A Moment of Weakness

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The struggle had been uneven from the start. Although priding myself on my gym-honed fitness, my basic strength was just no match for his mature powerful physique. No matter how many times I tried to escape from the giant double bed he would just catch hold of me and haul me back again. In the end I could only conclude he was playing with me. He could overpower me any time he chose but still he let me wriggle and writhe. Of course I did not realise that he was just allowing me to tire myself out so he could more easily do what he wanted with me when he was ready.

Eventually, he forced my hands back behind my head until he could fasten them tightly in some hand restraints he must have fixed to the slats of the head board. This was no chance encounter; he had been planning to have me. No point in going back over how I came to be caught like this. A couple of beers too many, a foolish secret or two let slip, a missed train home and an offer of a place to sleep.

He did not bother to secure my legs, though I now noticed the restraints fitted to the foot board too. Instead, grabbing my trousers by the waistband roughly he yanked them down, underpants and all, in one violent motion leaving me shocked and naked from the waist down. With a broad smile spreading across his face, he pulled down his own trousers, then, taking his time as though unveiling some ceremonial plaque, he pulled down his pants, to reveal first his straggly male bush and then, as the elastic finally let go of its load, a thick engorged cock, bobbling between demetevler escort his thighs in expectation.

The look of triumph on his face was unmistakable as I tried to turn my head away. But I could not help myself staring at his erection, stiff and hungry for my virgin anus. Even for a man of his powerful build he was huge. He laughed at my astonishment and apprehension. His smooth cap was already glistening with precum, the result of his excitement from our struggles. I tried to twist my torso away within the limits of the hand restraints but he just edged closer, pushing my thighs apart and forcing his hips between them, his hands placed firmly either side of my chest to keep me still.

He hesitated for some time, enjoying the feel of my legs thrashing hopelessly behind his back. Then he placed a hand under each of my thighs, forced my legs back towards my chest until he could catch them with his shoulders. Having freed his hands he slid them around the back of my buttocks, lifting my hips up so my passage was now quivering a few inches from the tip of his cock.

One hand reached out to the top of the bedhead, returning with a condom, already out of its packet, expertly slipping it over his shaft. The hand reached back again, returning this time with a thick glob of lubricant which he smeared over the entrance to my anus. He did not push it inside, not wanting to mitigate the shock of my first penetration knowing, from my earlier words in drunken otele gelen escort confidence, that there had been none before. Finally, a little more lubricant, this time for his own cock, and he was ready for me.

Edging his hips further forward, he fixed my eyes with his. I realised that he had preferred frontal so he could watch my expression as he took me. I felt the pressure of his cap exploring for my entrance then, slowly, his muscled tensing with effort, he entered me. Nothing had prepared me for how large he felt inside me. I felt as though I would burst as he plunged deeper, yelling out in fear. But he just pushed his face close to mine and laughed.

He took his time. Sliding in and out in long unhurried motions, his pelvis controlling each thrust, shallow, shallow and deep, shallow, shallow and deep, he savouring each with a contented sigh. My hopeless wriggling just seem to add to his pleasure. And there was no mistaking his enjoyment – he had chosen well.

Gradually the pace increased. He maneuvered me a little and plunged even deeper, grunting in satisfaction at the result. I could do nothing but lie back in acceptance and hope for it to end soon. Leaving me to dress in silent shame and stumble off into the night, used and discarded.

But then he leant away a little, still fully inside me, and with one hand started to fondle my cock. Expecting to feel revulsion at this further indignity, instead I was surprised by the tenderness balgat escort of his fingers as he touched me.

To my horror I started to stiffen in response, completely unable to control myself. As my cock grew under his expert attentions he was able to stroke and fondle me more, running the tips of his fingers up and down my shaft in teasing little steps, forming an ‘O’ with one finger and thumb and lightly masturbating me. Damn he was good, his clever fingers seeking and finding every pleasure point without hesitation. I could not help gasping in delight whenever he found my tenderest spots.

Although I had been played with before, the added feel of his cock probing me at the same time was more than I had ever experienced. We seemed to develop a rhythm, at times relaxed and gentle but then his fingers would grow more insistent just as he started to fuck me harder. No, I didn’t want to use that work ‘fuck’ as though I had invited him to take me but his touch was divine and I wanted more.

Then it subsided again for a while, the fingers relaxing, his cock barely moving inside me. In those moments I knew I needed him, I wanted to feel his fingers at work on me but of course that meant more of my passage rubbed raw with his massive shaft.

Then it started again. Of course he was grooming me, teaching me to associate my pleasure with the feel of him thrusting inside me. I wanted to resist but I could not. I wanted him to pleasure me and I didn’t care what the cost was. How many times did he take us to the gateway only to stop short? What did he want of me?

Then, one final time as his thrusts deepened again, I could not stop myself shouting “Yes”, “Yes”, “Yes”. He leant towards me and whispered “Do you want me to fuck you, do you want my cum inside you?” Again I screamed “Yes”, “Yes”, “Yes”. And I was taken, fully, expertly, manfully for the first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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