A Night on the Town

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It was a Friday night. And we don’t generally go out. But tonight, I had made it clear – we were going out. And I was more than determined to dress so that Jesse would have a hard time keeping his hands and eyes off of me and keeping his cock unnoticeable in his pants.

So I stood there in the shower, washing my hair and thinking about how the night was going to go. I imagined how we’d be all over each other during the night, and how we’d barely be able to contain ourselves as we walked into the dorm room later that evening. As the kinky images got clearer and clearer in my head, I found my hand trailing down to my already wet cunt. I lightly flicked at my clitoris, first slowly, and then faster, keeping the touch just light enough as I teased myself. I massaged my breasts with my other hand, imagining Jesse’s hands all over my body, wishing he was there right then to lick and suck on my hard nipples. My tiny fingers that were now slipping in and out of my pussy were nothing compared to the size of his large dick when he shoves it inside of me. I was so worked up in the shower now, that I had long since leaned against the wall. My breathing became heavier and heavier as I reached my climax and the juices streamed from cunt. I smiled mischievously as I slid one into my mouth, imagining the look on his face if he’d seen me do it. With that thought, I poured some shower gel onto my loofah and cleaned myself off. Then I hurried out of the shower to finish getting myself ready for the big night.

I carefully went through my underwear drawer, picking up three or four of my thongs, debating which one to wear. I grabbed my black push-up bra and a lacy black thong, and quickly pulled them on. I took the tight black leather skirt I had been planning on wearing from my closet and put that on as well, pleased to find that it came up just high enough on me that it wouldn’t take much for me to give Jesse a little show at a few chosen moments that evening. I chose a tight read bustier with a zipper in front for my top. I finally threw the bra back into the drawer where it came from when I realized that tightness of the bustier would be plenty to give my breasts that extra push. I’d show him just enough to entice him. I also planned to have plenty of fun playing with the zipper, but not let him touch it at all.

Now dressed, I blow dried my hair, sprayed some perfume, and put on some make up. I pulled back my hair with two clips, and made a mental note to put a hair brush in my purse. I would’ve left my hair down … but I know he loves to pull the clips out of my hair, so I figured I’d humor him. I found a cute black choker in my jewelry box and clasped that around my neck. For my feet, I pulled on and managed to zip up my knee high black leather boots. There I was ready.

And just in time, too. The phone rang almost the second I finished with my boots. I grabbed it and said, “Hello?”

“Hey, you,” came Jesse’s voice. “You ready to go?”

“Yep. You downstairs?” I replied. “Sure am. See you in a few.”

“Ok. Be right down.” I hung up the phone and grabbed a coat and my purse, making sure my keys were in it. As I started to close the door, I thought about it and threw the coat back into my closet. He enjoys it when I’m cold, I thought to myself. Then I finally did shut the door and ran down the stairs.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on his face when I walked through the doors from the stairwell into the lobby of my dorm. He rather quickly recovered from the draw drop though his blue eyes still looked like they might fall out of their sockets, and the look that resulted was one I’d only seen him wear when he was checking out other girls. It made me glad I’d gone through the extra trouble. I don’t generally dress that way, but boy was it worth it.

“What’s that look?” I joked as I sauntered over and kissed his cheek, looking up into his eyes, and running my hands through his dark black kurtköy escort hair. Yup, he was definitely tall, dark, and handsome. I think he stared directly at my peeping bustline the entire time. I tipped his chin up and said, “Let’s go, you.”

About 15 minutes later we were shooting pool at a local place downtown. It was Jesse’s turn. I couldn’t help but stare at his hot ass as he bent over the pool table, concentrating so hard on his next shot. I walked up behind him an slapped his ass hard, just as he took his shot. The 9 ball went ricocheting around the table, clearly failing to make it into any of the pockets.

Jesse swung around and gave me a look. I smiled mischievously. Then I leaned in close to him, pushing my breasts against his chest, and whispered in his ear, “Sorry, babe. I was just getting a little riled up thinking about how much fun with would be to fuck right here on this table. Didn’t mean to mess up your shot.” With that, I took the pool cue, leaned over the table, leaving my legs invitingly open, and started to line up my shot. With Jesse behind me, I was sure he could see my lacy thong up the back of my skirt. I glanced over my shoulder and winked at him, and slowly slid the pool cue between my legs.

“Grrrr!” Jesse said as he walked up to me and pressed his bulging pelvis against my ass. I pushed back against his throbbing penis as I stood up. Then I leaned over again, took my shot, and turned back to Jesse.

“I’ll be right back. No cheating while I’m gone,” I said as I walked towards the bathroom, knowing full well how tempted he was to follow me. In fact, when I walked out the door of the bathroom to head back to the pool table, a hand wrapped around my waist and pulled me towards him.

“I want you so badly right now,” Jesse whispered into my ear. “I can’t wait till we get back, I’m gonna explode before then.”

I grinned and began playing with the zipper to my bustier, pulled it down and revealing a bit more cleavage. When Jesse reached to help me out, I pulled it back up, and took his hand in mine. “Not yet.” I handed him the underwear I had just taken off in the bathroom, grinned, and walked back towards our table.

I was sitting cross-legged on the pool table when Jesse finally returned from the bathroom. He’d been back there for a while, actually. “I thought you fell in,” I teased.

He walked up to me, took the pool cue, and held it upside down. “That’s the wrong way, silly,” I said. Jesse just grinned. He uncrossed my legs, and spread them a bit. Looking down he could see the pink fullness of my recently shaved pussy. “No it’s not the wrong way,” he said. “Not for what I intend to do with it.” With that, he leaned in close, and started rubbing my clit with his fingers.

“You know, I already masturbated once today,” I teased. “In the shower.”

“That makes two of us,” he replied, knowing full well how crazy it gets me to think about him playing with his hard, sensitive cock. “What did you really think I was doing in the bathroom just now?”

I purred in his ear. “God, you’re sexy. I wish we had this whole place to ourselves right now. Oohhh…” I moaned as he pushed the pool cue inside me. The more he did it, the more I felt myself bucking my hips with him, aching to have his hard long cock inside me, wanting to feel him shoot his load into my incredibly wet cunt. As he kept the pool cue moving rhythmically, he brought his mouth down on my breasts, gently licking along the line of the bustier, even nibbling slightly as we both got even more turned on.

“I think … we’re done … playing …” I gasped as I felt myself getting closer and closer to coming. Jesse grinned and pulled the pool cue out of me. “I think we’re just beginning. But let’s go home and play.” He took the pool equipment back to the counter as I sat there scowling at him for teasing me like that, though I secretly love it. I smirked kartal escort as we walked out the door, thinking of how wet and sticky the end of that pool cue had to be …

As I stuck my keys into the car door and unlocked it, I was surprised to feel Jesse still behind me. He reached to my front and began to unzip my bustier. Jesse unzipped it just enough to push my bare breasts against the cold car window, as he began to kiss at my neck.

“What do you think you’re doing mister?” I asked as I turned around, revealing my breasts to him, with my nipples extremely perky. He gently began to push me against the hood of the car, his hands now gently running up and down my thighs.

“Nothing,” I he said innocently. “Someone’s wet still.” He could feel my juices dripping down my inner thighs, as he slowly inched me leather skirt up higher.

My hands played with the button on his jeans as I kissed up and down his ear. “Someone left me a bit unsatisfied,” I replied coyly. “And there’s only one person who can fix it.” I could feel his penis pressing against his fly as I began to unzip it. I smiled as I felt the satisfying warmth of his flesh in my hand after I had pulled out his dick. “It’s cold out, isn’t it? Poor Bob is gonna get cold,” I mumbled as I leaned over and engulfed his cock in my mouth.

“Mmmmm …” I moaned as I began stroking him with my tongue. I kissed slowly down the shaft to his balls, and gently took each one in my mouth in turn. As I made my way back up to the head of his penis, my hand wrapped around his sac and began to massage, hoping to intensify the feeling. I teased with my tongue, sometimes humming, taking as much of his huge cock into my mouth as I could without gagging myself. With the one hand on his balls, I took my other hand and let it follow my mouth up and down his cock, squeezing just tightly enough. I knew I was getting to him as he started to thrust his hips into my mouth, first gently, then with increasing force as he felt his climax building up. I moaned with the knowledge that it was making him feel that good, and that was just enough to send him over the edge. His cum exploded into my mouth, warm and sweet, and I swallowed it eagerly. When I stood back up to smile at Jesse, there was still just a bit of it dripping out of the corner of my mouth. I scooped it up with a finger and sucked it off immediately, then smiled.

“I suppose I’ll let you rest for the drive home,” I said. “Come on, get in the car.”

When I parked the car at a hotel, Jesse turned to me surprised. “What’s this?”

“This is no roommates, no loud suitemates, no yucky showers. Just you, me, a nice big bed, and a long night ahead of us.” I smiled and got out of the car, opening the door to our room with the key I had picked up earlier that afternoon. Jesse was so shocked, that I was inside the room, getting some alcohol out of the cooler I’d put in their earlier by the time he came in. I stood up and handed him one.

“Gonna get me all liquored up, huh?” he joked as he opened the bottle and began to drink.

“That’s the plan,” I replied as I took a swig of my own.

A couple of drinks later, I could feel the room spinning. So it definitely shocked me when Jesse deliberately spilled about half the bottle that was in his hand down the front of my body.

“Ooops,” he said, and grinned. “Guess I’ll have to lick that up.” He poured just a little more and began licking at my collarbone and neck, slowly making his way down to my bust line again. This time I didn’t stop him when he began to unzip my bustier, following the zipper with his mouth and tongue. After it had fallen to the floor, Jesse gently traced up my body with his fingers, teasingly circling my breast, in smaller and smaller circles, till he was just barely missing my nipple. I sighed contentedly as he finally squeezed it, and moaned as I felt his tongue and mouth began to pay on the other kurtköy bayan escort breast. I fell back on the bed, my head reeling, as I let myself succumb to the effects that Jesse was having on me. I once again felt the hardness of his cock through his pants, while he leaned into me, playing with and teasing my breasts. My hands fumbled for the bottom of his shirt, aching to pull it off of him, and feel his hot body in my arms. After I succeeded with that, I rolled over, pushing him onto his back. I shoved one of my breasts into his mouth while my hands worked his pants off again. His hands were squeezing my ass hungrily, trying to find the zipper to my skirt, and pull that off. I stood on the bed, my skirt dropping to the floor, as I stared down at his delicious naked body, while I was wearing nothing but my boots.

“Stay right there,” I told him as I smiled and hopped off the bed. I returned a moment later with a cowboy hat on my head, and a whip in my hand. “Now this could be fun.”

Jesse’s jaw dropped, as I gently cracked the whip and hit his thigh. He was speechless. “Now, do I get to tame you, or should I let you have your way with me? I can’t decide … Hmmm, I’m going to play first. Then it’s your turn.” Jesse just nodded.

I climbed onto the bed, and straddled him. His hands went directly for my breasts. I let him grab them, and then wrapped the whip around them quickly, tying his hands together, and pulling them back behind his head. There I gently tied them to the bed post, and stood up. I turned off the lights, so that all he could see was my silhouette, and turned on some music. Once again I straddled him, and began kissing his neck and collar bone. I teasingly made my way towards his lips, nibbling and sucking gently on them once I got there. I kissed the rest of the way down his body, then around his cock, careful not to stimulate it at all. Then I finally took it in my hand and gently began rubbing it along my clit, and down to my vagina.

“You want to fuck me? Want to drive your cock into me?” I asked playfully.

Jesse’s only response was to thrust his hips up hard, and slam his pelvis into mine. I gasped as I felt him drive deeply into me, pushing against my inner walls. I reached up and pulled off his blindfold, but kept the whip tied around his hands. I began to ride him, pulling his dick in and out of my pussy, slowly and sensually. I reached behind me, and began to caress his balls.

“You like that?” I said as I kept sliding on and off his cock. “As good as this feels to me, I’m so tempted to untie you, and just let you ravage me. I want you to be rough, to throw me against a wall and just fuck me until I lose consciousness.”

Jesse moaned and began to thrust his hips some more. “Let me loose and I’ll hold up my end of that bargain.”

He began to pull at the binding I’d used on his hands. It loosened easily, as I hadn’t wanted to hurt him. Soon his hands were free, and all over me. He rolled me onto my back and started pumping his hips, filling me with his dick again and again. I screamed in ecstasy as I came with a rush. Having already cum twice, Jesse had quite a bit of endurance. The sweat was pouring off our bodies. I turned over on my hands and knees, and let him fuck me from behind. He grabbed my breasts and pulled himself into me. The way his large cock stretched my insides from that position was enough to drive me insane. I was louder than I’d ever been before. Jesse kept thrusting faster and faster, until he shot his hot cum load into my pussy, and I sighed with pleasure.

Following that, we both made our way to the bathroom for a nice hot shower. When we had both relaxed a bit and cleaned up, Jesse got out while I shaved my legs. I was just finishing up when the light in the bathroom went out. I stood still, not sure if the power had gone out, or is Jesse was trying to be funny.

The answer was closer to the second one, I realized as I felt the blindfold cover my eyes and Jesse pull it tight and tie it in back. He turned off the shower for me, and took my hand, leading me back out into the bedroom. He lied my gently on the bed, and used my whip to tie my hands up to the bed post.

“My turn to have some fun now,” he said…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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