A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 10

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The newest chapter in the continued saga of “A New Life for Dr. Mitchel” is NOT a quick “Stroker” story. If you want one of those, look elsewhere.

I want to start as I have in the past, and will always, with a huge THANK YOU to RecHiker and Poisonlove. Those two make me look better than I really am. Their editing and translation service make my story much more readable and enjoyable. — even to me.

This is a continuation of the story-line that follows the soirée into Colombia by Marsh and his family and friends. There is not a lot of graphic sex scenes. There is what I consider to be continued character development, and just a few twists and turns, some of which I didn’t even see coming.

Again, at the risk of repeating myself, this is a work of fiction. If you find that facts are not in evidence, I probably made it up. I do in fact have a twisted mind, and a vivid imagination. Things that might not be possible in real life can happen quite handily in the twisted pathways of my perverted brain.

I have read this story numerous times, and I’ve enjoyed writing it and reading it. I hope you enjoy it as well, and rate it well, too.

Thank you for your patience and the notes I have received. There will be another chapter to follow.



Marsh’s internal alarm clock went off around 0530. It took a few seconds to make the realization of where he was. The pressure on his right side was the weight of his mother sleeping between Marsh and the wall of the compartment. Marsh instantly felt a wave of happiness that was just a bit foreign to him.

The feeling rivalled the joy that finding his first wife’s mother and sister had brought him, but it was at the same time very different. His mother had been gone from his life for a lot longer than Becky and Elise. The return of someone he had believed dead, and the discovery of the sister that he had never known was a joy that he just couldn’t describe.

The wonder of the reunion with his mother and the discovery of his sister tumbled through Marsh’s mind mangled among the responsibilities and logistics of the situation. Marsh was lying in a berth on a Boeing 747 that was transporting ten people back to their home country after absences that varied from ten to twenty-five years, and for one it was a whole lifetime. Some of them had families that would want to see them as soon as possible. Some of them had lost whatever family they had ever known.

Most of them had been employed by some branch or department of the federal government. All of them belonged here, but documentation of that would need to be produced or reproduced as the case might be. Marsh felt that he was at least partially responsible to help facilitate the transition for these people in one way or another.

Marsh knew that he would have help. He had the resources that he had inherited with the Turner Global Companies. He had Jimmy Turner, Rick Jamison, Rebecca and Patricia Mitchel, and all the personnel that were associated with the various departments that each of them helped Marsh to run.

The return of women from a life of slavery in a foreign country was going to be news of global proportions. Marsh felt a responsibility to help coordinate the dissemination of that news in a way that protected the privacy and comfort of the people involved. Landing the 747 at his own private airport, where he had some say as to who had access would be a very important factor.

Knowing that the one reporter that he was going to allow access to his airfield and hangar would help maintain an element of control. Keeping in mind the fact that there would be countless others trying to gain access, or those that would just make up stories based on rumors that they themselves had started or helped to grow. Marsh had determined that he would do all he could to protect the individuals that were arriving on his airplane.

All of these thoughts rushed through Marsh’s mind in an amount of time that could not be measured, as he lay enjoying the smell and feel of having his mother beside him.

At some point during Marsh’s waking thoughts, Sherri Wellborn entered the crew rest area of the 747 and began the task of arousing Becca and Lucy. They would need to get up and get ready to perform more immediate duties aboard the aircraft. Sam wanted to have Becca come to the cockpit to help him fly the airplane, and handle the radios.

Sherri wanted Lucy to help her with the tasks that would make everyone else on the plane more comfortable over the remaining duration of the flight.

Marsh wanted to get up and go to his office. He thought it would be a good idea to talk to both Jimmy and Rick to get them to help with making sure Olivia Connors got enough information and video footage to keep her satisfied, as well as enough to keep other media from trying to push their limits. Marsh knew that there were some of the main stream outlets that would not be as conscientious about what they made up. If güvenilir bahis Olivia got enough of the truth it would be a big step in warding off the fiction.

Since Marsh and his mother were sleeping very close together, and Becca and Michelle were in a very similar situation, Marsh was pretty sure that his mother and his sister would both be awakened by the exodus of their bunk-mates. He was not wrong.

Becca looked at Marsh and smiled. “Good morning, my love.” She whispered very nearly silently. “I love you.”

Marsh smiled back at the beautiful redhead. “I love you, too.” He whispered back to her. “Looks like we are going to have to get started with another fun day.”

“I hope that fun day includes a lot of time with your mother.” Olivia said softly from behind Marsh.

Marsh turned back toward his mother and kissed her on the forehead before replying, “Oh you bet it does. You’re gonna get sick and tired of seeing me in a short time, mother. I’m planning on keeping you and your daughter really close for a while.”

“Oh good,” Marsh heard from behind Becca where Michelle was waking up. “I have a lot of new stuff to learn and I want my big brother and my sisters-in-law to teach me all they can.”

Becca turned back and gave Michelle a warm but short kiss. “There will be more of that after I brush my teeth,” Becca assured Michelle. “My mouth needs to be refreshed.”

“Oh boy,” Olivia responded. “Do you think there might be some extra tooth brushes on this luxury liner? None of us have seen one of those since that obnoxious López boy took us away from the plantation. He didn’t let us take anything. What we had wasn’t anything special, but he just loaded us up in that old military deuce-and-a-half, and hauled us across the country to that dungeon where you found us. We were still in the same clothes, and hadn’t had a bath for very nearly two weeks. Thank God you have showers on this airplane.”

“I tell you what, Mom.” Marsh promised. “I’ll check with Lucy or Sherri and if they don’t have a supply on here I’ll make sure Rick has some brought on the minute we touch down. First let’s check with our flight attendants.”

“Marsh,” Lucy called from the other end of the compartment. “I heard that conversation, and I think everyone will be in luck. I believe we have enough tooth brushes and simple daily hygiene items to go around for anyone that doesn’t have them. I’ll go raid the supply cupboard.”

“Bring my mother and sister’s down to the master suite. I think they’ll probably choose to come down and shower with us as well. Trish, are you awake?” Marsh called.

“I am sweetheart. Mita and I have just been lying here enjoying the sound of the happy conversation going on in that end of the crew lounge. We’ll just climb out of these comfortable accommodations and follow along.”

Lucy was the first to exit the compartment and she was followed closely by all of the Mitchel family, who all went straight down the stairs and forward to the big comfortable master suite that they had abandoned a few hours ago.

The whole family rotated through the shower, scrubbing each other and generally having a good time. As it turned out, Marsh was in the shower with Trish and Marguarita. Trish was washing Marsh from the back while Mita washed his front.

As Marguarita scrubbed from Marsh’s head towards his toes, she paused just below his waist. “Oh my!” Mita exclaimed. “Look what we have here! Marsh, I don’t think you’ve used this tool on your Aunt Mita at all during this trip. It’s my opinion that we need to do something about that.”

The wash cloth that Marguarita had been using fell to the floor of the shower as Mita’s right hand cupped Marsh’s balls, and her left hand wrapped around his rapidly hardening cock. “This thing looks good enough to eat,” she commented.

Michelle had just stepped out of the shower with her mother and Becca. As her aunt began licking the end of Marsh’s cock, Michie turned to watch her mother’s sister worship Marsh’s love pole. After just a few minutes of observation, Michie turned to her mother and asked; “Mother, Aunt Mita looks like she is really having fun.”

“Yesterday when I came in here with Trish, Becca was giving my brother a blow job, and she told me she was enjoying it. Is that something you like to do too mother?”

“Michie, what your aunt Marguarita is doing is a lot of fun. My sister is making love to your brother. There is a really good chance that Marsh will go out of his way to be sure your aunt has a good time as well.”

“Last night you saw Becca and me riding both Marsh’s tongue and his cock. For almost twenty-five years you and I have been used as just a place for men to get off. There was no love involved with those monsters Michie. With your brother, last night, it was all about the love, and it was fabulous, quite a bit like it was with your father. And Michelle, I loved giving your father blow jobs.”

While the Mitchels were showering and drying each other, Lucy brought several türkçe bahis extra toothbrushes and several different kinds of toothpaste. Both Olivia and Michelle got emotional. It had been over two weeks since they had been allowed to brush their teeth.

Lucy had thought ahead to bring female hygiene items including razors and ladies shaving gels. There were also deodorants and body lotions of several kinds. She and Sherri had brought more than enough for all ten of the ladies that had not flown down to Ecuador on one of the Turner aircraft the day before.

This airplane was always stocked with this kind of supplies. No one could predict just when a large group would be called to some far corner of the globe and, first Jimmy Turner and now Marsh Mitchel wanted his guests to have the simple comforts of life. At this time, they were sorely needed and surely appreciated.

The bathrooms in each bedroom on the 747 had a bidet, but Lucy and Sherri also brought disposable douches for the ladies to use if they weren’t familiar with the bidets and/or weren’t comfortable using them. Trish showed Michelle how to use the bidet in the master suite.

“Oooo,” Michelle shook a little as she exclaimed. “That certainly is a new experience. I like the way it makes me feel inside though. I feel clean on the inside. This freedom thing is alright!”

Olivia Mitchel looked lovingly at her sister and her daughters-in-law and told them: “I hope you will never know the splendid feeling of having some of these simple pleasures. Scented soaps and shampoo, Body lotion, Shaving gel and a sharp razor. I know I used to take these things for granted years ago, to not have them for a quarter of a century and now to get to luxuriate in them is a little piece of heaven.

Becca and Marsh both dressed in fresh clean flight suits. Mita had an extra sun dress that fit her sister perfectly and when Michelle put on a clean pair of shorts and a T-shirt of Becca’s they fit perfectly also.

Trish looked at her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law and asked them both if they would like her to dry and brush their hair for them. The result was a great look for both. Trish was pretty good at styling hair, and with the clean of their freshly shampooed hair and the freshness of the conditioner, Michelle’s mid-back length, dark brown hair and Olivia’s raven colored, shoulder length hair had a shine and a bounce that they hadn’t seen there in a long time.

Becca headed up to the cockpit to assist Sam with the radios and the computer that was bringing the big 747 home.

Marsh went up to his office and began to make connections with his key people at the Turner International Airport. Jimmy’s C-17 had landed, and Jimmy was working with Rick to get people in the right positions.

Rick’s information gathering crew had found quite a few family members of the former slaves/hostages and they were almost all being transported to the same location where the Turner 747 flagship was going to be arriving within the hour.

Olivia, Michelle and Marguarita came up to Marsh’s office and asked if there was anything they could do. Marsh suggested that if his mother and Mita would go down and check with all the other women that were awake, they could all go to the dining room and get some breakfast if they would like, and then Marsh would like to meet with them all in the upper deck lounge. Right away, Mita and Olivia were out of the office and on their way to the lower deck.

Marsh pulled a chair next to his and invited Michelle to sit.

“Michelle,” Marsh began. “I want to ask you a couple of questions that may seem to be a little personal. I don’t want you to think I am putting you down or making fun of you, OK?”

“Marsh, why would I think that?” Michelle replied. “I haven’t known you very long but, in the time I have, you’ve been really nice to me. I’ve been a little afraid a couple of times, but you’ve taken the time to explain everything to me and I’m pretty sure you will keep doing that if there’s something I don’t understand.”

Michelle paused and Marsh could see she was thinking about what she wanted to say.

“Marsh, I don’t understand freedom. I can tell you the definition of it, but I’ve never lived it. You took me, literally, out of the grasp of a monster that along with his father had never allowed me to even walk more than a few feet from the location where they wanted me to be. I believe that in a couple of hours you will allow me to travel as far as I would like to go. Whether that’s a few feet, or a few miles, or across the whole earth. I have no idea how that will feel, but I also am sure that you will be as near as I need you to be to keep me safe.”

Michelle got out of her chair and stepped over to sit in Marsh’s lap. Placing a kiss on Marsh’s lips Michelle continued. “Marsh, I’m looking forward to seeing the whole world of possibilities that are in store for me. Please help me do it safely, big brother.

“Michie, when we get to my airport, there are going to be a lot of güvenilir bahis siteleri people that are going to want to get to know you.” Marsh started to explain. Some of them will be very close friends of mine. Some of them will be just trying to find out about your past. Some of them will be trying to take advantage of you. I don’t want any of them to make you uncomfortable.”

“Michie, you told me that our mother taught you to read and write and a lot of things that most children learn in school. I don’t know how much you’ve learned, compared to other women your age. I don’t want to have someone ask you something that most twenty-four-year-old women would know and have you be embarrassed.”

Michelle laughed as she started to answer. “Marsh, as far as an education, I know I have a lot to learn. If people start asking me about advanced math stuff, science, or medical things, I will just tell them I don’t know. That won’t embarrass me at all. Mom was a lawyer. She couldn’t teach me a lot of the math, science, and other stuff.”

“One thing that might make you a little more comfortable big brother, is that when I was twelve our mother was working pretty much all day, every day, for the monster Master López. She found a way to get me some books and then she got me a Merriam Webster’s dictionary. I read it… Yes brother, I read the whole thing. Nobody is going to ask me anything that has any big words that I don’t understand. They may ask me about things I will have to answer that I don’t know, but I’ll know what they are talking about.”

“Mom told me that I had gotten the same gene that you did. She said you had a photographic memory, and so do I. Go ahead Marsh. You say a word, and I’ll tell what page it’s on in that dictionary. Mind you there were days that I wanted to light that thing on fire, just to watch it burn, but I know the words that are in that old thing.”

Marsh’s jaw hung open. “Holy Shit, Michie! You are telling me that you read the whole dictionary from cover to cover? And you know every word in it?”

“Wow Marsh! You catch on really quickly, don’t you?” There was sarcasm in Michelle’s voice as she grinned at her brother. “None of your friends are going to stretch my vocabulary. I can tell you what page it’s on, I can spell it, and I can recite the meaning or meanings that have been assigned to it. You are welcome to try me if you want to.”

“That won’t be necessary, miss genius.” Marsh laughed. “I’m only a little surprised… no, make that a lot surprised. I bet there are very few people in all of history that have done that, including Merriam Webster. Nobody pulls much over on me, but I never took the time to read the whole damn dictionary. You must have had a lot of free time when you were twelve years old.”

“You should have seen mom’s face when I told her that I had finished it. She reacted even more than you did.” Michelle chuckled. “She told me she wished she had her library of law books there at the plantation. She figured I could be a lawyer in just a couple of years. I’m not sure I would have liked that.”

“Well I’m sure you can learn anything you want to learn in short order, sis. I will assure you, if you want a job at one of my companies, you’ve got it. I’ll hire you for whatever you want to do.” Marsh assured her. “And if you need to go to school and get a degree or license for it, I’ll pay for that as well,” he added.

“Thank you Marsh!” Michelle replied. “I think that first I want to figure out what all is out here in this wonderful, crazy new life of mine. I know most all there is to know about working on a coffee and coca plantation. I hope I never have to use any of that knowledge again.”

“I’ve been used as a sex slave for about ten years, and I’ve learned how to survive some very vicious thugs. I hope you will keep your word that Becca, Trish and you will teach me how real love works. I had a really good time last night with Becca, watching you and mom, and having Becca work some magic on me that nobody had ever done before. That was really nice. Somehow, I don’t think any of your friends will ask me much about that, will they?”

“I think you’re right on the money there, little sister. And if they get into that, I’ll very likely allow them to take a nap on the floor, right where they were standing when they asked the stupid question.”

Marsh was learning a much deeper respect for Michelle. This young woman was nobody’s dummy. Marsh explained to Michelle, that his friend, Sue, would probably ask a few questions during an exam at some time in the near future. He told her that he wanted to have Sue examine everyone that would let her. Just for their own well-being.

“I don’t think any of us will have a problem with that Marsh.” Lydia McDonald told Marsh from the open doorway of his office. “I know I will sure be glad to see a doctor, after all the years I’ve been used and abused.”

Marsh smiled and invited Lydia to come into the office. “Have a seat Lydia”, Marsh invited. I’ve just been trying to prepare my sister for the onslaught of people that are going to want to find out who she is and where she came from. I suspect that is going to happen to you and all the rest of the women that are coming home for the first time in years.”

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