Amy Rushes Delta Epsilon Pt. 02

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I wanted to end the strip dare game this chapter, and move on to other stories in Amy’s pledge experience, or to write from some of the other girls’ perspectives, but this story took longer than expected, so I’ll wait to conclude it in the next chapter.

Characters in this story (as described in Part 1):

Amy – main character of this story, Asian American college freshman rushing DE

Vanessa – active sister of DE, blonde Southern girl

Anna – Amy’s childhood friend, dark skinned, black haired, curvy yet petite girl

Crystal – Amy’s pledging nemesis, as they two have to fight for one bid

Julie – college classmate of Amy’s

** Every character in this story is 18 or older **


Amy nervously tapped her finger on the ground in front of her. Vanessa had just added a new twist to their little game, and Amy definitely didn’t like it. Luckily, she was still fully dressed. Crystal, however, wasn’t so lucky; and though she had seemed fairly calm stripping off her dress in front of everyone, Vanessa’s new rule of a forfeit dare had briefly thrown Crystal off, which had given Amy a strange sense of pleasure.

Now Julie was up. Julie tapped the phone in the center that was responsible for doling out the dares. She paused for a second, and then looked up at Vanessa. Amy could see the apprehension in Julie’s blue eyes. She was scared to give Vanessa a dare. Julie opened her mouth, but then closed it again, and turned to Crystal.

“Crystal, I’m super sorry, but I dare you to send a photo of yourself as you are right now, to the last person you texted. Level 1,” Julie said. Crystal glared at Julie for a moment before sighing.

“Let me check my phone first,” she said. She grabbed her phone and scrolled through it, then swore softly. She tilted her head, and ran her hand through her light brown hair. Amy wondered who it could be, that Crystal had to debate such; Amy felt this was either a hard no or an “easy” yes type of question.

Eventually, Crystal held her phone out. Julie grabbed it and snapped a photo of Crystal, and opened Crystal’s text messages. Julie gasped.

“Mitch? Like TA Mitch? Like the hottie of Math 121?” Julie shrieked. Amy grinned. Ah, so you were trying to flirt with Mitch maybe, but you’re not sure if you should send lingerie pictures yet.

“Yes, now give me my phone back,” Crystal snapped.

“Why were you texting your TA?” Julie probed.

“I was just asking for help, no big deal,” Crystal responded. Julie smirked, but said nothing as she sat back down.

“My turn,” Crystal said tersely. She tapped the phone in the middle, and suppressed a mischievous smile. She looked at Amy, and Amy’s heart began to beat fast again.

“Amy, I dare you to let me finger you under your dress and panties until you’re wet,” Crystal said, adding afterwards, “Level 2.”

Amy flushed a deep red; she didn’t really see much of an option here. She was already wet, and really didn’t want the other girls to know that, especially Anna and Crystal. Amy sighed and stood up. She reluctantly and slowly unzipped her dress, and slid it down her torso. She shivered as her chest and navel felt the the touch of the cool air conditioned air, and she paused at her waist, then shimmied the dress down her legs, and stepped out of it.

Amy then realized with a shock, she wasn’t wearing anything but a bra and panties, meaning she would have to expose herself, waist up or waist down. Amy stood paralyzed in front of the other girls. Crystal cleared her throat impatiently. Amy glanced in her direction and saw a triumphant expression on Crystal’s face. Amy reached behind her and fumbled with her bra clasp. She undid it and pulled her bra off her, exposing her perky but small boobs. She immediately threw her bra on the ground and then covered her breasts as she went to sit back down. She didn’t want to show how erect her nipples had become, and certainly didn’t want any of the girls to compare her breasts to Crystal’s.

“Dayum girl, things are spicing up,” Vanessa whistled. She reached out to the center and polled for their next dares. She smiled malevolently.

“Amy! Sorry to tag team you but its a race to the finish now,” Vanessa said, sounding, unsurprisingly, not sorry at all. “I dare you to slip an egg vibrator inside your panties that’s controlled by me, until you’re naked or the game ends. Level 3,” Vanessa said. Amy’s heart started pounding. If this is Level 3, then I probably don’t want to find out what Level 4 is, Amy thought. She nodded at Vanessa.

“Excellent! I’ll be right back,” Vanessa exclaimed as she stood up and headed out the door. There was a tense silence, that was broken by Anna giggling nervously.

“Damn Amy, have you even masturbated before?” Anna whispered mockingly at Amy. Amy didn’t really know why, but she had always been güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri considered a very conservative or innocent girl; perhaps because she was still a virgin or, maybe because she disliked talking about guys and anything sex-related. But the latter was not out of any sort of prudishness, but really just due to her lack of experience.

In fact, Amy sometimes relished in the fact that she was anything but innocent, enjoying the sense of rebelliousness she felt each time when someone assumed she didn’t masturbate, or watch porn, or know what a dildo was, etcetera etcetera. She actually had quite the sex drive; but due to a mix of conservative parents and being a generally shy and awkward person, she had never gotten to act out that sex drive with another person. Well, except that one hand job she’d given to Joseph McMillan in the janitor’s closet, senior year, after being told of Katie’s sexual exploits that Amy had had no idea of. So, for her, masturbation was the only way of satisfying that sex drive.

“Yes, I have” Amy said matter of factly. Anna’s gasped exaggeratedly as she laughed, and Amy couldn’t help but laugh too.

Vanessa returned shortly, vibrator in hand, and a smirk on her face. She handed the purple, rubbery vibrator to Amy. Amy reached out to take it, exposing her right breast in the process. She noticed peripherally that Crystal was checking her out. Amy grabbed the vibrator and then covered her chest again. Vanessa cleared her throat, and Amy sighed. She slipped the vibrator into her panties; the slightly cold rubber rubbed up against her sensitive, erect clit. She tensed up briefly as she placed the vibrator inside her panties, but the relaxed. It seemed Vanessa hadn’t turned on the vibrator yet. Maybe she won’t, Amy thought hopefully. The last thing she wanted was to reach an orgasm in front of these girls, especially Anna.

It was Anna’s turn next. She tapped the phone in the center, and looked around the circle of girls. She winked at Amy and Amy tensed up. What the hell Anna? Please don’t do this. She tried pleading silently with Anna.

“I’ll pick this one. It says ‘Dare to run to `insert store` and buy `insert item` dressed as you are right now. Level 2. How about you go down liquor store down the street and buy us some wine, Crystal,” Anna said, turning to face Crystal. Amy’s shoulder sagged with relief and she audibly sighed. Anna winked at her again and Amy gave her a small smile. Crystal glared at Anna.

Amy felt more blood rush to her clit, and it pushed up against the vibrator egg as it engorged. This was a sticky situation, Anna had put Crystal in; a definite lose-lose. The liquor store was close by, but the shortest way was through the Square, which would be crowded with students even at this hour. If she took a roundabout way, she’d have to go through two of the main streets, which would be flooded with bar hoppers right about now and maybe even some of the DE girls as they made their rounds. Crystal could strip, exposing herself to just the four girls and then hope the forfeit wasn’t anything too humiliating, or she could take the dare and pray she didn’t run into too many people she knew. Amy felt a twinge of sympathy for Crystal, and also fear for herself, but try as she might, she couldn’t suppress the sexual tension she felt.

“Fine. Fuck you Anna,” Crystal said. She stood up and reached behind herself to unclasp her bra. She pulled it off and threw it on the ground. She then slid her thumbs under her panties, and paused for a moment before sliding them down and stepping out of them. Once again, Amy marveled at Crystal’s confidence and comfortableness in her skin, as she made no effort to hide either her breasts or her private area. She let both her fairly large breasts and freshly shaved clit be on full display. Amy couldn’t help but gawk. Her tits looked like they should be fake as they were impossibly perky, not sagging a centimeter. Amy also noticed that Crystal’s areolae were unusually large, or, at least, Amy felt they were unusually large. Her nipples too, seemed larger than average, and, Amy noticed with a rush, they were very much erect right now.

“Ooh you fine, Crystal,” Vanessa said, “Okie girl, we gotta pick out your forfeit now,” she continued sweetly. Vanessa grabbed her phone from the center and tapped it a few times. She then held it out to Crystal. Crystal’s eyes widened.

“And I don’t get a choice of dare for this?” she asked. Crystal sounded nervous for the first time tonight, not angry, or contemplative, and certainly not poised. Vanessa just smiled back at Crystal.

“Uh okay. Um, so the dare is…well, I have to pick one of you to uh, well, to fuck me,” Crystal said, “…with a strap-on,” Crystal added. Julie gasped and Anna made a sputtering noise in disbelief. Vanessa had already gotten up and dashed out the door. She returned with the strap-on. Amy felt her face flush güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri deep red just looking at it. She’d used a dildo before, but she couldn’t imagine having another person penetrate her, especially using that thing.

“Alrighty sweetie, who do you want to get dirty with?” Vanessa asked. Crystal looked positively alarmed now.

“Um, maybe…Anna, would you be willing?” Crystal asked, with a surprisingly steady voice. Amy turned to Anna, a bit shaken to hear her friend chosen for this…”task”. Anna, too seemed a bit shook. She made eye contact with Amy, and the two seemed to reach a nonverbal consensus that this was insane. Amy gave a shrug to Anna.

“Wow, uh okay. I’ve never, you know, used a strap on before, but I can try,” Anna said. Amy was stunned. She was going to watch her childhood best friend strap on fuck her current pledging nemesis. Wait, am I going to watch? Why should I? I should turn away right? Amy tried arguing against herself, but her curiosity won out.

Anna grabbed the strap on from Vanessa, and still in her gorgeous maroon dress, fastened it around her waist. Crystal lay down on the couch behind the group. Anna climbed over her and straddled her, one leg on each side. She looked down at Crystal as if to ask permission to begin. Crystal nodded.

Amy could barely contain herself as she started to see her beautiful dark skinned childhood friend start to go down on this other equally gorgeous woman. Anna was clumsy with the strap on, especially since she was still in her dress, but she seemed to be managing. She spat on her fingers, and started to rub Crystal’s exposed clit. Crystal stifled a moan. Anna inserted her fingers inside Crystal’s clit. Crystal yelped.

Suddenly, Amy felt a burst of sensation around her vagina, and she shrieked. Anna and Crystal both turned their heads in surprise. Amy felt her face flush deep red for the hundredth time that evening. She felt tears starting to well up in her eyes as she realized what was going on. Vanessa had activated that egg vibrator that had been sitting dormant inside Amy’s panties! Damn it, why now? Why while they’re going at it?

“I thought I’d give you a little stimulation as you watch them bond,” Amy heard Vanessa from behind her. She felt Vanessa’s hand grope her left breast, and Amy involuntarily let out a soft moan.

“Sorry about that, please continue girls,” Vanessa called. Anna had a strange expression on her face, probably from half pity and half excitement. Amy was too preoccupied with the strong vibrations running down her thigh and into her to even really care. She also couldn’t protest Vanessa’s hands as they massaged and kneaded her breasts. Vanessa rested her chin on Amy’s shoulder.

“How’re you liking this Amy?” Vanessa asked softly.

Amy could only let out an incoherent moan. And as suddenly as the vibrations had started, they stopped. Amy let out a long sigh. She looked back up at Anna and Crystal, and saw Anna thrusting her hips in a fast rhythm. Crystal was moaning.

“Oh my god, don’t stop. God Anna. You’re fucking amazing,” Crystal moaned.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Vanessa commanding voice rang from behind Amy. Anna stopped thrusting and Crystal groaned in protest. Anna slid her fake dick out carefully, and got off Crystal. Amy’s hand absently traveled to her nether regions and she started massaging her clit without even realizing it. She felt a sharp sting on her wrist as Vanessa swatted it playfully.

“Nuh-uh, you should save that for later,” Vanessa said with a wink. She walked over to Crystal.

“How’re you doing, honey?” she asked. Crystal sat up. She looked a little dazed, but quickly noticed Amy watching her, and Crystal, for the first time since this game had started, curled up into a ball, and covered herself. She shot Amy a furtive glance and then looked down at the ground.

“I’m fine. I lost now right? Can I put my clothes on again and leave?” Crystal asked, still not looking up. Vanessa clicked her tongue.

“Not so fast. You should stay and see the game through. I mean, we all just saw you get screwed on a couch. Don’t you wanna see us humiliated too? But if we’re all going to be stripping, I think it only makes sense for you you to stay as you are” Vanessa said. Crystal’s shoulders slumped, but she didn’t say anything. So Crystal remained on the couch, curled up into a ball, watching as the game resumed.

“Alright where were we? Oh right! I think it’s my go,” Vanessa said. She polled for a dare. “Okay Julie, you haven’t done anything all night. It’s your turn, and since you’ve seen quite a bit of all of us, I think I’m gonna start you out strong. I dare you to stick a butt plug in your asshole and keep it there until the end of the game. Level 3,” Vanessa said. Julie’s eyes widened and Amy noticed her face was reddening. Three pieces of clothing would leave her naked and with a forfeit. The güvenilir bahis şirketleri alternative was having something inserted in her anus. Amy felt hot from second hand embarrassment for Julie.

Julie barely missed a beat and said, “I’ll just take the forfeit,”. She began to slowly undo her white dress. She slid it to floor, revealing plain dark pink bra and panties. She removed those as well, exposing her breasts and pussy. Amy hadn’t realized Julie was wearing a push up bra; without the bra, Amy could see that Julie had smaller tits that even Amy did, making Julie the smallest girl here. Amy felt a strong sense of relief at that and she loosened up a little, unconsciously, even removing her hands from covering her breasts.

Sweeping her dark brown hair to one side over her shoulder, she asked for her forfeit. Vanessa grabbed her phone and tapped around a bit, then handed the phone to Julie. Julie sputtered and stared at Vanessa seemingly in disbelief.

“No way!” she protested.

“That’s the only choice you have, sweetie,” Vanessa said, “if you don’t want to do it, that’s totally fine. You can take your clothes back and head out. I’ll let Jillian know you missed the actual event and it’s makeup that I hosted.”

Julie gave Vanessa a hard look but Vanessa didn’t back down of budge an inch.

“What’s the dare?” Amy heard Anna’s voice to her side.

“It wants me to go ask for a guy’s number. Completely naked. I’d be seen not just by that guy, but every other single person on the way out!” Julie said. Amy gasped.

“Vanessa, that’s going too far. Come on, let’s keep it to within the house, right? Just between us sisters?” Amy said. She didn’t know why, but she had leapt to Julie’s defense. Julie shot Amy a grateful glance.

“Hmm, didn’t you miss the first event too Julie?” Vanessa asked her tone dangerous. Julie nodded, her eyes averted.

“Well, I don’t really think you should be cut slack twice. After all, this is a prestigious institution you want to be a part of. If you can’t show commitment to the sorority and it’s sisters, I don’t really know that you should be granted sisterhood,” Vanessa said. Amy saw a glint of malice in Vanessa’s eyes. She’s enjoying this way too much, that bitch, Amy thought furiously. Julie just paced nervously.

“Just ask for any guy’s number? I don’t need to even get it?” Julie asked.

“Sure, fine. You don’t need to get the number. Just ask for it. I’ll go with you to make sure you do ask though,” Vanessa said.

“And can I bring something to cover myself on the way back?” Julie asked.

“Sure, whatever you want honey,” Vanessa said with an exaggerated drawl.

“Fine.” Amy looked up at Julie in surprise. She couldn’t believe Julie would go through with this. Crystal had chosen to do the forfeit instead of going out in the Square in her bra and panties, and now Julie was gonna go there completely naked. But Amy supposed she had a tougher choice to make, it was either do this dare or likely not get into DE. Amy shuddered, glad she hadn’t had to make that choice.

“Alright girls, sit tight. We’ll be back in a few,” Vanessa said as she and Julie departed; one still fully dressed, and the other completely naked.

Amy, Anna and Crystal sat in silence for some time, awaiting the other two’s return. Amy was having a hard time processing all that had just happened. She kept running the last hour’s events back in her head, but she still couldn’t really believe that she, Amy, had just done and witnessed all this. She was torn; she was incredibly turned on by this point, but part of her also resented Vanessa, and yet another part of her wanted to curl up into a ball and hide in her bed from embarrassment.

Amy had gone into college with the explicit goal of turning things around. Not that she wasn’t happy with her high school experience, but she felt that she had missed out on some key experiences; one of them was relationships and exploring her sexuality. Not many people knew exactly how inexperienced she was; most of her friends knew she was a virgin still, but few knew that she’d only really ever kissed two guys, and only ever dated one guy. She given that one hand job once too, but that was at the end of senior year, and it was all a part of her “Rebrand Amy” initiative. She had come to college with an explicit goal of getting laid; she had always imagined her first sexual experience in college would be more…well, romantic. Dinner date, followed by a long walk in a park, he takes her back to his room, he lights a few candles, they go to his room, he nervously admits he’s a virgin too…

A sudden shockwave rippling through Amy’s pelvis and thighs interrupted her rumination. Amy cried out, and her hands immediately traveled to her clit. The vibrator had turned on again, and it was vibrating even faster than last time. Amy groaned loudly.

“Oh my god, it feels so good!” she cried out. She heard Anna laugh and even heard Crystal say something, but she could barely focus on them right now. And then barely a minute later the vibrations stopped. Amy was dripping wet by now, and her panties had clear stains from her juices. She caught Anna staring, and Amy covered her private area with both her hands.

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