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Chapter 039 � Retribution



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries (a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Six Star General of the Armies U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

“Jamie Bob” Vance: Love of Aiden McIntyre

Logan Worthington: Biological Son of Luke Worthington

Mason Allen: Two Star Major General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

“Jason Bob” Vance: (Brother of Billy Bob Vance and partner of Mason Allen)

Jason Allman: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Base Commander of Fort Connor

Matt Longdick: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Base Commander of Fort Connor


Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Rod LittleFeather: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alexander Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alex Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Noah Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Yuuto Meat-Goodman Kinugasa: Adopted Son of Noah Meat-Goodman and Hayao Kinugasa

Manuel de V�zquez: Physicist/Engineer – Worthington Industries

Juaquin “Jay” de V�zquez: Son of Manual de V�zquez

Ariel “Ari” Rebel: Captain, Israel Defense Force (Mossad Kidon)

Jacob, David & Uri Leib: Wards of Luke & John Worthington (Israeli Nationals)

Hayao Kinugasa, Captain, U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman.) Robert Manning, Captain, U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman.) Robert Allen Gregory, Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army – Alpha Zulu 69 Taylor and Tyler Worthington: (aka T&T) (Adopted sons of Logan Worthington and Alex Meat-Goodman)

Steven Douglas Worthington: (aka S.D.) (Adopted sons of Robert Allen Gregory and R.A. Worthington)

Jamison Miller: Colonel, U.S. Army (Human Resources for Worthington Executive Security Program) Frazer Sullivan: Colonel, U.S. Army (Human Resources for Fort Connor Alpha Zulu 69 Program)

“Angus” (Name Classified): Son of a domestic terrorist in protective custody by Alpha Zulu

Anthony Caruso: Four Star General, U.S. Army (Base Commander of Fort Connor) Bob Jones: Colonel, U.S. Army (Adjutant to Base Commander Fort Connor) Danny Henry: Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Chief of Staff to Base Commander Fort Connor)

Dillion Dwight: Colonel, U.S. Army � Medical Director of Fort Connor




Doc”s words were like a knife into each of our hearts. This child had been raised by its Grandmother since birth so who was abusing him. The men of Alpha Zulu took a dim view of child molesters and the total “Band of Brothers” were committed to finding who was the culprit and eliminating any possibility of future abuse with any child.


The grandmother was forthcoming regarding the attention one of her male neighbors had given her grandson. Doc had obtained a DNA specimen and a “rape kit” when he did the child”s physical evaluation so it would be easy to match DNA and then confront the culprit.


Generals Gregory and Allen walked straight into the Lion”s den and addressed the individual accusing him of rape of a child. Of course, he vehemently denied the allegation until he was shown the DNA evidence. He then collapsed in tears admitting his guilt. He was given the following options:


1 Immediately go to the Prosecuting Attorney admitting his crime and all the children whom he had molested. Plead guilty, accept a life sentence with no chance of parole or


2 Deny the charge and face the Alpha Zulu Team. After being shown the pictures of what has happened to child molesters in the past and the abuse their balls and asses had incurred before being turned over to police. The clincher was a video of the man who ordered the hit on Mama Bear that nearly killed her General, an auto jumper cable shoved up his ass while the other cable was clamped on the head of his cock and electricity run through his body until his cock exploded.


Our child molester made a hasty trip to the prosecuting attorney spilling his guts and accepting a life sentence without the chance of parole. He was told if he ever saw the light of day outside of a prison he”d never live to see a sunrise. The prosecution had a “slam dunk” win!


At least our fathers understood why their young son wanted to fondle their genitalia and attempted oral sex with them. Over time they helped him to understand this wasn”t necessary to be loved by your parents. It is something special you share with your partner for life when you are an adult.


Every man in Alpha Zulu wished the molester had chosen Option 2. The men had no use for anyone who preyed on children.


General Allen approached General Gregory and asked permission to visit the Vance property in West Virginia. General Gregory”s only question was if General Allen was returning to Fort Connor alone. He wasn”t surprised at the answer he received: “I hope not”!


After a brief stop at Camp Phoenix and a long chat with the Vance Brothers he felt comfortable in visiting Pa Vance and approaching his last son to ask the young boy to be his partner for life. Both Billy Bob and Jamie Bob assured him they had married brothers who would be more than willing to move into the luxury home which had been built and assist their father with the “still” operation. No one was going to leave him alone in his senior years.


With renewed enthusiasm Mason Allen headed to West Virginia and hoping he would be returning with his partner for life. The time he had spent at the Vance home last year kept his mind yearning for it never to end. The young man was constantly in his mind and if it wasn”t for the deaths of General Best and Man combined with the deaths of Generals Meat and Goodman he would have made this trip months ago. He had a duty to Alpha Zulu and Fort Connor and he truly was a man of honor who would fulfill the obligations given to him by both the Army and General Gregory.


Pa Vance had talked with Billy Bob and knew why Mason Allen was making a surprise visit. When he drove up in front of the house, Pa Vance met him on the porch and simply said: “You”ll find him in the barn”. Mason graciously thanked him and headed to the barn.


Jason Bob looked up from his work and was shocked at the sight of Mason standing in the doorway. The bulge in his overalls was massive and appeared instantly. As Mason held Jason Bob in his arms and kissed him passionately both of their balls exploded and cum seeped through the pants material of both men. Jason looked into the eyes of the man he craved and simply said: “We will be more comfortable in the loft”. Mason could only look at the sexy ass of the man climbing the ladder to the hay loft ahead of him.


The clothing exploded from their bodies and a blanket covered the hay as they collapsed acting like two sex starved teenagers which at least one had the right to be. (Mason had no intention of acting his age.) Before it was time to clean up and head in for dinner both men had sore asses and cum running down their legs. They smelled like sex and neither of them cared. They had much to talk about this evening and Mason only prayed Jason would return with him to Fort Connor.


A number of local boys visited the Vance Farm that night and were disappointed to learn only one Army man was in residence and he was taken. The rest of the Army men will be back in a few months. Just keep the faith and Jason smiled at them as they reluctantly left and went back to their home.


Pa Vance fixed a simple meal for dinner and Mason enjoyed the flavor of the fresh kill which was placed in front of him. As good as it tasted he had no intention of asking what he was eating and ruining the moment. After Mason thanked Pa Vance for a wonderful meal he asked Jason if they could take a walk before retiring for the night.


As Mason and Jason walked through the beautiful mountains Mason was candid about all of his friends who had died recently. He was learning the hard way how precious time is and especially when time is spent with someone you love. I want you to return with me to Fort Connor and be my partner for life. Billy Bob felt assured one or more of your married brothers will be happy to move in with Pa… that is if you want to spend the rest of your life with me.


No words were spoken but the kiss Mason received left no doubt in his mind of Jason”s answer. Jason pulled Mason over to a fallen tree, bent him over it, pulled down his pants and proceeded to give him a “hillbilly fuck” that left them both screaming with multiple orgasms. When they finally made it to bed Jason and Mason slept an exhaustive sleep waking in the morning to Jason sucking Mason”s morning erection and informing him it was now Mason”s turn to fuck his brains out. (Mason didn”t need an invitation and was more than willing to be a versatile partner for the man he loved)


As the pair of lovers finally made their way to breakfast Pa Vance asked his son if he was going to make Mason an honest man or if he was just going to keep fucking him on the side. Jason smiled and said I am going bornova escort to be this man”s partner for life.


The married brothers wives were fighting to see who would be moving in with Pa Vance. Billy Bob was right, there wasn”t any problem or any way Pa Vance would be living alone.


Mason used the installed Cell Phone and let Billy Bob know “the deal was sealed” and to let everyone at Camp Phoenix and Fort Connor know he was returning with the man who would be his partner for life.

Mason and Jason drove back to Wright Patterson AFB and used his Alpha Zulu credentials to get Jason and himself transportation back to Camp Phoenix. The three brothers were excited and Jamie warned Jason about the hard ass doc who really give a painful shot. Billy Bob only commented: “Another wimp brother joins the club”.


After spending a few days at Camp Phoenix, Mason and Jason flew to Fort Connor with R.A. and the base exploding with enthusiasm for the pair of lovers. Jason agreed with Jamie confirming Doc gives a nasty and painful shot. Billy Bob could only shake his head at the pair of wimps he had for brothers.


Jason”s bloodwork came back normal so the hurdle with Doc was cleared for getting married. Now it was off to the Chaplain for the premarital counseling. (Mason was no exception to the rule even if he was wearing two stars on his shoulders.) The chaplain was a hard love advocate and embarrassed Jason a few times asking intimate questions about their future together as lovers. After the counseling session Mason held Jason and told him not to worry about the Chaplain, he was just doing his job and neither of us has anything to be ashamed of regarding our feelings for each other. “If I had to fuck you in front of every man in camp I would to make you my partner”… Jason blushed, kissed him and asked if they could go to his quarters and make love in private. (The two lovers were late for retreat and their evening meal.)


Their aides were the ones suffering in this romance. If they stayed in General Gregory”s quarters he and R.A. were going at it like two cats in heat and if they stayed in General Allen”s quarters they were enjoying screaming orgasms all night. The only way to conbat the Generals was to enjoy their own power fucks and screaming orgasms without embarrassment. When the day arrived for the two lovers to officially be married the Chaplain joined them as “partners for life” to the applause of 200+ men in this Band of Brothers.


The day everyone dreaded had finally arrived. General Gregory and his aides stood with the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the President made his address to the Citizens of the World. He was proud to nominate General Robert Allen Gregory to be the next Six Star General of the Armies. It was one of the few times in his career General Gregory felt a fear an inadequacies. He prayed for guidance and help from above and knew Meat would be there guiding him in the difficult times ahead.


The President and his staff along with the Pentagon had done their homework. The congressional hearings were a breeze and on July 4th. General Robert Allen Gregory was elevated to the rank of a Six Star General of the Armies. R.A. was busting at the seams with pride for this man he loved. He couldn”t wait to get him alone and give him his present which was intimate and most personal. R.A. might have to share him with the world during the day but the nights were restricted and only would be shared with R.A.


R.A. was so proud of the answer General Gregory gave when asked why he felt he was ready for such a high office in the Army.


“General Goodman and General Meat saw this in my future and through their guidance helped me to realize my ability to help others. General Meat recommended me to the President of the United States as his replacement upon his death and however inadequate I may feel at times, I pledge my life and sacred honor to fulfill the expectations of these fantastic men who proceeded me. If the military Chain of Command and our Commander in Chief feel I am the best person for the job, I pledge my sacred honor to meet the goals and objectives given to me. I serve at the pleasure of the President.”


When General Gregory returned to the Penthouse after attending a number of parties in his honor… Luke, John and R.A. asked for a moment of his time before the two lovers retired for the evening. John and Connor presented the General with an identical hand engraved gold inlayed Glock with a six star diamond inlay in the grip that had been given to Meat and Steven. R.A. held a long rosewood case which only could be my dress saber. I was astonished at the gem encrusted pummel and six diamond scabbard but more impressed with the engraving on the saber. One side had his name: Robert Allen Gregory, General of the Armies. The opposite side had the inscription: “Given in love by your partner in life, in death and in eternity” “Randy Adam Worthington” The back of the scabbard which is rarely seen had three red rubies. An engraving followed each ruby. “Today” “Tomorrow” “Forever” I would never forget how much in love we were and always will be.


I had to agree with Meat, the uniform was garish and something I wouldn”t willing want to wear anytime or anywhere. It was part of the ceremony of politics and being an Ambassador at Large for the President of the United States. I had to suffer in silence or as Mama Bear would say: “Resistance is futile”!


Alpha Zulu had a new leader who was proud to be a gay man serving in the military. Some of the small changes General Gregory made greatly impacted public opinion. The Alpha Zulu flag was now a “Rainbow Flag” with a large fully embroidered Army crest in the center with gold fringe. The six star flag on his vehicles was a rainbow flag with his six star crest blazing in the center. The front plate of his vehicles was a rainbow plate with his Six Stars proudly shown and his planes showed the Alpha Zulu Flag with Army Crest along with the American Flag. His six stars were lighted on the side of every plane. And his civilian staff and friends wore the rainbow service ribbon on their lapel under a six star aide emblem with civilian clothes. His father and grandfather were never prouder of their son and Mama Bear lived long enough to see the global impact of the program she and her General had started so many years ago.


The first thing General Gregory did was give Mason his third star. He deserved it many years ago. Like everything else in Washington the Pentagon is politics and he now had enough clout with the stars on his shoulders to make a real life impact. After sleeping in late to recover from the large number of parties thrown in his honor… His first phone call was to his H.R. Colonels who had their fingers feeling the pulse of the Army around the world. If they heard of any case of a soldier being abuse for being gay he wanted to know about it regardless of the time of day or night. Gather the facts so I can address the issue immediately. General Gregory was dedicated to continue the tradition of General Meat and always visited the medical facilities of every base he visited. General Gregory wanted to feel the pulse of the men after all they are the ones who will bleed and die if the “brass” makes the wrong decision(s).


The Vance brothers started to realize the power their partners had in this world and were never prouder to call each man their own. General Gregory and General Allen were astonished when they opened their smart phones one morning and saw a “Meat icon” and “Steven icon” grouped with their “Connor icon”. General Gregory wondered if John had been busy and added new additions were to protect Fort Connor or if some ethereal power was repurposing Meat and Steven to again serve mankind. After seeing Connor and Steven take Meat”s spirit through the bright light to a higher plain the General knew anything was possible at Fort Connor and he was only a small part of the continuing evolution of human rights.


Billy Bob continuously reminded his brothers of their role to support their partner in life. The Vance brothers were the crutch we were given and allowed to lean upon and share the burden of our life. The fact they were in love with their partner just made sharing with them so much easier. There were many morning we rose and got out of bed just because we would die if our partners fucked us again. Our “Hillbilly lovers” were living fuck machines and we could never thank them enough for being our partner in life and death. (Not to mention the ultimate in “stress management”.)


The moments we could relax and unwind at Fort Connor were so precious and every one was a cherished moment in our lives where we could spend quality time with the future generations we would leave to inherit this earth.


I think R.A. was on the speed dial of every social worker on the east coast of the United States. It seemed like an unending line of children R.A. brought to Fort Connor for Doc to evaluate and a waiting list of available parents was started to provide temporary housing and love for these abused children. Doc grumbled about bringing home orphaned puppies but he was always there when needed and put forth 200% of his time and ability. With the last major rebuilt of Fort Connor the imps bunker was enlarged to provide residence for 69 children and I believe it was R.A.”s goal in life to fill every bed. All the men loved having the children around and as much as we knew it was for the best of each child to have a permanent loving family, we hated to see each one leave to start that new life of which they dreamed.


We were all shocked one day when we heard there was a “Wanted Dead or Alive” contract out on R.A. by some drug lord for sheltering his child. That made Fort Connor ever vigilant again and being proactive definitely saved lives. Without notice Fort Connor was under missile attack with an Airborne Assault and Speed Boats attempting an incursion at our docks. We went to full alert and our Phalanx guns took out the missiles and our drones eliminated the airborne threat and the Apache gunships combined with the automatic gun fire of our trained men eliminated the threat by sea. Every intruder was either captured or eliminated. The intruders who were alive received long federal prison sentences but wouldn”t cooperate with information even to reduce their sentence. The power of the drug lord behind these attacks was impressive. We also knew until this threat was eliminated there was no chance for this child to have a normal life. Alexander earned a mountain of doggie treats that night comforting terrorized children who were experiencing their first actual lock down ALERT!


General Allen later awarded Alexander a bronze star for all this undying contributions comforting the traumatized children who passed through Fort Connor. He was without equal in the United States Army.


The major terrorist organizations were starting to learn that attacking Fort Connor was only a waste of bostancı escort their resources especially the lives of their men. Alpha Zulu men had little pity on the men who would prey on children. Our firepower was unequaled and we held no reservation in using it to protect the children we sheltered. We had the full force of the United States Military behind us and we had no reservation in using every asset at our disposal.


Doc was totally embarrassed and shocked when he started to receive medical awards from organizations around the world and humanitarian awards were awarded to the point he would have to step down from his medical career to accept all of them. Yes, we may bring home a lot of “lost puppies” but we knew Doc would always give 200% to help every one of them.


General Gregory always accepted any award on behalf of the men of the Alpha Zulu program. He may be the external visible sign of that program but it was the soldiers of Alpha Zulu that made the program successful.


The only time the men of Alpha Zulu felt uncomfortable regarding their leader was when the popularity of General Gregory exceeded that in the polling of the President. “Polling” can be the “kiss of death” in Washington politics.


General Gregory like General Meat and General Goodman before him wasn”t concerned regarding the political polls. His only concern was how his actions could improve the quality of life for the children of the world. He truly was apolitical.


When General Gregory was asked by POTUS to make an international visit he always added plans to visit military bases overseas and meet the service men who are the invisible strength of U.S. policy abroad. If General Gregory offended anyone it was the officers. They had their clique and he was a man of the Soldiers. His style in the United States Military after which he tried to style his life was Omar Bradley a Five Star General of the Soldiers. General Gregory”s actions gave the military the highest public ratings since FDR was in office. (Even higher than Dwight Eisenhower and Colin Powell.)


When General Gregory completed a long trip and R.A. couldn”t accompany him he knew R.A. would be waiting at the foot of the plane ramp when he returned. Our little resident nymphomaniac never strayed from the love and commitment he had for General Gregory. R.A. cleared his schedule and was waiting for his General when he returned to Fort Connor.


The men of Fort Connor knew their leaders were men and had sexual needs and desires as much as they have. They were elated to see their General hug and kiss his partner and walk hand in hand to his car and be driven to their resident to consummate their love each trip prevent them from sharing. If anything, the men were envious of R.A. General Gregory knew the sacrifices R.A. made to be loyal to him and he always scheduled time to “fuck his brains out” when he finally returned to Fort Connor.


There was a continuous bet as to whether R.A. would be able to walk through the mess hall line the morning after the General returned to Fort Connor. R.A. had a flaming sore ass most morning after the General returned to Fort Connor but he never complained. He only held the man he loved tight in his arms and whispered how much he was missed and how he hoped he”d fuck him again and again. R.A. and the General were usually the last men through the mess hall line his first day back from any trip. R.A. took their chiding in good humor and accepted it as a compliment from his fellow men in this “Band of Brothers”.


The Chaplain was truly the “unsung hero” who through his proactive approach prevent many tragedies with the children we served. He was available to every and any man 24/7 and that included every imp for any need. He may have a “tough love” approach to problem solving but he never walked away from helping anyone ever. It didn”t matter what faith a soldier had, he helped him without hesitation. I have to ask General Allen to research what award we can submit our Chaplain to receive for his dedication and going well past any expectations had for the job he holds.


The men of Alpha Zulu were never prouder when they saw the new Army recruitment material and they were prominently displayed as a core part of the “New Army”. Yes, miracles do happen but in the military they just take ten times longer.


The White House and the Pentagon threw us a big curve ball, one for which we were never designed and have no expertise. A teenager of a domestic terrorist was caught and no agency was truly designed to handle a teenager when the lives of their staff would be put in a high incident of being killed. The White House wants us to handle the kid until the parents can be apprehended and the child can be turned over to normal social services agencies. The big difference is this kid is going to want to escape at any cost and that includes killing your staff. Not the kind of news I enjoy sharing at a Monday morning staff meeting. Talk with your staff and soldiers. I need suggestions and a plan of operation by this time tomorrow.


I can sure understand why no agency wants to take custody of this youngster. We have never had a child in residence that wanted to cut anyone throat or seriously try to escape. It is going to take a lot of doggie treats and counseling by the Chaplain and Doc if we pull this “rabbit out of our hat”.


The next staff meeting the discussion deemed it was impossible to house the youngster with our existing imps. The best suggestion was to have him rotate among the squads and have each squad post a guard at both entrances to their quarters. Perhaps the comradery of the men would have a positive effect. The men will learn quickly if they fall asleep on this “fire watch” they may end up dead with their throats slit. Definite motivation to stay awake and alert.


To add fuel to the fire the child was delivered by Federal Marshalls IN HANDCUFFS. A great way to start to build trust and confidence… NOT! His code name was Angus and was home schooled. It was obvious he was well below the normal learning level for a child his age. We saw it as a priority to get Angus tested and into a school curriculum that will help him build some confidence and self-esteem.


The first laptop we gave Angus he picked up and smashed against the wall. (OK, this is a learning curve for all of us.) The next laptop we gave Angus was made for field soldiers and was pretty indestructible. Not a pretty competition grade laptop but one that will survive if Angus feels the need to go into destruct mode again.


The vocabulary Angus knew came right from the sewer and with anyone else we would be sending them off base to be fitted for full dentures. We all felt sorry for this kid and the environment in which he must have been raised. (Kids learn bias and hatred from their parents. And it must be this kids parents hated everything in the world.)


Alexander seemed to be the only one to get through the barriers Angus had put around him. Alexander never gave up and eventually the hard shell started to crack and Angus learned we weren”t here to rape him or use him as a sex toy. He started to believe we want to help him although he constantly was challenging us to prove our intent. Doc finally gave up and gave him a mild sedation so he could chip the kid. Definitely not an approved technique by the AMA but in this case there were extenuating circumstances. Angus complained about a sore hip but never figured out what we had done. We at least had a built in safety net if he tried to escape but how does one escape a base located on an island in the middle of the ocean. (Teenagers are dumb enough to try!)


When Angus went to go swimming in the pool and saw the men skinny dipping the homophobic slurs and accusations started spewing forth. It finally took a slap across his face to shut his mouth. When he was brought in front of General Allen he was asked if anyone has tried to have sex with him since he arrived. NO. Trust me, if anyone tried Alexander would have their balls for a snack. This is a gay Army base and every man here enjoys gay sex but only consensual sex. No one is ever forced to do anything they are not comfortable with. In all the years this base has been in operation there has never been an allegation of forced sexual attention. That is something few heterosexual bases can claim. But, if I ever hear words out of your mouth like you spewed forth today I guarantee you your bare ass will be over my knee and I”ll apply an ample amount of behavior modification and you will be sleeping naked on your stomach for a week. Do we understand each other?… I”m waiting for an answer! “YES”.


Now if you want to go swimming you can wear a swim suit or you can skinny dip the choice is yours. Or you don”t have to go swimming. No one is going to criticize you with your choice. It is your freedom of choice as it is theirs. Respect others and you will be respected. As Angus returned to the swimming pool the next day in swim trunks he was respectful of the men who were skinny dipping. He was quickly learning to get respect he had to give respect. We didn”t want this to be a prison for him. We were here to protect him, unfortunately from his family.


We were shocked to hear the infamous ALERT, ALERT INCOMMING UNAUTHORIZED AIRCRAFT. SECURITY TO OUR LANDING AREA. A barrage of gunfire erupted and a full frontal assault spread across our base. If it wasn”t for our new ceramic ballistic armor we would have had massive causalities. The major flaw in our plan was the failure to determine a place to secure Angus that wouldn”t endanger the other imps.


As the firefight spread quickly across the base bullets started striking areas around Angus. He was immediately thrown to the ground and a soldier covered his body. This resulted in the soldier taking two rounds in his flak vest that would have otherwise been lethal to Angus. There was no chance of the incursion succeeding but they had tested us to determine our weakness. We knew there would be more incursions in the future.


As the soldier was taken off the top of Angus… the soldier was taken to medical to be treated and much to the dislike of Angus we made a cursory head to foot “strip search” evaluation of his body to assure us he hadn”t been injured. Angus asked if he could be taken to see the soldier who had thrown himself over his body. He wanted to thank him. (Did I just hear the crack in this kids armor widening?) We told Angus Doc was busy treating all the wounded men but we would take him as soon as the confusion had settled.


I quickly talked with the soldier and told him this was our chance to make a big difference in this kid”s life. Don”t be aggressive but if he wants to bond and be your friend for God”s sake make it happen. It didn”t take being a professional shrink to know this kid grew up with few friends and way too many bigoted adults around. We now had a chance to make a big difference buca escort in his life.


When all the dust settled and we felt it wasn”t a burden to Doc we took Angus to visit the soldier. He asked respectfully if he could talk with the man. “The Doc isn”t letting me go anywhere for a few days. Pull up a chair, I”d enjoy having someone to talk with.” After thanking the soldier profusely for saving his life his exterior crumbled and he started pouring out his heart to this total stranger. Doc couldn”t believe his ears and after Angus left Doc commented to the soldier his one selfless act has done more for that boy than all the education and expertise we have in child psychology… we haven”t made a dent in his armor. Keep up the good work.


Doc shared with us at our daily staff meeting and said unless he had an emergency Angus was welcome to chat with his friend at any time. Doc would listen in and see if he could glean any information that would help us to develop a plan to help this young man.


(Even though the incursion cost us a few minor injuries it did more to help us down the road of healing for this young man than any professional counseling plan devised.) Now it was up to a regular foot soldier to help this young man to understand we only wanted the best for him.


Angus asked to visit his solder the next day and he was escorted to medical. His security detail left and Angus was told to have Doc request them to return when he was finished. They talked for hours and Doc even ordered his meal delivered to medical so they could continue through dinner. These two people were developing a bond of trust and friendship that we never thought possible with Angus.


Finally, it was getting late and our soldier was talked to exhaustion. He asked Angus if he wanted to return tomorrow he”d love to continue chatting with him. The ear to ear smile on the kid was all the confirmation Doc needed to know the armor was crumbling and we now had a chance to help this kid.


Doc chatted with the soldier and told him he was keeping him in medical a few extra days so Angus would have to come to him and he would have no option other than to talk and share about his life. We weren”t trying to obtain information for any agency our only goal was learning about this young man so we could better help him.


After four days of chatting Angus asked if his friend had any idea of what was going to be done with him. They keep moving me around from squad to squad. I have no place to call home. He was shocked when his friend told him he had an empty bunk in his room, would he like to be his roomie. Angus was enthusiastic and said Yes, please… (Please, a word I never imagined existed in his vocabulary!) His friend said he would talk with the base commander and see if it was possible. Soldiers who got injured usually were usually given some latitude in special requests. (Doc was doing hand carts all the way to our morning staff meeting.) This was a major breakthrough to which the Chaplain was in complete agreement.


OPS confirmed they could program his chip so if it left a ten foot perimeter of his room after lights out it would trigger an ALERT. It was done, our soldier had a new roomie. Doc said, just be his friend and see where it goes. We”ll meet regularly and discuss his progress.


Doc discharged our soldier after lunch on Friday, the security detail for Angus was cancelled and our friendly soldier was discharged from all his normal responsibilities. He had one goal, be the best friend possible to Angus and help him to open up and share about himself.


Our soldier thought he had really screwed up when he walked out of the shower before going to bed and without thinking dropped his towel, bent over and got clean boxers out of his foot locker. Angus exclaimed: “Damn, man. You are one hung dude.” His new friend blushed and only commented: “It”s adequate”. Angus commented: “You are gay”? To which his new friend confirmed he had been gay since he first realized what sex was all about. The exchange continue with Angus commenting any woman would be eager to spread her legs and take what you have hanging. Why guys? He was shocked by the answer: “I like a hard bodied man and loved the flavor of cum.” “I always have a major orgasm when a man fucked me” and just didn”t experience the same pleasure with fucking a woman.


Angus was in shock and went for the big money question: “Do you want to have sex with me”? Angus wasn”t prepared for the answer. “You are one hot kid, every man on base would want to have sex with you but no one is going to force you to do something you wouldn”t enjoy”. Sex between two people is meant to be enjoyed by both parties. And, sex with a virgin can be painful the first few times whether it is a virgin woman or a virgin gay man. Angus had one hard piece of man meat between his legs and he was hornier than he had ever been in his life. Without warning Angus was out of bed, across the room and his head was between the legs of our turned on soldier.


Knowing he had a virgin mouth sucking on his cock only excited the hell out of him and within seconds his balls exploded and filled the eager mouth to overflowing with his thick man seed. He pulled Angus into his arms and cuddled with him the rest of the night. When morning arrived he made certain Angus had his balls drained by an oral expert who enjoyed the flavor of his young cum. He licked and swallowed every drop and thanked him for allowing him the opportunity to pleasure such a fine young man.


Our soldier figured Doc, the Chaplain or one of the other officers would separate the two of them after the event of the first night. Doc assured him so long as it was consensual and he didn”t use any coercion he had made a major breakthrough in trust with his young friend. Doc had to comment: “A good blow job doesn”t made one gay it just makes one happy”. Keep up the good work!


After that first night they were 69ing before breakfast, during lunch, after school, and every minute of their free time. Angus slept in the arms of his soldier and he wasn”t embarrassed about having an erection when he was around this man. He loved him like he had never loved another person. Angus didn”t know if he was gay but he sure wanted his friend to help him find out.


After finding half a tube of lube accidentally left on the bathroom counter he uncapped it and shoved it up his ass squeezing all he could into his body. His ass was super greasy and he knew he”d either have to do this fast or he would lose his courage. He dove between the legs of his friend and sucked him like never before. He cock became hard and super rigid standing straight up from his pelvis. Shock set in when Angus straddled his hip and our soldier could feel the slimy cheeks of his ass searching to line up the head of his cock with the tender virgin entrance to his inner sanctum.


“You don”t have to do this, it is going to hurt like hell” which only made him want to pleasure his friend more. Without warning the cock head found the opening to his willing body and he lunged down as his brain screamed from the pain surging through his young flesh. The tears rolled down his face as he was held motionless and told he didn”t have to do this. The reply came: “I want to do this for you”… “You mean more to me than anyone has before”! Angus forced himself down another inch and the tears continued to stream down his face. Finally, our soldier couldn”t take it any longer, held his waist in his firm grip and with one solid upward thrust claimed the ass which had been so willingly offered to him.


Angus body went rigid and his cock spewed forth its orgasm. Angus was embarrassed as he saw his friend coated in his orgasm. Their eyes met and Angus heard the words: “You are fantastic” as he was lifted up a few inches and allowed to slide back down into paradise with his friend. This continued to the obvious conclusion when their balls exploded and they held each other in post orgasmic bliss.


Angus felt wonderful and had never felt more like a man. He looked at his friend as he felt his hard cock still buried in his ass and heard the simple words: “I could fuck you all night” and Angus begged him to do exactly that. The two lovers fucked through multiple orgasms until our soldier had reached the point of no return, lay Angus on his back, lifted his ankles onto his shoulder and his soldier power fucked Angus into a screaming orgasm unknown to his partner before. They both returned from Nirvana and slept cradled in the secure arms of his lover for the rest of the night. Angus was healing and he felt wonderful every time his friend would share an orgasm with him.


General Allen was notified that Angus would be returned to the custody of the Federal Marshalls and he fought hard to keep Angus in the Alpha Zulu program after all the advances they had made. This young man was healing and nothing short of a tidal wave was going to take this young man from him.


Our young victim was quickly approaching 18 years of age and would soon be released from protective custody. It was shocking when our soldier turned down a very lucrative offer to reenlist and opted to separate so he could provide a loving family for this boy who had been denied so much in life.


Yes, love can be found in the strangest of places and it again verifies love has no age restrictions.


General Allen had an urgent message from his HR officers asking for an immediate video conference. It had been brought to their attention of a young gay soldier that had been beaten by the members of his squad who gang raped him and two of his “buddies” then proceeded to fist the poor kid. He needed help and the total administration of the base was apathetical to his plight.


General Allen notified security he wanted a full security detail, visible side arms, visible slings Uzis, ankle gun and holster and three extra clips each on their belt. I want them in my jet “YESTERDAY”!


Mason Allen headed to General Gregory”s quarters, entering he simply said: “We have a mission and a young man may die if we don”t succeed. I need your `stars”!”


No sooner than the words left General Allen”s mouth General Gregory”s intercom went off with the announcement: “POTUS FOR YOU”! (At this hour of the night it isn”t good news.) When POTUS saw both men together he simply asked: “OK, what are you two doing”? I left orders OPS was to notify me any time either of you took an unscheduled trip. What poor “puppy” are you saving this time.


POTUS was given all the pertinent information and simply said you are no longer on an unauthorized assignment. I”m heading to the Pentagon Situation Room and it will be up and running to support you by the time you reach the base. Is there anything else I can do for you?


POTUS was thanked profusely and he reminded us he couldn”t help us if we didn”t keep him in the “loop”. We both apologized and promised in the future to try and be more considerate. Plausible Deniability is important when one tries to protect the Commander-in-Chief.


POTUS ended the conversation saying: “Go bring home our `puppy” and make me proud”!




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