After School Lessons Ch. 2

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The days dragged on for Lee as he contemplated leaving Jackie, yes she was beautiful, but she obviously wanted to be the dominant partner, Lee wasn’t sure how to cope with this, at 6 foot 4 and 225 pounds he was used to receiving the adoration from his partner. Yet whenever he contemplated leaving her he pictured her beautiful face and perfect body and found he couldn’t make that step. His crotch was sore from the tight panties she had sent him, yet he dare not remove them, last time he did that he was left so sexually frustrated he almost cried. Right now he had nothing to think about; as usual Miss Stewart was lecturing the class about the poor homework assignment.

“Right, I’m going to give these back, I want it redone for tomorrow” Groans of disapproval rippled through the classroom, “Silence!” she screamed as she gave out the workbooks. Lee’s was last and as usual she winked at him seductively and bent forward to give him a view of her disgusting cleavage,

“You should read your comment, Sweetie” she said as she traced her finger along his neck. Lee felt like vomiting just looking at her but he opened his book at his most recent work.

Listen darling, I know what’s going on and am not afraid to tell people. If you know what’s good for you, see me at the end of this lesson for further instructions.



‘Shit, she knew’ Lee thought to himself, ‘what do I do now’, follow the instructions until he could ask Jackie he supposed. The bell rang for the end of the lesson and he trudged up to the desk at the front.

“Ah, Sweetie (Lee hated being called that) we can do this the easy way or the hard way, we start tonight. Be at 7698 Belgravia Gardens at 8 or else.” Lee turned to go but was by her shrill voice.

“By the way, remember to wear this,” with that she handed him a parcel with a sickly smile. As Lee left the room Miss Stewart licked her lips and laughed.

“Miss Slater, can I have a word?” Lee rushed over to the PE teacher and told her the whole thing,

“Baby, you’ve got to go through with it, for me” with that she rubbed his cheek in such a way that he turned to jelly, he knew he do whatever it took to be with her. When Lee arrived home he rushed home and completed that dammed Biology assignment and opened the package; he knew what was in store. It was worse than he had ever envisioned. Black heels, fishnets, short black skirt and low-cut top, the complete French-Maids outfit, he shoe-horned himself güvenilir bahis into this most degrading of outfits, pulled on an overcoat and ran across town in the pouring rain till he reached the huge houses that composed Belgravia Gardens. The slender heels crunched on the gravel drive and knocked on the door, his heart skipped as he heard stirrings inside. The vision that occurred in the open doorway was terrifying, Miss Stewart was topless in front of him, her spotty breasts sagging. She wore knee-high leather boots with stiletto heels, her pussy was covered by a scandalously small g-string, in her hand was a riding crop. Lee gulped in fear. “Ah Sweetie, glad you’ve arrived. You may kiss my beautiful shoes.” With that she proffered her foot for Lee’s attention, slowly Lee puckered up and kissed the toes of those scary boots, as he pulled away she kicked him in the face,

“Do it properly you bastard” recovering from the blow Lee leant forward again and kissed every inch of her boot, in the background he heard two passers-by sniggering. When he was finally finished she removed her foot and beckoned him inside. Lee stood and followed, he heard the swish of the crop and collapsed in pain as it made contact with his penis,

“First Rule: you always crawl in my presence, right”

Lee grimaced as pain spread through his body but he managed to nod. With unerring accuracy the crop once again made contact,

“Rule Two: I am now your Mistress or Goddess”

“Yes Mistress” Lee managed to stammer out.

“Good boy” Janice said as she patted his head patronisingly. Right take me to the lounge, with that she sat astride his broad shoulders and slashed the crop across his rump and dug her heels into his hands. The pain was excruciating but somehow Lee managed to crawl through the narrow corridors till he emerged in what seemed to be the living area. Here another slash signalled him to stop.

“Good boy” Janice said stepping back onto the floor and rubbing his pert ass. “Now roll over like a good little pet” obediently Lee complied. Immediately Janice lowered her pelvis on to his face and commanded,

“Let’s see how good you are darling” and with that starting rubbing her sex across his face. The acrid smell made him choke and his air supply was virtually cut off. It took 20 minutes for her to orgasm and cover him in her juices, as she momentarily paused Lee took the opportunity to breathe in long, deep breaths. A sharp heel in the upper chest forced türkçe bahis in back down and the process was repeated. She had came five times before she allowed him up to regain some of the consciousness that had seemed to be sucked from his body.

“Good pet now stand in the corner, I have a surprise for you”

Lee guessed he would not like any ‘surprises’ but was terrified of the punishment for disobedience so he rapidly stood in the corner, facing the wall, his stupid mini-skirt creased and riding up his back. As he stood there he could feel pinpricks of tears behind his eyes and he wondered if he could escape this place.

“Right baby now I’m going away for a while, I won’t be long. I’m just getting your surprise. “You’d better be good tonight,” she said as she smoothed his blouse. As she did so Lee felt her erect nipples in his back and her teeth nibble his lobes. Lee shuddered with revulsion.

Ten minutes had passed before he heard another sound it terrified him,

“Darling” she drawled “what do you think?” Lee turned round and regretted it. Janice was wearing a stupidly low-cut red satin dress with a ridiculously big slit up the thigh that showed all of her disgusting thighs.

“What do you think sweetie?” James knew better than to speak the truth so he just stood open-mouthed.

“I knew you’d love it sweetie,” she said walking over and locking him in a crushing embrace. The taste of tobacco made him gag. Eventually she broke and bit his lip so hard it drew blood. “Now darling you be a good boy or there’ll be more trouble than you could ever imagine.” As she walked away the doorbell rang and Lee shook in fear.

“Hey, so glad you make it” Janice’s shrill voice hollered out “he’s right through there” As they entered the room Janice ordered him to turn and welcome the ensemble. Although his vision was impaired with tears he could clearly make out there was three visitors. One thin and surprisingly attractive while the other two seemed to be partners and were grossly overweight. In the background he could see Janice imploring him to welcome the guests so Lee crawled towards the women and kissed all 6 feet, as he did so the women cackled into uncontrollable laughter and mockingly encouraged him. When he had finally finished Janice commanded him to return to his corner and ‘shake your fine ass’. Tears flowed freely as Lee continued his degradation in front of these hideous women. They made small talk for about an hour, every now and güvenilir bahis siteleri then someone would stand and blow in his air or stroke his ass, although they repulsed him, to his horror he became erect. After a while Janice noticed this and called him over and spread her legs wide. Lee walked over and knelt between these hideous legs, the laughter of the other women ringing in his ears. Her sex was acrid as he approached and he fought the temptation to vomit but soon found himself forced deeper into that musky darkness. With no other option he furiously licked at her juices and quickly brought her to orgasm. To his horror he felt one drop of pre-cum escape and drip onto the carpet.

“Oh look, he must like being a little slut!” the attractive shouted before collapsing in uncontrollable laughter. A sly smile came onto Miss Stewart’s lips, “Is that true?” she asked. Lee feared saying no so head bowed he said,

“Yes Goddess”

“Yes what?

“Yes Goddess, I love being your little slut” Janice smiled one of her wicked smiles as she asked one of the lesbians to fetch a tape recorder. As she did so Janice squeezed his balls so tight the erection subsided and he collapsed in pain.

“That’s for being a naughty little pet. Cumming without my permission. You’ll pay more later. Right now do you like being my little slut?” Already terrified he stammered through into the recorder through clenched teeth,

“Yes, I love being your little slut”

“What would you do for me?”

“Anything for you Goddess”

“Good boy, now go and help Sandra over their while we prepare for tonight’s games”

With that Lee turned and saw the hideous fat women open her legs and beckon him towards her pussy. Anxious to get the ordeal over with he rapidly brought her to orgasm but she demanded more. She had came 6 times before she let him withdraw for this humiliating position. As he escaped from her clutches he saw she had stripped topless and allowed her huge sagging breasts to be free of there cotton restraints. In a deep, husky voice she said,

“Love me tender you little slut” and forced his mouth onto her erect nipple and forced him to suckle at her teat. In the background he heard a video camera whirring before Sandra’s firm grip pinned him down. She moaned as she started lactating into his mouth, forcing him to swallow. It must have been 15 minutes before her huge breast was emptied and she released him from his iron grip. She kissed him lightly and said,

“Don’t worry darling I’ll be rougher next time” and winked at him. Through tears of humiliation he turned and broke down in fear at the contraptions that had been produced. It was time for the games to begin.

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