A Picture = K Words In College Ch. 06

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The last two weekends before Christmas break, Milt and his sister, Vicky – or her roommate, Elsa – couldn’t meet. He could only wonder what they did, wonder how much Vicky had told Elsa about how the two of them had spent their last afternoon and evening together.

When the siblings were back home again, however, they tried to make up for that. After the first evening with the parents, celebrated with something to drink, they returned to their bedrooms, only long enough to undress, then together in her bed in case she wet it. She did, his cock and balls too.

Her period was going to start in a couple of days. They took advantage of the couple of time their mother wasn’t home. When they were sure they had an hour alone, they did everything they could: she sucked, he licked, and then they fucked. After two orgasms each, they smirked with snickers and got dressed and started the reading for courses that had been their excuse for not accompanying their mother.

Her period started. For the first two days, she didn’t want to do anything, but then wanted to curl up with him for mutual oral sex, like they had during the summer. Vicky complained that she hadn’t found a way to suggest that she and Elsa do that during their periods, only separated by a couple of days, when they did everything they hadn’t, then couldn’t. Milt suggested that she could tell her that he didn’t mind licking her pussy with the string of her tampon tickling his nose. She agreed that she also wouldn’t mind licking Elsa’s pussy with the string of her tampon in it.

Then, after Christmas, they could do anything they wanted at night, or when they had the opportunity during the day. Once, he hadn’t understood that their mother would be away all afternoon, but Vicky had. He was seriously trying to study in his room, when she came in, already pulling off her sweater. In response to his surprised expression, she just said:

“We can; lots of time. I want to do something different.”

If his older sister said so? He acquiesced and also began to take off his clothes, hearing her explain that she wanted to sit on his lap on his desk chair. Anything she wanted, he thought and pushed it back, sitting down again with his hips on the front edge, assuming that she would know how to make his cock be so that she could sit on it. She just sucked it enough to be sure it was, rubbing her pussy, so that it was also aroused enough. When she thought it was, she snickered and rose up. She straddled his legs and guided his cock to her pussy. It was aroused enough. They both moaned, as she lowered her hips, and it easily disappeared in her wet, tight pussy.

Not that much different from the way she sat on him on his bed, on her bed now during the holidays, he thought, holding the cheeks of her ass. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. It wasn’t really an affectionate kiss: her tongue fucking his mouth, his in hers, when it could, until she leaned back and said: “Suck them.”

He could only suck one and then the other of her nipples. She moaned, as he sucked and nibbled, his teeth pressed against her breast and holding it, while he sucked and licked the stiff tip of her nipple, one, then the other one, after she complained with an “Uhn!” that he was sucking too hard. He knew, however, that she had wanted him to suck that hard; it had made her pussy squeeze his cock. His sucking and nibbling on her other nipple also did, until she murmured: “Rub me.”

He knew she didn’t want his fingers just to rub. They crept into her crevice. They did rub, until one probed. She nodded and murmured:

“Yeah, like that.” and groaned when one probed deeper, when her asshole let it.

When it didn’t, tightening, her pussy clutched my cock. If she thought we could both come this way, I now did too. My finger was deeper in her, letting me wiggle my finger tip.

“Uhn-hn-hnn!” she moaned, more an aroused growl, as her pussy clutched, making my cock twitch. Her hips twitched on me. For a minute or two, probably less, that was arousing enough for me, but then not for her. Her hand thrust down between us. Its fingers scrambled down in our pubic hair and found where she wanted to feel them. She wasn’t really looking at me, but smirked with a chuckling moan.

Her fingers moved, and my finger moved. Her pussy and asshole clutched, and my cock surged. Fuck! Her pussy was trying to milk it! Before it could, however, her body spasmed, just briefly. Her fingers held still for a few moments, then moved again. A second or two later, she spasmed again. Her pussy was really trying to milk my cock, and it was wanting to be milked, wanting to shoot its white “milk” in her pussy. But not yet; her fingers were still again. She took a deep breath and then another one. Then her fingers moved again, this time almost immediately making her spasm.

Fuck! She was in her multiple orgasm mode! If she spasmed again, I was going to come. Her fingers moved, and she did, as my hips twitched up, and my cock spurted. She must have felt it; she gave a chuckling canlı bahis moan. For a few seconds, her fingers were still, then rubbed again. With a mild gasp, she spasmed again, and her pussy squeezed my cock. The next time, her fingers rubbed a little longer, and her spasm last that little longer, but then her fingers stilled again, but her pussy clutched my cock one more time.

She moaned questioningly. I wondered if she wanted to continue like that. It didn’t seem that she had had everything she wanted. She hadn’t. She rubbed and made herself spasm again. What was a female orgasm like: big ones, little ones, like she was having? Could she control them? I sure couldn’t control mine, maybe for a few strokes, but when they happened, that was it. It seemed that she could, maybe with the experience that she could have another little one, and another, and another. With what experience: by herself, with Elsa? Could Elsa too?

Before I had finished thinking that, she had given herself another one. Even if my cock could come like that, it was enjoying that she could. Then it was apparent that she was experimenting. After a short spasm, she had another one, when her fingers just rubbed once. After a pause, when they rubbed again, it took a few moments before she spasmed, but this time they rubbed longer than before, and she spasmed longer, gasping twice with stronger moans. I thought she was going for it, a final, better orgasm, but her fingers stilled again. After a deep breath, she murmured to herself: “Almost too much.”

Yes, she was experimenting! She took a longer pause, before her fingers rubbed again: soft gasp, spasm. Shit, fuck! Could she do it like that for as long as she wanted? My cock was delighted at the way her pussy contracted, but it almost seemed as though she were punishing herself by aborting her little orgasms. After a couple more – my cock was delighted by them and her pauses, letting it recover – when her fingers rubbed again, I murmured: “Don’t stop.”

She nodded with a moan and didn’t. At first, she spasmed like before, but as her finger continued to arouse her pussy, all hell broke loose! It sounded like she was really punishing herself, gasping and whimpering, but her fingers didn’t stop. Her body was convulsing, her hips jerking every way they could. I had to spread my feet to keep us from falling off the chair.

Fuck! We weren’t, not riding up and down on my cock, but it was surging and throbbing as much as any time when we had been. She was gasping and groaning as strongly as ever before, whimpering distraughtly. Fuck! I hoped she wanted this, despite her pained sounding noises!

Her pussy had been very wet, but now it was flooding, more than once. It flooded again, before she collapsed in my arms, limp as a sack of something – maybe apples, not that I had ever held one. I held her, aware that I had had another orgasm, feeling her pussy clutching a couple of times more. Yeah, I had had another orgasm, known that I would, but it got kind of lost while I was experiencing how extreme hers had been. Her head was hanging down next to mine, as she sighed with long moans. If it had been that good for her, I thought, I didn’t mind not having been aware of my orgasm. Her sucking my cock – or Elsa doing it – were really the best way for me to enjoy an orgasm, especially when they prolonged it by sucking my balls. Finally, she recovered, at least enough to mutter:

“Fuck! We really did that?”

“You did, and how!”

“Hmm! I guess I did,” she replied with another snort.

She raised her head and sat up, looking at me with a slight smile, shrugging. Then she repeated:

“I guess I did,” adding: “Hope you didn’t mind.”

“Couldn’t have; it was so arousing to experience. Just didn’t know how you could, stopping after what seemed like a litte orgasm.”

“Hmm! Um-hmm, something like that. Kind of experimenting, I guess.”

“Lucky you, lucky girls, if you can do that over and over again.”

She smirked with nod and self-satisfied grin, replying:

“I can, at least, not sure about other girls.”


“Hmm?! You want her to, too?”

“Just to know what to expect. My second orgasm got lost in what you were doing.”

“Sorry about that. Got lost for me too. I felt the first one.”

“That’s all right, if it was that good for you.”

“Almost too good. Well, of course, it couldn’t be too good. Hm-hmm! You really fucked me to death this time; I was completely gone.”

“I didn’t, you did.”

“Guess so.”

She shrugged again with what could have been an apologetic expression. We looked at each, both smirking slightly. Then she said:

“But it wouldn’t have happened without your cock in me.”

That was sweet of her, but when she jogged her hips to underline what she had said, it slipped out. She shrugged again with what was definitely apologetic expression and murmured:

“That’s not what I wanted to happen.”

“Nothing else was going to.”

“Not for me, that’s sure. Hmm? bahis siteleri Sorry again, that you lost your second one.”

“Lost in your wildly clutching pussy.”

“Oh, it wasn’t lost, we just weren’t so aware of what it did.”

“Just too aware of what your pussy was doing.”

“Um-hmm, like having I don’t know how many orgasms.”

“Don’t think I counted them.”

“Hmmm? But if you want, you deserve another one, for sticking in there like a good little brother.”

I snorted, thinking that I did deserve another one, but not sure I needed it. She was licking her lips, very suggestively. Hadn’t I told myself that having my cock sucked was the way I liked it most? After two good orgasms – the second must have been just as good – she wouldn’t have to prolong it by sucking my balls. I nodded and murmured:

“If you think I can.”

“Hmm! You’d better, I didn’t want to stop before.”

“Just ’cause you wanted to know if you could do what you did.”

“Um-hmm!” she agreed cheerfully and slid back on my thighs and dropped to her knees. I spread them, and she looked at my soft cock and slack sack, then murmured:

“The way I like to start. Hm-hmm! Even if they’re all wet still.”

“More from you.”

“Hm-hmm! I’m not sure.”

From what I could see of what her tongue lapped up, I knew I had been right, but her tongue was finding the streaks from my orgasms that had dripped out of her pussy. One of her hands jostled my balls, and then the fingers of her other hand raised my limp cock. It disappeared in her mouth. I hummed, although it wasn’t feeling anything arousing – yet – but I knew it would. She loved to suck it, and she was going to make sure that she got to taste what it could give her: my insistent older sister’s having told me that I – it – had better.

I did deserve this, and she wasn’t making any sacrifice; she wanted to, at least as much as I did. I leaned back, relaxing, watching her with my whole cock still in her mouth. Were we wicked, or just very lucky, that we both enjoyed this so much? Only wicked, if anyone other than Elsa and my roommate, Tim, knew. He didn’t know how good it was, but Elsa did, and we wanted to again, and my sister knew that we did. We were just very lucky.

At the moment, I was the most lucky of us three; my cock was responding to my sister’s sucking and licking., feeling my cock respond. I hummed and watched her lips slowly have to let it slip out. What a fucking – cock-sucking – pleasure, my now stiff cock in her mouth! Her tongue knew where I wanted it to lick. What was that like for her? I could almost imagine, Oh, my tongue was moving in my mouth like hers was. My cock twitched and surged. I could imagine how that felt for her too. I didn’t want to suck a cock, but it was arousing to imagine what she was enjoying.

Try to relax, I told myself, your sack is still loose, her fingers are moving your balls – can still move them. I hummed, and she hummed, glancing up at me. No, what I was enjoying was wicked, just too good, disregarding that it was my sister sucking my cock. What we did together didn’t bother me in the least, as long as no one, whom it could, didn’t know what we did, how we did. Elsa and Tim did, Elsa much better than Tim could probably imagine.

What my sister was doing made me forget such thoughts. Her sucking and licking my now so aroused cock didn’t allow thoughts about anything other than the sensations she was giving it, making it surge and twitch. I moaned, and she hummed again, glancing up at me again with smiling eyes. Because she was pleased that she had been able to arouse me again, or because she enjoyed sucking and licking it so much? She couldn’t enjoy that more than I was, like I did, when I licked her pussy, loving to do it, but wanting it to be so good for her.

My hips twitched up. She chuckled in her throat, and the fingers that had been on my sack rubbed down further between my thighs. They wanted to do that too? I rocked my hips and pulled the cheeks of my ass apart. She nodded with my cock in her mouth, and her fingers found my asshole. They didn’t just find it, one probed. I nodded with a moan, and let it, moaning, as it did.

Oooh! She was going to get what she wanted, maybe not as much as she hoped, but as much as my cock could give her. I tried to control my hips, managing to restrain their twitching a few times, but then gave up, had to give up. They rocked up. The hand with a finger in me encouraged them, but her other hand grasped my cock to keep it from thrusting too deep in her mouth, but its tight grip only increased my arousal, feeling like her tight pussy’s holding it. I groaned once and then grunted and felt my cock spurt in her mouth. She moaned and sucked, wanting more, and got it, probably not as much as she wanted, and a spurt or two less than if I hadn’t already come twice so good.

It was enough that when she raised her head and then rose up over me with a smirk, she could let me taste some of it. When I had, and we chuckled, I asked: bahis şirketleri

“What if I had been a couple of years younger.”

“Hmmm? Can a girl rape a young teenaged boy?”

“Hm-hmm! Probably not; I was thinking about you a couple of years earlier.”

“You were?! Should have told me.”

“I wouldn’t have known what to do.”

“Maybe I wouldn’t have either, but I bet we would have figured it out.”

“Stick it in, but not like this.”

“No, I guess not.”

“And I would have come in two seconds.”

“Hm-hmm! If you say so. I won’t ask how you know.”

“Well, maybe twenty seconds.”

We chuckled and kissed again. She chuckled and said:

“I could have taught you to kiss like that.”

“Hmm? You had?”

“Not when we were two, three years younger, but had heard about it.”

“And wanted to stick your tongue in your little brother’s mouth?”

“Hm-hmm! Anyone’s!”

“Oversexed big sister!”

“Not really; all the girls wanted to.”

“Hmm? And nobody tells the guys.”

“Hm-hmm! Probably why there still some virgins.”

“Not just the girls.”

We both chuckled. I looked around and remembered that we were at home, not in my college room, as I had been assuming. We got up and washed and cleaned up my chair and the floor under it, also where her pussy had dripped, while she had been sucking my cock, and returned to being non-incestuous siblings – for that day.

It wasn’t like that again at home, just more like before: fucking quickly a couple of time, when we could, sixty-nine most nights. New Year’s eve, we had trouble keeping our kiss as brief as ours with our parents, mine with our mother, hers with our father. I had to wonder if he would have liked to kiss her like I usually did, almost thinking that he should, that she should – why not, if we did?

We all had had something to drink. Our parents’ kiss had been a lot better than ours at the same time, both of us a little surprised that they had kissed that way in front of us, then smiling at each other, holding hands. When we all said goodnight, they chuckled softly, smiling at each other again. When we turned to our rooms, Vicky and I smirked at each other. I wondered if they wanted to do everything my sister and I did, wondered if they did everything we did. That was the first time it occurred to me that they might: Dad licking Mom’s pussy; more surprising, the image of her sucking his cock? I hoped so. When we closed the door to the living room, Vicky smirked again and murmured: “If they want to?”

We did! That was the last time we did everything. She sucked my cock, then sat on my face, and then slid back and sat on my cock. When we greeted them and each other the next morning, I hoped we didn’t smile at each other the way they did. We had joined them again separately, as usual, to avoid the suggestion that we had seen each other before.

Then we were back at our colleges.

* * *

Vicky assumed that her roommate, Elsa, wouldn’t ask how she and her brother had spent the holidays, but thought she could ask her if she had met an old friend. While they were unpacking, she did. Elsa shrugged with a nod and smile and replied:

“A real ‘old’ one, from junior high.”


“Not what you are thinking. We had barely kissed back then. Just ran into each other, agreeing to a date, that we didn’t have anyone else at home.”

“And?” Vicky asked again.

“We kissed better, if that’s what you want to know.”

Vicky nodded with an apologetic expression. Elsa smirked and remarked:

“Guess I don’t have to ask if you met an old friend.

“No, of course not. Don’t have to ask; I didn’t. More dates with him?”

“A couple. Oh, maybe we would have done more, if we’d had somewhere to do it.”

“Sounds frustrating.”

“Maybe, a little, but it might not have been good; I’m spoiled.”

Elsa shrugged with a smile, licking her lips. Vicky licked hers with a smirk and replied:

“Me too. Mmmm! And missed spoiling you.”

“Hmm! I doubt it, but I did too.”

They started taking off their clothes while they unpacked, what they removed joining what they took from their suitcases in their drawers or on hangers; not their bras and panties. When they came off, they looked at each other and hummed with grins. Naked, they hurried with their toilet articles to the bathroom and used the toilet, handing each other a washcloth. Vicky licked her lips again and murmured: “Spoil me.”

“I wanted to say that,” Elsa replied with a feigned scowl.

They both purred and hurried back in their room and fell into bed together and “spoiled” each other the best way two girls could. When both their heads were back on the pillow, Elsa chuckled and murmured:

“I spoiled myself a little at home.”

“Of course, like you did before we discovered how to spoil each other.”

“Hm-hmm! At first, of course, but then better.”


“Not just that way. Oh, that was now better than back then, thinking about you and Milt and everything we do, but even better.”

“You want me to ask this time?”


“Tell, how, what?”

Elsa chuckled again, then thought for a moment. Then she said:

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