A POV Seduction

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You are stood facing out of the window, your silhouette perfectly framed, I catch my breath as I realise that this isn’t one of my musings, you are here, right in front of me, available, and for one night at least, all mine.

I stand a while, holding my breath, I don’t want any noise to spoil this moment. I study your body, caught in the faint glow of the street lights outside, you are perfect. Your long dark hair falls in pleasing ringlets down your back; I study the shape of your neck, the curve of your hips.

You are just wearing your underwear. Black bra, small black hipster panties, and sheer black hold up stockings, just as you had promised. Your body is everyman’s dream, large pert breasts, long legs that would send you into frenzy with their smoothness and the kind of waist you could lose a day exploring with your every sense.

I still stand, not wanting to dare break the spell that is surrounding us, the magic of sweet anticipation. The unsaid and the unknown, meeting to create a separate world, which belongs to only the two of us.

Spurred on by my ardour I move silently behind you, I feel the heat of your body; I sense that you sense me and reach down with my lips to the base of your neck, my breath touches you, warm, almost connecting. I watch as the hairs on your neck, stand. Your skin rises to my breath as I inhale and breathe you in. You’re intoxicating.

My mind stalls as I lose myself in the moment of this non-connection.

You break the spell as you sigh and I gently lower my lips to your neck, contact.

My hands touch your shoulders and caress your skin as they slide down your arms to find your fingers. Our fingers clasp each other, urgently, afraid that once the contact is broken the enchantment will be broken. My lips, soft and moist search for your secret place, you moan as my lips journey around the base of your neck, you raise your head, giving the secret away.

You feel my warm breath on your ear as I kiss under your jaw; you tremble, as I rejoice in being so clever. I feel your kurtköy yeni escort ass grind into my naked cock as I continue to stimulate you there.

My hands want to hold you, want to dominate you, and want to pull your whole being into mine. My power awakens the naked lust in you as a strong hand pulls the back of your head to fully expose your neck.

I breathe deep as I look over your shoulder; your breasts so exquisitely wrapped in your expensive underwear heave up and down, your breathing becoming more erratic as my kisses continue to drive your lust. My nostrils flare, my hand reaches inside your bra, the warm flesh in stark contrast to your hard, engorged nipple. Still my kisses continue

My cock is fully hot and hard, you manoeuvre your ass so that I sit between your cheeks, you want to feel the heat. Your grinding gets faster and deeper. My fingers have your nipple, you feel the strength again as I pinch you, and you gasp again as my fingers pull your erect nipple away from your breast. I release, and it springs back to you, even harder than before.

Your neck is now resting back on my chest, I have full access to you, my other hand reaches for your other nipple. I have them both now, I start to work in unison, both nipples’s being twisted, then pulled then released. Still my kisses continue.

My hand moves from your right breast and slowly moves over your soft skin, I reach your abdomen and linger, I know you like this. I delight in feeling the small hairs, the raised skin and the soft pleasure of your body.

You want me now, but I only have this night, I want to drive you wild, give you a night that you will remember for all time.

My hand slips lower, it reaches the waistband of your panties, I can feel your heat. Still my kisses continue.

Hard and strong fingers slip inside, you arch your pussy forward but I resist, I find your trimmed pubic hair and I restrain myself, the sexual energy is now so strong, our bodies writhe against each other, our breathing in time and the heat is almost overwhelming

I can’t resist anymore, my kurtköy sınırsız escort fingers brush your clit, you moan, a guttural moan that pleases me, your clit is hard but my fingers continue down, the wetness of your pussy drives me insane and I growl a noise that surprises me.

I have never felt so turned on, I can’t hold my passion anymore, it slips my grasp like a demon slips its chains and I roar in total lust at the altar of your sexuality. My fingers delve into your hotness, you push down on my fingers and I let loose myself to your lasciviousness

You turn, our lips meet in a swirling orgy of tongues and wetness, My hands grab your ass cheeks apart and feel for the moisture I know is there, your hand has my cock and you wank me furiously, Our kisses now implacable in their lust. My fingers find your sopping cunt and soon we are lost in frantic mutual masturbation.

Harder, faster, harder faster, harder, faster

I want to taste you, I want to take your essence inside me, keep it there, imprint it on my memory and never let it go. I reluctantly break our kiss. You moan and grab the back of my head as my urgent lips kiss your chin, then lower, your neck, then lower.

With a skill that surprises me, I reach round and effortlessly un clasp your bra, it gently falls to the floor and the heat of your breasts , the softness of your skin is offered to me.

I cannot hold the tide of feelings that surround me, I kiss between your breasts, the heady mixture of your perfume and your natural smell drives me wild. You whisper in my ear, filthy words that fill my head, the fact that you want me as much as I want you just drives my lust beyond imagining.

I search for your nipple with my lips, the hardness surprises me but excites me too, my soft lips envelop you and you kiss the top of my head as I flick my tongue on the very end. My fingers on your other nipple pull and pinch driving you wild. My hand reaches down for your wetness and I start to finger fuck you in time with my urgent tongue.

I can tell that it has the desired effect; you start kurtköy sarısın escort to tremble as an orgasm begins to build. My fingers are soaked in your wetness and they slide in and out of you easily.

My thumb starts to brush your clit; it’s too much for you. I urge you to let yourself go and celebrate the deliciousness of your desire.

I can feel your cunt start to contract on my fingers, your voice husky and low urges me on with your lewd words. Faster and harder I plunder your sex, your moans get louder, your breathing faster.

I revel in your frantic urge for satisfaction.

I wedge my fingers into you and move my fingertips, finding that special spot that every woman has, you can’t hold on any longer, with your hands tight on my hair and your hot breath in my ear you cum so sweetly …….

I need to have you in my mouth; I need to taste this sweet sensation for myself.

I loose myself from your urgent hold and kiss all the way down, under your breasts, along your abdomen, my kisses harder now, my tongue searching for any moisture that clings to your skin, I reach your belly button, I can smell your excitement, it drives me wild, it drives me further down.

Your legs now, tremble with anticipation, your knees are weak, you lean against the wall for support as my hot wet mouth finds your pubes.

I am lost in a hedonistic world that is you, my senses heightened, my need to taste you overwhelms my every thought, my lips reach your clit, softly I kiss you, softly I take you in my mouth. My chin feels your wetness as I suck and kiss your clit; you moan again as a familiar feeling grips your cunt.

My lips move lower, they suck your labia into my mouth, my tongue splitting your lips as I search for the wetness that is driving me crazy.

At last my rigid tongue finds no resistance, I find your inner secret , I taste the sweet elixir that is you, I almost lose myself in this perfect moment of sensual bliss, but I stay, I taste, I celebrate your sweet love on my tongue.

Further and further I reach in to you, your stockings on my ears driving me wild, the soft feel of the nylon and the soft feel of your cunt in my mouth.

You tremble yet again as my tongue starts a rhythm inside your cunt, you rock your vulva so that my nose brushes your clit, I reach with a hand and gently feel for your ass, mmmm I find it and you just moan your approval as I slip one finger into your very dark place…

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