefully dragged his palms and the backs of his hands up and down his chest. Most of J’s load clung to his dark chest hair, but as I watched one long, glistening streak rolled down his stomach to disappear into the curls above his dick.

“Back first,” J said, then turned and presented Eric with the expanse of muscle that started at his heavy shoulders and ran down to the hemispheres of his ass. He stood in front of the spray, blocking whatever might have reached Eric to wash away the load dripping down his front.

Eric stepped forward and worked a lather up between his hands. He started tentatively with J’s shoulders but worked himself into an efficient rhythm by the time he got to J’s waist.

When Eric reached J’s ass and began to slow, J spread his legs wider. “Keep going,” he said.

I watched as Eric pulled in a silent breath, applied more soap to his palms, then reached forward to push suds into the crack of J’s ass. His dick had been hard when J fucked his throat, but it had softened somewhat as we made our way into the locker room. Now, as Eric massaged foam over and between the globes of J’s powerful ass, his dick began to thicken again.

Behind me, Aaron vented a quiet laugh through his nose.

When J was covered in a thin layer of white foam that ran from his shoulders and arms all the way down to his upper thighs, he turned around and laced his fingers together behind his head. “Top to bottom,” he said.

As Eric stepped forward again and reached for J’s underarms with two new handfuls of soap, Aaron pressed his hard dick against my back.

“So what’s on the agenda, J?” His breath sent a shiver down my back as he reached around to grip my shaft.

“Our little receptionist is,” J grunted, “But we’ll get there.” He smiled as Eric worked his hands in quick, efficient circles from J’s chest and down to his stomach. “When was the last time you took a dick, fuck boy?”

Eric’s hands slowed briefly and I watched his jaw work. After a moment his hands picked up speed again.

“Been a while,” he said. His long dick twitched.

“Yeah?” J said. “How long?”

Eric shrugged.

“How long?” J’s voice had slipped into a low rumble.

Eric leaned around J for another handful of soap, worked his palms together, then reached down and slid his hands under J’s balls. “Not since my interview,” he said.

J laughed, his voice high and bright. “Liar. You couldn’t wait to show me that hole. Begged me to fuck a load out of you. No way it’s been that long since someone bent you over.”

Eric kept his eyes down as he cradled J’s balls in one hand and used the fingers of his other to scrub at the dark thatch of hair around J’s hardening shaft. “Never said I hadn’t bent over.”

J cocked his head to one side and frowned, hands still on his head. I was still trying to puzzle through Eric’s cryptic response when J’s face split into a grin. “You let that cheerleader fuck you?”

Eric shrugged again.

“So what’s it like güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to be topped by a chick?”

“It’s good,” Eric said. “She hits the spot.”

“I bet she does. No wonder you follow that bitch around like a puppy.”

Eric’s hands went still and he looked up to meet J’s gaze. “Easy,” he said, a soft warning in his voice.

J laughed again and held both hands above his head. “All right,” he said, “all right.” He gestured down at his dick, now standing at full attention in Eric’s grip. “Bet you miss this, though. Nothing beats real dick.”

“It’s different,” Eric said, his eyes lowered again as he slowly pumped his fist up and down J’s shaft.

“You telling me you don’t miss this? Give it a squeeze, tell me you wouldn’t rather have that heat filling you up.”

I watched as Eric held J’s balls in one hand and continued to stroke his shaft with the other. When his fist slid down to the base of J’s thick piece, his knuckles tightened. “I can take it if that’s what you want,” he said.

“What I want?” J put a hand on Eric’s chest and pushed. After Eric took a few steps back J waved a hand at Eric’s bouncing dick. “Look at you. You could hang a cowbell on that dick,” J said. “We talking about what I want or what you want?”

In the silence that followed, broken only by the sputtering of the shower behind J, Eric glanced at me from the corner of his eye.

J took a step toward him. “Don’t look at them,” he said. His voice had deepened to a purr. “Look at me and tell me you’re not boned up because you want someone to bend you over.”

My heart pounded as I watched Eric. He looked J in the eye but said nothing.

J took another step closer. “You tell me you’d rather go home right now and get pegged, and I’ll let you go. No hard feelings. We’re even and you can come into work like always. But before you go, you look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want me to bend you over, take you by the hair, and use you.” J took another step closer. “You remember how it sounded? How it felt when I held your face against the desk and slammed a load out of you? You shot so hard I could hear it hit the floor.”

As J took another step forward, Aaron slipped his thumb inside me and began to massage the button at the base of my dick. I swallowed a moan while he squeezed my shaft.

“What’s it going to be,” J said. “My mouth on the back of your neck and this piece stretching you open – ” he said, using a thumb to bounce his dick up and down, ” – or a long drive home and a cold fucking dildo?”

Eric looked in my direction again, at Aaron’s hand slowly gliding up and down my shaft. As pleasure rolled around inside me, moved up and down my shaft with Aaron’s hand, I watched the gears in Eric’s head turn. I watched him make his choice as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He licked his lips and looked up at J.

“I can stick around for a while,” he said.

“Yeah?” J smiled and closed the distance between them. As he looked Eric in the eye the head of his dick slid along the top of Eric’s shaft and pushed against the wiry curls between his legs.

I imagined what that wet hair must feel like, slick as it was with the remnants of J’s first load dripping down into it.

“You sure?” J said. “This could take all night. Things might get a little wild.”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Eric said. His stood straight, unflinching as J, a few inches taller, leaned into him.

“Good,” J said. “Let’s have some fun, then. These two can open you up for me.”

Eric blinked, opened his mouth, then shut it again. He looked over at me, our eyes met, and then he turned back to J.

“Ok,” he said, and I imagined I could almost see the way his heart beat set his dick bouncing.

Aaron pulled his finger from my ass and draped his arm over my shoulder from behind. “This keeps getting better and better,” he said. I felt his head tilt toward J. “Where should we start? Your office?”

“No,” J said, his eyes moving down to Eric’s mouth. “Let’s start in here. I like the sound of a good fuck echoing off the lockers.”

I heard the smile in Aaron’s voice before he pressed his open mouth to my neck and dragged his tongue across my skin. “A locker room fuck twice in one day,” he said. “Lucky me.”

I felt a pang of disappointment as J led the three of us back to the locker where he’d left his clothes in a pile. I’d walked into the locker room thinking my ass was going to be the main event, but as I watched J position Eric on the bench, one leg on each side and his forearms resting on the wooden seat, I knew J had his mind set on a new hole. But maybe if I played along, he wouldn’t forget about me completely.

Standing to one side, J began probing Eric’s hole with his middle finger. Eric exhaled quietly but said nothing as Aaron and I watched from behind.

“What do you think?” J said. “How’s it look?”

Aaron, standing beside me with his arms crossed and his hard-on pointing straight out, smiled. “Well, I don’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri know,” he said. “What do you think?”

“I think it looks good enough to eat.”

“Might be,” Aaron said, “might be.”

“Only one way to find out,” J said.

“Think so?”

“Know so.”

“Well,” Aaron said, “you’d best get to it.”

“No,” J said, “be my guest. We’ve got him all night. Plenty of time to for both of us.”

When J opened Eric’s ass I’d stared fixedly at his tight hole, enjoying a view of Eric that I’d never really seen before, but as Aaron and J began their banter I looked up. It was the kind of exchange I’d expect from my college buddies – light, mocking, irreverent – not from two men discussing who’d be the first to bury their face in a third man’s ass.

In that short exchange, I heard the echoes of an old friendship and I wondered again what Eric and J had gotten up to before circumstances had forced J to ban his friend from the gym. And I wondered, very briefly, if this bizarre night might actually revive an old camaraderie. Then Aaron sat down on the bench behind Eric and got to work and more important events commanded my attention.

Eric reacted almost immediately. Grunting softly, he pushed his ass back and up against Aaron’s face. It was a subtle movement, but as his chest moved down a fraction toward the bench and his ass tilted up, I began to see a side of Eric I’d never known. The Eric I knew was the definition of an alpha: a tall, stacked, confident dude who knew what he had and took what he wanted.

Earlier that night, he’d dominated me, taken me from behind and used me, then left me dripping and half naked while he cruised out the door to head home to his girlfriend. When he’d admitted that his girlfriend pegged him, when J had talked about topping him, I hadn’t been able to see it. I’d believed it, theoretically, but the image it conjured, of Eric on all fours, spreading his ass, moaning, begging for release, didn’t fit with the image of the man I knew.

But as I watched Aaron bury his face in Eric’s perfect ass, the man I knew began to transform. His back arched as Aaron’s tongue worked against his hot ring and his breath came faster. When Aaron grunted against his hole, sending warm vibrations into his ass, Eric moaned. The noises starting in his throat got louder, filling with need. He began to bend at the knee so he could arch his back more sharply, pushing his ass harder up against Aaron’s face, fucking himself onto that searching tongue.

It was a sight I never thought I’d see and when Aaron hummed against Eric’s ass again and Eric let a high pitched moan tumble out of his open mouth, my disappointment at not being the center of attention began to fade. J had said that he wanted the two of us to top Eric first, to open him up, and I began to imagine what that might be like.

I’d topped plenty of the guys I met at school or online, but I’d never seen Eric in that position. I’d imagined fucking him before, but what I imagined hadn’t felt like Eric. It was just someone else who looked like him. Someone with the same lean muscles, the same dark hair, the same long dick, but inside it wasn’t him.

Eric wouldn’t get on his back and hold his legs in the air. He wouldn’t finger himself as someone else watched, wouldn’t lube himself with his own spit and hold his ass open while he waited for a dick to push inside. Or, at least, the Eric I’d known wouldn’t. But this one might.

Eric’s body twitched again, rolling as Aaron’s tongue worked deep into his hole, and I found myself walking around to the other end of the bench to see Eric’s face. I’d spent a lot of time looking up at Eric during sex. I’d seen the expressions he’d made while he was fucking me and I knew what he looked like while I sucked him off.

But what did he look like with a tongue in his ass? Is that what he’d look like while I fucked him?

Stroking my dick lightly, I walked around the bench until I stood opposite J. Eric had his head down, hair just barely resting on his forearms. I tilted my head, trying to see his expression.

“Looks like you could use some help with that.”

I looked up. J had his eyes on my dick. I opened my mouth but didn’t say anything – until that moment, the possibility hadn’t actually occurred to me.

“Wouldn’t mind,” I said.

J put a fist in Eric’s hair and pulled his head up. “Open your mouth.”

Eric opened his mouth.

“Get nice and close,” J said, nodding me toward the bench.

I lifted a leg over the bench and stepped forward until I could feel Eric’s breath on the head of my dick.

“Take him by the hair,” J said.

Eric was leaning on his hands now instead of his forearms, level with my hips. When J released him, I reached out and gently wound the fingers of both hands into the hair at the top of his head.

J gave Eric a tap on the back of the head. “Take it,” he said, and Eric leaned in as I rolled my hips forward to meet his mouth.

I let out a long, güvenilir bahis şirketleri slow breath as Eric wrapped his lips around the head of my dick and I paused to enjoy the sensation as I looked down at his lean, handsome face. His eyes were closed and he was frowning in concentration, bouncing ever so slightly as Aaron continued working on his ass.

I pulled out a fraction and watched his lips expand over the head of my dick. I pushed back in and sighed again as the slick warmth of his mouth slid over me. My disappointment at not being on my back beneath J faded a bit more.

“Get right in there,” J said, and with one hand on my ass, he pushed my hips forward until Eric had his lips wrapped around the base of my dick. He held us that way, one hand on my ass and another on the back of Eric’s head until Eric’s face and neck began to grow red.

When J finally released us, I slid back out of Eric’s mouth to let him take a breath.

“I like the look of that,” J said. “I want to watch you fuck his mouth. Show me the rhythm you’ll use on his ass.”

Eric glanced up at me. It was a quick look and I couldn’t quite read his expression. I wondered if he was trying to decide if I’d be gentle or if I’d use him the way J might.

Or was he trying to tell me something? Maybe he was trying to let me know that he’d remember everything I did to him, that we’d have a score to settle later.

Maybe, but in that moment, with my wet dick brushing against his lips and his ass in the air, I could only hold one thought in my mind at a time. After he lowered his eyes and opened his mouth again, I leaned forward and prepared to show J that I could fuck.

I started slowly, letting Eric get used to the sensation of my dick moving over his tongue and back into his throat. He took it calmly, sighing through his nose or moaning every so often when Aaron dug deep with his tongue. Each moan pulled a grunt from me as it buzzed around my dick and it wasn’t long before I was chasing those sounds.

When Aaron made him moan, I drove in harder, trying to surprise a second pulse from his throat. It worked often enough that I began to lose myself in the effort, pushing deeper into his throat, crushing his nose down against my wiry hair, slapping my balls against his chin. I had just spread my feet a little wider and readjusted my grip on his hair so I could piston more efficiently in and out of his mouth, root to tip, when J put a wide hand on my stomach and pushed me back a step.

“You are full of surprises, aren’t you?”

“Sorry,” I said. I looked down at my shiny dick, red and pulsing just beyond Eric’s lips.

I looked down into his eyes and he looked back. I almost expected him to say something, to let me know what he had in store for me next time he got me alone, but he just stared at me, panting through red and swollen lips. Then Aaron moaned into his ass and he gasped and closed his eyes. The gruff frown of concentration was gone. His face was open, unguarded, slack with pleasure. I resisted the urge to step forward again and plug his mouth.

“Nothing to be sorry for,” J said. He smiled and let his loose fist glide up and down my shaft. “I enjoyed every second of that. Now,” he said, turning to look at Aaron. “What do you think? Is he ready?”

Aaron sat back and wiped the shine from his jaw. “More than ready. Who’s first?”

“Good question. You just did all that work. You want first plunge, or should we let our stud receptionist open him for us?”

Aaron considered me across Eric’s arched back. As he did, he reached out and pressed a thumb to Eric’s hole. I heard a wet sound and Eric moaned, all the air in his lungs rushing out to breeze against my wet dick.

“Depends,” Aaron said. “Think this hole will know the difference?”

J took Eric by the chin and pulled his head up. “What do you think?” he asked. “Who’s first.”

Eric’s eyes flickered to me again, then down to my dick.

“Yeah,” J said, and he turned to look at me. “I’m curious too.” His smile was wide and toothy. “Ok, stud. You’re up first.”

A felt a huge, stupid smile spread across my face. My disappointment at not being the hole faded completely.

While Aaron seated himself on the bench where I’d been standing, I took up my position behind Eric’s round, hairy ass. I put both hands on his ass and squeezed, enjoying the way the dense muscle filled my hands. I pulled gently and watched his hole stretch, the wet hair all around it curling where it wasn’t slicked down.

“I know it’s pretty,” J said, “but there’s a line. Let’s get going.”

Still holding Eric ass apart with one hand, I held myself at the based of my dick and pressed the head gently against his pucker. It gave more quickly than I expected, and the head slipped in almost without resistance. As Eric’s muffled grunt informed me that he had his mouth full again, I pulled out and let a wad of spit ooze down onto my dick head. I pushed it up and down my shaft, once, twice, then took a step closer to Eric’s ass and pushed into him again.

I’m not small by any means, a little above average length and thick, but Eric’s ass swallowed me up without complaint. I pushed slowly, steadily, and my hips were pressed against him in just a few hammering heart beats. I stopped when my root was resting inside him and looked up at J.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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