A New Way to Study

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Olivia just stared at the computer monitor. She had elected to take college classes on line as opposed to going to a college. Even if her assignment was online, it didn’t mean she understood it any better than if she had the instructor standing there.

Dan poked his head in his daughter’s room, “Sorry to interrupt, I know you’re busy. I just wanted to see if you would have time to help me put up Halloween decorations later?”

Olivia smiled at her dad. He really got into the holidays. Some of her best memories was helping him put up Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff. He would have the front of their house and yard covered. “I’d love to dad, but I can’t seem to get my assignment done.”

“I thought you could ask questions just like in a regular class?”

“I can, I’m just tired of everyone seeing how stupid I am.”

“On the contrary, I think you and your purple hair are quite smart.”

Olivia giggled. Her dad had teased her from day one about her hair color, but he also supported her decision to do what she wanted when her mom went on the war path about it. “I’m afraid the dye did something to my brain.”

Dan walked over and put his hand on her hair. “Don’t tell your mom, but I like your hair. Besides, I can remember your true hair color, and your curtains don’t match the carpet.”

She liked the way his fingers felt running through her hair even as she felt herself blush, “Dad!”

Chuckling, Dan bent over her to see if he could help and luckily it was something he actually knew, but he would need to sit down. “Let’s find a way for both of us to sit so I can help.”

If she’d had a laptop and wireless internet, then they could have moved to the kitchen table or someplace, but she had a computer that was hard wired so moving it was not going to happen. “Why don’t you get a chair and sit beside me?”

They soon discovered that one kitchen chair and her desk chair was not going to work, so they took her desk chair away temporarily so two kitchen chairs could be side by side. It also didn’t take long for him to discover that his daughter had no bra on. All during the chair move, he had a hard time not looking at her shirt front.

Her dad explained what she didn’t understand in a way that he hoped would help it sink in, and it did. She caught on quickly, “You should teach this class.” She had just as quickly realized that her dad was staring at her breasts, or at least the nipples showing on the front of her shirt. She knew he couldn’t see anything and that she should be embarrassed but instead of feeling uncomfortable about it, knowing he was looking made her feel sexy as hell.

For the first time, Dan was uncomfortable being near his daughter. He kept staring at her chest and knew he shouldn’t. He fussed at himself each time but his eyes still strayed to her shirt front. He moved to stand, “Baby, I think I should go start the decorations now.”

Olivia could hear the anxiety in her dad’s voice; it only served to turn her on more. “What’s the matter dad, tired of looking at the front of my shirt?”

Dan realized that she had seen him and felt even worse. “I’m canlı bahis sorry baby.”

“If you feel bad then you probably don’t want me to do this.” Placing her hands under her breasts, she raised her breasts pushing them against her shirt front. This made her shirt tight across her breasts and really accented her nipples.

Dan saw his daughter practically push her tits at him and was so turned on his hands went to her shirt front almost on their own.

Olivia sucked in her breath, her eyes bulging out of her head. She had meant to tease her dad for making her feel turned on at his staring at her, but what she got was something else. Even as her nipples got hard her mind was trying to figure things out. Had she really meant to just tease him? Pleasure radiated from her nipples through her entire body. As she softly moaned, she guessed it really didn’t matter if she meant for anything to happen or not. She was going to have to decide if she wanted it to go any farther.

Dan was flicking both of her nipples through her shirt. His daughter reacting to his touch only made him that much more excited. Grabbing her shirt he pulled the edge up. Dan saw his daughter lick her lips in anticipation and he pressed his mouth to hers.

Olivia’s heart raced as she kissed her dad. How had this happened? She was getting a passionate kiss from her own dad and she was returning it with just as much intensity. She knew neither one of them had thought of doing anything like this, what had brought it on? Did she even care?

Dan felt her hard nipples against his fingers, her soft lips against his own. He was light headed with pure sexual excitement. His cock strained to be free of his jeans.

His touch was sending electric shocks through her. With her breathing getting faster, she pushed away, grabbed her shirt at the hem and pulled it off over her head. Placing his hands back on her breasts, her lips found his again.

The weight of her breasts felt light and delicate, the flesh soft. Dan trapped her nipples between his finger and thumb, each hand was full. Playing, teasing, wanting to bring her pleasure he could feel her heart beating in her chest.

Her head was reeling and her entire body felt flushed. This was an experience she had never thought to have with her dad. She would swear that s could feel each one of his fingers.

Dan kissed his way down her face, eager to have his lips sucking on her nipples. His lips caressed each curve of her face; his tongue tasted each area of her face.

As her dad worked his way down she was filled with an overwhelming need to have every part of her body touched. On top of the excitement of their first time together, his lips were making her burn. It started with her cheek, then her neck but was moving out to every other part. “Mm,” he had found a spot at the base of her throat. He just breathed on it and she had a feeling of being done for and had turned to putty. By the time she felt his lips close around her nipple she was pretty much willing to do whatever he wanted.

Her hard nipples felt delicious as he wrapped his tongue around them. Dan could tell that bahis siteleri his daughter’s breasts were perky and the area around her nipples extremely sensitive. He had the urge to flick his tongue across her nipples very fast. Feeling them bounce back and forth and hearing her whimper was intoxicating.

Olivia felt her dad fumble with the zipper and snap of her jeans, she wiggled and he finally got her clothes open. Rising off of the chair a little, her dad soon had her jeans and her panties around her feet. She thought of asking him if he wanted to move to the bed, but didn’t want to break the magic of the moment, and kicked her clothes off of her legs.

Seeing a strange look on his face, she knew she had surprised him. “What’s the matter daddy, my carpet match the drapes?”

Dan had never seen dyed pubic hair. “Your pubic hair is purple.” He slid his finger over the soft violet colored hair. He barely touched his finger tip to her vagina. She was already wet and he was totally mesmerized by his daughter.

“Ah-h-h,” Olivia’s eyes rolled in her head. Her body was aching for her dad; it was like her very skin was on fire. His finger sliding across her sensitive areas, even as he still played with her purple hair was making her giddy. She’d had sex a few times but it had never been like this. The heat was building, it was getting harder for her to breath and they hadn’t done anything yet! Her brain could only think two thoughts as the sexual energy grew, her mom was not home, and she had to have her dad or go crazy.

Pushing him away, her fingers worked on his pants. This kind of horny had an added element that made her feel naughty. It might be the secrecy that father and daughter would have to maintain afterward, but whatever the reason this kind of arousal was different, and particularly enticing. The heat pulsed up and down her body as she pushed his pants down.

His cock flesh felt hot against her fingers as she squeezed. The head of his hard cock became angry and red. Her breath came in pants as she was torn in different directions. She wanted to taste him but she desperately needed to feel his hard cock inside. Her pussy ached to feel connected with her dad that way – to share the amazing feeling of knowing you are as close as you can get to your lover.

Dan felt her slim fingers squeezing his cock and thought he would cum right then. He saw her face inches above his hard cock. He swallowed hard in anticipation as he saw her mouth open just inches above him.

Her lips closed around his cock. She loved it! She sucked him in until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She slowly let it back out only to suck him in again, his cock hitting the back of her throat.

Dan hadn’t felt anything like this in a long time. Sex with his wife was pleasant but they had gotten predictable. They did it the same way every time and the lack of excitement had led to them having sex less and less. With her kneeling on her chair, her pussy was within reach. He pressed two fingers together and slowly, gently slid them all the way inside of her. When he took them back out he saw them glisten as the light bahis şirketleri from the monitor reflected off of the wetness.

Her dad had her squirming all over the place. She would have him in her mouth the next time; she had to have him – now! Standing and turning to face him, she threw her leg over her dad, straddling him. Using her hand as a guide her dad’s hard cock slipped inside of her. With her head spinning, it was a shock when he first penetrated her. Olivia got the feeling of something hard inside, something that she wasn’t used to being a part of her body — a sort of a stiff feeling between her legs. Being stretched open to take him, and then feeling of her pussy gripping onto his hard cock was amazing. “Ah – ah – ah”, she slid down his length. “Mmm,” she moaned softly as her pubic hair rubbed against his and it felt wonderful. Her body experienced a sensation of being full. Her lips found his as she ground her hips into him.

Being inside of his daughter felt incredible, her pussy was so moist and warm. He could feel the muscles of her legs as she pushed off of him and lowered herself back down. Her skin was so soft next to his. Her flowery perfume filled his senses even as his hard cock slipped in and out of her. Her constant moans as she labored to breathe were intoxicating.

Olivia could not only feel his hard cock move in and out, she could feel her opening stretch and tighten up as she got faster. She felt herself get wetter and warmer as the pressure built. She watched his eyes, actually knowing she was pleasing her dad made it feel way better. The connection between them sent a shiver through her all the way to her heart.

She pushed herself faster, lowered herself harder. Sensations rocketed out from her pussy. “Oh – dad,” her young body exploded in an intense orgasm. Spasms of unbelievable pleasure shot though her. As she continued to raise and lower herself onto him more and more, new sensations were created to blend with those from before.

Her actions had become erratic and jerky, so Dan placed his hands under his her butt and supported her weight by lifting her up. He held her in the air and then moved her steaming hot pussy up and down his cock. She was so hot and tight it was making him want to empty his balls of cum. He needed to shoot his load inside of his daughter. He squeezed her legs together making her pussy close around his cock even tighter.

Olivia wrapped her arms around her dad for balance and marveled at being fucked while suspended in the air. Her experience was limited and this was a position she hadn’t even imagined. He was stronger than she thought and she felt secure as he just held her. It made his hard cock feel different.

She could tell by his breathing that he was close. “Cum for me dad,” and she pressed her lips to his.

Dan felt like his whole cock was one big nerve. The silky smooth sensation of being inside of his daughter combined with her heat. Her urging him to cum was music to his ears. He lowered her down as he thrust up hard. “Ah,” his cum shot out of him in huge spurts.

Olivia felt his cock throbbing deep inside. Grinding her hips into him she tried to get every drop he could give. She stayed on him even after he was finished. Placing her head on his shoulder she kissed his neck. A soft sigh escaped her; she had found a whole new way to love her daddy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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