A Mother’s Needs Ch. 02

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As Elton was her son, Mavis had lovingly told him that she would do the cleaning in his basement apartment. She was halfway through the dusting and vacuuming when she sat down on his bed.

They were four months into their incestuous relationship but she still remembered their first time having sex on his bed. Having conceded that she had been caught screwing her husband’s brother, Cliff, knowing what her son was going to require of her for not spilling his guts, she had embraced the incestuous relationship on the spot, after forcing Elton to admit it was what he wanted. Right here on this bed, she thought, looking around with a smile, was like losing her virginity all over again. During and afterward, she had felt more alive sexually than she had in a long time.

Her thoughts continued, pondering how confusing life was becoming. Henry planned on working to age 70, then, five weeks ago out of the blue, he accepted an offer to buy his drafting firm. Meaning, he would be home more! Elton had become distraught hearing the news. It was going to be more difficult to find time for she and Elton to be intimate.

Elton’s maleness had come to the surface within the last couple of months. He was becoming more demanding of her sexually, even though he was regularly fucking his fiancée, Judy. They were to marry in six months, which caused Mavis her own anxiety. On top of all else, she had gone to a family party without her husband because he had been out of town and ended up in a motel with Cliff. Cliff had expressed wishes that they should get together again as his wife was claiming “headache” more often, of late. Cliff, sexually, was much like her husband, while Elton was young, vigorous and fucked her with incestuous, lustful passion. She still felt inclined to renew the relationship.

She finished tidying up and walked up the stairs to prepare supper. Her sexual thoughts continued. She had not had intercourse with anyone for over two weeks because of a discomfort.. It started with her husband putting a dildo into her, causing her acute pain. Telling Elton the next morning of the event as he fondled her ass at the sink, against her expressed rule, while his father was in the house, upstairs at the time, he had only suggested that they give each other oral sex. She had agreed, putting him off until they were alone later that morning.

Giving Henry sufficient time gone, found them butt-hole naked, 69, in Elton’s bed, she, on top astraddle his head, her pussy salivating as he clutched her ass and hungrily ate her pussy, as she held onto his thighs and sucked his rigid cock. She loved having her ass clutched in such a way. A hot flash struck as she remembered the time, without any warning him shooting off into her mouth. She had choked and swore at him after purging his semen from her mouth. He had apologized but it hadn’t sounded genuine. Still, she tempted fate for the oral enjoyment.

On visiting the doctor she had been told a hysterectomy was in her very near future. Only Cliff showed her any understanding. Meeting in a remote section of the local mall parking lot, she had jerked him off. He had fingered her. She promised herself that Cliff would again have the pussy he desired after she healed from the operation.

In the hospital, she had been visited by the three men collectively and alone, one-on-one. Cliff’s first visit was with his wife. All three men had been loving, expressing concern for her quick recovery, but each had expressed missing her sexually. She had expressed the same sentiment towards each while still aware of the potential problems with servicing three men.

Mavis was four days into a five day stay in the hospital. About midday Elton showed up. After a few minutes of casual talk Mavis motioned her son to come closer to the bed.

“I bet it would only take a minute of me sucking it.” She whispered.

“Mom, have you lost your mind! Surely…” Elton protested, but his tone showed no conviction and he scanned the door.

“Come on, Sugar. Mama misses sucking your cock.” She childishly whined. “Just be sure to pull out when you come.”

Elton unzipped his fly and released his mostly erect cock. He moved close to his mother’s head, who had scooted her head close to the edge of the bed. Leaving her hands beneath the covers, she took his cock into her mouth. Elton was soon mini-stroking into her mouth, keeping his eyes glued to the door, listening. Mavis kept good suction on a good 3-4″ of his shaft. It took 4, maybe 5, minutes before Elton moaned, yanking his cock free, but still depositing a blob of semen on her chin. The rest on the sheet.

Elton quickly covered up and zipped up. He walked to the small sink and wet a washcloth, returning to clean his mother chin and the sheet.

“Oral is going to have to hold you for a bit. But I’m anxious to get your head between my legs and your hands clutching my ass, but it will be 4 to 6 weeks before we can fuck. Now, at least, I can get off the pills. They’re not fail safe, you know, and I have always been anxious when you come in me.”

The weeks slowly passed. Mother and son had güvenilir bahis oral sex, and more of it, as it was easier to facilitate. But Elton would not be the first to get his cock wet inside her pussy!

“Cliff, I was able to take the dildo last night.” Mavis spoke into the telephone. “Are you free tomorrow morning?”

Cliff would have done anything to make himself free and showed up at the home of his brother around 10:00 in the morning. Henry was out of town for the last time signing papers to let his firm go. Elton was supposedly at work. He had, in fact, returned home on his bike 10 minutes after his uncle. Mavis wasted little time, a long passionate kiss and hug after closing the front door, before taking Cliff by the hand and leading him up the stairs. She picked the guest room at the end of the hall, leaving the door open wide.

After another, longer, more passionate kiss, Mavis began to remove her cotton dress, bra and panties. Cliff followed suit, undressing quickly.

“You are truly a beautiful woman, Mavis.” Cliff told her as he took a seat on the edge of the bed.

“And you lie a lot.” She said teasingly, closing on him, standing in front of him. “I have always known you were more than just fond it me. Henry thinks it’s an innocent crush – finds it amusing. But, say it – I want to hear it – you’ve always been willing to do or say anything to get into my panties? To get you cock wet inside me?”

“Guilty as charged.” He willingly confessed. “I would do anything – say anything – to get into your panties – to get my cock into your tight pussy. I’ve missed us fucking.”

Cliff reached with both hands to caress and squeeze her buttocks as he kissed her belly, then, suckled on her nipples, alternately. Mavis’s nipples had always been extremely sensitive and it was all that was needed to make her get on her back and spread her legs.

Cliff released her and scooted back on the bed. She kneed herself onto the bed to join him. He waited for her to position herself on her back, her head on the pillow, before indicating intent to get between her legs. She spread, lifting and retracting her knees, reaching to acquire his cock. She placed the domed head to her hole and slowly, tenderly on Cliff’s part due to her surgery, they coupled. Cliff’s thin. 7″ was more welcomed over the 6″ thick dildo.

“Are you excited?” Mavis asked, as he mounted her, she, guiding his cock. “No condom? Being able to fill my pussy with your cum? You’ve never done that.”

“It’s all I have been thinking about.” Cliff answered, as he began a slightly more vigorous stroke into her.

“It’s all I’ve been thinking about too.” She returned, catching up and matching his thrusts, her knees ratcheting. “I’m good to go. And, I can feel that you are!”

Mavis cared for her brother-in-law Cliff and Cliff cared for Mavis, but one could not consider them lovers. They had needed each other to tend to their sexual needs. True, Mavis now had her son to take up the slack for her husband, but she was afraid once he was married he would no longer be regularly available. She needed plan A, B and C, as she liked…needed…to fuck regularly.

“Fuck me hard, Cliff! Your cock is so good. Ahh FUCK YES! Touch my belly button with the head of that cock.”

“Your pussy is the best, my dearest.” Cliff praised. “It’s so warm and tight around my cock. I’m going to fill your belly with my cum.”

“You are! Then, do it! I dare you to fill your brother’s pussy. It is his treasure. Did you know that’s what he calls by pussy? His treasure. Fill his treasure, my pussy, my belly, with your cum and make it yours.”

Cliff had all intentions of making Mavis come first, knew she expected it, but the banter was too much for him, causing his cock to jerk numerous times as he did indeed fill her pussy. Unfortunately, he was not a young man and his cock loss it’s erection to the point of uselessness.

“What the hell, Cliff!” Mavis exclaimed. “You always wait for me. Are you so damn horny for me that you couldn’t wait?

“Mavis, I’m so sorry.” He defended. “The words – your encouragement – the thought of making your pussy mind. I am as surprised as you are. “

“Well fuck! You will just have to finger me, I suppose.”

Cliff dismounted and rolled to her right side. He slid his left hand under her ass, she lifting a tad. He palmed her pussy with his right hand, then, extended his middle finger, found her clit and manipulated it until she was once more climbing the ladder. Her moans were soft but continuous until her body stilled momentarily before quaking with orgasm. It was a weak, unsatisfying orgasm.

Mavis rolled away from Cliff onto her belly and lay with her arms under her head. She was quiet and perturbed. Cliff raised his torso and leaned over to kiss and nibble on her buttocks. Her anger spiked.

“You ever do anything like that again and you will be kissing that ass goodbye.” She assured him.

“I told you I was sorry.” He sheepishly return.

“Yours is the first cock I’ve had in me since my operation.” She exclaimed. “I gave you the honors and türkçe bahis you went and fucked it up. You turd!”

“So, exactly how many cocks did you have to choose from?” Cliff accused.

Mavis instantly was aware she had run her mouth a bit too much. She was instantly on guard and searching for a remedy.

“What the hell are you implying?” She accused right back. “My husband gets hard enough initially to stick it in – he just can’t keep it up long enough to make any difference. He uses a dildo on me. Get your ass dressed and get the hell out of my house. Now!”

“The hell I will!”

Cliff was on top of her in a heartbeat. Just as quickly Mavis began to fight him off. He was trying desperately to roll her to her back and get between her legs when she began kicking and swinging his arms at him.

“I never going to kiss your ass goodbye.” He assured her. “You’re going to give me pussy anytime I want.”

“The hell I am!” She spat with confidence.

He had to block her attempts to knee him in the balls repeatedly as he tried to subdue her. Mavis was tiring quickly but had her mind fixed on not giving up her pussy – her treasure – Henry’s treasure to her brother-in-law. Cliff didn’t deserve it anymore. Long minutes, she resisted, but finally he managed to get between her legs and stick his renewed cock in her. He grabbed her ass with both hands, locking her in tight.

Cliff had won the battle. His cock was at full erection due to the adrenaline and desire to conquer the struggling female, subdue her and mate with her. A battle fought through the ages. His stroking was aggressive for long, long minutes. Then, secure in the knowledge that she had given up, he slowed to a moderate but determined rhythm. His renewed vigor gave him confidence that he could fuck her all night, if he had to, to bring her to orgasm. He maneuvered to cradle her in his arms.

Somewhere between being penetrated and the aggressive fuck her anger had turned to arousal. She was now actively engaged in a determined fuck to reach orgasm. She had no doubt that her brother-in-law would keep his erection until then. But to be sure!

“Let me up, you bastard!” She demanded. “I’m going to tell your brother that you raped me.”

“Tell him whatever the fuck you want!” He replied sternly. “But I’m not letting your ass up.”

Her ass moved with a mixture of escaping defiantly and searching for that spot to place his shaft to bring about her climax. Her body was growing tired, but her determination was relentless. She wasn’t about to give up.

“Come for me, you bitch!” He demanded, hoping his words would incense her more.

“You want me to come? Then fuck me like the bully you are. Fuck me, you fuckin bully!”

Cliff, his back aching, stroked hard, fast and deep, trying to split her open. Her ass responded in kind, until.

“OOOOOOooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhh! OOOOOOhhhhhh FUCKKKKKkkkkk!” Mavis moaned with the tone of a stricken animal, as the orgasm gripped her and shook her violently, her ass lifting a good 6 inches off of the bed. Cliff continued hammering into her, gripping her ass, lifting it up to shove straight into the thick-lipped vagina.

Mavis, her orgasm fading, lay breathing heavily. Her brother-in-law’s body immediately felt like a heavy burden and her temper flared once more.

“Let me up.” She directed with a stern tone.

Cliff was instantly pensive and it caused him to hesitate.

“Let me up! I have to piss.” She directed again, her use of the word “piss” instead of “pee” sounding vulgar and emphasizing her agitation.

He pulled out of her and backed off of her. He followed her to the bathroom and watched her sit down on the toilet. He could hear the strong stream of water escaping her. Having relieved herself, she remained seated, no doubt, purging herself of his cum. She wiped, stood, and pushed past him with an air of defiance.

“You will never again have the opportunity to take my ass for granted. And I mean that literally! What is given can be taking back. Your damn cock is not good enough for me to put up with your damn attitude. You don’t care what I tell my husband? He would put a bullet in your ass in a heart beat if he knew you were getting his pussy.”

Cliff knew it was the truth. His much older brother had nothing to lose and he dearly coveted his woman. He could do nothing but apologize and beg for her forgiveness. He did so as he cuddled behind her hugging her belly and kissing her shoulders.

“Okay! Okay! Enough.” She said, dismissively. “Just remember your position in my life. I’ll see you next week about the same time. Be sure to tell your wife hello.”

She turned and gave him a solid goodbye kiss on the lips.

Mavis and Elton sat on wood frame sofa in his basement bedroom. Elton to her left was position forward and turned toward her lavishing her with kisses as he fondled her body. She wore only a terrycloth bathrobe and Elton untied it, spreading it open to expose her nakedness.

He was taking his time not to seem too anxious. Though they had given each other oral numerous times while güvenilir bahis siteleri waiting, it had been near two months since he had fucked his mother. He knew his father had been using a dildo on her and her innards were healed. He was sure that this clandestine was to re-consummate their incestuous relationship.

His hand dropped down her abdomen just a bit her mound to test to test her arousal. Her legs widened and he palmed her pussy.

“Let’s go to the bed.” She suggested.

Mother and son stood from the sofa and move slowly toward the sofa, all the while he continued to live in her upper body with kisses, stopping her short of the bed to suck hungrily at a nipple. She gently but firmly pushed him away and kneed herself onto the bed, positioning herself on her chest. He quickly stripped. The bathrobe

again covered her body and Elton grabbed the bottom of it and flipped it up exposing her ass. He attacked her buttocks hungrily, savagely nipping at them as she strongly massaged them.

“You’re hungry aren’t, baby.” She said. “Go ahead! Stick it in me. Get some of the best pussy you’re ever going to have.”

Elton mounted his mother’s backside. Mavis spread her legs to give him access, lifting her ass to give him access and posturing erotically, wiggling her ass seductively. Elton reached to grabbed his rigid cock and began to poke between her legs.

“Right there, sugar. Just a bit. There. Push there.” She directed. “Ohhh yes! Fuck yes! That’s good!” She breathed lustfully.

Elton began a moderate rhythm, pushing deep every third or fourth thrust, eliciting the appropriate moan or groan from his mother. After fucking her long minutes, he slowed his rhythm.

“Is it good?” He queried.

“Yes! I could fuck you like this all day long.” She assured. “I don’t care about an orgasm. I could just do this all day long.”

“Is my cock is good as uncle cliff’s?” With accusation in his tone.

“Why the hell would you bring your uncle at a time like this?” She snapped.

“You assured me it was finished between you two?”

“I have my reasons. You’re getting your share of my pussy. “Why should you care?”

“Because I do! Because I fuckin do!” He shouted with volume close to her ear.

Mavis’s temper flared as it had with Cliff. She wiggled her ass to disengage and then struggled to get her son off of her. “Get off of me!” She demanded, but Elton struggled to keep her in place. “GET OFF OF ME!”

“LAY STILL!” Elton demanded, as he held her arms and used his knees to keep her legs from closing. He tried repeatedly to stab his cock into her pussy without success. All he accomplished was to her ass crack. He quickly developed a new goal. “I’m warning you, lay the fuck still!”

Hesitantly, he released her arms and pushed his torso. Taking hold of his cock with his right hand placed it to her butt crack while while spreading her cheeks with his left hand to expose her rosebud. He placed ahead of his cock to her brownish hole.

“What are you doing?” She snapped with surprise, trying to lift her torso, glancing behind her.

Elton continued to push his rock hard cock into her. His large domed head entered her, causing her mental distress. Her movements caused the head of his cock to pop free. He placed it again and pushed. Once more the head of his cock disappeared. Again, her struggles dislodged him and he’s her ass hard. “Be still!”

“Elton, please!” You’re going to hurt me!” She complained.

“If you come down and relax you will be fine.” He assured her, all the while pushing a bit deeper into her.

“Why do you want to do this?”

Elton’s blood was boiling for a number of reasons, but none he wanted to explain at the moment, as his strong desire at this moment was to fuck his mother’s ass.

Mavis could not get her body to relax. She was now begging for him to stop – begging for him not to enter her deeper. Tears were flowing now and her moans of discomfort were involuntary. Still, for no reason she could point to, she was trying to stifle her cries of discomfort. She was clutching the pillow against her chest her face pressed lightly into the sheets.

Elton had half of his length into her ass hole. It was enough to start pumping into her.

“It hurts, Elton!” She moaned. “You’re hurting me!”

Two thirds! Then, there it was! The whole of his length had disappeared into her. He held fast and pulsed his cock. His mother’s breath was distressed and puffing like a woman in labor. He could see and feel the cheeks of her ass against his skin. The thought finally struck him that his cock was probably covered in excrement. He didn’t care. He began a gentle rhythm, pushing softly into her without withdrawing any of his length.

Mavis was exhausted. She could not cease her crying. She had lost the battle and she could feel the pressure inside her ass. She laid still and did her best to relax. She focused her mind on his gentle thrusting and found the feeling interesting, never before believing a woman could enjoy an anal fuck. She considered the fact a total surrender of her sexuality to her male conqueror. The erotic thoughts stimulated her mind and another minute of gentle thrusting started to feel pleasurable. She slid her hand under her, bringing her finger to her clit. She moaned her first moan of pleasure.

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