Amelia Ch. 01

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I was going cruising down a country road. I was upset and just wanting to clear my head. James and I had just moved and I didn’t know the area. I must have been going to fast, because I started to loose control. I ran off the road and into a field. I think I hit a tree but I was knocked out.

When I came to, I didn’t know where I was or why I hurt. As I laid there, I realized that I had wrecked, but where was I? Was I alive? I tried to sit up but I couldn’t. It made me dizzy. When I opened my eyes again, there was a young woman standing next to me. She told me that I was 22 miles from the nearest hospital and since they didn’t have a phone and mine had no reception, it would take a couple of days to get me there.

I figured out very quickly that they were very religious Mennonites. I implied I didn’t think I was hurt that bad and asked how bad my vehicle was. They didn’t know since they had never been in one. Horse and wagon was fine with them. I was in culture shock as I looked around. The next chore was the bathroom. They did have indoor plumbing though they weren’t sure if it was right, as that was a luxury.

The mother and daughter helped hold me up because I didn’t have much balance. The daughter, who must have been 18 or 19, kept looking at me and smiling. I thought I must be delusional still because otherwise I would think that she was flirting with me. After using the bathroom, I decided it best to lay down. I pretty much slept for 2 more days.

Then like a normal night’s sleep I sat straight up. I was sore but only because my back was out of place. I turned and my back cracked six ways to Sunday. Just as I was popping my neck, the daughter walked into the room. She said, “That sounded like it hurt.”

I told her that it actually made me feel better and then I joked, but I could use a really good massage right about now.

She responded almost straight-faced that she could do it. Her family asked her to do it for them all the time. “Besides some new muscles would be fun to work on. We better go to my room though, so we don’t wake the whole house. Besides, a soft bed has to be more comfortable than that old couch.” I wasn’t going to disagree with that.

She took me by the hand and led me down into the basement. Her room was very plain yet had a warm feeling that I couldn’t put my finger on. There were some fresh flowers and I assumed a beeswax candle. It smelled wonderful. She handed me a sheet and said that if I wanted out of my clothes for a while, she would rub me in it and she left the room.

I did so I laid down with it just draped over me, so if she wanted to get to my lower back she could. When she came back, she crawled on the bed and started rubbing. She was a little güvenilir bahis rough for my taste and I told her so. She lightened up and I was in hog heaven. She started asking me some general questions. I answered them kind of off in lala land.

Very soon she started asking very personal questions finally leading to a sex question. I almost answered and then I stopped. I told her that she was way too innocent for me to answer. This was her answer. “I am 18 years old. I have never had a boyfriend. My parents are arranging a wedding for me for my 19th birthday. My mother has told me about the birds and the bees and my duty to supply my husband with what he wants. But I have read books and think that there is more to it, I just don’t get it. I have played with myself but don’t see the big deal.”

I told her, “If you find the right spot, it is a very big deal. The clit isn’t always the spot like I am sure that you read in a book. Run up and get my travel bag.” This would give me time to think on how to handle this. How far do I go? How much do I teach her? How much do I tell her about the real world?

If I decided to show her anything, I always carry a dildo and a couple of vibrating toys with me. When she came back down with it, I asked her point blank, “What do you want? Want to know? Want to do?”

She was quiet for a second and then said, “I want to know what the big deal about an orgasm is and I want to know what one feels like.

I paused a second and then said, an orgasm is 3 things-

1.When a man blows his load of sperm

2.What a man always thinks a woman has but rarely does

3.Most women have never had a full-blown real orgasm, even if they swear they have.

They must do it to themselves unless they are lesbian or bisexual and then they have another woman who knows how to please a woman; you hope or on a rare occasion have a really rare man that can actually do it.

Her next question showed her innocence, “Women have sex? Sex is only for making babies.”

I told her that maybe true here but that is not always true elsewhere. Your parents would have me thrown out if they knew about my life. I am happily married to a man. We have great sex and love each other eternally, but I also have a girlfriend who I have sex with and also sometimes join us. I know I have told you too much already, so I don’t think I should teach you about having an orgasm. If I would show you, you might never want to have sex again because it is likely to be boring and missing something after you know what the great mystery is.

I am also sure you would get in trouble for playing with yourself. Some think it is wrong. I was about to say something else when she bent down and kissed me. türkçe bahis “If you don’t show me, I will run away. I have wanted to know and I was going to run away and find someone to teach me.”

I told her not to do that ever. There are a lot of mean and dirty people in this world that could give you diseases or hurt you. Men especially prey on the innocent. If you want to know that badly than I will show you. I leaned forward and kissed her back.

I had her lay down beside me and then I asked her to show me how she played with herself. She was hesitant but then she went to work. Her technique was good but she was missing the fine touches. She was going to rub herself raw, so first I told her about lube. I said either lick your fingers or stick them in your honey pot. If you work it right, you will have plenty of lube.

The next thing was she started way to fast. Finally she stayed in one place. I was giving her time to relax before I showed her. I asked her which hand she liked to use and I would work from that side, it was her right. This way I could direct her left hand. I licked my fingers and then started slowly. I told her every woman’s hot spot is in a different place.

I worked slowly up and down, dipping in her honey pot, and she was getting wet. On my trip back up to her clit, I found her spot. It was in the same place as my girlfriend. She jerked and gave me a look. I reassured her that is a good thing. I kept moving but focused on her spot.

I could tell she was ready to scream and she was fighting me. I told her to play with her nipple. She bit into her pillow and screamed as she went limp. I flicked her button a couple of times just to make her jump. I whispered in her ear, now touch your pussy. She did and she was very wet. I was dying to taste her so I took her hand and licked her fingers clean.

She was taken back but then she dipped again and tried herself. She got a funny look but then asked if she could try mine so I let her, as I was very sweet and very wet. She asked why I was so wet. I told her that I get turned on watching other people get turned on and I am very attracted to her. She asked me to show her more but I was ready for sleep, so I passed out.

I awoke to the smell of fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy. I was starved. I saw that the sun was still up so I ate and went out to see my car. I got in and it started right up. I put it in drive and drove. I parked it and got out to look. There was just a minor dent in the front fender.

I went to the people and asked what day it was. I had been gone 6 days. I asked if I could stay 1 more night, as it was getting dark, they agreed and I thanked them and then headed downstairs. I told Amelia (I finally güvenilir bahis siteleri found out her name) that I was leaving early in the morning so if you want 1 more lesson, I will show you.

You will not likely ever repeat this; I am going to eat your pussy to orgasm like a lesbian would. I stuck my finger deep in her pussy and said, “You are not a virgin are you?” She said she wasn’t. I asked her, “Do you want this?” She flipped around and kissed me and then flipped back.

We waited till everyone went to bed and was snoring soundly. I ate her to 3 orgasms and a flood. I wanted more but knew I had to stop. I went to my back and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. I wrote down my info and told her that if she ever needed me to send me a letter and I would do my best and then I left.

When I got signal back on my phone, it went nuts. I quickly called James and then when I had calmed him down, I called my mother. I told them I had basically been knocked out for 5 days but I was okay. Then I texted all my friends who had left me messages.

Six months went by and then I got a letter and a wedding invitation. She asked me to come early because she missed me and needed to relax. She was marrying the boy that she had been sleeping with, though no one knew that they even knew each other. Besides, she wanted to ask a favor dealing with the Original question.

James couldn’t go so I drove back to the farm 2 days before the wedding. She took me out back, and there hidden in the trees was a strapping young man. He jumped down and kissed the girl. It was cute. I asked her what she wanted. She got a little red and then said I want 2 things- a lesson on blowjobs and a threesome with you.

I want you to show him what an orgasm looks like because he is good with his tongue but is not quite right. I turned my back and she came up behind me. I told her that I didn’t know if that was such a great idea. He came around me and looked me in the eyes.

He said, “She can’t stop talking about you and what you taught her, this is what she wants from you.”

I told him, “This means you will have to touch me and be intimate with me so I can teach you what she likes and I will have to do the same to you to teach her.” I reached out and he had a hard on which I guessed was about 9 inches. I told Amelia that she was a lucky girl and then asked if she had any problems taking him although I already knew that she didn’t.

We went to their secret place underground and we had sex for hours. I taught them some new positions, plus I had brought some toys so I showed them how to enhance their sex life, and then she and I went back to the house. I was going back to town. I again told her if she needed anything to let me know. Shortly after the wedding, I got a thank you card. 10 months later I got a card requesting my presence for a one-year party, 2 days before their anniversary. How ironic. I wonder what will happen.

To be continued…

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