After School

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It was a long day and night. Classes til noon, then lunch and an afternoon and evening of Parent conferences. My first year teaching, but I came to the profession later, after a life in sales, and just knowing I needed to give something back. I have a full schedule of History and Economics to a thoroughly unappreciative gaggle of freshman students in a public high school

After the evening session I went for a drink with some other teachers to a local bar, and as we had no classes the next day decided to continue the evening at a lesbian club about 10 miles distant, unfortunately, alone.

The place was half empty, but I had been there before and nodded to a couple of women I had spoken with in the past. No sparks, and no quickies, life does not always imitate what passes for art in the erotic fiction world. Kim ran up to me and placed my hands on her hips then broke into a spirited half cha-cha as she gave me a slow hello kiss.

My spirits perked, but she ran off and did the same to the next two women who came in. I just laughed and settled into a seat at an empty table. I ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio and settled back to watch the parade of life.

My skirt rose above my knee and slid up my thigh, I slipped my heel off my foot and let it dangle thoughtlessly. Couples danced, stayed together, flowed apart, traded partners. Others, like myself were sitting quietly, waiting, throwing glances, some of which connected and there were waves of movement throughout the evening. I danced and flirted, but none of my partners particularly appealed to me just then, nor I to anyone especially.

Finishing my second glass of wine, I saw a hand on the table, a woman’s left hand, there was the dull flash of gold on the ring finger.

“May I sit here?” a solid voice asked.

It is not that unusual for married women to come here, though most manage to remove their rings. The honest ones will tell you, but the ones who keep their rings on are making a statement. “You may be fun, but I am going home to someone.”

I followed the hand upward with my eyes, a professional smile etched on my lips.

I looked at her face, familiar in a vague way. Her blonde hair framed her smiling face in ringlets, an incongruous string of pearls adorned her throat. I could not recall her last name.

Her son was in my History class second hour. An innocuous lad, somewhat pudgy, affable, cheerful, but seeking approval There had been nothing to really tell her at conference, especially as the sessions were held in a crowded cafetorium with lines of eager parents jammed together. I had not really noticed she was attending the conferences alone

“Miss Archer, right?”

I laughed, “I think you can call me Dee in this informal setting, Mrs. ……..?”

“Well, then, I think you should call me June,” a cheerful smile splitting her full lipsticked lips.

She placed her drink down and sat, her silk blouse swelling to allow the outline of a cream colored soft cupped bra with prominent nipples showing clearly.

“I hope you don’t think me forward, nor a stalker. Actually, I am quite surprised to meet you like this. I also hope you are not embarrassed.”

“Why should I be? I don’t hide my sexuality, though I would never flaunt it, especially professionally.”

She laughed again, “Not for yourself, surely. But it can be uncomfortable meeting someone from that other life. You may be assured, I have been involved in this part of our world long enough to realize anyone I meet here will surely not be prudish, nor judgmental.”

That had flashed through my mind. A married woman in a lesbian bar, not far from her home. She must be very secure. It also went through my mind that she may be fishing for a third to ‘spice up’ her marriage. She was obviously bisexual. I recalled several instances where her son, Theodore, had mentioned his father. So it was safe to presume an intact güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri marriage.

“No, I am hardly a prude, I laughed, “Just your run of the mill single lesbian woman,” hoping I had put a stamp on my statement. No men. I hardly felt I needed a sign, but if this town was as close as it seemed to be, perhaps I needed a little more tacit method of telling where I draw the line.

Actually, several of the fathers had flirted quietly, and I have developed a limp enough hand shake to perhaps have discouraged them.

June again smiled, and placed her hand over mine as the waitress replaced our drinks with fresh ones. Alice, the waitress, grinned and chuckled as she noticed just who was the seductress in the tableau.

My mind drifted back to feel June’s stockinged toes running up and down my calf as our fingers entertwined.

I asked her if she cared to dance, and she shuffled into her heel as we rose to walk to the postage stamp sized dance floor. I had my hand on her hip over her black pants, her perfume must have been refreshed before coming out.

I stopped her at the edge of the dance floor and stood behind her. I took her wrists in my hands. The sound system launched into Taylor Dane’s album “Can’t Fight Fate” Remixed, the first song was “Heart of Stone”, we moved sinuously to the fast beat of the driving music and lyrics. The second song was “With Every Beat of My Heart”, by that time I was pressing to her back, rubbing my silky skirt against her, sliding, kissing her neck. I ran my tongue over the edge of the string of pearls, inhaling her now heat heightened scent.

The next song was some Salsa. June threw her wrists over my shoulders and I placed my hands adjacent her sides, my thumbs actually framing her breasts. Peering into her deep blue eyes, I smiled as we moved with a hip shaking rhythm. She drew close and our lips mashed, melded, moved together. I still considered it a hard flirt, expecting nothing and really offering nothing. Just as the last note of the crashing music ended, June drew her lips to my ear and whispered loudly enough for the nearest three tables to hear, “I want you.”

My hands fell to her butt cheeks, I felt her naked, firm flesh under the satiny material. I smiled at her, and took her hand as we returned to our drinks. I knew there are some small, private tables in dark corners in this bar, and took both drinks in my hands and walked slowly to the farthest one. The music faded as we rounded a corner and went behind a partition. Nearly secluded, the table was a small round affair, partially surrounded by a well used leather curved boothseat.

As soon as we nestled together, June kissed me hungrily. Her tongue drove between my open lips and rolled with my tongue in a dance of passion. She tasted like no other woman I had made love with. Sweet saliva, with a cinnamon undertone. Moans rose, I could not tell if it was me or her.

I lifted my right knee to the bench and her hand immediately touched my thigh just at the wide band of my stocking. I felt a warm ooze between my thighs, soaking the lavender panties covering my hot pussy. Her fingers rolled up my thigh pressing the crotch of my panties between my now swollen lips, curling the middle finger she pressed my clit against my pubic bone.

Our kiss deepened, hungry, greedily sparing. She winning, then I, surrendering to the unbridled lust filling our bodies. I raised my hand and cupped her bra encased right breast, squeezing. My thumb and forefinger rolling the tight nub as well as I could in its confines.

She slipped her fingers under the waistband of my panties and touched the auburn patch of fur guarding my hot pussy. She slid her finger over my hood and parted it. Her finger sought and found the silky inner folds with an expertise I had felt in only one other.

Caught up in the surprise and need I felt, I held her hand to my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pussy, grinding up to her skilled digit. Her finger covering my slit and clit at the same time. Bringing me to a shuddering climax, I screamed into her mouth.

June sat back against the worn leather and drew her finger to her lips as I quivered. She looked into my eyes and licked my cream from the pink painted digit.

“A delightful appetizer. Now, take me home. I said ‘I want you’.”

“What about your family?”

“Ward is home, and is somewhat accustomed to my staying out once in a while, no questions, no need to give answers when he travels,” she said with a soft laugh.

“And, no, we do not share. Though I am sure he would love to see me in the arms of such a gorgeous redhead. Or any other beauty, truth be told,’ her laughter was softer now.

My hazel eyes sparkled as I fully appreciated her now. We left the bar together in a haze of anonyminity.

A procession of two cars to my small apartment, another step down from my other world, but only temporary. The foyer and living room are still filled with boxes and books.

I did have a sofa set up, overlooking the lake from the 12th floor of the high rise, a small Persian rug underlying it and a hand carved teak table. I always leave the drapes drawn to enjoy the view which did not escape June.

I took her leather jacket and dropped it with my coat on the floor before taking her in my arms and twisting her hair in my fingers as my lips crushed down on her’s. I chewed her lips, sucked her tongue as I pulled her mouth into mine.

My fingers ran down her back and unbuttoned the blouse, the expensive silk soft and warm from her body heat. I pushed away from her and drew the sleeves down her arms to reveal her nearly transparent bra, her large dark nipples stiff in the nylon. The blouse folded down her front, still caught in her pants waistband.

I left her bra in place as I unsnapped the band of the pants and unzipped them, sliding them down off her ass to show her incredibly wet thong, her ass cheeks pliable under my kneading fingers. I helped her step out of the pants and watched her as her still firm legs were accented by off black thigh high stockings, her 4 inch heels arching her calves. A pool of expensive clothing now useless at her feet, she reached back to unhook her bra to allow her ample breasts to tumble free, eliciting a murmur of approval.

June reached out and unbuttoned my blouse, the red thing slipping easily from my body as she quickly stripped me, leaving me bare as she slid my skirt down and knelt with her warm breath lightly flowing over my soaked panty crotch.

She sucked the material and purred as she drank the freely flowing cream which had gathered there from my earlier orgasm. She slipped my panties down and licked my auburn bush, biting the hairs and pulling, shaking her head. I don’t wear a bra, and my nipples were steely points on my chest. I rolled them in my fingers as I humped against her face, giving her the woman juices she craved. Her tongue slid between my lips and pushed me back onto the teak table

Straddling the wood, my ass on the end, knees up, June worshipped at my hot pussy.

She sucked, probed, and hummed.

“I love your pussy, Dee. The feel, the tightness of the flesh. I love the way you move to grind to my face.”

My thighs quivered as she lifted my legs over her shoulders and rolled her tongue. June rubbed her cheeks over my matted fur covered mound. She fluttered her tongue and nipped my swollen labia.

I locked my ankles together and slammed upward. My hands gripping the sides of the hard wooden table I ground against her now glistening face.

She put two fingers together and slid them into my tightness. They sliced and drove deeper, higher and suddenly she parted them, stretching me, a dull ache as her knuckles güvenilir bahis şirketleri rocked over my swollen lips.

Her mouth concentrated on my clit, toothless bites, soft rubbery nibbles.

I could feel her humming in her throat. The vibrations shooting deep into my pussy, my juices freely flowing. Clamping my thighs against her head I felt spasms as a long wailing moan escaped my lips. June’s fingers slamming against the inner walls lubricated with that clear hot lavalike nectar she wanted so much.

Locking my eyes to her glazed deep blue eyes, I gasped and moaned. I quivered and quaked in a headlong rush to the edge of sheer ectasy.

I overflowed and coated her face with my clear honey.

Shaking again from my bliss, I rose from the table and took her hand in mine pulling her to my bedroom.

I pushed her face down on the duvet and knelt between her outstretched legs my fingernails raking her fleshy ass, the little roll of flesh at her waist yielding to my touch. I pushed her ringlets aside and licked her neck as I rubbed my sodden pussy to her asscheeks. My nipples pink, full as I rubbed them against her back

I ground my pussy to her ass, wetting the cleft before kissing down her spine, holding her wrists in my hands trapping her to my desires

I lapped a long wet trail down her spine, kissing the dimple at the base of her spine before sliding into the rich, humid cleft between her cheeks. I slipped the tiny thong from her pussy and just ripped the thin string around her waist.

I moved back to allow her to rise to her knees before licking the tight, rubbery ring. My tongue rolled, a blast of warm air from my lungs before drilling into her asshole She ground back against my face, my hands on her wrists pulling her tighter

Releasing her left wrist I pushed my fingers between the lips of her pussy, starting a deep finger fuck. Her loose lips covering my fingers to the knuckles as she moaned and begged for me to fuck her, to enjoy her.

Her pussy sucked and clamped, released and pulled my fingers deeper. I fucked her faster and faster, my tongue wet, full in her tight asshole. Loud noises from her pussy and ass, my saliva and her nectar forming a pool on the bedclothes.

As June moved back to my face I drew back, and rolled her onto her back lifting her legs to expose her long lips and unhooded pearl, the aroma strong, compelling, drawing my lips to them, my tongue lapping, taking her left lip between my lips and biting, her long moans filling the room. She held her ankles in her hands now, splayed open to me.

I reached around her neck and loosened the string of pearls, sliding them off.

June rolled left and right, up and back as I took the pearls and slid them along her slit, the gray beads glistening with her wetness. Brushing her clit with each pearl, slowly, one by one.

Down her open, wet, aromatic pussy, sawing the strand over her exposed womanhood. She shivered and quaked. Her scent rising to my nose as I pushed the end of the strand into her pussy with my tongue




One after the other until her pussy was filled with the strand, only the last four pearls exposed.

Flattening my tongue, I pressed the exposed perfect round pearl to her clit and pushed her fleshy pearl to the gem.

Again moving my mouth to cover her pussy, pressing my tongue against her flesh and pulling the strand over her clitoris as June screamed a loud orgasm.

She spurted and flooded my lapping tongue. I sucked her honey and swallowed what felt like a gallon of sweet, oozing, tangy woman musk. Her slick inner pussy walls rubbing my face as I nodded my head and buried my tongue into her.

She loosened her grip on her ankles and pulled me up to share the combined tastes on both our faces and mouths. Full breasts to smaller ones, blonde mound to red fringed slit.

June held me tightly, we clutched each other, shivering, quaking, eyes closed, gasping and moaning in primal lust.

“Thank you, Miss Archer, escaped her lips, “When is the next conference?”

(Thanks for the wonderful response I had to my previous submission. Special thanks to my mentor and friend patricia51)

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