A Night Out with Jasmine

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Jasmine and I had not been out to play for a quite a while so we decided we should have some fun since it might be sometime before we would be free of the kids and life’s pressures again. Reno! Reno!

I love it when I have the chance to watch Jasmine as she gets ready for a night out. I love it as she starts getting ready before the mirrored vanity. It gives me the best view of all because I get to see all her the front, her gorgeous tits now 36c’s with large silver dollar areolas and nipples like the erasers on those pencils from third grade; after the kids she still looks great not a stretch mark anywhere. Her tummy is still flat and that patch of curly muff covering her sweet pussy. Umm! Then her backside and that tight round ass still the shape of a valentine’s heart. Her silvery blonde her dropping below her shoulders to mid back she is still a very sexy lady at 37.

That night as I watched her, I told her we should shave her pussy before we went out because you never knew who might get to see it. With a wicked smile she looked back over her shoulder at me and said, “Is that why I see your cock standing up so straight, you want to shave my pussy then show it off to everyone you meet tonight?”

“Yes, I just might want to show you off tonight.” I responded, “and your pussy too!”

“Ok, but it looks like I might have to do something about that cock of yours before we go though.” She replied.

I jumped up off the bed moving up behind her pressing my hard rod next to her sweet neck. As I reached around to finger her swelling clit, she was already dripping as my finger slid down her wet pussy slit. With my other hand I helped her up as I reached for the shaving cream on the sink counter then squirted some in my hand that had become slick with her juices, I started to apply the lather to her curly hair. After I had her triangle, all lathered up I moved around turning her from the mirror as I grabbed the razor then knelt before her sweet pussy drawing the razor thru the cream leaving bare silky skin. When I had removed most of the cream, I placed her on the counter spreading her legs to finish the job. Finishing up with a wet cloth and warm water as I washed off any missed cream leaving her bare-naked pussy, I leaned back to admire my work. I could not resist licking up from her now flowing cunt to her hard swollen clit tasting her sweet nectar, I could hear her moan as my tongue touched her. She leaned back on the counter as I slid a finger into her finding her spot; she was cumming for me in seconds.

I stood up as her climax rolled thru her, legs shaking, my cock dripped with pre cum my finger still pressing her g-spot. She reached for my cock pulling me to her naked pussy pushing the head into her after rubbing it up and over her engorged clit. I entered her, the dark purple head of my cock disappearing inside her pulsing pussy. I slowly pushed deeper into her pulling her to me until I was up to the hilt then pulled out almost pulling her off the counter as her pussy gripped at my steel hard shaft. I found a rhythm pounding her sopping pussy I felt her cum again before I felt myself ready to boil over, I pulled out. My cock glistening with her juices our eyes locked on each other’s as a knowing look crossed her face. She slipped off the counter dropping to her knees before me her red lips parting into an O as she reached around with one hand cupping my ass pulling me to her as her other hand guided my cock to her waiting mouth her tongue snaked out licking her juices off before engulfing me in her mouth. Her head slowly sliding back and forth as she cupped my balls lightly squeezing them sucking then licking my swollen hard cock, I reached the point of no return squirting cum down her throat as she hungrily swallowed every drop before giving me one last kiss on its tip then standing to kiss me fully on the mouth tongue thrust deep into mine.

“Now go away and let me finish getting ready!” she said pushing me away as she turned back to the mirror to finish her make-up. I went over to finish dressing.

We left the hotel room after she dressed, black leather mini skirt, white silk camisole, black crotch-less nylons with her black come fuck me pumps. Before she slipped on her top, I went over showing her the new nipple rings I had gotten for her I slipped one over each of her erect nipples they would stay that way the rest of the night. I wore khakis a nice shirt and blue sport coat.

With nowhere in particular to go we drove out to a strip club we had been to before after stopping for dinner at a nice restaurant. The girls at this club had always seemed to enjoy Jasmine stuffing dollar bills into their G-strings as much or more than the guys. We went in found a table close to one of the stages. I ordered drinks for us anything with tequila would work for tonight, because tequila always make her cloths fall off and anything goes after those.

Sheri was our first dancer she was already down to her bra and G-string when escort we sat down so when a new song started the bra was the first to go displaying a very nice set of headlights; not too sure if they were original equipment or not, but very nice. Jasmine stood up to stuff a bill in Sheri’s G-string as she bent forward, I saw her skirt hike up exposing just a glimpse of ass outlined by the spender hose she wore. I always love to watch the expressions on other guy’s faces as they catch a peek of Jasmine thinking she doesn’t know. Sheri of course had a good look down Jasmine’s top as she tucked the dollar bill behind the strap. Another song started and now Sheri worked her way out of her G-string placing her tips in a pile to the side of the stage leaving her in just her heels, she moved right in front of us or Jasmine lying down on her back spreading her legs to expose herself to Jasmine’s hungry look. She began to pump her pelvis to the beat as we all watched her; I tossed another bill onto the stage. As the song ended and Sheri’s segment finished Jasmine stood again to hand her another bill thanking her for the show.

Cherry was the next up on stage a cream-colored black girl rather tall and thin with long black hair and pert tits by the time her three songs were done Jasmine had tipped her three or four times and a group seemed to be forming behind us to get a view of Jasmine as she tipped the dancer and the dancer again finished off spreading herself before Jasmine as she licked her lips.

I ordered more drinks as the third dancer took the stage a very cute blonde named Candy in a red and white striped outfit. Jasmine again made sure when she tipped Candy so that all those behind us were given a good look as she made sure her skirt rode higher and higher as she bent to tip the dancer. This time I could see that Candy was wet as she pumped her hips at Jasmine. My cock began to grow hard watching Candy’s very tight hard body pulse in front of Jasmine. I noticed that Candy seemed to be looking from Jasmine to me then back to Jasmine then her eyes looked down as she smiled and licked her lips. I glanced under our little table to see Jasmine had parted her legs giving Candy and all the other dancers the best view in the place Jasmine’s freshly shave pussy. I winked at Candy as I also licked my lips.

By the time the next girl had gotten up on stage, Brittney, a tall brunette with just a screaming hot body. Guys were giving Jasmine money to tip the girls and we had a free round of drinks with shots. Jasmine was feeling the heat as these ladies seemed to dance just for her. When Brittney finished, I could tell Jasmine wanted to be the next to get up on stage to get naked. Brittney came over to the table after slipping on her red bra, thong and top. There was another girl coming up on stage a red head with lots of freckles, Lacy, in a dark green outfit. She began her show as Brittney asked if we’d like some company, I grabbed another chair. She and Jasmine started talking I couldn’t hear what they were saying over the music, so I just watched Lacy do her thing. I noticed Jasmine give Brittney a quick kiss then they stood up as she bent to give me a kiss saying “I’ll see you in a bit” before she disappeared with Brittney.

Lacy finished up and the next dancers were Jasmine and Brittney doing a duet on stage. They danced together undressing each other thru the songs until they were both naked. Brittney went to the pole swung her legs up then hanging upside down Jasmine danced over to her as they did a mock 69 the dollars were flying onto the stage as they began rubbing and dry humping each other as the song progressed, I’m sure I wasn’t the only hard on there when the song ended, and they left the stage, hands on each other’s butts and costumes in hand. A couple of more dancers performed before Jasmine reappeared to applause from the crowd. She was still naked caring her cloths wearing only her heels and garter hose she grabbed my hand and we headed to the door. Once in the car I asked, “Where to?”

She answered, “Where you can fuck me!” as her hand reached for my belt I laid the seat back down sliding back as she pulled at my pants freeing my cock she climbed over straddling me as she impaled herself on my hard cock she bobbed up and down on me as she told me how her and Brittney had gone back to a private room and sixty-nine’d each other for real they were so hot after their dance. She told me how creamy and sweet her pussy was as they came with each other and how she knew how much I would enjoy her too. She told me that she was supposed to call Britney in an hour and tell her where to meet us as she came again. I exploded into her as I asked her if she could get dressed long enough to meet her in the bar back at the hotel she said, “If I have to.”

I said, “I’m not sure they’ll let you in the hotel bar without cloths, sweety.”

We got untangled and dressed then drove back to the hotel as we made our way to the bar Jasmine slipped off to the eskort lady’s powder room to touch up after the club and car. I walked into the lounge and over to the bar. I grabbed a seat the place seemed empty, I ordered drinks with shots and looked around the bar eying the few patrons as my eyes adjusted to the lighting. The drinks came and I paid for them before Jasmine joined me at the bar.

She leaned over to my ear telling me she had let Brittney know where we would meet before going back to our room. The bartender came over making small talk as we sipped our drinks. The way the bar was setup there was a big glass wall aquarium behind the bar. Some music played not to loud to drown out any conversation the floor of the bar was sunken so patrons could see the fish putting the bartenders head just below chin level while the stools were almost even with the bar top. This I thought would give our bartender a pretty good view up Jasmine’s skirt if I got her to hike it up some more. Someone else came in as I leaned over kissing and tonguing Jasmine’s ear I whispered, “Pull up your skirt before he comes back let’s see if he notices.” She wiggled a bit getting her skirt hiked up so the tops of her garter hose showed parting her legs as I leaned over, I could see her shaved pussy and was pretty sure the bartender would too.

Sam, the bartender, came over in a few minutes as I signaled for fresh drinks. He set the drinks in front of us and said, “On the house.” As he looked up Jasmine’s skirt. He stood there smiling and talking never mentioning my wife’s naked pussy winking at him yet trying not to stare. As we drank and chatted Sam went to attend another customer down the bar quickly returning to check on us and look up Jasmine’s skirt some more. I soon took it another step further. Jasmine had worked her skirt up to her waist legs wide for easy access, sliding my hand between her legs to finger her, I parted her legs a little wider to expose more of her charms when Sam returned, I pulled my hand away bringing my fingers to my mouth licking and sucking her sweet juices as Sam stared at Jasmines swollen full wet pussy lips. Jasmines hard nipples were poking at her top. I wanted to take her again. My cock was growing hard as Jasmine ran her hand up my leg to rubbing my swollen cock lightly thru my pants. I asked Sam if he liked what he was seeing. He stammered saying,” yes very much” I said,” You should thank Jasmine because she did not show off to just anyone so he should feel very special tonight.” He did and set us up with another round of free drinks.

Just as things were going to get out of control Brittney came up between us kissing Jasmine then me snuggling in between us. She looked down to our laps. My hand was between Jasmines legs hers was rubbing my very hard cock. Brittney asked if she could join in Jasmine said ” Sure.” As Brittney’s hand replaced Jasmines who’s went under Brittney’s skirt mine was replaced also as I too reached under her skirt joining Jasmine at Brittney’s wet pussy. Sam the bartender didn’t know just what to do as I asked for another drink for Brittney. He just stood there mouth agape after giving us our drinks. Looking at two beautiful women’s pussies each being displayed before him. I hadn’t realized before but if you looked just right our images were reflected in the glass behind the bar, so really all could see.

Before we got turned in for sex in public, we figured we should leave the bar making our way to the elevators as the doors closed Jasmine’s skirt was on the floor along with Brittney’s red dress I watched as they mauled each like starved lovers. We reached our floor with the two of them still in a deep kiss. I grabbed up their clothes and we all walked to our room with one almost naked lady on each arm. No one was in the hall as we went to our room until we reached our room. Another set of elevator doors opened depositing a couple in the hall as we all turned before entering the room, I looked back, the man and women were smiling.

Once in the room I found the bottle and mix then then went to get some ice before mixing drinks for each of us along with shots, I had some limes and salt ready in the room frig. The girls wanted to do naval shots off each other I fired up a dobbie passing it to Jasmine as her and Brittney made out on the bed. They had managed to remove most of their clothing leaving Jasmine in just her spender hose heels and nipple rings with Brittney in her red hose heels and garter belt. I first had Jasmine lay back pouring her bellybutton full as Brittney slurped at it then it was Brittney’s turn as the dobbie made its rounds too. Then they turned to me stripping my clothes off then laying me back pouring a shot that they shared before moving down to my rigid cock as they sucked, I sucked on the joint. This began a mind-blowing blow job with them both licking up the side of my cock to its tip kissing then one or the other engulfing it into their mouth then repeating this as the other would eskort bayan engulf it or toke the joint, this morphed into Brittney sucking my balls as Jasmine’s head bobbed up and down on my pole. Then again, they switched all the time turning to look at me, as they smiled up at me when their mouths were full of cock. I just love it when a woman is giving me head and looks up at me with a mouth full of cock. I was holding out trying not to blow my load down one of their throats when they stopped moving up to join in a three-way kiss as we all hit the joint one last time before Brittney straddled my waist as Jasmine sat on my face. I started sucking and licking Jasmine’s now flowing pussy for all I was worth tasting my own cum from earlier as Brittney began riding my cock as they made out. Jasmine hit her climax first as I lightly bit at her clit and tongue fucking her whole. Brittney was next to cum as I filled her pussy with my cum. They hung together as they rode their climax’s thru in a deep kiss. As we all slipped into a three-way embrace, we drifted on the afterglow.

Until there was a knock at the door. Jasmine jumped up to get it as Brittney and I laid on the bed. Jasmine opened the door to find Sam the bartender standing there with a bottle of Cuervo gold. Jasmine stood proudly on display before him as she asked, “Is your cock hard yet?” watching the bulge grow in his pants.

He answered, ” Not quite yet.”

“Show me.” Jasmine responded. To which he stood at the doorway and undid his buckle and pants letting them drop to the ground then tugged at both sides of his briefs until they too fell to join his pants on the floor. Displaying a nice 7 1/2 to a full 8-inch cock. Jasmine reached out taking his cock in one hand while holding the Cuervo in the other. She turned pulling Sam into the room as he shuffled to keep from stumbling over his pants.

Brittney and I greeted Sam as he noticed us laying on the bed. I got up to take the booze from Jasmine while lighting another joint, after all we needed to get Sam up to speed. Lines followed soon after to help recharge. We also shared some home-grown mushrooms to increase the sexual desire for all. Not that mush was really needed.

Brittney helped Jasmine help Sam the rest of the way out of his cloths. I freshened up drinks and Made Sam one as the girls got Sam’s cock to its full attention. Which didn’t take long at all as the joint was finished up the girls started on Sam’s stiffy.

Stretching him out on the bed on his back they took turns working their way down to his now pulsing hard cock taking time to make out with each other and Sam as I sat back in a chair and reached for the digital camera there were some great shots to get here. My own cock was finding renewed vigor as I snap one erotic shot after another. This time as they finished up Sam it was Jasmine’s pussy on Sam’s cock and Brittney’s cunt covering his muffled moans of pleasure. As they took turns sucking each other’s breasts between deep kisses. The girls were starting to cum which put Sam over the top filling Jasmine with his spunk. I put the camera down after getting one last shot of Sam’s cum leaking from Jasmine’s bare naked pussy lips. Then started stroking both of their backs as they rode out the last of the waves.

My hard on was on full display before them it didn’t take them long before they traded Sam’s wilting cock for my hard one. Only this time I fucked Jasmine as she licked Brittney’s cream filled pussy. Sam laid on his side his cock slowly regaining its stiffness until the girls noticed it each reaching out to take a hold of it to help it along. Having cum three times already tonight I was good for a nice long ride and got Sam to move up behind Jasmine to put his cock up her tight ass as she rolled to her side to make it easier as Brittney slipped in between us to suck at her tits and make out with her until it was too much. Sam and I needed to really fuck Jasmine’s moving her between us Brittney made out with whomever she could until Jasmine exploded in a huge climax as Sam and I both came with her filling her ass and pussy with our cum. We all fell together as I reached to lick Brittney’s hungry pussy. All three of us took turns at Brittney’s pussy as she came over and over until Sam and I could fill her holes and fuck her like we had Jasmine only this time I got her ass and Sam had her pussy.

We spent the rest of what was left of the night and morning fucking each other in every way four people could find to get cocks and pussies together until we all fell into a heap on the king size bed.

I woke sometime the next day with Jasmine on one side and Brittney on the other. Sam was gone but I do remember Jasmine and Brittney sucking my cock as Sam came in my ass at some point last night then exploding my load across their smiling faces as they opened their mouths to catch what they could.

Also, there was a thing in the shower where Sam was fucking Jasmine as I did Brittney then we switched a couple of different times. We spent the rest of the day in bed with Brittney after calling room service for a refueling time out. A very nice night out with Jasmine I hope to do it again soon!

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