A Well Deserved Massage

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I had been traveling for 9 hours and finally arrived in New York. The trip was a difficult given the summer thunderstorms. I had left my wife and 6 year at home and hoped for day alone during my first trip to NY. I had planned to spend the day taking is sight before my meetings began until 9 am tomorrow. It was already 7 pm, so I had just the evening to relax. Not being from New York, I went down to the concierge and asked where I could get a good massage. Unfortunately the hotel spa was closed. The concierge recommended a local spa around the corner. I entered as they were closing up. The spa looked clean enough. I was about to leave, when the guy behind the counter said he could take care of me. I booked the 90 minute deluxe massage.

Another guy, shorter, stocky black man was laughing with the ladies who were leaving down the hall as I entered the locker room. He said make myself comfortable and someone would be with me in a few minutes. I undressed, placed my things in a locker, and donned the robe on the back of the door. A tall, strong, curvy and not totally unattractive woman knocked and peeked in and said “Please follow me.” The lady, my masseuse I assumed, led me to shower room and said, “When you’re done showering, please go back Room E.” Her accent was slight but clearly Eastern European. The shower felt great after the flight. After a warm shower, I stepped out and found a towel folded on the bench but the robe gone. I wrapped the towel around my waist, and looked in to the hall. The lights were all dimmed and no one was in sight. I saw Room E across the hall and slipped in.

The small room was also dimly lit. I stretched out on the table. Soothing new age music played. I began to doze when there was a tap on the door. A person entered and lit a scented candle. I felt the warm lotion being poured on my back. Strong hands worked the oil into my back. My muscles began to melt under the firm touch. Next they worked my neck and head. I was dozing as my arms and hands were worked until they felt like rubber. Next my feet and calves were kneaded removing the cramps from the 8 hours in economy class seats. By time, my thighs were worked on I was nearly asleep.

In a dreamlike fog, I imagined the Eastern European Lady’s hands canlı bahis şirketleri beginning work my buttocks. The warm oil seeped down my crack and coated it and then my balls as the strong hands worked by buttocks. I moaned in pleasure and the strong hands worked my buttock over. At first, I was I thought I was dreaming as a finger slide over my anus sending shivers through me. Soon my anus was being caressed by the strong finger. The pleasure was nothing I had felt before. My cock began to respond slowly stiffening underneath me. I felt the finger than a slender object probing my aroused anus. I let out a low moan as it moved in deeper. After a few minutes, I began breathing more deeply as waves of pleasure swept over me. A feeling of disappointment came over me as the object was pulled slowly out. Before I could stir, I felt something new replacing it, larger, thicker replacing it. It was slowly worked into me. Then, I felt it begin to pump in and out sending waves of pleasure through me. This went on for several minutes when all of sudden, I felt it twirl. It hit something that sent a shock wav of pleasure through me. I gasped and let out a low moan as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through me. As the object twirled, I felt as if I was about cum in an explosion. Before that could happen, it was slowly withdrawn.

I lay there panting, as the strong hands rolled me over and covered my face with warm, moist towel. The strong hands then did their magic to my legs, chest and arms again calming me down and soothing me back to near sleep-like trance. When the warm oil again was poured on my abdomen, it again seeps down around my balls and down my ass. The strong hand began to knead my balls again causing my cock to rise. As the strong fingers wrapped around my cock, I reached up and pulled to towel from face and gasped. Those wonderful hands were not the strong eastern European woman I had been dreaming of but the man from thee front desk. He released my balls and put his finger to his lips to shush me and said, “We’re all alone.” I was frightened as first. He stood there in a paid of shorts that barely fit and his well formed chest, covered in light brown fur, five o’clock shadow and piercing green eyes. He smiled and went on canlı kaçak iddaa “At first I didn’t think you would like it, but as you moaned as I massaged your ass, I figured I would give it a try.” He reached over to the table which had progressively longer and ticker wand-like objects. He held up a slightly curved wand with a rounded bulb tip. I was amazed that this long, thick tool had been inside of me. He gave my cock a tug. I gasped.

“So this is your first time”, he asked. All I could do was nod yes. He stretched my cock again as he firmly tugged on it. I winced at the discomfort and scooted forward on the table to ease the discomfort. “Do you want some more?” I couldn’t speak. Before, I could react, he pulled me to end the end of table, and his fingers now began to probe my ass as he stroked my cock. My eyes widened, as he bent forward and engulfed my cock with his mouth. I could only moan in response as he slipped two, then three fingers in fingers as he began to probe. I began to whisper “yes, yes”. I propped myself up to watch as he devoured my cock. I was mesmerized by the way he attacked my cock. I had never had such a sensual or vigorous a blow job. He the licked the entire shaft and swallowed my balls. Has he sucked and tugged on my sack, he had stroked my spit-slippery cock. He then took my cock head and swirled his tongue around my glands. The ripples of sensation were amazing. He then sucked my cock in slowly until his nose was buried in my pubic hair. As he swirled around my cock, I thought I was about to cum when he stood up leaving my cock dripping with precum and saliva.

That’s when I first saw his cock. Despite his pale skin, his cock looked dark and ominous. He was fully erect. His circumcised head seemed to bounce with my heart beat. He looked huge. Clearly larger and thicker than myself. He pulled his fingers from my ass. Grabbed a condom from the table, tearing it open with teeth and sheathed his cock. He wrapped his hand round the base of his cock but a good 4-5 inches protruded from his fist. He squirted lotion on his cock and rubbed it along the length. He pushed the now slippery head against my ass, released his cock, grabbed my hips and pushed. He had loosened me up quite a bit but the shock of his canlı kaçak bahis first push sent a searing pain through me. “Relax, it will feel better,” he said. My head wanted to scream for help, but as he pushed in, the waves of pleasure took control and all I could do was moan.

He worked his entire 8 inches or more into me in slow rocking motion. I collapsed back on the bale and wrapped my legs around him. The pleasure was so intense; my legs gripped his waist and were soon pulling him deep into me. Soon, we were rocking in unison. My cock twitched with each thrust, soon was spraying my abdomen with warm cum. He continued to plunge in and out. To my surprise my cock stayed hard as I relished in having him pound my ass. After what seemed like forever, he cringed, grunted and slammed deep into me causing me to cum again.

His rhythm slowed as we panted for breath. My mouth was dry; I was sweating from the session. Unconsciously I licked my lips. He took that as a sign. He pulled out and discarded the condom and walked around the side of the table to me. A he stood next to me, I looked up into his eyes and could see he wasn’t done yet. His cock dripping with cum was just inches from my face. He wrapped his hand around his shaft and looking down at me pushed it towards my lips. I was spent but obviously he wasn’t. He put his cock to my lips, I opened and wrapped my lips around his head. The taste of his cum was strange and intoxicating. My tongue licked his head as he slid his cock him. Squeezing his cock he fed me more of his cum. Instinct kook over. I rolled on my side and my hands found his balls. As I lavished his cock head, I kneaded his balls. My mouth was soon full of his cock. I suckled his cock for several minutes as his moans increased. He wrapped his hands around my head and was sliding in and out of mouth. He hit the back of my throat and I nearly gagged. I grabbed the base of his cock, and stroked while I sucked. In a few moments, he again tightened. I pulled his cock back, but he held my head in place. He came filling my mouth with his cum. I had to swallow or choke on it. He shot again as pulled out and shot the last blast on my face. I laid there with his cum still in my mouth and on my face. He bent over and kissed me. His tongue probing deep licking up his own cum. Then proceed to lick the cum from my face.

I heard a light tap on the door before it opened. There we were both naked, sweating, the room reeking of sex, when the shorter, stocky guy stuck his head in…?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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