A Quickie for Danny

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57-year-old Roberta, Bert, answered the knocked at the door. Opening the door, she found her 30-year-old son, Danny, standing there, his left hand squeezing his crotch. Without invitation, or even a hello, he entered the apartment.

“How was your vacation?”

“Good mom. Real good.” Danny replied

“Where is Peggy? Isn’t Monday y’all day off?” She queried.

“She had an errand to run.” Danny answered. “She will be back in an hour to pick me up. I need a taste of your pussy We don’t have a lot of time mom, so let’s get humping.”

“It’s nice to be missed but that’s not enough time Danny!” Bert protested, as her son took her hand leading her to the bedroom.

“Sure it is! I have been thinking about you for three days. It won’t take long at all.”

“Me or my pussy?”

Five years earlier Danny had overheard his mother telling his wife, that having Danny so late in life, 27, with no real father, she had decided to be fixed. She, having a drunken father who had molested her, had never considered marriage and Danny was the result of the bad, one time, mistake with the apartment building plumber.

Danny, was one of those men who had pussy on the brain. Oddly, he did not have the nerve to mess around on his wife. After overhearing his mother’s story, he became fixated on her. One afternoon at lunch he had consciously suggested that they have sex.

Bert would always wonder if she had not protested firm enough against such an idea. He was not to be deterred and literally dragged her to the bedroom. She was not willing to admit that he had raped her because she ended up having an orgasm and enjoyed the whole experience. It ended up being a mutual arrangement, them having sex at least once a week, but then there were the times, like the present one, when he could actually seem demented and course, with a one track mind.

“Come on mom! Get with the program.” He chastised, as he flipped his loafers off, removed his jeans, always going commando and sock-less, and removed his T-shirt.

Bert stared at her son’s stiff erection and the redness of his shaft.

At 5’5″, she was a güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri rotund little woman at 160lbs. Her skin was a pasty-white, her thighs smooth enough. Long, reddish-orange, her hair was braided and wrapped in a bun around the back of her head. On the edge of diabetes, there was little hair on her mound. If one could point to any positive attribute, it would be her large nipples that were mounted on large sagging breasts. Notwithstanding, of course, the treasure hole between her legs that mesmerized her son.

For Bert to undress, was a simple matter. She lifted the bluish- gray, flowered shack of a dress over her head and pushed down pink bloomer style underwear.

“Show me how much you like my stiff peter.” He offered.

This was standard operating procedure, even when there were hours of free time. Bert sat down on the rather high bed and took the head of her son’s cock into her mouth. At other, more leisurely, times she would suck him to orgasm, having learned to swallow his ejaculate to keep things tidy. Then he would fuck her for ever, very much to her liking. But this day he pulled it from her within a few minutes. If she told the truth, Bert had missed her son too and was enjoying sucking his cock. But Danny was in a hurry!

Danny laid his mother back and lifted her legs, pushing them back. He put his face to her pussy and began a most novice attempt of oral pleasure. But today, pleasure was not his intent. He could, and had, done much better. His desire was to get her pussy lubricated. It was not a pretty pussy, with large flapped lips, but being his mother’s, creating elicit and incestuous arousal, and being safe from discovery, it was a very desirable pussy.

Leaving her at the edge of the bed, Danny moved in close and put the head of his cock to the reddish area, surrounded by pink, that was her treasure hole. He pushed into her. As he was sufficiently thick and long, entering her always caused his mother to gasp. Particularly, when she was not that well lubricated. She wasn’t at this time. Leaning over, cradling her in his arms, he did not linger to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri help her get lubricated, but began an intense rapid rhythm, stabbing at her.

“Good pussy Mama! Real good pussy! I’ve been thinking about your pussy the whole two weeks. Grrroodddd it’s good!” He exhaled heavily from open mouth. “I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to get my cock inside of you. I’m going to come in your pussy. Do you like the thought of that?”

“Yes Danny. I love for you to come in my pussy. Your cock is so big and long. You fuck Mama’s pussy so good.” Bert said without any of arousal in her tone. She was not being treated like a participant.

“Oh fuck it’s good! Your pussy is so tight!” How could it be otherwise. It had had virtually no use until five years earlier. “Oh fuck it’s good!”

Danny’s ass was reciprocating in a frenzied rhythm, but the orgasm he was seeking was still slightly out of reach. Could it be the guilty feeling of incestuous sex! Apparently not!

“You like your son’s cock? Call me a mother-fucker. Ohhhh fuck yes! Call me a mother-fucker.”

“Yes! You big cock mother-fucker!” A bit of arousal now in her tone. “I’ve missed your big cock. Fuck your mama. You bastard. You mother-fucking bastard! Fuck me damn you! Fuck me!”

Intermingled with this incestuous sexual banter, both mother and son were groaning, moaning, grunting and breathing heavily. The bed springs adding its own rhythmic sounds. All mingling together to intoxicate mother and son. Danny was now relentlessly stabbing his mother with his rock-hard cock.

“I’m going to fuck you! I’m going to wear your ass out! I’m going to shove my cock deep and make you squeal like the bitch you are.”

“I’m a bitch am I? This pussy can take everything you got. Fuck it! You can’t wear this pussy out!” Fuck that pussy! Your bitch’s pussy. You mother-fucker! AAhhhhhhhhh! You’re hurting me! Oh FUCK! You’re hurting me!”

He let up, not the least bit. He had been challenged. He was up to the task!

“Another minute! Another, another minute!”

“Danny! You’re hurting me! You’ve got to stop güvenilir bahis şirketleri pushing so deep! Dammit!”

“A few more minutes! Give me a few more minutes, damn you! I’ll show you!”

A participant for a few short minutes, Bert’s body became passive, unmoving, closing her eyes and letting her mind become void of feeling. It didn’t totally work.

“You’re hurting me Danny. You’re making my pussy sore. Hurry up. Come in Mama’s pussy. You’re killing me Danny. Don’t push so deep. Please!”

“Another minute! I’m almost there!”

In her pain, Bert knew the only way not to perish was to rally.

“You big dick mother-fucker. Fuck mama’s pussy! Give Mama’s pussy your come! I want it. I want it! I can feel it in me! Yes! Yes!”

“aaaAAAGGrrrrrrrrrrr, aaggrrrrrrrrrr, agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Oh FUCK!”

Bert’s pain finally ceased. As her son’s cock was still somewhat rigid as he continued to pump into her, she felt her arousal surface again.

“Fuck me Danny. Fuck mom’s pussy!”

Danny moved slightly to pull out of her.

“No baby! It will only take another minute.”

Bert hugged her son tightly in an effort to keep him from pulling out of her. She pushed her ass, fucking herself on what was left of his stiff cock.

“Don’t go Danny! Let me fuck myself if you won’t do it! Just another minute. What will it hurt. I need it Danny. Damn you!”

Danny managed to free himself from his mother’s embrace and headed for the bathroom to take a quick shower.


Bert laid there at the edge the bed fingering her pussy. She knew it was useless to try to finger herself to orgasm. Her son’s finger or tongue was the only thing that worked. She knew her son to be a lowlife, incestuous, bastard, interested only in her pussy. She also knew that, sexually, she needed him and would have to put up with his selfishness.

She got up and went to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet letting her son’s cum leak from her.

“Are you coming tomorrow for lunch as usual?” She queried, as her son showered.

“Don’t I always.” He answered.

“Are you going to take care of me tomorrow?”

“Of course mom! Don’t I always.”

She stood in the middle of the living room. Her son walked past her to leave.

“No kiss goodbye. No thank you!”

Danny turned and kissed his mother on her forehead. “Thanks mom.”

“Say hi to your wife for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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