Amy’s Vacation Ch. 01

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“Amy Strekal… Amy Strekal, come to the Principal’s office, please.”

Everyone turned around to look at me. Um, what did *I* do? I felt myself get smaller and smaller as I grabbed my books off my desk and slung my backpack over my shoulder. Eyes were on me as I walked out, and I heard someone mutter “Uh-oh” under their breath as I passed. Probably Jenny Randall, that bitch.

I shut the door and my heart started beating faster. What HAD I done? Anything? I didn’t think so. I mentally checked off my uniform:

Plaid skirt, neatly pressed.

White shirt, ironed and buttoned to the top.

Necktie, navy blue, loosely knotted, but not unkempt.

Navy sweater, free of stains.

Saddle shoes and knee socks, clean as expected.

Hair in pigtails… perfectly in line with Code of Dress.

So, what was it? All my assignments had been handed in. I hadn’t been late today, or anytime in the last few months, if memory serves.

What was it?

My heart and mind raced through all sorts of terrible scenarios: burned down house, expulsion for writing notes back and forth with Christina about certain boys, extra lessons for not being good enough at playing the flute, or…

Oh God…

Had something happened to DADDY?

I picked up my pace… rounded the corner… the Principal’s Office was there by the front door.

I busted into the front office, and Ms Maxon told me to go on in to Mr. Piperman’s office. I went in, a lump in my throat and a race car engine in my chest…

And I saw my Dad.

I ran over and hugged him!! “Daddy!!”

“Hey darling,” he smiled, returning my hug. I lifted my foot unconsciously, throwing myself up into his embrace even more.

I pulled back, my initial glee stopped short by my dread. “Is everything all right?” I looked into his eyes, mine no doubt wide as a Disney princess’.

“Everything is fine, Amy,” Mr. Piperman explained, “your father has requested that you be pulled out of school early this week, as he wishes to take you on a trip. Of course, school protocol is for the parent to come in person, so that we don’t have any students impersonating parents over the phone for an early Spring istanbul escort Break.” He laughed…

Dad laughed…

I laughed…Maybe a little *too* loud… “I would… NEVER try that, Mr. Piperman.”

“We know you wouldn’t, Amy. You’re quite the good student, and carry a lot of weight with the staff. I was just telling your Dad that you are a pillar of everything that is good here at Savannah Academy For Girls, and that the staff absolutely loves you. We know we can always depend on you to help out the new students and volunteer anytime something needs doing.”

“Thank you, Sir. I’m so proud that you all feel that way about me.” I looked over at Dad, who was beaming.

“Well, we should get going, Amy,” Dad said as he looked down at his watch. “Mr. Piperman, I cannot thank you enough. Amy will be back in class in 12 days.”

“No problem at all, Mr. Strekal. I hope you and Amy have a wonderful time! And Amy, don’t you worry about your assignments. We’ll let you make all that up once you get back. Just go out there and enjoy yourself.”

I smiled and waved goodbye, and took Daddy’s hand. We left the school and my heart surged. A week and a half off from school? For a trip??? WOW! My mind raced with new questions…


Daddy laughed, “Oh, angel, all in good time. We have to hurry, or we’ll miss our flight!”

Flight? Flight? We’re leaving town? NOW? Wow… “But, I’m not packed…”

“I’ve packed everything you need… your iPod, your clothes, makeup bag, hair dryer, curlers…”

“What about…”

“Yes, I even packed Mr. Jinxies. He’s sitting in the front seat waiting for you.”

I squealed with delight. I don’t travel ANYWHERE without Mr. Jinxies, my teddy bear with a missing eye. He’s just unlucky sometimes. You know. That’s why he’s Mr. Jinxies.

We got into Daddy’s car and headed for the airport.

The first leg of our flight was to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We stowed our baggage above our heads in the bin… so wherever we were going for a week and change, we weren’t going to be changing halkalı escort clothes a lot. Everything I had fit in my one carryon and a backpack. Daddy had the same.

Of course, Mr. Jinxies rode in my lap the whole way, and loved looking out the window as we flew above the clouds, over our beautiful country.

We arrived in Fort Lauderdale and had a few hours to kill in the airport.

“Wanna go shopping?” Daddy asked.

“Of course,” I responded.

We walked through the airport, towing our luggage behind us. We stopped in the book shop, but didn’t see anything of note. Then the clothing store. It was different… but maybe typical by Fort Lauderdale standards: it had a swimsuit section. I looked them over and saw a few I liked. They were rather tiny, which was interesting.

“Would you like one?” Daddy asked.

“Well, will I NEED one?” I asked back.

“Well, you might… I mean, I did pack some of your bikinis, but, if you want, you can get one of these too. I definitely have my eye on one.”

“Which one, Daddy?”

“Well, it’s this one…” he pointed to a bright, neon yellow bikini. I held it up. The size was my correct size (which I will NOT tell you, dear reader… none yo’ business! LOL!), but it still looked rather… tiny.

“This one, Daddy?”

He nodded.

I noticed that this bikini wasn’t like any other that I owned. First of all, the girl on the tag looked to be in her mid-20’s. I am NOT in my mid-20’s… I’m only 18.

Secondly, I noticed the price. $200!! Oh my GOD! That’s worth more than all of my other bikinis combined! Wow…

Third, I noticed that this bikini was a thong… nothing at all to cover the backside… and the front side didn’t have much either… very tiny in front… VERRRY TINY… as in… made with about three ounces of lycra, I’d bet… and the bikini top coverage was just as small.

Finally, um, this bikini had no liner, in the top or bottom… just the nearly sheer fabric.

“Why don’t you go try it on, angel?” Daddy prodded.

I nodded and took it back into the dressing room. I tried it on… I tied on the top first… the triangles barely mecidiyeköy escort covered my areola… and support was, well, pretty much non-existent. No cup, no pads, and no underwire. Just string and fabric. My breasts sagged under their full weight. The bottoms were also a… different… proposition. It’s hard to describe as a girl what it feels like to put on your first thong bikini. Feeling that cord go up between your back labia and anus, between your butt cheeks, exposing them to anyone who looks…well, it was definitely something different!

I looked at myself in the mirror. Wow… the neon yellow was bright against my dark, tanned skin. I noticed that I could see my areola showing through the yellow… and my nipples were not protected at all… very pronounced. Then I looked down…and blushed. Clearly, you could see my kitty slit, showing through the fabric of the bikini bottoms…

“How’s it going, angel?” Daddy called.

“Um, fine… are you SURE this is the one?” I asked…

“Yeah… I think it will be great. Do you want a second opinion?”

“Um, sure, that’d be fine,” I answered.

Daddy opened the door. I was shocked. Was he allowed in here? Would someone complain? But, then again, he was Daddy, and it’s not like this was a “women-only” dressing room.

He audibly gasped.

“Pumpkin… you look… incredible.”

All of my hesitation melted away instantly. I blushed. I’ve always loved the attention Daddy gives me, and it’d only increased in the years since Mom had passed. It’d been 13 years. I barely remembered her. She was beautiful, and kind, and then she was gone, and it was just the two of us. I had to take care of Daddy, and I bent over backwards to do that any way I could.

His jaw was slightly slackened and his eyes lingered on me quite a bit…”Yes… yes, that’s definitely… the one,” he stammered. I giggled. Daddy is so cute.

He snapped to. “We have to catch our flight soon. Give me the tag and I’ll go pay for it.”

He snatched the tag off the tie string on the side of my hip, causing it to come undone. It almost spilled out so that he saw me completely naked! Whoops! Not in public! LOL!

I took off the bikini, put back on my school girl outfit and took the bikini out to the register girl, who gave me an interesting, quizzical look but put it in the bag and handed it back. Daddy took it and put it in his duffel bag and we ran off to catch our flight to…


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