A Sad Ending or a Sweet Beginning?

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The June heat was sweltering. Even with the classroom windows opened, not a breath of air moved over the students as they scribbled out their final exams. Heads down, sweat on every brow, the girls had peeled off down to the smallest amount of clothing possible. The boys stared in envy and lust from their desks—stuck in t-shirts with sleeves among the bevy of vixens wearing tank-tops with thin straps that showed off their young pert breasts.

Finally the bell rang and they made their way from their classes to lockers to collect their bags for the last time this year. Belle gathered up her small shoulder bag, slung it on and with a racing heart, made her way out to the bus lane. Later she would learn that she passed and ignored three people, but she was focused and blocked everything out. She had been planning this day for the past two months.

“Good afternoon, Belle,” her bus driver said cheerfully. “Looking forward to the summer break?”

“Hi Sean, yeah, I guess so.”

He chuckled at her less than eager response, “well, that’s the spirit” and shut the door. Belle took her seat with four other students who were unfortunate enough to have their exam on the last day. As the bus pulled out, she looked out the window and lost herself in thought while the large vehicle rocked and lurched through the small town and into the rural surroundings, stopping here and there to let the other students off.

Finally Sean steered the bus down the long and rather isolated road that lead to Belle’s house. There were only a handful of people that lived out the road, and after the first few houses, there were none until Belle’s. A deserted road, especially today when her parents were out of town and she was home alone.

The bus pulled into the round-about that was her driveway and stopped. “End of the line,” Sean called out as he did every day for her. She nodded, rose and slipped from the stick seat. Down her back was a large sweat stain from the heat and vinyl seat. Belle paused at the last set of seats and instead of turning and bouncing down the stairs as she would do normally, she instead placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Sean thanks so much for being a great driver, and letting me off right at my door and stuff.”

“Ah it’s no problem. It’s easier to turn around in here than on the road there,” he pointed to the small space at the end of the driveway.

Belle nodded and kept going “and for, that help, earlier this year. I really appreciate being able to talk to you.” She referred to the boy who had led her on, made her believe she was special mamak escort only to find out it was to get into her pants.

Sean waved his hand, “it was nothing. You’re a special girl, you deserve better than that creep.” He smiled and his face was very friendly and inviting.

“Would, uh, would you like to come in and I can get you some lemonade?” It was weak. Lame even but she had to take a chance.

He started to chuckle and shook his head, “thanks Belle, but I can’t leave the bus. What if they called me on the radio?” It was as bad excuse as her invitation. His radio barely reached this far out and the dispatcher never called him.

“Oh, right,” she gave a nervous laugh, kicking herself for putting herself out there. She took a deep breath and decided that since he had not said it was wrong, she had one more chance. She slid her hand down over his chest toward his shorts. Her breathing was getting ragged as her fingers neared the button to his shorts.

“B-belle?” He stammered, not really believing what was happening. His eyes turned to look at her, taking in her young supple body and not able to deny the stirring he felt in the lower regions.

“Sean, don’t… don’t tell me to stop,” she asked him in a small voice as her fingers started to undo the button on his shorts “Please, do not tell me to stop.” She slid her hand inside the opening and wrapped around his manhood.

He shook his head, his eyes closing a little as he enjoyed the eighteen-year-old’s soft fingers. His arm raised up and snaked around her hips, the hand rested on her ass and he gave a squeeze to the firm backside. Slowly his fingers started to bunch up her skirt, revealing her thong-clad hips and bare cheeks.

Belle sucked in her breath and presses against him, her fingers moving slowly along his shaft, feeling the warmth from him as her heart thundered in her chest. His fingers worked along her tender cheeks and between her legs. They found her underwear saturated and he smiled at her as he pressed and teased. Her head arched back and a soft moan escapes, startling herself as well as him.

She gave a nervous laugh after the moan and turned her head to face him more, lowering a little to kiss him. He shook his head and pressed a finger into her tender passage, wiggling deeper and adding the sound of her juices squishing to the deep ragged breathing filling the front of the bus. Her hips rocked and she clung to him, her hand moving faster over his shaft as her own arousal was brought up.

Drawing up more courage, she slipped to ankara masaj yapan escort her knees. His finger slid out of her dripping tunnel as she wrapped her lips around his throbbing cock. Her tongue swirled over the head and drew a long low groan of delight from him. Slowly she slid down the entire length, just like the website said, pressed her tongue to the underside and then drew up just as slowly. His hips moved and she felt his hands in her hair. As she bobbed up and down on his stiff prick, the hands in her hair started to do more than caress her head, the guided it. Fingers knotted her hair and pulled. The burn in her scalp shot electricity right to her clit and she moaned around his thick member.

Relaxing her throat, she took the head of his shaft into it and felt herself choke a little. She held as long as she could then let up, only to meet his hand pushing back down. She grabbed a lungful of air and allowed herself to be forced back down on to him. He held her head down, not giving her the chance to get any air. Her head swam a little as her lungs burned with the need for oxygen. Finally he let her head up and she gulped down air, and then devoured his cock again. The rough handling was making her wetter by the second, she did not know why, but she was craving it.

The hand in her hair was pulling back on her head now, taking her mouth from his cock that seemed to have grown even bigger from her oral ministrations. Her eyes widened as she looked at it and started to worry about what she was getting into. Could she take it? “Get up Belle,” his voice was firm as he rose with the pull on her hair. She stumbled to her feet and then down the aisle a few steps at his urgings.

“Owww, yes Sir,” she whimpered. She called all her teachers sir, but something about calling Sean this, now, made her tremble with excitement.

“Good girl,” he guided her to one of the seats and bent her over the back. As she positioned herself she wiggled her ass at him and he grinned. “Oh? Taunting me are you?” he laughed

Taunting? No! I’m just getting comfortable she thought as she felt his large hand land on her ass. “Owww, shit!” she cried out and then yelped louder as the second one landed on the other cheek. Her ass began to burn and she found herself wiggling more, subconsciously she was taunting him to hit her again. He obliged with another slap, then another. Soon her bottom was glowing red and even threatening to bruise later. The result was her pussy was soaked. She could not deny how turned on she was by mithatpaşa escort his spanking, handling her like a little girl.

“Are you going to taunt me like that again Belle?” He challenged her.

“Yeoww, no Sir!” She cried back.

“Have you learned your lesson Belle?”

“Yes, yes Sir!” She sobbed as he kept spanking her.

“I don’t think you have,” his voice sounded sinister. She felt him pushing her panties to the side and she spread her legs. He was going to do it. He was going to take…

“Ahooowwww god! FUCK!” She wailed as his large cock buried into her tight little cunt. She felt the tissue give way and rewarded his thrust with a trickle of blood, her cherry given so wantonly.

He pulled out and then plunged back in with a growl, “shit girl, you didn’t tell me you were a virgin.” He groaned at the tightness, rocking his hips faster and pounding into her. The bus rocked on its springs and she filled the small space with her moans.

“Ohh god! Ohh god!” She cried out over and over mixed with the expected ohhs and ahhs. For a little catholic girl, she swore and called on her maker so often it was though He were fucking her and not the bus driver. She felt the rise inside her, a tingle in her stomach and a warm rush over her entire body. His thrusting was becoming urgent, a race to get to the end.

Suddenly he tensed up and gave a hard deep thrust. It felt like his cock swelled to twice its size, pressing hard against her tight walls as his seed spurted forth and flooded her passage. His grunt and groan bordered on primal while he shuddered and gave more hard thrusts, as if trying to push his cock out her throat.

She moaned and shuddered herself, her body convulsing on the cock impaled in her cunt. She cried out at the savage finishing thrusts and then simply lay there limp, draped over the back of the bus seat. When he pulled out she felt the trickle of her juices, his cum and her blood roll down her thigh. Her ass burned and showed signs of bruising already.

He helped her stand, holding her up for the time to turn her around and sit her on the seat. He sat beside her and tucked himself away before holding her close for a moment. She wriggled on the seat as her bottom hurt from the spanking he had given her. She rested her head on his shoulder a moment and whispered, “thank you Sir.”

He stroked her hair and nodded, “you’re welcome Belle.”

She looked up suddenly and gasped at her parents’ car coming down the road. Belle pressed a piece of paper into his hand and then composed herself and met them as she stepped of and Sean took his seat behind the wheel. As he closed the door he heard her telling her mom that she was just a little broken up about the end of school and Sean had been making her feel better. Sean grinned and pulled out of the driveway, taking a quick look at the paper in his hand ‘again, call me.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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