A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 19

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Linda was completely taken aback when Melissa, and her mother walked in.

“Mom?” Gregory said. “This is Lisa’s mom. She is going to stay with us for a bit until things get figured out.”

“I’m so sorry for the intrusion. I’m Heather. I promise I’ll be out of your hair in a couple days. I just…” Heather stifled tears and Linda knew she couldn’t turn her away.

“It’s no bother Heather. You can take the couch. It’s a futon.” Linda said.

“Thank you very much.” Heather said.

“Come here mom. I’ll show you where you can put your stuff.” Lisa said and they walked to her room leaving Linda and Gregory alone.

“What happened?” Linda asked.

“Her father was a drunken abuser. Her mom couldn’t get away and Lisa didn’t have anyone to turn to.” Greg replied.

Linda sighed and nodded.

“You did the right thing. I’m proud of you. But we can’t live our lives like we want to with other people around.”

“I know. I’m sorry mom.”

“Don’t be sorry. Just…lets take a little break from things. I have to go back to work tomorrow and I think…let’s see what happens with Lisa’s mom. Okay?” Linda asked.

Gregory nodded and watched his mom walk up the stairs and disappear out of sight. A few moments later Lisa and Heather returned and both looked relieved and a little less sad.

“I can’t stay here long.” Heather said. “Jack has friends who he might call to try and find me. I won’t put that burden on your family. I just need a few days to get an apartment settled so I can move in.”

Gregory didn’t say anything for a long while and Lisa met his spaced out gaze and she realized that he was hiding something.

“What is it?” She asked.

Gregory shook his head and walked over and kissed her on the lips. It wasn’t a possessive kiss or even a dominating kiss. It was a compassionate kiss between lovers. Gregory walked across the room and out the door leaving Lisa feeling a little aroused and very confused.

“I don’t think Jack ever kissed me like that.” Heather said. “He seems like he really cares for you.”

Lisa touched her lips and she really thought about it. “Yeah…he really does.”

Valarie was finishing up paperwork when she jumped at the sound of a knock at her door.

“It’s open” she said and the door opened and Gregory walked in. “Hey what are you doing here?”

“I need to talk to you about a couple things.” Greg said, a serious tone in his voice.

Valarie dropped her smile and faced him directly.

“What’s on your mind?” She asked.

“How long have I been working with you Val?” He asked.

“About three years I suppose. Why?”

“You have a background in financing and payroll right?”

“Yes.” Valarie replied hesitantly.

“If I ask you for some financial canlı bahis advice could you help me?” He asked.

“What kind?”

“I want to buy something…something big. I need a little help.”

“I can do that Greg. What are you looking at buying?” She asked.

Gregory jumped on her computer and opened up a real-estate website for houses on the east side of the valley which was a good thirty minutes away. There were five houses he had saved on the list and all of them were between two hundred and two hundred and twenty thousand.

Most had four rooms and three baths. With about an acre of land. She looked at him and coughed.

“Gregory. These are houses that even I can’t afford to pay. You’d have to have saved up a lot of money. The monthly payments alone would be around two thousand a month.”

“What about if you paid the entire thing off?” He asked.

Valarie laughed and then when he didn’t smile she realized he was being serious.

“Is your mom planning on buying the house with you?”

“No, just me.”

“Greg, you have no credit history or even rental history. Even if you paid it all off at once you would have to get someone to-” Valarie paused and she understood what he was really saying asking for.

“Clever boy.” She smirked. “Gregory. I will sign for you but I want to see your bank account. Show me how much you plan on paying then I’ll give you my help.”

“I’ll show you but you have to promise you won’t tell anyone.” Gregory said.

“I promise.” She said as she placed her hand on her heart.

Gregory opened a new tab on the computer and logged into his bank. What Valarie saw made her jaw drop. He had a diamond membership to the green valley corporate account. Diamond members had to have a constant amount of at least five thousand dollars flowing into the account and a total amount of at least ten thousand in the account at all times.

Gregory had a total of five hundred thousand-five hundred and twenty six dollars in his account. She looked at him and stared with wide eyes.

“Every day for the last two years I’ve been making nearly two thousand dollars a day. Every single day I put half of my earnings into the account and I’ve never touched it.

Valarie realized that what he said was true. While she had been putting every extra dollar into her company Greg had been saving every extra penny.

“You can pay off the house and land and come way out on top.” She said. “I’ll help you Gregory.”

“Thank you Val. I truly appreciate it.”

“No problem. I know a friend in this business. I’ll get in touch and we will go check it out.”

By the time Greg got back home it was nearly six. Linda and Heather sat on the couch and had hit it off well. They sat talking and sharing bahis siteleri stories and interests. Lisa had stayed in her room organizing and setting up her belongings and stacking everything that didn’t fit. When he walked in she turned and ran to him.

“Where did you go? I was worried.”

“It’s okay. I had to go to work and figure something out. Are you doing okay?” He asked.

“I’m alright. I just…I don’t know. I suppose I should feel sad or remorseful or something but I just feel relieved.” Lisa said.

“Take your time Lisa. It’s okay.” He smiled.

“Are they still talking?” She asked.

“Yep.” He replied.

Lisa got down on her hands and knees and pulled his pants to the ground and started rubbing his massive cock. She licked his thick veiny skin with her tongue and then a knock came to the door and they both jumped up. Linda walked in a moment later and closed the door.

“I like your mother Lisa. I can’t believe she put up with as much as she did for as long as she did.” Linda said.

“It was rough but thank you. Thank you; both of you for letting us stay here.” Lisa said.

“At this rate we’re going to need a bigger house.”

Linda chuckled and didn’t notice Greg’s smirk.

“I’m going to say goodnight to my mom really quick.” Lisa said and walked out.

“I have to head to bed too. Gotta get up early.” She smiled at Greg and started to walk away. Gregory grabbed Linda around the throat and pushed her into the nearest wall and pinned her there. His lips were upon hers and started kissing her neck.

“Greg…we can’t,” Linda gasped. “Greg…please…she could…hear us.”

Gregory pulled away and looked down at his mother’s eyes and saw seriousness.

“Okay mom. Sorry.” He said and walked out the door. Linda reached a hand into her pants and between her thighs and came back out with fingers covered in thick cum.

Greg and Lisa arrived at work and Gregory quickly went to his computer and worked his way through his list of appointments. There were nearly two dozen appointments and with only eight hours he would be moving back to back. The very first few were some shy girls who wanted to see his cock. As he cleaned up his room he heard his door open and a young woman in a pair of jeans and a green top walked in.

“Alexis?” Gregory asked.

“Yes.” She replied and without warning she pulled off her shirt revealing her large B cup breasts with tight erect nipples. Gregory looked at the form which she had written in under additional comments; ‘fuck toy’ in bold letters. When he looked back at her she had already started taking her jeans off and then her panties which came away with thin strings of cum.

“I’ve been thinking about this all day long.” She breathed heavily. “What do you bahis şirketleri want me to do…Daddy?” She asked as she tightened her hair into two separate pig tails on either side of her head. Gregory rarely ever played the role of a Daddy-Dom.

“Come suck daddy’s cock baby girl.” He said and she got on her hands and knees and crawled over to him and started sucking his thick cock.

Judging by the way she tried sucking him he could tell she was used to a penis half his size.

“Here baby girl. This is how your daddy likes it.” He groaned as he grabbed Alexis by the pigtails and forced his cock straight into her mouth. Her eyes went wide and she looked up at Gregory who immediately started facefucking her using five inches of his cock.

Alexis whined and gurgled our moans as his cock hit the curve of her throat. Gregory pulled out and she coughed up precum and saliva and coughed in oxygen. After a few moments she rose back up and opened her mouth.

“I’m ready daddy.” She said.

Greg grabbed her by her pigtails and forced his whole cock down her throat.

Alexis felt her throat pop as his cock got stuck at the curve and then broke on past. Her eyes went wide as Greg started fucking her whole mouth and throat as though it were her pussy.

“Daddy is going to show you what a real throat fuck is like baby girl.” He groaned.

Alexis contained her panic of not being able to breathe properly as pleasure rose up. His massive swollen cock expanded her throat far beyond anything she had ever taken in. Gregory pulled out and she once again gasped for air and collapsed to her hands. He took the advantage and walked over and grabbed his favorite black vibrator and flipped Alexis over.

Gregory was surprised by the decently sized puddle of clear cum that Alexis had formed while he was fucking her throat. He turned on the vibrator and pushed open her legs and moved the vibrator up and down her pussy and between her labia which were dripping with cum.

“Oh daddy. That feels amazing. Daddy don’t stop.” She whined.

Greg turned up the vibration another click and then focused on her clitoris and then moved all the way down to her sphincter and then back up to her clitoris.

“Daddy! I…think I might cum daddy.” She shouted and Greg focused only on her clitoris as he moved it around in tight circles. “Daddy! I’m cumming!” She screamed and drizzled out cum that flowed down her pussy and over her anus.

Gregory got up and walked over to his dresser and pulled open the first drawer where he kept his large box of condoms. He slid on the rubbery condom which even being an XL size was snug on him. Gregory grabbed Alexis, who was still in her post orgasmic mind state, by the hips and was about to shove his cock directly into her when the timer went off.

“Has it really been thirty minutes Daddy?” She asked.

“Sorry baby girl. It really has.” He smiled.

“Thanks for the orgasm daddy.” Alexis smiled and got up and got dressed and walked out.

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