After Hours

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“After Hours”

Cassie Suarez took a deep breath as she stared at her laptop screen, about to click the link to check her mark on the recent sociology test. Just do it, she encouraged herself, and she clicked it before it was too late to back out.

She widened her eyes seeing the result, nearly passing out as she groaned in frustration. Damn it! And I thought I did really well, too… She scratched her neck. Shit, this is the third test I did badly on. Maybe I should ask the prof if I can do some extra credit to boost my mark, or something…

“If any of you have questions about the test, feel free to see me after class,” her sociology professor, Gregory Richardson, said to the class. The rest of the students began to pack up or walk up to him to ask their questions.

Cassie sighed and closed her laptop, packing it in her bag. I really need to get my grades up for this class, or my parents are gonna flip out if I get kicked out of a class they paid for. Cassie’s parents were filipino immigrants, and had the ‘typical Asian parents mindset’ of wanting their child to succeed in school. They wanted Cassie to become a nurse–but Cassie wasn’t interested, she took much more of an interest in social sciences and humanities. They agreed to pay for her studies–as long as she didn’t fail any of her classes.

She sighed when she finally finished packing all her things and everyone except Gregory left the classroom. She made her way around the desks before slowly walking up to Gregory, who was beginning to pack his things, too.

Gregory was a very handsome man, Cassie could sometimes overhear other girls in class talk about how dreamy they thought he was. He was probably in his late forties or early fifties, but he was incredibly attractive for his age. His dark hair was beginning to gray, but he was definitely a silver fox. He was very knowledgeable on what he taught, but was very strict–which was why he was one of the top professors in the school, or maybe one of the top professors in all of Toronto.

Cassie awkwardly waited for Gregory to notice that she wanted to talk to him. When he did, he gave her a little smile. “Hey, Cassie. What’s up?”

Cassie was surprised that he remembered her name, the class had maybe around fifty students or more. Maybe it’s because I sit in the front row, she thought. “Um, hi, sir…” She awkwardly said. “I… Wanted to discuss my grade?”

“Yes?” He said, beginning to collect the papers scattered on the podium. “Um… I did pretty badly on the last test, and I’m really worried about my overall grade in this class, so…” She scratched the back of her neck. “I was wondering if there’s any kind of extra credit that I can do to boost my marks?”

Gregory sighed before packing up all his things in his bag, no longer looking at the girl. “Unfortunately, all I can tell you is that you only have two more assignments and the final exam to raise your mark. Other than that… I’m sorry to say that there really aren’t any other opportunities to improve your grade.”

“Please, sir…” Cassie begged desperately. “I can’t fail this class. I’ll do anything to get a good grade in this class. Anything at all.”

Gregory raised a brow curiously as he looked at her again. “Is that so? Well… What are you suggesting, then?”

Cassie looked away and sighed. I can’t believe it’s come to this, but… Desperate times call for desperate measures. She walked closer to him, placing her hand over his as she looked up at him with the cutest look she could put on, pouting her lips. “You know, sir… I bet you’ve been so stressed teaching all the classes you have. Maybe there’s something I can do for you, so you can do something for me?” She asked in a quiet yet flirty voice, trying to be as seductive as possible.

“I see…” Gregory seemed to smirk at Cassie’s little offer. “Say, Cassie… You’re old enough to drink, aren’t you?” He asked her.

Cassie nodded. “Yes. I’m nineteen,” she said. Thankfully, the minimum drinking age in Ontario was nineteen.

“Very good,” Gregory said as he pulled his hand away before writing something down on a leftover piece of paper. He handed it to Cassie. “Saturday night, this address, head out to the back. There, we can…” He tilted Cassie’s head up from under her chin with his finger as he smiled. “…Discuss your grades, hmm?”

Cassie smiled back. “Yes, thank you, sir. I’ll be sure to be there,” she said as she stuffed the paper into her bag.

“Yes, good.” He said as he went back to his business. “I’ll see you then.”

“Okay. Thanks again, sir,” she said as she began to walk on her way to the door to exit the classroom.

“Oh, and by the way, Cassie…”

She stopped and turned to look at Gregory again, raising her brows. “Yes?”

“Make sure you bring some swimwear,” he said as he gazed at her body before looking back into her eyes again.

“Uh… eryaman escort Okay,” she said with a bit of confusion on her face before leaving.

After Cassie left the classroom, Gregory softly chuckled as he spun a pen with his fingers. Young women nowadays are so eager to use their bodies to get their way, he thought to himself. Not that I’m complaining at all… If they want to be used, then I’m happy to use them.

Cassie took a look at herself in the mirror in her dorm room, turning her body and analyzing every curve. She was checking out how she looked in her red bikini. Hopefully he likes this one, I feel a bit self-conscious about my body, though…

She just sighed before putting on her clothes over her bikini, being careful not to ruin her makeup that she already did. She looked cute as ever, dressed in a striped crop top and denim shorts. It was an outfit appropriate for the weather and was still revealing. She took one last look in her mirror before grabbing her cellphone and headed out.

Cassie had calculated how long it would take to get to where Gregory wanted her to meet him, and she would just have to take the bus then get off at the nearest bus stop to the location, and then walk the rest of the way there.

And so she did–she walked off campus to the bus stop and waited. When the bus came, she swiped her bus pass before taking a seat, thinking to herself as she waited. I’ve never done anything with anyone else except my exes, she thought to herself nervously. I’m not really that kind of girl to be seducing my professor for better grades, but I don’t have any other option.

After the bus came to her stop, she got off before following the GPS on her phone to the address of her destination.

It was a suburban area, and Cassie thought it was nice. It was pretty dark out already, but thankfully there were street lamps that were bright, so Cassie didn’t feel totally unsafe. There even seemed to be people still walking around outside.

Cassie finally made it to the right house, the number on the house matching the number on the piece of paper. She remembered Gregory’s words; “Saturday night, this address, head out to the back.”

Cassie walked to the side of the house to see that the gate was open. She made her way to the backyard, seeing Gregory relaxing in his lit up hot tub on his patio, sipping on a glass of white wine. Jazz music played from the speakers, and he smirked at Cassie when he saw her.

“Cassie, you came,” he said, sounding pleased. He eyed her down and back up. “You look very beautiful.”

Cassie shyly tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. “Thank you, sir…”

“Please, just call me Gregory,” he said gently. “Did you bring your swimsuit?”

Cassie nodded. “Yes, I’m wearing it under my clothes.”

“Alright. How about you take off your clothes and hop in the jacuzzi with me?” He said, gesturing to the spot next to him. There seemed to be a wine glass waiting for her on the edge of the tub. Cassie nervously gulped before nodding again. I was so ready for this before, but now I suddenly feel so nervous.

She began to strip herself, crossing her arms and pulling her shirt over her head, tossing it on the ground. Gregory watched with a smirk on his face as she undid her shorts and pulled them down her legs, stepping out of them. She slowly made her way onto the patio before climbing into the hot tub, slightly hissing at how hot the water was.

She sat down next to Gregory, and he looked at her with that smirk still on his face. “The water’s nice and hot, isn’t it?” He said, sipping his wine again. “Go ahead and drink if you want to. The whole bottle’s ours tonight.”

Cassie gave him a tight smile with a nod before looking away from him. I can’t believe I’m actually in a jacuzzi with my own professor, she pondered to herself in disbelief. She looked over at his hand. I wonder if he’s married, he doesn’t seem to have a ring on his finger.

Gregory seemed to notice her staring at him. “What is it, doll?” He asked, raising a brow curiously.

Cassie shook her head. “N-nothing… I was just wondering if you’re married.” Gregory chuckled. “You don’t have to worry about that. I’ve been divorced for the past ten years.”

“Oh,” Cassie said, somewhat relieved to hear that. At least I won’t have to worry about being a homewrecker… “Sorry to hear that.”

Gregory shook his head. “No, I’m glad it happened. My ex-wife drove me insane,” he said as he rolled his eyes. He moved his arm to put it around Cassie’s shoulder as he moved closer to her. “It’s just the two of us, so feel free to just relax.”

Cassie just nodded, feeling shy that Gregory was so close to her like this. She knew that this was going to happen, yet actually being in this position was making her feel self-conscious. She reached for her glass of wine before taking a long escort ankara sip, sighing when she finished. “This wine is really good,” she said, even though she wasn’t much of a wine drinker. But she really meant it though–it had a very smooth flavour.

Gregory smiled. “I’m glad that you like it. Now…” He used his other hand to touch her thigh under the water. “Are you ready to begin discussing our negotiations?”

Cassie gulped nervously at the feeling of his hand touching her leg. She put down her glass before nodding. “Y-yeah. I’m ready.”

“Very good,” he said, before pulling back for a moment to finish his glass of wine. After he was done, he slowly stroked his hand up and down Cassie’s thigh, staring at her body. “You have a very gorgeous body, Miss Suarez,” he said in a low voice, gazing at her approvingly. “And your belly button piercing is really cute.”

Cassie felt herself blush. “Thank you, sir…”

“Ah ah, I said to just call me Gregory,” he said as she nodded. “S-sorry… Thank you, Gregory.”

“Good girl,” he said, his hand moving to make their way between her thighs, as if asking her to spread her legs wider for him. She bit down on her lip and obliged, letting him press his fingers against her crotch through her bikini bottom as she softly gasped.

“So… How about I boost your mark…” His fingertips pressed against her clit through the piece of clothing as she whimpered. “…If you let me explore your beautiful body?”

Cassie knew this was wrong, she wasn’t the type of girl to be giving away her body so easily to someone she wasn’t in a committed relationship with. But she needed this. It wasn’t like Gregory was ugly, either–he was actually incredibly handsome, and Cassie did feel somewhat attracted to him. She was just so hesitant to go through with this, it was so unlike her.

After taking a moment to deliberate over it while Gregory awaited her answer, Cassie sighed and closed her eyes before nodding. “Okay,” she said before opening her eyes and looking into his own. “I agree.”

Gregory grinned from ear to ear. “Good,” he said, before his hand slipped inside her bikini bottom, petting her freshly shaved pussy as she moaned at the feeling of his hand touching her most intimate area. His fingers pressed into her clit, rubbing it tenderly as Cassie closed her eyes and continued to let sweet little whimpers slip from her lips.

“Yeah, you like that?” Gregory muttered lowly, continuing to let his fingers play with Cassie’s sensitive clit. “You’re a very pretty girl, Cassie. It’s a shame that you haven’t been doing well in my class. But no matter… As long as you be a good girl for me tonight, I’ll make sure you pass with flying colors.”

Cassie felt like such a slut sitting there in the hot tub with her legs spread for her professor, letting him touch her like this. But she couldn’t lie, she was actually enjoying it…

Gregory’s hand moved downwards, his fingertips just rubbing at Cassie’s folds, teasing her. “Do you want to be fingered, sweetheart? Ask for it nicely.”

Cassie took a moment to try and find her words. “P-please finger me, Gregory…” She let out in a light and breathy tone.

Gregory smiled at her again. “Good girl.” He pushed his fingers inside of her, making her gasp. He slowly slid his fingers deeper, feeling her pussy clench around him. “Mmm, I love the way you feel around my fingers, doll,” he murmured as he fingered her. He pulled her closer with his other arm around her, kissing and nipping at her ear as she brought a hand to his hairy chest and turned her head as he kissed his way down to her neck.

Gregory’s fingers pumped back and forth as he left kisses and nips on Cassie’s neck, biting into her skin as she whimpered. I’m glad his backyard is surrounded by bushes and trees. I’d be humiliated to have anyone see me like this, she thought to herself as Gregory continued to please her with his mouth and fingers.

He thrusted his fingers faster, stretching open her tight cunt with his fingers as he spread his fingers inside her like scissors, making sure to feel her insides as much as he could.

Cassie could feel herself getting more and more worked up the more he fingered her, her lust building up. She was beginning to loosen up and give into the pleasure that the older man was giving her. Gregory removed his hand from her, making her softly whine in disappointment. Gregory chuckled. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’ll make you feel even better. Come sit on my lap.”

Cassie nodded before turning to sit on his lap, straddling him, her knees on either side of his legs. She held onto his shoulders as his hands grabbed her hips. “Such a gorgeous girl,” he muttered as he ran his hands up and down her sides and admired the young woman in front of him.

The two of them leaned in to kiss, pressing their mouths against each other hard, like sincan escort the two of them needed each other. Something about the way Gregory’s lips felt on hers and his prickly stubble grazing against her was absolutely tantalizing. She was sure that her makeup was getting messed up, but she didn’t care–she just wanted more from him.

Cassie parted her lips further to let Gregory explore her mouth deeper, his tongue playing with hers as she softly whimpered into his mouth. The two took only just a moment to pull away and catch their breaths before they went back in to close the distance between them. His lips were firm against hers, and Cassie found his kisses to be incredibly intoxicating. There’s something about him that’s so fucking hot… She thought to herself as the two continued kissing, over and over again.

Gregory pulled his lips away from her before looking into her eyes with pure lust. “I want you,” he breathily said in a low voice. “You want me to fuck you, sweetheart?”

Cassie nodded eagerly. “Yes, I want you too,” she practically moaned out, and Gregory smiled at her. “Good girl. Such a good girl,” he muttered before pulling down the waistband of his tight swimsuit, pulling his hard dick out. It was hard for Cassie to tell how his dick looked from under the water, but she was excited nonetheless to feel it inside her.

Gregory reached under Cassie, using his finger to move the bottom of her swimsuit to the side. Cassie wrapped her arms around his neck as he helped guide her onto his cock, the two of them moaning in unison when Cassie lowered herself onto him, feeling him slowly penetrate her.

He held onto her hips and pulled her all the way down onto his cock, his length slipping inside of her so effortlessly. Wow, he’s all the way inside of me, Cassie thought to herself when she could feel the entirety of his dick deep in her. “Damn, my cock feels good inside you, doll,” Gregory grunted out with amusement, using Cassie to bury and warm his cock inside of her.

Cassie began to move herself on him, raising her hips sinking herself back down, letting out a wanton cry. She slowly moved herself up and down on his hard dick as he held onto her hips and aided her, the two of them watching themselves from above the water.

Cassie was completely on cloud nine as she moved faster, bouncing up and down on Gregory’s cock as her breasts bounced along in her bikini top right in his face. The sensation of her fucking herself on Gregory’s dick, tensing herself around him with each thrust to tighten her grip on him–It was so fucking good. Gregory was thoroughly enjoying it as well, loving the way Cassie’s amazing cunt felt around him. He could never say no to a naive young woman in his class wanting to improve her grades with a little ‘extra credit.’

“Fuck yes, sweetheart. Get that dick all up in you,” Gregory growled, encouraging Cassie as he gripped her hips tighter. “You’re a good whore, huh? Yeah, you’re a good little cockslut for your professor, aren’t you?”

“Y-yes,” Cassie moaned out, moving faster on him, feeling his cock brush against a certain spot inside of her that nearly made her see stars. Gregory seemed to have noticed it as well, as he began to take control of Cassie’s body by her hips, thrusting up into that same spot within her as she felt it again, a jolt of pleasure running up her spine.

“Just like that, huh? Mmm, I hope you’re on birth control, doll. I’m gonna cum inside of you,” Gregory muttered through pants as he continued thrusting up into her and matched her rhythms, putting all his focus into fucking her. Cassie knew she was going to come undone soon, knew she was going to reach her climax. Good thing Cassie indeed was on birth control pills, because she really wanted him to cum inside of her. She wanted him so badly.

“You want me to cum inside you, darling? Want your professor to fill up your perfect cunt? Yeah, that’s exactly what you want, isn’t it?” Gregory asked teasingly, as Cassie whimpered and nodded. “Yes, sir… Please fill me up with your load, oh fuck…”

It only took a few more thrusts into Cassie’s G-spot until she slammed herself down onto him and threw her head back as she reached her orgasm, euphoria completely washing over her mind and body as all she could see was the color white beyond her eyelids. It was a total out-of-body experience for her, a climax like she never had before.

Seeing Cassie getting lost in her orgasm and feeling her walls clenching tightly around him made Gregory lose control of himself as well, giving one last thrust before his cock twitched and he came inside of her, digging his nails into her hips, groaning deeply.

Cassie fell on top of Gregory, resting her head in the crook of his neck as he rubbed her back soothingly, the two of them taking their time to catch their breaths. Wow, that was amazing, Cassie thought to herself. I never thought that fucking him would feel so good!

After they were finished coming down from their orgasm highs, Cassie moved off of him and sat next to him again, suddenly feeling very empty after his cock was no longer inside her.

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