A Trio of Mean Girls Pt. 04 – Finale

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I was sitting in my room, rubbing my cock to the photos and videos I had of Gina and Emily getting banged and being all around whores. Seeing Emily getting stuffed by a bigger cock than mine was better than any porn ever, and I loved seeing how the guy left bright red handprints on her fat, juicy ass as she was riding his thick cock and tearing open her tight little pussy.

The arousal soon became too much to bear, and I found myself shooting cum as I looked at footage of my classmates being brainless sluts. I cleaned myself up and went to the bathroom. When I came back, I noticed a notification about a text message. The number was unfamiliar.

‘Heyyy Leo, u awake rn?’

‘Who is this?’ I responded.

‘Your dream girl, Emmaaaaa!’

She continued with,’Come find me after school tomorrow’

‘I know you’re impatient, so here’s something to convince you’

The next text was a picture. I opened the image and was greeted by a scandalous selfie where she had her chest bare and her fingers barely covering her perky young breasts. She was naked, and her smooth tan skin on her athletic body made my sick spring to attention, despite cumming not five minutes ago. She didn’t appear to be wearing panties, and her other hand was covering her nether regions, though I could see a small trail of hair just above that seemed to be pointing down there. Although thinner than the other girls, her hips were still noticeable and her curves were still nothing to scoff at. Thanks to her sporty lifestyle, it was clear that she had nicely toned thighs and I couldn’t imagine how nice her ass must look.

I saved the picture to my personal collection and went to bed, eager for what the following day would bring.


After trudging through the boring day filled with classes, I jumped out of my seat when the bell rang.

I navigated the maze of hallways to Emma’s locker. I saw her grabbing her things and noted that she was looking exceptionally sexy that day. She was wearing a tight, navy blue dress that showed off the form of her hips and long, slender legs to full effect. While her tits weren’t massive, they were nice and perky and the dress gave me a good look at her cleavage. Her jet black hair was flowing straight down and accentuated her caramel skin. She was wearing a fair bit of makeup which highlighted her beautiful round eyes and cheekbones.

She looked at me and smirked, although there was a lot more warmth and friendliness behind it than what Emily or Gina would give me.

“So, what’s up?” I asked.

She winked and said she had a surprise for me. She stepped closer and put her hand on my chest. I looked down at her perky tits and got hard from standing so close to her.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” she said.

We walked out together and I sat next to her on the bus ride home. She kept running her hands over me, and I was lucky enough that no one else was seated near us.

I guess she wasn’t satisfied with the pace of things, so she grabbed my hand and placed it on her tits. I was stunned, and awkwardly groped her tits, feeling the soft flesh though her dress give way to my hands, the warmth of her skin flooding through the fabric. She looked at me and pulled me into a kiss. Her lips were soft and full, and she was very passionate about it. She put her other hand on my lap and I felt it rest on my crotch. She pulled away and giggled.

“I thought there’d be more of a bulge down there, I guess you’re still the same little guy as always,” she said.

My face reddened in embarrassment, though I felt my cock stiffen at her words.

“I heard about what happened between you and the other girls. Does it bother you that they prefer big dicks? That most girls want more than you have to offer?” She asked.

I could feel her breathy whispers in my ear, and her words only aroused me further.

“It’s funny, because it looks like instead of bothering you, it makes your little guy harder.”

I nodded sheepishly as she continued on, seemingly getting into it.

“I don’t see why you’re getting hard, though. I mean, it’s not like that little nub of yours can do anything for a girl.”

She was smirking slightly at how I was so easily controlled by her dirty talk.

“Try not to get too excited sweetie, I have more fun planned for us.”

With that, she kissed me on the cheek and rested her head on my shoulder. We made some quiet small talk until we finally arrived at her house.


We got off the bus and walked inside her house, all the while she was flirting and teasing me. We got inside and she sat me down on the couch in her living room. It seemed that no one else was home.

She sat on my lap, and to my surprise, I noticed she’d discarded her panties. Her pussy was soaking canlı bahis şirketleri wet from all the foreplay earlier, and I could feel it seeping into my sweatpants. She pulled her tits free from her low cut dress, and I looked in awe at her perky, youthful, yummy boobs. She pulled my head closer and I started kissing and suckling on her tits, eliciting audible moans from Emma who was now bucking her hips and grinding into me.

“For such a little guy, you’re certainly good at using your mouth. I guess you have to in order to get a girl off, seeing as what’s in your pants just isn’t enough.”

She caressed the back of my head as I continued to play with her boobs, and I moved one of my hands down in between her thighs. I slid my fingers up near her soaked snatch, and tentatively penetrated her with my index finger.

“Ohhhhhh, that’s just perfect, don’t stop,” she moaned.

I kept fingering her tight (though admittedly looser than the other girls) pussy. She was riding my fingers like they were a cock, letting out whorish cries of base pleasure as she grabbed my hair and had me use my mouth on her erect, perky nipples. I flicked my tongue across her pretty titties as I felt her walls squeeze down on my digits as she grew closer to finishing. She let out one final groan of euphoria as she clamped down on my fingers and sprayed my hand from her gushing cooch.

She leaned her head down and pulled me into a deep kiss. She broke away and sighed as she rested her head onto my shoulder.

“That was amazing. I’m definitely gonna have to keep you around.”

While it was certainly fun, my cock was painfully hard underneath my clothes.

“So, do you maybe wanna go further?” I asked. “I’m pretty stiff down there.”

“Mmm, no, I don’t know if I feel like it right now. Maybe if you eat me out I might change my mind?” She raised an eyebrow at me while saying it, knowing I would acquiesce to her demands.

She got up and lay on her back on the sofa, spreading her long, tan legs wide, guiding my head down into her nethers. Her pussy looked slightly reddish, and it was wet as could be. I got closer and nuzzled her with my lips. I slowly brought my tongue out and started to lick her. She sighed and told me to be gentle with her. I kept running my tongue all over her sloppy pussy. I decided to kick things up a notch, and when I noticed her clit, I decided to tease it with my tongue. I flicked it gently across as I continued to eat her out, eliciting more lustful moans from her.

Emma was enjoying it quite a bit, and I could feel her thighs quivering around my head. I devotedly kept tongue fucking her, hoping my painfully erect dick would get some relief at the end.

Emma was positively grinding her crotch into my face, using me as just an instrument of pleasure. She was getting wetter and wetter, and more and more aggressive in getting herself off.

“Fuck, your tongue is so goood. I’m getting close…” she said.

She came hard, despite the previous orgasm, and coated the lower half of my face in her gushing pussy fluid as she pressed my head deep down into her crotch. She sighed contentedly when her orgasm passed, and sank back into the couch now that she was fully satisfied.

I cleared my throat and said, “Now that you’ve gotten yours, maybe I could get mine…?”

She looked at me with those sweet brown eyes of hers and said,”I don’t know sweetie, I’m pretty worn out now.”

“But I heard about how you’ve done way more in a night with other guys than just that!” I protested.

She giggled in a maliciously innocent way and countered with,”But you aren’t those guys, babe. They were much…better equipped than you. Certainly longer and much, MUCH thicker, enough to really stretch me out. I mean, you saw how loose I was down there, and I haven’t even done it for like a week. It’s because I like them better when they’re massive.”

I groaned and felt helpless, knowing she preferred much larger cocks than what I had to offer. She noticed my expression and pulled me into a hug, nesting my face in between her soft, petite boobs.

“Oh don’t take that to heart, sweetie. You eat pussy and get me off better than literally every other guy I’ve ever had, and you’re so sweet, and cute and gentle,” she whispered.

“Honestly,” she continued,”I kinda wanna date you. I actually like you a lot, shortcomings and all.” She stifled a giggle at that last remark.

She brought her lips down to mine and kissed me again. She pulled me up onto the couch beside her as she continued to make out with me. I felt her place her hand on my crotch. She crept her hand down my hands and wrapped her fingers around my little hard on. She had me pull down my sweatpants and my cock sprang free.

“It’s even cuter out in the open,” she said, making me blush.

She stroked it gently canlı kaçak iddaa with her thumb, index and middle finger, encompassing much of the unimpressive girth. She pulled away from my lips and I rested my head on her shoulder, nuzzling her neck as she continued to rub my stiff, desperate dick.

I groaned as I felt myself nearing climax.

“Is that it? You’re already reaching your limit, little guy? I was even gonna give you some head since you got me off so well,” she muttered.

She leaned down and brought her pretty little face down to my cock. As soon as she parted her plump, pink lips and touched my tiny dick with her wet, warm tongue, I erupted and shot thick, powerful wads of cum everywhere. I got my salty sperm all over my stomach and on Emma’s elegant face.

“Quite a cumshot for such a little guy,” she said. “And I was gonna suck you off too.”

We cuddled and made out for a bit.

“Honestly, even though I’ve always been a bit of a hoe and a sizequeen, I like you alot. And your hands and mouth are more than enough babe,” she hurriedly reassured me.”I wanna give it a shot, and if you’re loyal to me, then I promise I’ll be loyal and won’t sleep around.”

I realized that I wouldn’t get to have fun with any of the other girls anymore, but Emma seemed so genuine and sincere that I couldn’t turn her down. She smiled and hugged me tight, and I hugged her back, taking in the scent of her perfume and her soft strands of hair brushing gently across my face.

Before I left, Emma pecked me on the cheek and said she was looking forward to having me as her boyfriend.


I enjoyed the next several weeks as I went out with her. We were constantly together, and I loved every second of it. She made me laugh with her goofy antics, and she was a knockout in the looks department to boot, always showing off her body when she got a chance with me.

We were getting ourselves off constantly, or at least she was. She was admittedly a pretty selfish lover, though I didn’t mind much at all. She would often have me eat her out and she would then give me a handjob afterwards, or a bit of oral teasing, but she never let me fuck her.

One of our more memorable encounters took place on a movie date. We were going to see some cheesy action movie, though it was more an excuse to get together and enjoy each other’s bodies. When we were in line to get popcorn and drinks, we saw a group of guys walk out of the theater, chatting loudly. There were five of them and they looked like stereotypical douchebags, with the attitude to boot. I noticed that Emma was sort of hiding behind me, making herself less visible. I thought it was strange but didn’t press the issue. We got our snacks and walked into the theater.

We settled into our seats and the movie started playing. Neither of us were really paying attention since we were softly talking and groping each other. Conveniently for us, there were only a few other people and they were seated far away from us.

I recalled what happened earlier and decided to ask her about it.

“Yo, so what was up with you earlier? You were, like, hiding from those guys?”

She gave me a sheepish smile.

“Well, I kind of know those guys,” she said.

“How exactly do you know them?” I asked. I was fingering her gently at this point.

“Well -mmmph- they were like, friends of mine. I don’t talk to them anymore, but we used to be friends,” she said.

“Just what kind of friends were they that you were hiding from them?”

Even in the darkness of the theater, Emma looked like she was blushing.

“Well, we were kind of… more than friends. I mean, we hung out, but they went further than friends do,” she whispered.

I quit beating around the bush and asked,”Did you fuck them?”

She silently nodded. I pressed my fingers deeper inside of her, and she shuddered at the sensation.

“Sweetie, I didn’t want you to be jealous, since they’re all jerks anyway, but before I met you, they were some of the guys I slept around with,” she whimpered.

“So, you were like the whore of the group? They kept you around as a set of holes to stuff with their cocks whenever they felt like it?” I pressed.

“Y-yeah, I never really turned any of them down. I was kind of just a cheap skank that they used for my body. Baby, th-they all had bigger cocks than you!” she cried.

I was unexpectedly aroused by hearing of her past sexcapades. I kept fingering her soft pussy, which was drenching my hands and her clothing from the stimulation and the conversation.

I picked up the pace a little and fingerfucked her deeper.

“So you let them use you whenever they wanted? Did they stretch you out a lot with their cocks? Is that why you’re so loose down there, whore?”

“Mmm hmm. I -unghh- hung canlı kaçak bahis around them and they’d give me free weed and booze in exchange for using me,” she said. “But honestly… I enjoyed it a lot. Their cocks were all at least 6 inches, and they were VERY thick.”

“So it wasn’t about any higher goal, you just wanted to get fucked real hard? Why did you stop then?”

“Because they’re jerks and I started dating you -mmmmph!”

She sprayed her pussy juice all over my hands and soaked through her leggings. She was breathing heavily and looked satisfied, if a little ashamed.

“I didn’t want you to find out about all that. You’re not mad, or jealous are you?” she asked.

I shook my head and kissed her.

“If you’ve been faithful so far, then I don’t give a shit. I slept with some other chicks too, if you could call it that. You’ve been an amazing girlfriend. Plus, that was kind of fun to hear you admit to it.”

I made out a smile on her face. She reached her hand down and pulled my cock out of my pants.

“Then why don’t I repay you?”

She started jerking me off with her soft, dainty hands.

“You know,” she whispered,”I sometimes took more than one guy at a time. A couple of times, I had one in my mouth, and another guy banging my tight little pussy.”

She picked up the pace and enveloped my undersized cock in her hands.

“They were all way bigger than you,” she continued,”so sometimes I wouldn’t be able to walk right afterwards. They really got deep in there, and stretched me out like a balloon. My pussy would be so sore, but so satisfied afterwards.”

She kept jerking me as she spoke.

“One time, I had three at once. I alternated between sucking two off while one guy pounded me,” she said,”but one guy got impatient. So instead of waiting for me to suck his dick, he joined the guy in the back and stuck his cock inside me alongside him. It hurt so BAD at first, but once I got used to it, the feeling of being filled up took over. I let those guys take me, day after day, and they used your girlfriend well.”

I was getting really close to finishing. Emma leaned down and took my tiny dick in her mouth. As soon as it entered her warm, wet confines, I shot one of my biggest loads let, as my cock ached and pulsated inside her hot, slutty mouth. In spite of my size, I filled up her mouth with my massive cumshot, and she swallowed it all down like an experienced whore.

“Damn, that really got you off, huh? Well babe, I’ve got plenty more stories like that for you. Besides, those are only the guys you know about so far,” she giggled.

We quietly watched the rest of the movie together before it ended, and we parted ways, promising to meet again soon.


One day, Emma must’ve been feeling a bit nicer than usual, as she straddled me with a lusty look in her eyes.

“I want you to take me,” she whispered. There was no hint of anything other than lust in her eyes. She pulled my cock free from my clothes and positioned it straight underneath her.

When I finally slipped my cock inside, I found she was incredibly wet and slippery, but also quite loose.

I thrust my hips and she mashed herself down into my lap.

“Is that it?” She asked. “I barely feel anything. My exes were all bigger than this.”

I tried harder to fill her up with my limited length, but it seemed to have no effect. While it was enjoyable for me, she was really just riding me for amusement. She had me lick and kiss her nipples for added stimulation. That got a reaction from her. She started sighing softly as I ran my tongue all over her pink, soft nubs.

Having her tits mashed into my face pushed me closer and closer to the edge. Pretty soon it was too much to bear, and I shot ropes of cum into her snatch. I moaned loudly into her chest as I did.

“Umm, is that it? You barely lasted two minutes!” She was giggling at my lack of control.

“Mmm, and you didn’t fill me up very much either like other guys have. I still wanna cum.”

She climbed off me and lay down. She spread her legs and I saw her pussy, glistening in our fluids.

“Maybe you could make up for your wimpy little dick with your tongue? At least, that’s what the other girls tell me, and you eat pussy pretty good.”

Embarrassed as I was, I decided to cover up my measly performance with some oral play. I dove in and started licking her pink pussy that was splattered with and oozing both our fluids. She seemed to enjoy oral much more than penetration, since she audibly vocalized her pleasure.

Like usual, I used my tongue and my digits to get my size queen girlfriend off. When she finished, and coated my face in her girlcum once more, she pulled me close and kissed me.

“I guess your dick is just too small to enjoy properly. It’s okay baby, I still love you.”

Despite my small cock, Emma still fucked me from time to time, more for my benefit than hers, although I wasn’t complaining since I enjoyed her being assertive and dominant, and she always got me off regardless.


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