A Letter

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This is an letter I wrote to a woman just before we went our seperate ways. I never actually sent it, but often wonder what would have happened if I had.


Here’s the sexy letter I promised you, detailing what I hope will happen when I come to stay next. Hope it’s not too raunchy & that you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, but will understand if you want to read no further.

I get to your place around 5 or 6 o’clock with a bottle of wine. After hugging and kissing, we flop onto the sofa with a glass of wine, talking, kissing and cuddling. After a couple of glasses, I start to massage your neck and shoulders, which you tell me, feels good.

We move to the bedroom and you remove my shirt & trousers as I remove your kimono. You lie face down on the bed wearing only a pair of white panties. Kneeling over you, I begin to rub at your neck and shoulders which makes you sigh and moan as the stress of the last week disappears and you start to relax. I continue massaging for some time, occasionally running my thumbs down your spine. After about 30 minutes, you turn over and tell me to stop before you fall asleep, so we change places.

You sit astride me and start to rub and kiss my shoulders. Then, turning me over, you kiss me deeply, sliding your tongue into my mouth, then kiss your way down my chest, licking and sucking my nipples until they harden

Slowly, you work your way down my stomach, kissing as you go, on down to my ankles. Then, pulling off my shorts, you kiss and nibble your way back up my legs, paying special attention to the insides of my thighs and the area between my balls and bum. Moving your hand to my stiffening dick, you begin licking and sucking canlı bahis my balls, moving your hand up and down my shaft. I begin to moan, begging you to make me cum, but instead you move back up my body, kissing me once again, your tongue probing my mouth. Returning to my cock, you slide your tongue up and down the shaft, my moaning getting louder as the feeling of pleasure rises, my dick leaking pre-cum.

Taking me into your mouth, you begin to suck, your tongue flicking across the head. I cry out as the movement and warmth of your mouth brings me closer to orgasm. Pausing briefly to run your finger across the head of my penis to lubricate it, you then return me to your mouth, pushing your finger into my bum, causing me to cry out. As your tongue once again begins to caress my cockhead, my climax hits and I arch my back as I cum inside your mouth. Exhausted, I lay back, pulling you close to me, stroking and kissing, tasting myself on your tongue.

My hand creeps to your breast, stroking in circles towards your nipple. You purr contentedly and I move my mouth to the stiffening bud while stroking your other breast. Turning you over, I plant feather-light kisses on your shoulders and neck, again running my thumbs down your spine. Returning to your shoulders, I gradually move down your back, kissing one way across your back, then running my tongue back the other. You start to moan and by the time I reach the base of your spine, you are beginning to twitch. I prolong the agony a while longer, kissing my way up your spine to your neck, then turn you over.

I kiss my way down to your tummy. As you move your hands to your breasts and begin to play with a nipple, I grab your arms and hold them to your sides. Moving to bahis siteleri your boobs, I take a nipple into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it, sucking and dragging my teeth along the length.

Pushing your tits together, I manage to lick and suck both nipples at once, making you moan even louder. Releasing your breasts I hook my fingers under the waistband of your panties as you lift your bum off the bed allowing me to slowly remove your knickers, the cotton soaking, releasing the smell of your juices. Parting your legs, you begin to toy with your sex as I watch, my dick stiffening with anticipation.

Gently moving your hands, I trace a path up your thighs, before spreading the lips of your pussy and lapping up your juices. As I reach your clit, your body bucks and you pull my head into you, begging me to make you cum. Nibbling at your clit, I push a couple of fingers into your hole, moving them in and out in time with my licking. As my tongue and fingers move faster, your moans get louder until you cum on my tongue, gasping that you want me inside you, your legs wrapped around my head, your body spasming, sweet juices pouring into my mouth.

Neither of us can wait any longer. I place the engorged head of my cock at the entrance to your snatch. With one hand you open up your cunt to me and with the other, guide my dick inside you. As I push inside, we both cry out and you wrap your legs around my waist. Gently moving in and out, I kiss you, our tongues moving against each other as my cock explores your hole. You start to play with your tits, pushing them together, pinching your nipples. I lower my head to suck, your moans getting louder.

Rolling us over, you straddle me. I reach up to grab your boobs, bahis şirketleri rolling your nipples between my fingers as you lower yourself onto me, riding me gently. My finger is on your clit now, rubbing before pushing inside your quim, snug against my prick. You take my wrist and pull my finger to your mouth, tasting your own juices, rolling your tongue around it, getting at every last drop.

I move my hands to your backside as you bend to suck on my nipples. My fingers pulling your bumcheeks apart, a wet finger probing for your anus, sliding inside, your sphincter expanding and contracting around it, causing you to squeal.

Rolling over again, I pull your legs wide apart and push them back to your shoulders to give me maximum penetration, pushing into your soaking twat with urgency as you beg me to make you cum. With one hand,you pull on your nipple, while your other rubs franticly at your clit, a red flush spreading across your chest, letting me know you are close to orgasm. I release your legs and again they go around my waist as I bend to kiss you, your hands on my back, nails raking my skin. As we near climax, I begin to whisper in your ear, telling you how much I love fucking you.

You tremble and start to buck as your orgasm washes over you, one hand moving down to my bum, pushing a finger inside me, massaging my prostate and I begin to cum, the warmth and grip of your pussy milking my seed from me, the pain of your fingers scratching my back and the pleasure of your finger on my prostate. My back arches and the semen rises up my cock, until finally I explode inside you, spraying my cum deep within you as we both cry out. Exhausted, we both collapse and lie panting, unable to speak. Eventually catching our breath, you pull me towards you and kiss me tenderly, nuzzling your head against my chest as I stroke your hair and hug you close to me as you drift off to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed it!

With much love


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