Allison’s Morning

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A new puppy can have a significant affect on your routine. Allison adored her 6 month lab pup even though he would wake her up at 5:30 every morning to go out. Allison would slip out of bed quietly so as not to disturb her husband and take the pup out to do what puppies do.

Allison stood barefoot in the soft grass which was cool and wet with morning dew and gazed upward at the brightening sky. The cool breeze caressed her legs as it found its way up her nightshirt.

This was Allison’s favorite time of day, the peaceful solitude of the early morning made her feel as if she had the entire world to herself. The breeze seemed to be gently pulling at her nightshirt, lifting the hem slightly. Allison enjoyed the attention the moisture laden air was giving her skin and pulled her nightshirt off over her head. There she stood baring herself to the morning, legs slightly parted, and elbows pointing to the sky as she raked her fingers through her long blond hair. She breathed deeply tasting the sea in the morning fog. Allison decided it would be a good morning to take the short walk down to the bay to watch the sunrise.

Picking up her nightshirt, she returned to the house followed closely by her pup. Allison paused at the stoop to dry the droplets of dew which had collected on her pale smooth feet and ruby red toenails. As she leaned over she felt the breeze become more intimate, like a lover exploring her body for the first time.

Allison grabbed an old t-shirt and her running shorts from the laundry room, slipped on a pair of sandals and headed back out the door with her pup in tow. She walked briskly down the tree lined street anxious to get to the water. Her firm breasts danced with each step and her nipples hardened as they grazed the soft cotton shirt.

Allison was excited to be alive güvenilir bahis this morning, she was also exceptionally aroused. She could feel her passion lubricating her every step. As she turned the corner and headed down the short street to the town dock she broke into a jog. The puppy struggled to keep up, his short legs almost a blur.

Finally she could see the shimmer of the water as the sun just crested the horizon. Allison plopped down on her favorite bench facing the sunrise and drank in its splendor. The puppy, now exhausted lay beside her and went back to sleep. Off in the distance she could hear the familiar sound of a rooster announcing the start of a new day.

Allison leaned back and stretched her legs straight out in front of her, her long blond hair cascaded over the back of the bench. The lapping of the waves against the dock soothed her mind as the warmth of the sun soothed her skin. She pulled her shirt up to just below her breasts inviting the sun to bathe more of her skin.

Allison had her head back and eyes closed as she sat in a reclined position. As her body relaxed she slipped a bit further down causing her shorts to pull tight against her, the seam slipping into her folds eliciting a faint moan.

The pressure on her swollen bud was causing her to become even wetter than she had been. Allison thought to herself she could easily bring herself to orgasm with little effort. She wondered if she was soaking through her shorts and reached down to check for wetness. Her fingers lingered for a moment and a chill ran over her. She ran her fingertip lightly over her shorts tracing the contour of her parted labia.

As if woken from a dream Allison abruptly sat up and spun her head around to make sure no one had seen her loosing herself in the moment. Clearly she was alone türkçe bahis other than her sleeping pup.

The serenity of the early morning embraced Allison coaxing out her impish side. A smile grew on her face as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and slid them down her well toned legs and placed them on the bench. Her breathing was shallow and she felt a bit shaky. Her excitement grew knowing she could be caught, if a car were to come she would not have enough time to get her shorts back on without being seen.

Allison pulled her feet up onto the bench and parted her knees as if offering herself to the rising sun. The sun felt like a warm soft tongue on her bare pussy. Allison could feel the cool wood of the bench against her ass. The cool breeze off the water tickled her anus. Allison had a sudden urge to pee but it would have to wait. She needed to get herself off and couldn’t wait any longer.

The fingers of her left hand reached around her leg pulling herself wide open as she eased the middle two fingers of her right hand into her sex. Her palm pressed firmly against her swollen clit as she added yet another finger.

Allison was so wet she easily yielded to her long slender fingers. A trickle of pee ran down the crack of her ass and she realized she was loosing control. Her fingers traced the path of the fluid to her tight pink anus where they massaged and probed her virgin ass.

Allison was over the edge, each pant was a moan and she didn’t care who heard it. Her hair was strewn across her face and she was glowing red in the morning sun. Her tight little ass gave way to the increasing pressure of her index finger and she buried it to the hilt as her orgasm ripped through her as if it were a foreign object. Her palm still pressing against her clit was inhibiting güvenilir bahis siteleri the flow of pee from her urethra. The build up of pressure only heightened the intensity of her orgasm. Allison pulled her dripping fingers from her pulsating pussy and feverishly mauled her clit as a sparkling stream of golden nectar arched through the air with a force never imagined. Every muscle in her body was clenched and she trembled uncontrollably through the aftershocks.

As Allison regained her composure she noticed her pup had awakened. He just sat there, head cocked with a quizzical look. Allison chuckled to herself. Rising to her feet she paused to take in the beauty of the morning once again before returning home. The birds and the waves were the only sounds. It was a wonderfully peaceful morning.

Allison noticed a kayaker skirting the shore about 30 yards away and thought to herself that was something she would have to try someday. As she stood there shielding her eyes from the sun watching the approaching boater a latent trickle ran down her leg and she realized she hadn’t put her shorts back on.

Allison quickly snatched her shorts from the bench and slipped them on just as the gentleman passed within feet of her.

“Mornin’…beautiful day isn’t it?” he cheered with a wide grin.

Allison smiled back “Yes…yes it is” and hurried back up the street towards home with her pup in tow.

She smiled and laughed to herself as she made her way home thinking about the start to her day. She felt good. She felt alive.

Once safe at home Allison fed the pup, stripped off her clothes and climbed back into bed. She snuggled up to her sleeping husband throwing her leg over his she pressed her wet matted bush against his thigh.

“Your soaked…what have you been up to?” he asked half asleep.

Allison slid her hand down his flat stomach and took his heavy flaccid cock in her hand. She loved to feel it grow as she held it. She whispered her reply as she kissed his neck “nothing really, just enjoying some quiet time”.

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