Alpine Hideaway Magic Ch. 02

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With the next morning I awoke pleasantly enough. I felt around the bed which was empty except for me. The covers next me appeared disturbed so I gathered Grandmother had gone to sleep sometime in the late evening but had already arisen. The sheets felt cool (as did my head). My body felt better. I figured the wild dream I had must have been the sign of my fever breaking and that my senses had returned. No sense disturbing Grandmother with the wild goings on inside my sick fevered mind last night – the fever had obviously brought on a profane depraved fantasy that my mind saw as reality in flickering candle-light, but with the bright morning sunshine streaming through the open windows along with a fresh mountain breeze, sanity was now walking with me hand in hand.

I put on the old work clothes Grandmother had placed on the chair near the bed. There was an old pair of brown lederhosen, underpants, a red checked shirt, a brown vest, gray socks, and some work shoes. It all fit much better than the traveling clothes my mother had outfitted me with. There was even and old Tyrolean had for my head with an antelope brush pin to protect me from the sun. It was very thoughtful of her!

I found a pewter cup of water near the bed and had my first sip of the day. I then glanced around for my grandmother Hilde. I walked around the kitchen but she was not there. I saw the door to the barn was open and heard her greeting the animals as she fed and watered them. She was happily saying hello to the sheep one by one, then the chickens, and then the goats –they had lived together so long they were extended family.

I walked through the doorway and stepped quietly on the straw covered floor. Oma Hilde had her back to me and was talking to an old billygoat, stroking his chin and offering him a bucket of grain. She didn’t see me yet. I wanted to let her know I was feeling better and that the sickness was completely gone. She continued to stroke to him talking and cooing.

“There you are Liebling,” she said to the goat, “eat up! Will put you and the females out in the back yard today and up the mountain later this week!”


Grandmother turned around and started to say “Oh Stephen you are up it is so good to…”

I let out a shriek and fell back in horror onto a pile of hay! I looked up at the thing before me and could not quite comprehend, it couldn’t be but it was! Was I mad? Was I still asleep? Staring back at me was a twenty year old girl in my grandmother’s clothes but with her voice still! Her face was young and with no wrinkles and the eyes looked young and sharp with white whites and clear blue centers. Her bust pushed to heavy full melons straight out and slightly upward.

“What is going on?” I said more pleading than demanding.

Grandmother touched her face with her hands and made an “O” with her mouth as she remembered.

“Stephen, you came in me last night while we made a magic to heal you. I benefitted from that seed and the energy it released! After you began to drift off I also took your cup of urine and mixed it with some herbs and gave it to myself. Your essence heals and with a little of my knowledge and magic I took care of a few more of my ailments! Don’t be scared!”

“So you made yourself young again?” I was shocked, scared, and in awe all at once.

“I did it to feel better! Look silly boy, my bones and joints feel GREAT and my feet don’t hurt, as for my face and appearance, this is only a temporary thing as long as I focus on the spell in the back of my head. Don’t be upset!”

“Well I don’t thi….”

“Quiet! Quiet!” she said with one palm extended to stop my protests. She set the bucket of grain down and then stood still for a second concentrating hard. At first her breasts grew even bigger!

“Oops wrong way!” she said with a grin of perfectly white healthy teeth. Then she refocused and the breasts shrank and shriveled under her clothing. Her body bent and became older and frailer. Her wrinkles came back and her eyes lost that youthful flash. She stood before me as she had appeared the previous night.

“Satisfied?” she said with a shrug.

“So it’s true.”

“Yes it’s true! I was giving the animals a little surprise to see how I looked. You are a healer. When your fluids were added to my body I was able to add that to my powers to create a youth spell last night with the help of your urine. The only thing is like a lot of spells it requires a lot of concentration but once I get it turned on in my mind I can keep it on for a while and do other things before I get tired and have to change back to myself. This is just an appearance spell, on the other hand you really did make my joints and insides turn back the clock several years just by using your semen, that of a healing wizard. Thank you! Mind if I turn back?”


“Good!” With that she concentrated and concentrated and her face smoothened and her skin became taught. Her body stood taller and more erect. Her bosoms again pushed out and up like two welcoming cushions straining against bursa escort her clothing. The last things to change back were the eyes which now lovingly stared back with a wonderful healthy radiance.

“Now then! We cleared up that fever. As you can see the magic we created last night had an effect on me. Now let’s see about another magic to protect you from harm.”


“Yes, there are going to be quite a few people looking for you and I can’t turn the entire German army into mice! But I suspect the Allies are steadily turning them into bones! I need to shape and sculpt your natural powers as quickly as possible so that you will make it!”

I nodded in understanding, still trying to drink it all in and figure out this whole shock! I was so hoping this was a dream because it would be easier to sort out.

“Good again!” she said. “Let’s get these lederhosen down!” She pushed me back onto the hay with her mind and stood over me motioning in the thin air with her hand. My suspenders came off both shoulders as unseen hands did the undressing. My lederhosen and underwear came down to my knees.

“Much better!” she looked at me with satisfaction and commented that my body had indeed recovered, then she frowned.

“Your tree-stump needs to be a towering pine again.” She pulled off her skirt and removed her blouse and brassiere allowing her large melon breasts to stare at me. She kicked off her work shoes and turned around facing away from me then looked over her shoulder and pointed at my limp penis.

“Aufstieg mein kleiner soldaten! Rise my little soldier!” she commanded pointing at my slumbering member. In an instant it filled with blood and rose like an artillery piece – elevated to the sky, angry, throbbing, and at the ready. Again I could not comprehend the size of it! It resembled a huge veiny castle tower. It immediately pulsated and wanted relief as the unseen hands jerked and stroked it into a pulsating mass of hardened flesh!

“Ahhh there is my donkey cock!” cooed grandmother! “Now get over here and let’s make a magic.” She turned away to face the wall of the barn, dropped to all fours and then lowered her shoulders down to the straw floor as she spread her bum cheeks with both hands. I took up a position behind her on my knees having just shucked my leather britches and underwear from my feet. I looked down upon the two perfect moons of her ass before me with the tattooed eyes on either side of her tailbone. It was then that I saw something I will never forget!

The tattooed eyes blinked and then the right eye winked at me. The pupils met my eyes and followed me with a pleasant expression. The nostrils of the tattooed nose flared as though air was rushing through them in anticipation of what was to happen. The pouty lips tattooed around her sphincter smiled lewdly and blew me a kiss while the eyes gave me another naughty wink. As I placed the head of my cock to her the entrance to her cunny another strange thing happened. Her cunt opened into a gaping hole and a tongue came out of the orifice to lick a drop of pre-ejaculate from the tip of my cockhead! My youthful grandmother looked over her shoulder back at me and grinned.

“Do you like that little surprise my cunny has for you? Yes that really did happen last night! I sucked your cock with my cunt while we fucked! You thought it was just your mind didn’t you – the tongue, the mouth, the teeth gently scraping, all part of your fever …but it wasn’t! Do you now understand?”

I nodded dumfounded at her letting more shock sink in.

“Good – I would hate to think my new lover was stupid. Now put it in!”

I did as she commanded and pushed my cock into her cunny, the tongue licking and the mouth and teeth sucking and scraping gently. The unmistakable sensation of a mouth surrounded my penis. We began to fuck.

Grandmother closed her eyes in concentration and began muttering inaudibly something much as she did the night before when she administered the healing fuck to me but this time there was a different pace or pentameter to her chant. The two eyes on her ass looked up pleasantly blinking although now the pupils began to change their size and dilate. The nostrils continued to flare and the lips pushed her pouty rectum out to bestow as kiss on my belly as I pushed into my grandmother.

It was then that I understood what the moving parchment sensation was on her back from the night before as the knotted tattoos on her back began to move and shift and coil like a nest of snakes. What I was feeling in the dark was her actual tattoos moving as we fucked and made magic together. Now the act of sex magic again was putting her tattooed back into motion as though I was watching a cartoon at the cinema in between movies!

The knotted runic tattoos began to part like the low hanging leaves and branches of an immensely dense forest or a curtain on the stage of a theater. As I fucked and Grandmother became more excited, the activity fueled and fed the movement of the scene before me. Now the runes were completely escort bayan brushed aside unveiling a mountain pastoral scene with deer prancing about on an alpine meadow in the spring as grass waved back and forth. A hawk circled high above the scene looking for its food on the ground. Rabbits cautiously poked their heads from warrens on the meadow and seeing the hawk, darted back down their burrows. A man walked across the field with a cane and his dog heading up the mountain, presently scattering the deer in all directions.

Then the runes came back together as the scene changed. When they came apart again they revealed a river with boats and barges of all types moving up and down its length while fishermen held their poles on the bank. One fisherman jerked his line and fought desperately and for his reward he pulled a large fish ashore while another onlooker applauded. A train shot down the tracks next to the river leaving a billowing cloud of black from its smokestack. The runes came together for a new scene.

Now a knight on horseback rode into the foreground. The steed stamped the ground and whickered nervously as a large dragon appeared on a hill beyond. The knight kicked his spurs and charged headlong on his mount towards his scaly foe and joined the dragon in combat. When he stood over the slain lizard, he noticed a nude maiden tied to a rock. The knight freed the woman and she in turn kissed him and pulled off his armor and clothing rendering him as naked as she. Comically the horse wandered about the scene and around the slain dragon munching grass. The knight and the maiden lay in the grass and made love going through dozens of positions and copulating poses.

As the lewd scene played out on Oma’s back I fucked and fucked and she for her part kept her eyes closed concentrating on the words for her spell as she repeated them, all the while thrusting her ass back at me to meet my penetrating strokes. The mouth inside her cunny sucked and slurped as our fuck continued. The scene of the knightly fuck continued and the visual aspect was very exciting for me so that with every thrust my lust grew. This was a time when there were no pornos (at least not in Germany so this was terribly exciting for a young man brimming with hormones). My grandmother sensed this and with a segment of her mind not devoted to the spell, she squeezed my cock with the unseen hand to keep me from cumming.

The scene on her back changed as I saw a carriage arrive at a rich palace. A beautiful woman, her hair puffed up in a wig of some sort exited the coach and walked by herself across the courtyard to great doors that swung open as guards to either side snapped to attention. She waved nonchalantly to both of them and passed through the entrance room and then proceeded into a hallway where she ascended a flight of stairs along a spiral staircase. At the top of the stairs she opened a door and showed herself into a bedroom where a nude man and another be-wigged nude woman fucked and frolicked on a chaise. The first woman disrobed leaving only her hair and a pearl necklace around her neck and joined the couple in a delicious copulation! The two women lapped each other’s cunnies like a cat with a saucer of cream. The man positioned himself behind the new lady guest and fucked her ass with great passion. All the while her lady-friend licked her and offered her cunny in compensation. At last the three climaxed in a glorious crescendo and the runes closed and began to writhe like a knot of snakes in a cave again.

The scenes continued to change and entertain me as we fucked. At last Grandmother broke her chanting and called over her shoulder to me.

“It is time boy, my ass, place it in my ass!” She said this like this was some long awaited ceremony. Who was I to spoil the event by doing otherwise? I obliged her and placed my cockhead to the ruby lips tattooed around her dung-hole and presently they opened wide and yet another tongue came out from her anal cavern and licked the head of my cock.

“Well don’t sit there in shock son, put it in! I am craving this!”

Again, I did as instructed and pushed my cockhead against the opening of her sphincter which yielded and opened and my enormous member passed through the fleshy gate. Grandmother sighed and groaned as I entered her. Her eyes opened wide on her face and her mouth opened to form a silent “O”. She then found the words.

“Yes my filthy wonderful little man! That’s it! Ooohhh yeeessss!”

As I began to bugger her, the tongue and mouth inside her rectum began to suckle my pony-cock. Her foulest of places was warm and inviting to me and I groaned and grunted as I felt an orgasm build that her mental grip would not allow happening. Again, she prevented me from coming and I sawed back and forth plowing my cock deep and vigorously into her lower gut with bravado.

Again she began chanting as she remembered the spell she was working on. She looked off into the hay on the floor – staring a thousand miles away at some distant object in her mind as my schwanze continued bursa escort to piston in and out of her sucking rectum the mouth making especially loud sucking noises that made me wild with desire.

“Aaaaaagh!” came from Oma’s mouth as a thunderclap echoed through the valley and a climax hit her. I kept thrusting and pushing in and out, in and out, relishing the feeling. My grandmother panted underneath me for some time and then she raised her hand to get my attention.

“Let me flip over on my back son!” she said. We changed positions and she lay beneath me with her legs apart and her arms hooked under her knees and then I hooked each of her knees over my arms for a deep missionary fuck. I entered her cunny again and we kissed. Our mouths met and we greedily kissed and sucked and licked each other’s lips. Grandmother then snaked her cow-like tongue into my mouth and I sucked it with lust before reciprocating with her and jamming my own tongue down her throat.

The wind began to pick up outside. Grandmother smiled into my face, her expression that of a young woman in the throes of joy and passion. Grandmother’s new orgasm was building, I could feel her crescendo coming like a train off in the distance.

“Ohhh Stephen, here it is! I am going to do it. Make a nice naughty fuck with Oma, just like that! Keep fucking just like that! Ooooooohhhhhh!! Aaaargh!” Grandmother sprinkled a few drops of her own pearly dew on my shaft as it thrust in and out of her. At the same instant another clap of thunder louder than the first shook the valley and frightened the animals in their pens behind us! Grandmother released my balls with her mind and a crescendo roared through my loins!

“AAAAAGGHH! Oma I am coommmiiiingg!! Yyyyesss!” A third clap of thunder shook the house and the hills while lighting flashed across the valley as my cock spritzed and spouted its healing cream deep into my grandmother’s gloriously sodden cunny! All I could do was collapse on her muttering, Oh and ahhhh in a big sweaty heap. We lay on the hay in a mass of quivering panting flesh for several seconds.

“You fuck very well! I intend to make a sort of husband out of you!” Grandmother sighed beneath me. She changed back into her old wrinkly visage as the fuck had tired her and she could no longer maintain the youth spell. No matter, my balls were thoroughly emptied and I had enjoyed the ride. I could only smile back weakly as her cunny continued to gently suck my cock with its wicked little tongue teeth and gums, now more or less playing with me than anything else.

“Ok, get up. Let us see what you can do!” she commanded. We rose and stood naked. She looked around the barn for something.

“Your hat on the hay! Pick it up with your mind.”

I focused and focused, and presently the hat began to move. I imagined the weight of the hat and placed a set of “mental hands” underneath, and lifted. The hat rose off the ground and came over to rest upon my head where I had intended to put it although it was on backwards. Well, that could come later – still for a first attempt it was good. Grandmother was beaming!

“Alright, something tougher. Raise that chicken over in the pen.”

With my mind I focused on the little reddish brown pullet and presently it was off the floor of its cage much to its concern fluttering its wings in alarm as an unseen force had brought it aloft. I set the hen down.

“Bravo! Horrido! Oh alright something, really challenging. Lift that black billygoat!”

I was not so sure I could do this. For starters he was heavy and secondly I was tired from two lifting attempts but my grandmother was insistent that I try. The goat began to get light on his hooves as I began to bring him aloft and he spread out his legs as though trying to still reach the ground but to no avail – I had him and was raising him in the air. At last panic seized him and he kicked and tried to run in midair and so I moved him around in the air in a great circle about two and a half meters off the ground. His legs moved like he was running through the sky on his own power. I set him down gently in his pen and my grandmother hugged me and kissed me hard on the mouth!

“I knew it! I knew it! You always had it! Oh! I am so happy Stephen!”

She and I gathered our belongings from the floor of the barn and proceeded back into the kitchen. I started to get dressed and Grandmother stopped me.

“Wait. We are going to do something! You remember how I said I needed to find a way to protect you?”

I nodded.

“Well I have an idea.” Grandmother strode naked over to the stove and grabbed the tea-cup sized washed basin and placed it on the ground. She then got a stick from the shelf and gave the basin a tap. The basin grew and grew until it was the size of a wash tub again. Now she stood naked except for her red headscarf slightly squatting at the knees with both feet on either side of the tub. She reached down with her fingers and pulled her labial lips apart and began to go cross-eyed looking off into space as she chanted and focused. A moment later a stream of blue glowing urine shot from her crotch and into the metal tub with the sound of loud tinkling to be heard throughout the kitchen. She peed for a couple of minutes and when at last she stopped pissing and chanting, she looked at me.

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