Afternoon Nap Interrupted Ch. 03

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“Time to fuck, I need that fat hard cock thrusting into my wet cunt.”

Sophie left no doubt that she was ready for more sex, even though Dennis had barely caught his breath from giving her an orgasm using his tongue. Her voice was reaching his ears as if distorted by fog- brain fog that is. This barely legal chum of his son – Dennis thought she was nineteen still – had interrupted his afternoon nap, awaking him by taking his dream hardened cock into her sweet young mouth, sucking Dennis until he had filled her throat with great gobs of goo. Returning the favour had been the least he could do.

Though fucking had been mentioned before the excursion into cunt-lapping, Dennis had to wonder whether at his advanced age, he was really up to two climaxes in one afternoon. It was years since Dennis had last had sex with someone else in the room, so he was uncertain about his stamina. Sure, having Sophie curled up cozily on his belly, her legs tucked in his lap, had ensured that his erection was solid. But was his flesh friend just teasing him? Would he disappoint Sophie? If so, would she turn into that woman scorned who then would trash him, gossiping about him seducing her, even though the opposite was the truth? What would that do to his reputation in the neighbourhood?

Dennis knew then that he at least had to give it the old college try.

Sophie must have noticed the doubt flicker across his brow. She beamed up at him, her youthful grin bright as sunshine.

“I just know that you’ll be a treat for me after fucking boys barely turning into men, who just want to get their rocks off. I bet you know just how to please a woman with your cock as much as with your tongue.”

That, or the feeling of her fine firm young ass wriggling against his erection, made Dennis even more turgid.

“Well, I might never get the chance again to fuck such a sweet young ass,” Dennis heard himself say before he could stop the words from coming out.

“No assfucking for this girl,” Sophie said, but at least she was still giggling. “That part of me is still virgin, and going to stay that way. My wet young cunt is what needs the fucking, old man.”

She softened the playful insult with a throaty chuckle, as her fingernails ran along Dennis’ jawline, her face rising up to meet his, lips brushing his cheek.

“My dirty old man,” Sophie chuckled, her breath warming Dennis’ ear, her hips drilling her ass tighter down against his hardness. “all of the girls know how you look at us, when you hope no one will notice. We see the hunger. Some of us like it. A lot.”

As Sophie spoke, Dennis could feel the wooden slats under the cushion hard against his butt. His hips rose naturally, humping back against Sophie out of a combination of excitement and seeking comfort. He sighed just a bit, knowing that this confusion was more confirmation of his advancing age. A few years ago, he izmit rus escort would have been so consumed with lust that the couch would be unnoticed, even if it collapsed underneath the fucking.

That thought in turn made Dennis recognize that fucking Sophie was inevitable, regardless of the consequences. They were both adults, no matter what the age or experience gap, and he decided he should relax, enjoy the treat, and deal with any fallout later.

Still, he worried.”What about if someone comes in, or looks in the window, we’re right out in the open.”

“I don’t care,” Sophie insisted, “why should you? It didn’t stop us from the oral sex, and fucking would be much less startling than eating my cunt. Just because girls suck boys at random, cunt-lapping is still an embarrassment to some of those walking egos with balls. An older guy like you not only has the experience to do it right, but you could set an example for guys my age if they saw your enthusiasm.”

Sophie covered his mouth with her lips, her tongue darting between his teeth, her fingers playing in his hair, preventing any spoken response. Dennis could feel the hardness of her nipples against his chest. Even as his cock did the responding for him, surging ever bigger, bobbing up against the curve of Sophie’s taut ass, he understood at that instant that this was more than just goofy random sex for this woman barely older than a girl, that he should take care, but that taking care was the last thing she wanted right at the moment. And Sophie had definitely been in charge from the first moment she had interrupted his nap by taking his cock in her hand, then into her mouth.

There would be time to discuss this, to sort out the aftermath, later. Now, like Sophie, Dennis was just ready to fuck.

He slid his hands along her ribs, creating enough space to tweak Sophie’s nipples. She broke her kiss off, sighing, “when you do that, it is like electrical current runs from my tits to my cunt.”

Dennis moved his hand along her flat young belly, his fingers caressing her folds, confirming her wet readiness. Sophie responded to the light touch by pulling her hips back just a bit, and then her ass slid higher. The tip of her older lover’s cock never lost contact with her flesh, leaving a trail of precum along her buttock.

Sophie took his cock firmly but gently in her hand, her tiny fingers confidently circling the thick shaft. She lowered herself onto it, guiding him into the wetness. At first, she paused, still raised on her knees, just the head of his cock between her labia, poised at the entrance to her sex. He needed to go deeper, to fuck her thoroughly, and Sophie needed that too.

She proceeded slowly, as if to say that they would only have this one first fuck, heck, maybe they would only ever have the one fuck ever, and she wanted it to last, to savour and enjoy ever izmit escort moment, drilling the memory into both brains. Though Dennis hoped they would fuck again, and again, he instinctively understood why Sophie was taking him an inch at a time until finally, he was buried to the hilt.

“You are so warm and ready. We fit together like a hand in a glove,” Dennis whispered.

The mention of ‘glove’ made him think of a condom, but it was too late. This cowgirl was riding him bareback. Sophie began building up speed gradually, not rushing the fucking. First, she pushed back up, almost but not quite allowing his organ to fall from her treasure, and then slowly lowering herself all the way back until her ass pressed against his thighs, then bouncing back up. With each repetition, she increased her pace. The old couch creaked in response, adding its own notes to the symphony of sex.

“You fill me up so much,” Sophie gasped, throwing her hair back, catching her breath with him pulsing meat buried deep into her womb. Dennis could feel her muscles clench, then relax, as if fucking his cock back.

Sophie was really a tiny girl, and Dennis had not taken time to think about whether she could handle his size. He was pleased that she seemed so satisfied, but he knew that she was far from finished. He was glad that she had already swallowed a load of his seed, because otherwise he knew that he would not last long before he shot his diminished gobs of goo deep into her belly.

“I’ve never been so full,” Sophie continued, her eyes teary with pleasure as she allowed her chest to fall against his body, writhing against his chest as she kept slamming her cunt into his groin, fucking him savagely.

Dennis had lost all sense of time. He knew it must still be afternoon, the sun still streamed in the picture window, through which anybody might see this friend of his son fucking him on the couch, but neither of them cared.

Sophie continued to fuck Dennis hard, while he tentatively tried nibbling and biting the sides of her neck, something which had never failed to bring his wife to the pinnacle. He worried though about how she would feel if he left her with a bright fresh red hickey on either side of her throat. How would she explain that to her cohort, to his son?

After a few more minutes of vigorous thrusting, Sophie’s legs tired, and she lowered her head onto Dennis’ shoulder, but her hips still quietly bumped against his groin, and her abdominal muscles, tight like only a young athlete’s can be, milked my mighty meat. I lowered her back down and as I did, she grabbed on to the couch. Sophie continued this quietly until she gasped for breath, and then pleasure crashed through her body like a tidal wave, exploding with great force, and then receding, before surging forward, again, and again.

“Ohmigawd, Dennis, you ARE a god, feel how you make me cum. Ravish me , fuck kocaeli escort me until you can’t fuck any more. I can take whatever you can dish out. In fact, I need all you can give me.”

The last few words were spit out, barely spoken as Sophie panted, catching her breath, then nibbling Dennis’ neck, returning his passion of moments earlier. Until that point, Dennis had been content to leave Sophie in control, but now, as he felt her climax bursting through her body, he began thrusting his hips up off the couch, slamming deep into her cunt, each stroke faster and harder than the prior blow.

Fortunately, the stimulation just seemed to excite Sophie more. She gave him permission to continue, almost screaming out “I am your dirty little girl. Use me like the slut I am.”

Sophie was writhing on top of him, shouting passionately. “Finish, damn you, Dennis, fill me up. I know you can, old man. If you got hard, you have a load for me, for your precious slut.”

Dennis obeyed, twisting her nipples in his fingers as his hips rose higher off the couch, lifting Sophie’s slender form, and then, with her suspended almost in mid air, he arched his back, his seed bursting up from his balls, speeding up his shaft, spurting deep within her tender womb. Sophie’s fluids gushed out in return, coating his lap, probably staining the couch. Not that either of them cared about that at the moment. They were so enraptured that the entire neighbourhood, including Dennis’ sons, might be watching, and all that mattered was their shared lust.

Just as soon as Dennis had made that final thrust, his hips sank back to the cushion, and Sophie collapsed on top of his chest, the orgasmic highs receding, but the bliss still causing her to purr. As she lay there, catching her breath, Dennis caressed her breasts, then her flat young belly, and finally began kissing her neck, nibbling her ear. Sophie raised her face to look Dennis in the eyes, dreaminess still clouding her expression. She brought her lips to his. They kissed, and slowly their tongue met, sharing the promise of more in the future.

“Oh god Dennis,” Sophie whispered after coming up for air. ” None of the boys just becoming men have fucked me so well. I never felt so terrific in my whole life. I hope that you don’t mind if I say that I could get used to more of that.”

She giggled, settling her head again in the crook where his neck met his shoulder. She spoke softly again, her lips pressed up to his ear. “In fact, your cock feels like just the perfect one to take that pesky anal virginity – after we have a shower to clean up.”

“If we shower together, I might get so hard that I fuck your ass right then,” Dennis admitted, though instantly, he feared he had ruined the moment.

“Maybe we should just stay here and nap for a while, and then clean each other,” Sophie mused, ” this couch is sort of our special place now, but we can always just see what comes up.”

Dennis realized as the last few words reached him that Sophie had dozed off. After all the exercise on the couch, when he had planned to be napping, he was tired too, and quickly drifted off to sleep.

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