Aisha’s Exercise Ch. 03

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“Sit here… yes that’s right. Now let me place my thigh on your shoulder.”

Her father stood in front of her. Encased in mesh sheath, his huge erect manhood was pointing towards her face, the head clearly visible. When he placed his left thigh on her shoulder, Aisha just sank downwards because his thick solid thigh was too heavy for the young girl.

“Oh Aisha, I’m sorry.”

“Your thigh is too heavy for my shoulder, dad… and for this exercise.” Aisha thought she could avoid doing this exercise with her father.

“Yes, you are right. So, we will modify the exercise a bit.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll just stand in front of you and keep bending and straighten one leg at the knee.”

“That means you can do it on your own, daddy.”

“Not quite, darling. You see, you must help my body to produce RH.”

Aisha knew what he would want her to do. Pretending she didn’t know she asked, “What do I have to do?”

“You have to do to daddy what I did to you.”

“You mean…” Aisha said, looking at her father.

“Yes, darling, you have to stimulate daddy.”

“You mean by…” said Aisha, this time looking at her father’s erection sheathe in the see through mesh.

“Yes, Aisha, by sucking daddy… the way I sucked you… please, Aisha… help daddy… please… help daddy to produce RH.”

Aisha knew she couldn’t refuse; not after her father had said “please” and not after what he had done for her.

“All right, daddy… I’ll suc… I’ll help you.” She had almost said, “I’ll suck you.”

Her father made her sit on a couch, saying that she would be more comfortable that way. Then he stood in front of her, his mesh covered erection close and in front of her mouth. Because the mesh fabric was thin and see through, her father’s penis and it’s head were clearly visible.

Her father put one hand behind her head and said, ” Take this fellow (pointing to the clearly visible cock head) into your mouth, Aisha… when you are ready. “

Oh God! She had been asked to decide when she wanted to suck her father’s penis.

“But it’s so big! The knob… so big… too big for my mouth, daddy.”

“Yes, I know it’s big… but you can do it, Aisha… get the head into your mouth first… then slowly suck it in… try, darling.”

But her father didn’t wait for her. He slowly moved forward until the tip rested on Aisha’s full moist lips. Without saying anything, she gently parted her lips, allowing the tip to enter the oval opening of her parted lips.

Aisha kept looking up at her father who kept smiling at her. “Very good,… Ahhhhh, you are doing it very nicely, take more into your mouth, Aisha.”

Aisha didn’t take more into her mouth. Instead she wrapped her young soft lips around the warm vibrant knob and gently sucked and sucked and sucked, feeling the head throb and throb and throb. It was getting bigger than before.

“Darling, ahhhh that’s better still. Yes… suck the head for a while, I feel nice. Oh God! It’s so, so good! You suck so nicely!”

Aisha sucked her father’s knob for about 2 minutes, feeling it throb and noticing that her father’s hips were shuddering with thrill. Then she stopped, released her father’s knob from her lips. Her father’s cock head was clearly visible through the saliva-wetted fabric. She looked, as if angry, at her father.

“Why, darling? Why have you stopped?”

“I’m angry with you, dad.”

“Why, Darling?” Her father appeared to panic. Aisha didn’t know that her father. He was afraid that she might have realized that he had been deceiving her all along.

“I’m angry because you are not doing your part… while I’m doing my part.”

“What do you mean, darling?”

“You are not doing the exercise… you are not bending your knee.”

Dick was relieved! “I’m sorry, darling… you made me feel so good, I forgot.”

Aisha smiled at her father and said, “All right, but please… this time don’t forget to do the exercise.”

Happily her father used his right hand to guide the mesh-covered cock head into his daughter’s young warm wet mouth. This time Angel took quite a length of her father’s erection inside her mouth.

“Suck me darling, suck me.”

Aisha sucked and sucked, but her father was still not doing the exercise. So, she used her right hand to tap his left leg several times, indicating to him that he should start bending and straightening his left leg.

After saying, “Sorry, Aisha, again I forgot,” her father raised his left foot and started to bend and straighten.

And Aisha continued to suck her father’s erection. It seemed to jerk and jump inside her mouth. Because of the wetness and thinness of the mesh, Aisha’s sucking mouth could feel the hard but vibrant flesh of her father’s penis.

“Aisha, I feel unsteady standing on one leg. How about holding on to daddy?”

Aisha put her hands on her father’s hips to hold him but her father took her hands and made her cup his bare butt cheeks. “Cup daddy’s butt and pull… this will keep daddy’s manhood in your taksim escort mouth… for you to suck nicely.”

Her father kept praising her and she responded by sucking hard. Her father’s hands were pulling her head closer to his crotch trying to push as much of his shaft inside her mouth… And Aisha’s young mouth sucked her father’s shaft quite excitingly.

“Oh God! You suck so well… only 18 years old… only a schoolgirl… but how well you suck… I’m glad you are my daughter.” Thrilled by her father’s words, Aisha sucked more vigorously.

Her father was shaking and started moaning her name, “Aisha… yes… yes… yes… yes…” Each “yes” matched each suck Aisha gave her father’s throbbing manhood.

After a few minutes her father pulled his erection out of her mouth. Aisha saw the head and some length of her father’s shaft more clearly than before as the mesh was thoroughly soaked by her saliva.

“Aisha, my darling, you are superb! You can do this exercise wonderfully well. You suck great.”

“Thank you, daddy. Was that enough?”

“No, darling… but I would like you to rest your mouth for a while. When you want… yes, when you want to suck daddy again let me know.”

Oh God! Her father made it sound that she wanted to suck his manhood! What could she do?

“Daddy, you haven’t exercised your right knee.” That should signal to her father that she was ready to suck him again. Might as well get this over with, she thought.

“But do you want to suck daddy’s co… manhood?” Her father had almost used the word “cock” again.

“You mean, am I ready to help you to produce good hormones?” She wanted to divert the focus from sucking.

“Yes, by sucking daddy’s manhood.” He re-focused on sucking.

“Yes, I’m ready… to suck you.” Aisha was surprised by her bold words.

Her father caressed her face and guided her mouth to the clearly visible wet head of his cock. Aisha opened her mouth and closed her lips over the bulbous knob. What a big knob! “Thank you, Aisha… now suck your daddy’s co… manhood.” Aisha knew that he had again wanted to say the word “cock”.

Aisha concentrated on sucking her father’s penis. The warm knob swelled and throbbed. The whole erection jerked and jumped in her young sweet mouth… Her father was gently pushing the head in and out, in and out of her mouth. Each time her father’s erection went in, Aisha sucked it deeply and her father moaned, “Yes.” And this went on again and again.

Dick’s cock went wild and he was losing control. His daughter sucked him to intense stimulation.

“YA… YA… YA… YA… HAH… HAH… HAH… HAH… HAH… OOO… OOO… OOO… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” Her father froze still. Aisha continued to suck her father’s cock.

. Her father’s cock exploded. Shot after shot of cock juice squirted with violent force. Because of the mesh fabric, Dick’s cock juice seep through the porous mesh and flooded his daughter’s young hot mouth.

Aisha wanted to withdraw her mouth but couldn’t. Her father held her head tight and buried his cock inside her mouth. Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo… he kept squirting his cum endlessly into her mouth his hips jerking with each squirt.

“Swallow, darling… swallow… swallow daddy’s love juice. It’s good for you.”

Aisha had no choice but to swallow. Otherwise she would be choked. For a full minute her father flooded her mouth and Aisha kept swallowing as much as she could.

Finally, her father pulled out his manhood from her mouth. It was covered with a lot of white creamy stuff. Some had escaped from Aisha’s mouth and had dripped down the corners of her mouth.

“Fantastic, Aisha. You suck so well. You are an expert in sucking co… manhood. Thank you, darling. Thank you for helping daddy… I must have produced a lot of RH.”

Aisha said to herself, “I don’t know about RH, but you certainly produced a lot of thick milk.”

“Oh thats called semen, darling”

Aisha just smiled sarcastically at her father. He knelt down and wiped the dripping cum around the corners of her mouth. When he finished, she said, “Thank you, daddy.”

He kissed her wetly on the mouth and said, “In fact, I must thank you, darling. For sucking daddy’s co… manhood so well. I’m a very lucky father.”

“I’m glad to have helped you to produce RH, daddy.” She thought mentioning the RH would make it less sexual.

“Did you like sucking daddy’s co… manhood?” But her father made it sexual.

What else could she say except to nod a yes. A no would have offended her father.

“Thank you for swallowing my love milk. Did you like daddy’s love milk?”

Again a no would have offended her father. So, again she nodded.

“But daddy, is it proper to swallow semen?”

“Yes, darling… it is good for you.”

“How can it be good?”

“You see, swallowing semen/cum will make your body desire sex… and sex will give pleasure. The two are related.”

“Are you sure, daddy?”

“Yes, darling. Take vitamins for example. Taking vitamins çapa escort is good… each vitamin is good in its own way. Vitamin C is good for the skin, A is good for eye-sight, and D is good for the bones.”

“Yes, I know. But cum?”

“Similar, cum is good for the development of your sex urges. When you swallow male cum, your body will hunger for sex with males. And having sex with men is good because it gives pleasure.”

“I never knew that, dad.”

“I can understand that, darling. You are still young and have a lot to learn, especially about having sex with men for pleasure.”

“so swallowing cum will help me to like sex.”

“Yes, darling. The more cum you swallow, the greater will be the development of your body capacity to enjoy sex.”

“But am not too young to learn all this.”

“No, Aisha, not saying to go have sex with guys but for now daddy will teach you. If you don’t start now, you will not like sex next time. Which will mean you may become a frigid girl or woman. Everything is best learn when you are young. That’s why we go to school when we are young.”

“Is that so, dad?”

“Yes. What is the use of having a beautiful shapely body if you don’t crave for sex pleasure. That will be the most important thing now and next time. That’s why you must drink plenty of male cum to help develop your body to crave frequently for sex with men for pleasure.”

“But is that good?”

“Yes… your men friends will love you for that… when you marry, your husband will love for that… even after marriage, your men friends will love you for wanting sex with them.”

“But how to get more cum, daddy?”

“You must suck co… I mean manhood often to swallow plenty of cum. That will develop and increase your hunger for sex… and sex with men next time will give you wild hot pleasure.”

“All right, daddy.”

“Does that mean you want more cum? Now?”

“reluctantly, she nodded.”

“Does that mean you want to suck daddy’s co… manhood? Now? Again?”

Shyly Aisha nodded.

Before they could do anything, they heard Sarah’s car drive into the garage.

“Daddy, mom is here.”

“Sorry, darling. there’s no time for you to suck daddy’s cock. (Aisha realized that her father had at last said the word cock). You can suck my cock tomorrow, Aisha.” Again he had said cock.

Her father ran to his room and quickly got into his jeans and shirt. Meanwhile, Aisha also got into her jeans and t-shirt. They both went down to meet Sarah who had just entered the living room.

Sarah looked tired. Her husband Dick knew why but Aisha thought that her mother looked tired because she must have done vigorous exercises.

The focus of this story is on Aisha and her father and not on Sarah. So, I will narrate only briefly how Sarah had fared with her exercises.

When she arrived at Mr. Cockrin’s residence, she was welcomed into the living room by the man himself.

“Thank you for keeping your appointment.”

“I’m keen to do the exercises.”

“Good. But I must apologize for not having been able to get an 21 year-old boy as your partner.”

“So, what happens now?”

“But I’ve got a 18 year-old boy. He’s a bit young I know, but he is handsome and well-built and all my female customers who have had him have been very satisfied. So, you are actually lucky to get the boy. I’m sure he will satisfy you tonight.” Very suggestive language, thought Sarah.

“But isn’t it illegal for such a young boy to work?”

“Yes, it is, but the boy needs some pocket money and I can’t get anybody else today. So, I hope you’ll keep this confidential. No one should know. And you will be doing the boy a favor by helping him to earn some cash.”

“Is it really safe?”

“Yes, he has worked here for some time now… he won’t talk… it’s very safe… women have enjoyed him many times and no one else has known about it.” Again Sarah was surprised by the words of Mr. Cockrin. What did he mean by “women have enjoyed him”?

Sarah said, “Well, if you say it’s safe, I’ll take your word. After all doing exercise is nothing bad.”

“That’s right. Let me take you to the bedroom. The boy is already there waiting for you.”

They went up the staircase. Mr. Cockrin said, “He’s young… be nice to him… don’t let him be embarrassed.”

“All right.”

They entered the bedroom. It was well furnished with a big bed right in the center. Sarah gasped when she saw the boy. He was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. He was very handsome. For a 18 year-old, he was well-built and his youthful bare body was exciting to see. She felt excited.

Mr. Cockrin introduced them. “Rod, this is Mrs. Kant (he had made her name sound like Mrs. Cunt)… and… Mrs. Kant, this is Rod, your partner for the evening.”

They greeted each other and shook hands. Mr. Cockrin said, “All right, I’ll take leave. Mrs. Kant, I’ll leave you with Rod. He is an experienced boy and will take care of your needs.” Oh God! What words to use! Then he went away.

The bakırköy escort boy took command. At his instruction she wore a skimpy blouse without any bra. Her massive tits bulged out, splitting the wide V-neck opening even wider, exposing a lot of her tits. Then she had to wear a micro-mini flaring skirt without any panties. The already aroused Sarah didn’t object to what she was asked to wear. She was worried that the boy might laugh at her modesty if she didn’t wear what he asked her to wear since other women would have worn like this for their exercises.

She looked at the mirror. She did look good, very sexy good.

“You are beautiful, Mrs Kant (again it sounded like Mrs. Cunt). You are very sexy.”

From then on the boy moved very cleverly on Sarah with the excuse of doing exercises. And Sarah, on her part was getting excited by the sight of a near naked boy in a bedroom and by her near nakedness. Her uncontrollable hunger for sex took over.

Within minutes he got to hug her, then kiss her and within half an hour the young boy got to suck her huge tits and cunt, making her climax several times. Within the next half hour he had her suck his cock, exploding several times in her mouth making her swallow his cum.

Within another half hour he had fucked her twice, making her scream and scream for more hard fucking. Within another half hour he had fucked her doggie style twice, pumping a lot of his cock juice deep into her fuck hungry cunt. One of the best fucking sessions she had ever had in her life.

Before she left, she met Mr. Cockrin in the living room.

“Hello, Mrs. Kant. Did you enjoy yourself?” After a short pause he asked, “Did you enjoy doing the exercises?”


“Was the boy good? Did he satisfy you?” Oh God! What a question! Did he know what she and the boy had done. Sarah wasn’t sure. So she played along as if she that kind of talk was normal.

“Yes, Mr. Cockin, he was very good. He did satisfy me. Can I have him again for tomorrow?” Sarah put on a straight face, as if there was no suggestive meaning in her words.

“I’ll try, but if I can’t get him I’ll get another boy.”

“Is he equally good?”

“Yes, definitely. He might even be better because he is a bit bigger.”

“Is he an older boy?”

“No… in fact he is younger… but very good… in what he does… I advice you to try him tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll give you a good time… a very good time.”

“All right, I’ll come tomorrow… please try your best to get this boy for me.”

Sarah was fully satisfied sexually but exhausted by the wonderful 18year-old, who had amazing prowess in fucking. That was why she appeared tired when she arrived home.

The next day the alarm went off early morning, waking up Sarah. Normally she would get up, make breakfast and send Aisha to school. But this morning she was feeling the tiredness of the previous evening’s sex activities with the boy. So, she woke up her husband.

“Dick, I feel tired this morning. Can you help? Prepare breakfast and send Aisha to school? And let me sleep a little longer?”

“All right, Sarah. You sleep. I’ll take care of things.” He was happy to be with his daughter. He quickly went to the bathroom, had a quick shower, dressed up and went to the kitchen. On the way he saw the light in Aisha’s room. She must be up and getting ready for school, he thought.

Dick was waiting with breakfast ready when Aisha came in. She was wearing her school uniform, the pink blouse tucked into her beige skirt. Her bra and blouse failed to prevent the massive outward thrust of her huge breasts. The narrow waistline and curvy hips and shapely thighs showed how voluptuous Aisha looked.

“Good morning, daddy,” smiled Aisha. She felt shy and embarrassed as she thought of the sexual activities with her father the previous night.

“Good morning, darling… come let daddy give you a good morning kiss. He gathered her voluptuous body against his. “Kiss me with love, the way we kissed yesterday.”

“But mom… she might see us.”

“No, she asked me to make breakfast for you… she wants to sleep a bit longer… she won’t come down.”

Aisha wrapped her arms around her father and kissed him on the mouth. They sucked at each other’s lips, explored their mouths with their tongues, and sucked each other’s tongues, stirring each other’s sexual desires.

“You feel nice because it’s daddy’s love… but if you can get aroused, better still… it will be good… you will produce RH.”

“Yes,… I am getting aroused… thank you, daddy… I like the feeling… I like kissing like this.” Just then they heard Sarah coming down the staircase. They separated and sat at the dinning table. Aisha started to eat her breakfast.

After “good morning” greetings, Sarah went to get a bottle of milk from the fridge.

“Sorry Angel, I’m too tired to make breakfast for you and send you to school. I did tiring exercises yesterday. Is it all right if your father takes care of you this morning?”

“Yes, mom. You can go to sleep again.” Sarah went up to her room with the milk bottle.

Dick sat next to Aisha and put his left arm around her waist as she ate her breakfast.

“Did you like what we did last night, Aisha? Did you enjoy what daddy did to you?”

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