A Walk in the Woods Ch. 01

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Thank you, t and G_G… (you know who you are! ;-)) You are much appreciated!

This story will be done in several chapters.


Amanda pushed through the last bit of brush and undergrowth and stopped to catch her breath in the sultry night air. She smiled, almost laughed to see her favorite place in the whole world where she’d spent her happiest summers spread out before her. The full moon shone through the trees and dappled the surface of the Pond with silver light and deep shadows and the water looked so inviting. It had been quite a hike up from the campgrounds a couple of miles down the mountainside, and she hadn’t been here on this mountain since she was sixteen, her last year as a camper. Since then she’d graduated high school and entered college, caught up in the whirl of study, work and more study. She would have loved to spend her nineteenth birthday in Paris or Vienna, but since she couldn’t afford the trip most of her friends were taking to tour Europe on this, the first summer semester off from College, she had decided to take the job of camp counselor where she remembered so many happy summers with her best friend, Angie.

After more than an hour of uphill slogging through the fields and woods, she was hot and very sticky. For just a moment she considered changing into her bathing suit, but the cool water beckoned, so she dropped her pack, kicked off her sneakers and jumped into the pond. The water was much cooler than expected after her long hot walk and she broke out in goose-flesh, but the water felt so good she paddled around until her wet jeans got heavy and very uncomfortable. No, jumping in fully clothed hadn’t been such a good idea!

The sopping material of her thin t-shirt and jeans stuck to her body like glue as she climbed out, her nipples pebbled by the cold water. She shivered as a breeze made the soaked clothing even colder nallıhan escort and she peeked around guiltily as she stripped her top off and peeled the tight wet denim down her legs. She knew she was alone, but it still felt odd to take off her clothes outside. She grabbed her wet clothes in one hand and her shoes and pack in the other and found her favorite spot by the stream that flowed into the Pond. She laid out her wet things on the grass to dry and emptied her backpack, spreading a large towel out on the soft grass and setting the other items aside.

For a second or two she pondered her wet panties and bra and then pulled them off hurriedly, as well. No sense in getting the towel soaked, she thought, as she set them aside as well. She shivered again, though not from a breeze this time. It felt delightfully wicked being the first time she’d gone completely naked out of doors! Her whole body felt like it was blushing, warmed by the summer night air caressing her skin. Amanda stretched slowly, lifting her arms as if reaching for the moon or offering her up-thrust breasts and then dove into the Pond, slicing through the water. It was so intoxicating feeling the water gliding around her as she swam gracefully. After several minutes she rolled over and floated on her back gazing up into the black and silver sky. The cool water rippled and lapped around her, but she was especially sensitive to it between her thighs, against the sides of her breasts and over her belly, sensuously tickling her everywhere. It didn’t take very long before she was so excited, she knew she needed to do something about it so she moved out of the water and lay back on the soft towel.

Amanda lay back looked up at the wheeling stars and felt as if she could feel the moonlight on her body. She ran her hands over her body slowly and shuddered as her nipples hardened. Moving necatibey escort her fingers over the pebbled mounds, she pinched them gently and gasped and writhed a little. Her pussy was getting wetter and her thighs parted as if of their own volition. She stroked and teased her breasts a little longer until she couldn’t wait any longer to touch herself between her legs and slid her hands down over her tummy combing her fingers through the dark curls that covered her swollen mound. Her lips were already slick with creamy juices and her clit was peeking out of its hood as she slipped her fingers over the sensitive nub begging for attention. Her hips rocked and she almost cried out at the explosion of sensation. Her breath came in ragged gasps and she realized she was so close to coming already!

It had never felt like this before! She knew if she didn’t slow down she’d have a screaming orgasm in seconds and she didn’t want the delicious sensations to pass so quickly so she moved her hands back up to stroke her swollen nipples and pressed her thighs together to help quell the throbbing pleasure in her cunt. She teased her nipples to hard throbbing peaks again and thought about the first boy she ever saw naked, her first crush, Patrick. Her best friend Angie and her cousin, they’d all played together every summer for five years until Patrick had stopped coming to the mountain for vacations and concentrated on getting into a top flight college. Being friends, without any thought of boy/girl, they’d played summer after summer, as familiar and happy in each others company as if they were brother and sisters. After that rainy summer when they’d all teased each other mercilessly, chased each other, playing tag and storm-the-fortress, climbing trees and playing at being explorers in the expanse of wood… The memory of him in his torn off jeans and ankara otele gelen escort t-shirt made her sigh.

Just the thought of their childish play, how it developed into something more intense for them, and how aroused it had made her feel that very first time she’d noticed the whippet leanness of his body when he stripped off to his shorts to swim in this same Pond… all of it brought back that sudden surge of excitement. She’d thought about him often in the intervening years, often while in her bed touching herself as she did now, and wondered where he was and what he was doing. The thought of him always made her so very hot and achy for release.

She could smell the sweetness of her juices on her fingers and her pussy was still flowing. She whimpered softly and rubbed the creamy fluid into the soft skin of her breasts, pinching them gently. She’d touched herself many times before, in her bed at home, in the bath or shower, and once, feeling very naughty and aroused, in the bathroom at school, but she’d never felt a response like this…. Not like this.

When her breathing and the pounding of her heart slowed a little, she wantonly spread her lips with one hand again and ran a finger up and down her wet slit and throbbing clit again. It only took a couple of minutes to get herself to the same state of arousal as before and this time she couldn’t stop. With flicks of her fingers, she teased the hard, slick nub of flesh until her hips rocked and lifted and she couldn’t keep from moaning when she couldn’t stand it any longer, slipped a finger deep into her tight pussy. With a few thrusts of her finger, she shuddered and cried out again and again as a clear fountain of cum sprayed into the air, drenching her pussy and soaking the towel beneath her.

Her body was still thrumming with the aftermath of her orgasm, she could still barely catch her breath, when she heard a guttural groan. Her eyes flew open as she sat up abruptly, amazed to see Patrick, her Patrick, a much older Patrick than the one she remembered, only a few feet away from her on his knees, his chest and belly splattered with her cum, as naked as she and holding his very hard throbbing cock in his hand!

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