A Mother’s Lust Ch. 03

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Karla took her sweet time to talk to me again. It gave me enough time to figure out I wanted her to contact me. To my embarrassment, I found myself checking my phone a lot more often, so eager I was to be invited again. I even typed out a quasi-desperate message to her, one that I thankfully chose not to send at the last minute. Naturally, receiving a phone call from her several days later was quite an exciting prospect.


“Hi, Peter!”

There was something off about her tone. I could sense it. This was the tone she used to talk to me when we weren’t alone. Slightly more pleasant, infinitely more boring.


My guard immediately went up. I wasn’t certain what Karla’s game was just yet.

“How are things?”

“They’re… good?”

“That’s good to hear.”

We had a lengthy, painful session of awkward small talk. I only put up with it in hopes of getting to the fun part. If there was going to be one.

Every pointless question she asked made me more exasperated. I could almost hear the smirk on her face each time I sighed. The only reason I didn’t blow up on her was because I hardly knew who she had with her. Goodness knew she was crazy enough to phone me in front of her husband.

“May I ask why you called?” I tried to hurry her along.

“I just want to talk to someone. It gets so dull when you’re home alone.”

Her words didn’t make me any more relaxed. I still sensed a trap somewhere.

“And you chose me?” I replied cautiously.

“You answered quickly, didn’t you?” she giggled. “And you’ve been such a good conversationist this far.”

Finally, I began to lose my patience.

“You sound off. Last time we spoke you had a different tone.”

There was silence.


“I can expla-“

Her voice, now more urgent, was cut off. I tried calling her back. No answer. Oh, how it fucking terrified me. I tried and retried to get an answer with no success. My mind raced across all the worst possible outcomes, and how I could get myself out of them. I wondered if her husband had been overhearing the whole thing. I wondered if my friend was there and started asking questions. I considered contacting him to somehow get a better idea of what was going on. I thought better of it.

After the longest twenty minutes of my life, my phone rang again. Karla. I probably wouldn’t have answered had it been anyone else. Not in that mood.

“Is everything okay?!”

“Gosh, Peter, you sound terrified.”

Her familiar tone was back. That mocking, cruel voice that always punctuated its words with mild chuckles of ridicule. I became both angry and relieved as she laughed for a few good seconds. My fear had been such I couldn’t even reply in any way.

“How do you like my acting, Peter?” she asked cheerily.

“Go fuck yourself!”

“I’m not gonna do your job,” she laughed some more. “Come here, already.”

I paused again. I could still hear my own heartbeat. My hands were still shaking. It took a lot of concentration to even speak with her.

“I’m only going if you’re really alone.”

“I’M GOING TO FUCK A MAN BEHIND MY HUSBAND’S BACK!” she bellowed. “Is this alone enough for you?”

I narrowed my eyes. All my previous eagerness to fuck Karla again had now evaporated. I found my energy practically depleted.

“I’ll think about it.”

Before she could put that viperine tongue of hers to use again, I hung up. I buried my head in my hands. For all my eagerness, all it took was another of Karla’s games for me to break down. Scares like these had a way of bringing you back to reality, to the moral questions you’d been happily ignoring.

This time, I tricked myself into visiting Karla with the old ‘one last time’ excuse. I think I actually believed it. I wasn’t just an asshole, I was a gullible one.

I found all the doors already open for me at her house. Even as I stepped inside her apartment, the only sign of life I found was her voice, seemingly aloof, coming from my friend’s bedroom.

“Close the door on your way in!”

I did as she told me, with the appropriate level of wariness.

Karla’s attire was so unexpected my concerns about going to my friend’s room quickly washed away. She wasn’t just overdressed for adultery; she was literally dressed for the one occasion you probably never consider it in.

“And what the fuck is this?”

“You don’t like my wedding dress?” she bit her lip and pushed her breasts casino siteleri together.

It became very obvious that I did like her dress. I wouldn’t know where to begin with technicalities, but I did know any dress showing off Karla’s freckled cleavage like that was bound to get my approval. Couple that with a thigh split long enough for me to see her whole leg, and there were really no complaints from me. The veil, which gave her evil green eyes more innocence than they truly had, was in itself another detail I didn’t expect to appreciate so much.

“This is the last time we do this,” I avoided gawking for too long.

“Oh?” she smirked. Insufferably, as always. “Did you grow a conscience, or was the scare too much?”

“It doesn’t matter,” I figured out I wouldn’t like the answer.

“It does,” she pulled me further inside the bedroom by my hand, giggling. “I need to know whether I need to make you less of a pussy or more of a degenerate.”

I stared her down, wearily. At that moment, I was convinced holding my tongue was the best course of action.

“Mute again?” her green eyes twinkled. “You know I’ll force it out of you eventually.”

My eyes accompanied her as she sat on the bed and spread her legs open.

“You may not be aware of this, but I am a married woman,” she raised her skirt. I saw her shaved pussy, no less enticing than before, practically inviting me inside.

“Really? Your husband is a lucky man,” I scoffed as I unzipped my trousers.

“Spare me the sarcasm, Peter. Muteness suits you better,” she eyed my hardening cock as soon as I took it out. “I’m surprised about your morals. Or lack thereof.”

“Mhm,” I turned her on her belly.

Karla said another taunt I was unable to make out. I lifted up her skirt to contemplate her ass. I ran my fingers across her pussy for a single second; enough to tell she was wet already. I chose to push myself into her without asking or warning, this time. I didn’t even worry about condoms at this point. If Karla got pregnant, it has her problem.

“Ohh…” she spread her thighs without objection. “You’re a fucking degenerate!”

The words were insulting, but the way she moaned them suggested they actually enhanced the pleasure she felt.

I ripped the veil off her head, finally setting her fiery curls free. She wiggled her ass while she bucked into me, finally taking my whole cock in. My hands clasped her waist to help me push deeper into her. Already at the start, Karla’s pussy squeezed me without mercy. I chose to pull out completely before pushing back in to make the most of her tightness.

“Tell me how much you love this, Peter.”


“Tell me you love fucking my adulterous pussy! Tell me you love fucking someone else’s wife!” by her voice, I could tell she was letting her tongue dangle as she spoke.

“You’re a… busty… redheaded… bimbo… Karla…” my body clapped against hers between my words. “I like to fuck you because of that.”

“You lying little degenerate. Fuck me! Give my husband the horns!”

My hand struck her ass without me even thinking. Karla was giggling and moaning before I even realized just how hard I’d done it. Her pale, freckled cheek was now just a little redder.

“Fuck…” she moaned, before wiggling her ass and pushing my cock inside of her again. “About time.”

I could practically feel her thinking about the next taunt. This time, I chose to make things simple and just give her what she wanted. I spent the next couple of minutes smacking her ass as hard as I could.

“Oh… Oh! You like punishing me, don’t you?” she glanced at me over her shoulder.

At this point, I was getting in and out of her too fast to care much about replying. I felt myself close, and seeing just how much I’d punished Karla’s red ass was helping me get there faster. I gripped her waist again and pushed myself in. I did not plan to pull out again until I was done.

“Punish me more, you cuckolding prick!”

“Shut the fuck up! I’m nearly done.”

“Ah… No, you’re not.”

She bit her lip as she thrust her body forward. Noticing she was trying to get me off of her, I pulled her back towards me. I didn’t expect it when she brought her ass against me with enough force to make me lose balance. Already on the edge of the bed, I had to let go of her waist just to avoid falling backwards. Karla giggled as she took her chance to slip away from me on all fours.

My güvenilir casino cock was throbbing intensely, begging for release. I glowered at Karla in a mix of fury and desire. She grinned as she stood back up on the other side of the bed.

“Get the fuck back here,” I ordered quietly.

Her smirk only widened when she heard me curse.

“Let me get rid of this dress.”

I chose not to wait for her to finish taking the whole thing off. Before long, I would be hastily helping her struggle out of her bridal apparel. I gave her tits a couple of hard spanks in two swift motions.

“Ow!” she closed an eye dramatically. Her nipples were erect all the same.

“That’s for not finishing the job.”

Karla pushed me back with a surprising amount of strength. I landed on my back, finally getting a good look at the woman I had just helped undress. Karla was just as athletic as you’d expect a Scout leader who regularly hiked to be. Her shapely, curvaceous legs had by far the most muscle in her, though even her arms were more impressive than I’d originally given them credit for. This was my first ever chance to see Karla from below in all her glory, and I let my eyes linger.

Her body glistened with sweat and, if I were to guess, drool at the corner of her chin. Her abs were more toned than I’d expected, and I was surprised not to find it a turn off. Much like the freckles on her breasts, it made her body feel… hers, and no one else’s. I wouldn’t have admitted it yet, but it was already quite true that fucking Karla was enjoyable exactly because it was Karla I was fucking.

It was at this point I noticed just how domineering her stance was too. With her hands on her hips, and those evil eyes glaring downwards at me, I found myself wondering which of us would really be in charge, if she’d ever want to fight for it.

Karla bit her lip as she placed a hand around my cock. Two jerks were enough to bring me back to full hardness, a fact that seemed to delight her. She crawled on top of me with infuriating slowness. I felt her fiddling with my cock, teasing, prodding her pussy as if she was having a hard time finding the entrance. Even the little moans she made sounded intentionally fake.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her downwards and finally pushing inside of her again. My God, but my cock had missed her in this short time. Karla turned her head up and moaned lazily as I went into her as far as I could.

The first thing I tried was to start thrusting, hoping to reach the orgasm that I’d just barely missed moments ago. Karla, with one hand pressed against my chest, was not emulating my movements, making it somewhat hard to feel pleasure.

“I’m surprised you disregarded marriage so quickly,” she flaunted the wedding ring on her finger in front of my face.

“I’ve already fucked you before thinking about it,” I growled, still trying to thrust and feel some pleasure.

She was leaning very close to me now, to the point that I could feel her breath on my lips. I could smell her, not the perfume, but the actual woman wearing it.

“Did you never think about your friend either?”

She said his name. Her son’s name. I had to marvel at how guiltlessly she’d done it, too. The moment I heard it, I finally stopped thrusting, instead staring at her wicked smile with a mix of disgust and outrage.

“You really didn’t?” she giggled. “I thought you two were best friends! God, Peter, you’re such a shit friend!”

I could feel her weight shifting. She was finally letting me thrust. Better, she was bucking her hips ever so gently to give me the tiniest sliver of pleasure while I was lost in guilt.

“Do you even know whose room we’re in?” Karla laughed. “Where we’re fucking?”

“Shut up…” I averted my eyes. Suddenly her gaze was disgusting to me.

Karla laid her head on my chest, forcing my skull still with her hands, so I had no choice but to look at her.

“Peter, this is important,” she looked at me as serious as I’d ever seen her. Even her hips stopped teasing my cock. For a moment, even her emerald eyes had lost their evilness to instead look caring and motherly. I barely had time to feel vulnerable before her horrible smirk returned. “You are fucking your best friend’s married mother in his room. It’s the third time you fuck her and you didn’t think about him even once. You are a shit friend.”

“Shut up.”

“Perhaps the shittiest canlı casino friend the world’s ever seen!” she proclaimed to the world in general. I’d hardly noticed that her body was once again swaying to pleasure my cock.

“Shut up, you fucking bitch!”

I dug my nails into her nipples as hard as I could. I had time to see the flash of a wicked smile on Karla’s face, before her lips parted for her to moan loudly instead.

“Ahahaaah! Shit friend! Shit friend! Shit friend!”

This time, my rage came to me a bit differently. I was perfectly aware I was already thrusting into Karla, just as she shouted those words. This was the first time I acknowledged my deeds as my own, rather than a product of blind fury. Maybe they had always been my own, and only now was I feeling brave enough to admit it.

I pulled her tits closer to me, never easing up on the pinching. Karla was forced to lean on her elbow, gritting her teeth as I finally got myself a taste of her breasts. I made it a point to only lick her nipples once they were firmly trapped between my teeth. Only once I felt I’d bitten her long enough did I start sucking as hard as I could. Karla’s free hand grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling me deeper into her chest. Needless to say, she wasn’t gentle.

“Fuck! Bite me! Fuuuck!”

Karla’s grip on my hair only tightened as my teeth claimed more territory around her tits. My tongue circled frantically around the hardened nipples as my eyes welled tears from the pain. While this was happening, Karla’s position leaning over me made for the perfect opportunity to slide in and out of her as fast as I wanted.

I sheathed my cock in and out of her pussy over and over and over again. I didn’t pull it out all the way though; the last thing I wanted was to waste time readjusting it if I somehow missed the mark. At this point, my teeth were biting her so hard I was worried I’d injure her. Karla noticed my hesitation and pulled my hair harder.

“Don’t balk on me, Peter!” she hissed. “If you want to end the punishment, you’ll- ooooh yeeeeeees!”

I dug my nails into her waist and hurried my pounding. My biting didn’t become any softer. Karla’s screams became loud brays with occasionally coherent whimpers.

“Shit… shit… ffff…”

“Huck you… Huck you, huck you, huck you…” I tried to mumble while biting. The effort of going so fast made it almost as hard for me to speak as it was for her.

I felt my orgasm approaching rapidly. My nails were pushed in deeper. Karla was trembling, trying to turn her face down towards mine, still buried in her breasts.

“I’m… I’m cuh…”

I came before she was able to finish the sentence. Didn’t even feel a need to warn her. Karla screamed the loudest once I filled her up, finally letting go of my hair once it was over. My teeth and nails let go of her.

For a rare moment, it felt like having a lover on top of me. Karla, sighing contentedly with those evil eyes of hers closed, her body keeping me warm. Me inside her, and for once not trying to hurt her in any way.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” Karla whispered by my neck.

She moaned lazily as I finally pulled out of her.

“It was,” I managed to admit.

“Aren’t you worried you may have just given my sons a little brother?”

Oddly, even for me, I found myself caressing her back as she spoke.

“I’m… not?”

“Clever boy,” I could hear her smiling. “You learn quickly enough.”

She suddenly lifted her head, the green eyes having that same mischievous sparkle that I both craved and feared. Without a warning, she slapped my hands away from her back.

“Don’t get too attached to me, Peter,” she rolled away from me. “You said this was the last time.”

I was blatantly weak once again and held my tongue. It must have felt too easy for Karla. Luckily, she’d had her fun, and chose to be merciful for once.

“Not that it’ll stop me from inviting you. A cast iron asshole like you would be wasted fucking anybody else.”

I didn’t even feel like arguing with her word choice. My rage was burnt out, so was my arousal. Oddly enough, even my shame felt depleted, somehow. For once there was no regret. As if reading my thoughts, Karla kept talking while she folded her wedding dress.

“Looks like we’ve fucked some of that guilt away, hmm? I’m proud of you.”

I felt empty in every sense of the word, literal and metaphorical. It was a good kind of emptiness, as if I’d somehow cleaned myself of something dirty. In retrospect, I’d become dirtier than before, but Karla had a way of building up your tolerance to your own decadence. I picked up my clothes and got dressed. I chose to keep things simple on my way out.

“Thanks, Karla.”

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