Alpha Male Ch. 03: Parents’ Bedroom

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It had been 2 days since Tyler had made a pass on Casey. Since then, Tyler and Casey had become inseparable. With Tyler donning the role of teacher in the bedroom, not only had Tyler popped Casey’s anal and oral cherry, he had shown the young twink all sort of sex positions that rocked his world.

Tyler had literally turned Casey’s house into a sex cave. In the mornings they would have sex in the kitchen, and later they would 69 out by the pool, and eventually they would fuck again in the evening on Casey’s parents bed. Initially, Casey was turned off to fucking in his parent’s bed, but like most horny college students, Casey soon got hard regardless.

When they weren’t having mind blowing sex, Casey and Tyler would share stories about their past and get closer to one another.

Casey divulged, how growing up, he always knew was gay, but was too scared to act on it in High School. Casey explained how he would always jack off to the thought of Tyler, which made Tyler smirk, or he would jack off to porn.

Meanwhile, Tyler admitted that he loved younger boys and often trained young boys to be subservient slaves to older men. Tyler explained how he had thought Casey was perfect for this role and that Tyler’s friends would the chance to meet him.

“Really, you want to invite your friends over here, to show me off,” Casey said. “You really think I’m that good?”

“Fuck yeah baby, with your smooth ass, and adorable face, my friends will cum just looking at you,” Tyler commented.

“Okay, well not too many now, my parents will be home in like 2 days,” Casey admitted.

Tyler didn’t have the heart to tell him that the smell of sex is a linger smell and his parents will be sure to notice that something went on during their work trip.

About an hour after Tyler texted his friends to come over to meet his new ‘toy’, Tyler remerged from his house with a collar and paddles.

“Just some supplies for tonight’s festivities, canlı bahis don’t worry, it won’t hurt,” Tyler said.

“I will want you to wear this collar along with a jockstrap. And remember, you don’t cum until everyone else is completely satisfied. Your job is to be a service bitch tonight. That means if someone wants to fuck you raw while we watch the game, or face fuck you senseless by the pool, you must submit, Understood?”

Casey nodded nervously while Tyler put the collar on. He then slapped Casey’s ass and told him to hurry up and change.

Soon enough, Tyler’s friends were pulling up their cars to the driveway. Tyler looked around the house, its incredible how fast Casey gave up control over his house and life so fast. Usually boys his age panic at the thought of numerous grown men coming to their house to use him. But he obediently gave Tyler the reigns and even gave him a spare key the entire house. Casey’s parents would definitely not approve of Tyler coming over at his leisure, but Casey told him that the basement was soundproof and has a side entrance, so Tyler could use him even after his family returned.

As Casey went to welcome their guests for the evening, Tyler smirked while looking at Casey’s gaping hole, god he thought, this will be fun as hell.

“Hey Tyler, look at this place and look at this boy, looks like he’s already hard in that jock, huh,” Tyler’s friend Martin said as he entered.

Martin, a 6’2 lawyer, shook hands with Casey and soon grabbed one of the beers lying on the island.

“So this is your new boy, he’s looking mighty hot in that outfit, How do you get boys to submit so willingly?” he said.

Tyler laughed to himself. Casey was already hard but that was only because Tyler had been slipping Viagra into Casey’s drinks today. He had to prep his toy somehow.

Tyler soon welcomed the rest of his guest, 12 in total.

“Come on boys, lets go to the pool and enjoy some grub” Tyler said bahis siteleri while motioning to the pool.

Soon enough, all the men had stripped to mere thongs and speedos and were drinking and mingling. Everyone kept stealing glances at Casey and slapping his bare ass.

Casey couldn’t believe how much these men were into him. If he had known men would be drooling over him, he would of come out a long time ago. Casey wasn’t surprised by how hard he was but his boner seemed to be relentless for some reason. It would be a long night if he was the one to cum last.

Later on in the evening Martin made his way over to way Casey was standing serving drinks.

“Let me see that mouth of yours on my dick boy,” Martin said while caressing Casey’s exposed ass.

Casey then dropped down to his knees and unbuckled martins shorts. Soon enough Casey was deep throating Martins girthy dick. All the while, the rest of the guest were hooting and applauding in approval. This made Casey go even harder.

Then another houseguest, stood up and began to finger and tongue Casey’s bare ass. This made Casey moan out while taking Martin’s dick. Laughter erupted and soon all the men took out their dicks and lined up to take turns fucking Casey.

Tyler smiled to himself, Casey was taking this like a champ. After 3 or 4 guys had their with Casey, Tyler announced that they should fuck Casey in his parents bedroom. Laughing at how perverted the idea was, 2 men who had been waiting in line grabbed Casey and lead him upstairs.

Soon everyone began stroking their cocks while Tyler began to mount his bitch.

“Your doing good cock slut, now its time to let daddy fuck you,” Tyler said.

“Yeah, let your daddy fuck you, you fucking fag” one of the guys said.

Soon Tyler rammed his dick into Casey’s hole and he screamed out. This only turned the guys on more and soon Tyler held Casey down by the collar.

Martin then got onto the king size bahis şirketleri bed and began to squat down on Casey’s face and load his cock into Casey’s mouth.

Casey continued to scream out in sexual delight and Martin and Tyler tagged team his two holes.

The rest of the guys shouted in delight as their louds spurted all over Casey and the bed. Casey didn’t care that his parent’s sheets would be ruined, he just wanted more dick.

After the last guy cummed, Martin soon shot his load into Casey’s already sticky mouth.

“Yes bitch yes, take it,” Martin said as he collapsed from the release onto Casey’s face.

“Eat it bitch, yes there you go,” Martin said while feeding Casey more of his cum.

Tyler getting hornier by the second then shot his load deep into Casey’s hole. Casey who couldn’t contain it anymore shot his load all over himself from delight.

This caused the men to shout with pleasure as Casey squirmed around from his orgasm. Once finish, Casey realized how the sheets had been soaked and cum had been spurted everywhere around the bedroom.

“Good job slut,” Tyler said as the men began to exit, “before I leave tonight, put this in you,” Tyler said pointing to a strange looking butt plug.

“Yes sir,” Casey muttered while still trying to catch his breath. “When will you be back?”

“In a few days, I got to go to work ya know, but make sure that butt plug is in you at all times,” Tyler said while leaving. “You were amazing tonight, my friends will be back for sure.”

Once everyone had left, Casey took a look around his home. Crazy how while in the moment, Casey didn’t realize how much of a mess they made. The pool furniture was all scattered and messy, and his parents sheets were soaked with man sweat and cum.

Beginning to panic, Casey had no idea what to do. Deciding to go to bed and deal with the mess tomorrow, Casey turned the lights off and went to bed naked aside from the butt plug.

Nestled deep inside him, the butt plug woke Casey up at 3 in the morning with intense vibrations.

Shit Casey said to himself, Tyler had given him a remote control butt plug, looks like he really was Tyler’s bitch.

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