Adventures With Rose Ch. 03

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Before we knew it, Thanksgiving was here, and Rose wanted me to visit her family about four hours away. We packed up our stuff and drove off to her parents’ house. Two hours into the trip Rose took an exit to what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. I saw one standalone building on the other side of the freeway and realized she was heading for the porn store.

“Let’s see what new toys we can find,” she said.

This was the first time I had entered an adult store. There were all sorts of magazines, movies, toys, and lingerie throughout the store. We headed over to where the toys were and looked around for a bit. Rose found an anal trainer kit with 3 sizes of butt plugs.

“I’ve always wanted to try these,” she said.

“Oh yeah?, I didn’t know you were interested in anal?” I asked her.

“Yeah I’ve heard it can be amazing. Are you good with that?” She asked.

“Yeah let’s do it.” I replied.

We walked around a corner of the store, and I saw a micro G-string for women. I showed it to Rose and she couldn’t believe the little amount of fabric there was. She looked behind me and said, “I’ll wear this if you wear that” and pointed out a man’s thong that had a sleeve in the front pouch that was made to wrap around a cock.

“I’ve never seen one of these.” I said.

“Me either but it looks hot” said Rose as she grabbed a pair off the rack.

We had to get going so we headed out. We got to her family’s house and her sister who was two years younger than Rose, and in high school, greeted us. She was cute and had a great body. We walked inside and greeted everyone. Rose’s parents were great down to earth kind of people. We had a good time hanging out, but my favorite part was when Sunday morning arrived. Her family headed off to church while we decide to sleep in. We woke up and decided we were going to make a big breakfast. I headed down to the basement to grab a bag of potatoes to make some hash browns, while Rose was cracking eggs for waffles and scrambled eggs. I passed by the laundry room and noticed some underwear hanging up. Of course, I had to stop and take a look. Sure enough, it canlı bahis was Rose’s sister’s underwear. Naughty little girl had all lace underwear mainly boy shorts and a few thongs. The colors covered the rainbow from reds to greens to blues and purples. Suddenly,

Rose was behind me and spoke up “pretty sexy huh?!”

I freaked out “holy cow! I had no idea you were behind me!”

“Sorry about that. So, what do you think? Maybe I give one of these a try with our new toys?!” She sounded so excited.

She grabbed a few pairs and we ran back upstairs. We headed straight to her room. Immediately, she stripped out of her clothes and tried on an aqua blue lace thong from her sister’s collection.

Then, she took off my shirt and pulled down my pants to reveal my plain black boxer briefs.

“I think we need to try something a little more exciting for you.” Rose said.

She took off my underwear and grabbed the new thong that we had bought for me. She put it on me and we both admired the way it looked and how it fit around my cock.

“Fuck, that’s hot” she remarked.

Rose turned around and started grinding her body into me. Her thonged ass was rubbing against my hard, wrapped cock and before I knew it, I could see some precum start to soak through. Rose grabbed some lube and the smallest butt plug.

Then, she commented “I want you to fuck my ass with this. Go slow and use lots of lube. This is my first time.”

I pulled her thong to the side and covered her tight ass hole with lube. I took the plug and covered it with lube and put it right against her hole. I started teasing her ass by just applying pressure on and off.

She started to moan and commented “Ohh that’s hot.”

I slowly started pushing the tip in a little further.

“Go ahead keep going” she instructed.

Once I got about half of the plug into her, I felt some resistance, so I stopped forcing it any further. I started moving it back and forth little by little.

Once I started doing that she started moaning, “oh fuck me with that. It feels so good. I feel so full and it’s so hot.”

I bahis siteleri started using my hand to rub my wrapped cock as I continued making little back and forth movements with the plug in her ass. We were both so turned on from this new experience. I could see she started rubbing her clit and getting excited as she moaned louder and louder. She started pushing her body back on the plug to make it go deeper inside of her. Before we knew it, the base of the plug was touching her ass checks. At that point, I had more range to push and pull the plug inside her. It started driving her nuts with excitement. She looked back at me as she bit her lip with nothing but pleasure on her face. I knew we were both imagining that we were fucking. She panted faster and faster. Over and over I was slamming that plug into her ass. She let out a long scream as her finger was rubbing her clit as fast as she could. Just then, she let out a BIG sigh of relief as she orgasmed. Her body shuttered out of control as she enjoyed a whole new pleasure experience. Man, it was so hot seeing a whole butt plug in her ass.

After she took some time to regroup, she looked over at me and said, “I’ll be right back.” She went to the bathroom with the plug still in her ass and her sister’s thong still on. After a minute or so, she came back out wearing her new micro G-string. It barely covered her pussy lips. My heart skipped a few beats because I could see her thong was damp from her pussy still gushing from her previous orgasm. She grabbed each side of her waistband and pulled them up high which made her pussy lips show through a little more, fuck it was hot. She was holding her butt plug now and walked over to me.

“You have to try this, it’s so amazing!” She said.

I saw she had cleaned it off and I replied, “why not let’s have some fun!”

She took off my thong for easier access, and had me lay down on my back, she spread my legs, and put, what felt like, a ton of lube on my ass. Then, she coated the anal plug and started doing the same thing I did to her. She teased just the tip against my opening and before I knew it, I could feel it bahis şirketleri starting to enter inside me. She waited a few seconds, to let my muscles adjust to accept it, and then kept on going a little bit at a time. At that point, my ass was accepting it pretty well. She got most of the way in and started barely moving it back and forth. Rose was kneeling between my legs and decided to lean forward, put her ass in the air for me to admire, and started sucking my cock. She never stopped moving the plug back and forth. The dual pleasure was unbelievable. The plug felt so tight but with her lips engulfing my cock at the same time, it felt so erotic. Somehow, Rose always found a way to take things to a new level. Before I came Rose stopped and fumbled around in the sex store bag.

“I snuck something from the store I thought you would like.” She said and pulled out a vibrating cock ring. Before she put it on my shaft, she turned it on and placed it on the end of the anal plug. I could feel the vibrations run through the plug and tease inside me. I felt so much pleasure as she started fucking me in and out with the plug. I could tell she enjoyed slamming the plug in me and hearing me moan with delight. Eventually she slipped the vibrating ring on my cock. I was floored with sensation. She grabbed the lube and added more to my ass and my cock. She took one hand and started giving me a hand job while the other was moving the plug in and out. Soon after, I couldn’t contain my moaning. I started to get louder and louder. I could feel my cum getting close to exploding. The combination of getting fucked in the ass and the vibrating cock ring sent me over the edge.

I yelled “I’m going to cum!”

Rose grabbed her sister’s thong and placed it on the tip of my cock. I came so hard it shot right through the lace. It felt so good, and it was so sexy! Rose took her sisters thong and started licking my cum off it.

Then, she remarked, “nothing better than pussy juice and cum.”

My jaw dropped and I wondered exactly what she meant by that. How much pussy juice had she tasted and when?!? The next day we were hanging outside playing some volleyball. When her sister bent down, her underwear peeked above her shorts. There it was, the same thong Rose had worn when we were messing around the day before. Rose and I made eye contact, and both smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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