An Estonian Boy and His Family Ch. 03

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I quickly got home, mom was getting ready for the day in her room, I went to greet her and see if she had received the letter yet.

“Good morning mom, how was your sleep?”

“Oh son, you will not believe, it was so great, I feel relaxed and satisfied, how was your sleep?”

“Same as usual, rested, will you go somewhere today?” I asked her with great interest.

“No, I am home today, cleaning house and stuff, will you be home too? You know it is your school break right now, no school.” she said jokingly.

“I guess I am staying home today, tell me if you need help or anything, I am going to my room.”

“Okay, I will.”

As I left her room, I thought what her reaction would be if she opened the letter.

I went to my room, and instead of jerking off, I launched my console and started a fighting game, I wanted to keep my cock ready, in case she decides to do what I said in the letter.

I played for about 4 hours when I heard something, I decided to go and check if it was my mom.

What a surprise, it was, her door was open, she was holding her head, walking around her room panicking and swearing to herself.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK, what am I going to do, this is terrible, OH MY GOD, what have I gotten myself into,” she went over to her laptop and started to read that letter once again, “Okay, I should calm down.”

At this moment I decided to enter the scene. I knocked on the door and entered saying: “Hey mom, I heard you screaming, came to check on you, is something wrong?”

She looked at me with her angry eyes and screamed slowly to me: “Get. The. Fuck OUT!! I want to be alone!!”

I instantly ran out thinking about maybe putting a stop to this and return fucking her when she sleeps, but I had made it so far, no point in turning back.

I was so concerned that she might do something wrong, call the police or something, damn, I forgot to think about what if she called police, FUCK, I might as well be fucked now.

I was so frustrated that I actually got up and went to my bed, it was fucking daytime but I went to sleep.

The next thing I remember that I woke up to computer mouse clicking, I looked over to my computer and saw mom doing something there.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” I asked her calmly, knowing I had no pictures in my computer or had ever used my fake email there.

“Oh, nothing son, I was just interested if you were watching porn, ha-ha, I know I’m weird.”

I laughed, “You could have just asked me, mom, I do watch yes, what of it? I am a grown man, I need to get off sometimes too, you know.”

My mom sighed and left my room.

“I guess she was looking for evidence of me blackmailing, she did not find any, so I might as well breath freely, she will not suspect me anymore, I hope.”

I went to get something to eat and saw my mom making dinner.

“Oh hey Mihkel, right on time, I just fixed us a dinner.” She said smiling, but I saw the worry on her face.

“Thanks mom, it looks great, I will surely enjoy it.”

We had a very quiet dinner, usually we talk and laugh, but I know what she has on her mind, she thinks how to get out of this mess.

“Mom, I am full, thanks for the meal, it was great.” I got up and left for my room.

As I was getting ready to go to sleep, I heard a knock on my door.

“Yeah, come in!”

My mom entered, a camera in her right hand.

“Yeah mom, what is it? Oh is it the sleeping drink? I was about to go and make you one.”

“No, no, I want you to sit down and listen,” she said with worry on her face, “I need to do something that the normal mother – son should never do, what I need you to do is just follow my lead, okay?”

“Yeah, I do not know where you’re getting with this, but oh well, go ahead, lead me.”


She put the camera on the table next to my bed, put it on record and said to it: “I hope you are happy, motherfucker!”

She started to undress, first she removed her shirt, after that she removed her red bra, damn, I almost wish she did not, it made her tits look larger, but at least I am about to get laid so I will not say anything.

After she had her upper body clean of any clothes, she continued on to her lower body, she started to remove her jeans, she turned around and slowly removed her jeans, which were so tight on her body, I love how she jiggled her butt as she removed her jeans.

After removing her pants she took off her panties.

“Oh shit mom, you are so hot, what are you doing by the way?”

“Taking my clothes off, what does it look like?”

“But why are you taking off your clothes?”

“You will see, now sit back and enjoy the show.” she was not enjoying this, she was furious, I could tell it from her face.

After she removed all her socks and stuff, she came over to me, pushed me on my back, and started removing my shorts.

Just having seen her naked made me harder than rock and she saw that, but still she looked angry.

She removed my pants and my penis was free for her to see.

“Oh… Shit, this is going to be hard.” She said istanbul escort to herself, as I saw her starting to sweat, “Mihkel, now sit back and enjoy, and one more thing, put this on.” She gave me a condom.

“Mom, I do not really know how to…” I said nervously.

“Oh for Christ sakes, alright, I will do it myself, you just lay back,” she said as she opened the condom pack, she began putting it on but then she stopped and threw the condom away and got on top of me.

“Are you going to fuck me mom?” I said with as puzzled face as I could make so she would buy my innocence.

“Ugh, yes, I am going to fuck with you, but remember, no one will find out or I will kick your ass so hard you will make a “virgin meringue” for yourself.”

“What’s a “virgin meringue”, is it a food?” I was puzzled for real this time.

“Just forget it, here I come, and so shall you.” she said as she sat my penis into her pussy, that was a whole different feeling than I felt yesterday.

“Oh mom, you slut, I will fuck you until we will pass out of exhaustion!!” I cried out as she fucked my penis.

“Shut the fuck up, how dare you call me a slut?! Do you think I am doing this on my own free will?” she replied to my sentence with an angry voice.

I think that her not enjoying this made me even hornier, I do not know why, but it did.

“Mom, can I touch you? It might help me come faster.”

“Ugh, go on, grope me, you pervert.”

I did not need to be told again, I instantly took hold of her 2 large melons, I stroked them, started slowly, but picked up tempo as I went on. I finally leaned up to her tits and started sucking on them, I saw mom let out a moan, but that was just it, a moan, nothing more, it seemed she did not even want to have an orgasm, she despised this.

“Mom, I think I am coming, what should I do?”

“Let me get off you first, I do not want to get pregnant,” she got off me and started to jerk my penis, or should I call it a cock now? You know, since I have fucked someone, having a naughty name for my penis would be appropriate, anyways she started jerking my cock and I was going to come, but I did not want to come on her face, I wanted to cum inside her mouth, so I squeezed her nose to get her mouth open, she did open it and I instantly inserted my cock into her mouth and started to ravage her face. I saw her trying to get away from me hopelessly, I am strong, I kept fucking her face left and right and when I came I overfilled her mouth, I saw cum dripping from her closed mouth, “I will not take my dick from your mouth if you will not swallow my cum.”

I heard her roaring angrily while having my dick in her mouth, but she submitted and I saw her gulping down my cum like it was water, seeing her with my cock in her mouth, swallowing my cum made me so horny that I accidentally came again, almost as big load as the last one.

I saw her eyes bulging as she swallowed this load too, after that I let her go, she caught her breath for a minute and exploded onto me, “What do I look like to you? A cheap whore or a slut?” she got up and slapped me hard on my face, then took the camera and to walked away from me.

“Well, you are acting like one, it was your idea to fuck after all, so why hold back?”

She turned around and screamed at me: “If you would only knew why I did that, then, then you would not act like that.” She started to cry and fell on her knees.

“I am sorry, I did not think when I said that, mom, please forgive me, tell me what is going on, why did you have to do this?” I said acting like that I did not know already.

So we sat down on my bed and told me the whole story, did not leave anything out. By the time she finished her story she was so tired that she fell asleep on my crotch, I put her lying in my bed and hopped next to her, naked and cuddled her from behind, my cock touching her ass and fell asleep.

Next morning I woke up and mom was not next to me, I went to her room, naked, and saw her composing a letter.

“Hey mom, what you doing?”

“Sending that video to “My new owner”, how you feeling?”

“I am feeling like a MAN, yeah, I loved fucking you.”

She looked at me furious, “You know, you should not push your luck, you should thank this mystery man for that, if we had lived our normal lives, then you would have never got near my pussy.” she continued writing her letter and I went to my room.

I could not believe I fucked my own mother.

“What should I order her to do next? Damn, I do not know, morning awakening blowjob and cum swallowing from now on? Yeah, sounds good, also should tell her to buy clothes like a whore and wear them at home, when dad is not home and I am,” I had a smile on my face as I thought of these things, “Oh yeah, I should tell her to become my personal whore, so whenever I want to fuck her, she has to.”

I checked my fake email and saw her reply: “Hello, asshole, here, I got you your video, but please, leave me and my family alone from now on.”

Haha, leaving her alone? I was just getting started, I instantly replied to her:

“Dear Karoliina, you are a great mother, ahem, a slut and a whore, I beşiktaş escort saw your son enjoyed you fucking her, so I tell you, from now on you will give your son a morning wake-up blowjob or even sex, depends how he feels, then you will go to a sex shop and buy yourself clothes that only super sluts wear, and wear them at home for your son, but if your husband is home, do not wear them, would not want you to get into trouble now, would we? Last but not least, I want you to go to your son, get on your knees in front of him and beg him to allow you to be his personal whore and sperm bank, that means he gets to fuck you and do stuff that he wishes whenever he feels like it. And by the way, I see everything, so do not try to cheat me.

Yours faithfully,

Your owner.”

After a minute or two I heard a loud scream coming from her room, I ran there and saw my mom crying on the floor.

“NO NO NO, what have I done, if he had published those pictures, I could have handled, but a sex tape? What is wrong with me,” She saw me and came to me hugging me, “I fucked up Mihkel.”

“What is it mom?”

“Go read the letter he sent me back.”

So I pretended to read that and made a shocked face, then I saw my mom coming in front of me and falling on her knees, “Please let me become your personal whore and sperm bank where you can deposit your sperm whenever you want to. Please allow me, Lord Mihkel.”

I was surprised how she fulfilled my needs and said, “All right, I allow you, what should I call you? A slut needs a name, ah yes, what about Cockwhore?”

“Thank you my Lord, yes, that name is perfect, but I would prefer good old mom.” she said with a sad and worried face, I knew she did not enjoy this at all.

“Okay, no names then, but I thought you were ordered to buy some slutty clothes? Before you go, I want you to blow me, I have had a busy day.”

She unlocked my jeans and freed my cock, she started sucking on it, I felt her using her tongue, that made me even harder, I could not take it anymore and took hold of her head and ravaged her head, I saw she could not breathe well and started to gag and tears came down her eyes.

I felt my cum coming and took my cock out and blasted my cum on her face.

“You will not clean yourself up, you will go to the sex shop with my cum all over your face.”

She just got up and went towards the door, then I said, “Mom, I am sorry, I think I went too far this time, you can clean yourself.”

She stopped and looked towards me with her usual angry look and said, “Oh someone feels guilty? No, I will not clean myself, I will go out like this and everyone will see me, they will say that I am a slut, that will also hurt you, since I am your mother remember? Do you remember that?”

I felt guilty and just sat down looking at my legs like a child who has done something wrong and is waiting for punishment. I saw my mom going outside with cum still on her and she did not get in her car, she walked. At least we had a sex shop nearby, so she will be back quick.

After about 30 minutes I heard our front door opening, I immediately went to investigate and saw my mom standing in front of the door, dry cum all over her face and hair.

“How did the shopping go? Did everyone see you covered in cum?” I asked nervously.

“Lucky you son, streets were empty and only one to see me like this was the shopkeeper.”

“So, what did you buy?”

“Um so I bought this sex dress called “Seductive Bra, Open Cup Bra and Aproned panty”, basically I have very few places covered, excluding my tits, they are visible, I also bought this fishnet dress, happy?”

“I want you to put one of them on for me right now.” I was so excited to see her in one of these clothes, the thought of seeing her like that made my cock bulge in my pants.

After like 10 minutes, I saw my mom coming down the stairs, her pussy visible, her tits bulging out of 2 holes in her tits, she was wearing her “open cup bra and aproned panty” dress, this was perfect.

“Hey mom, what if I call you a whore? I think its short and simple name.” I said jokingly, knowing she would decline.

“Call me whatever you want, I do not care anymore.”

I was surprised,

“If you do not care anymore, then get over here, I am kinda horny right now.”

She moved closer and got on her knees, “I never thought that you would treat me as a whore for real, I guess given a chance to a person, they will do anything they want, I only wish you would treat me like mom not like a whore.”

“Mom, I thought you were okay this, if this is how you feel, then why did you not protest before? Of course I will treat you like my mom, but we will have to have regular sex, or else he will post that video and pictures on the internet.”

“I guess you have a point, continue doing what you were doing so far, but easier a little, please.”

I felt like I had beaten her, and she allows me to do anything to her without blaming me for what is happening to her.

“I understand, but I am really horny right now, could you do the magic?”

She opened my jeans and dropped them, then removed beylikdüzü escort my underwear and my cock bulged out, harder than rock, ready to be sucked and fucked.

“Oh mom, your dress makes me so horny that I want to fuck you right here and cum inside and outside of you.”

“Wooah, wait a second, you are not getting to come anywhere near the insides of me, I am not on the pills.” she said with a serious face.

“Ah, forget it, just suck my cock you whore.” I said and I saw her not minding me calling her a whore.

She started slow, trying to get all of it in her mouth, she used her tongue to arouse me even more, I wanted to ravage her mouth but I kept myself under control and let her do her thing.

She sucked me great, but I wanted to cum somewhere else, “Hey whore, get up and stick your ass up for me, I am going to ravage it.”

She was frightened, but she did what I asked of her. She raised her ass and removed her panty, I could see it, her tight ass, “Hey mom, have you been ever fucked in there?”

“No, I am anal virgin.”

“Not even with father?”

“Not even with father, he is not into this kind of stuff.”

“Okay, better for me, I am going to pop your ass and claim it as mine.”

And with that being said I just pushed my cock into her and pushed it all the way, which resulted in my mom crying out pain so loudly that it made me scared that our neighbors might call the cops, but I did not care, I was in my moms ass, ready to ravage her ass and no one could stop me, well the police could, but they are not here, so yeah, no one.

I started to push my cock as deep and fast as possible and I kept on fucking her like that, after drilling in and out of her like 10 times I saw blood dripping from her ass, I had fucked her bloody. I was in so much ecstasy that I did not see my mom had blacked out, but when I did finally see what had happened, I did not care anymore, I thought she would wake up soon and I kept on fucking her ass, with every thrust a little bit of blood spurt out of her ass, I fucked her until I came deep inside her, after filling her up, I tried to wake her up, but it did not work, I freaked out but somehow got my brain working, I quickly dressed her into everyday clothes and called the ambulance, by the time they had arrived I had set everything straight and my mom was lying on the couch.

“Hello, please come this way, she is over there,” I said while pointing towards mom, “Can you tell what’s wrong with her? Is she going to be okay?”

“Just a moment young man, we will examine your mom,” They removed her clothes, and saw her pants were full of blood, “It seems her anus is bleeding, we will have to stop the bleeding and take her to the hospital.”

“Okay, do what you have to do, just get her okay.”

What have I done? I let my lust get control of me and because of that I hurt my mom, damn it, I hope I will still get laid after this.

I was all alone in our home, I needed company, then I remembered, I have a sister who is still over at her friend’s place, I called Mari, she answered, “Hello, Mihkel is this you?”

“Yeah Mari, I think you need to come home, it is about mom, she is on the way to the hospital.”

“WHAT?! What did happen? Wh-” and I heard her starting to cry on the other side of the phone, “Why is she going to hospital?”

“I cannot explain it on the phone, it is hard.”

“It is okay, I am coming home now.” and she closed the call.

After an hour she came back to our home.

“Tell me, what happened.”

“Well, we were watching TV and suddenly she collapsed and I saw her pants getting bloody, not from her vagina, but where her ass is, so I called an ambulance and they said her anus was bleeding.”

“Oh god, oh well let us wait for a call or something, I will go sleep until then, I do not even know if I can sleep while being so nervous.”

“It is okay, I will stay alive in case something happens, you can go sleep, if you want I can give you sleeping water?”

“Oh, it would be nice of you.”

I went upstairs to make her that drink, and right then it hit me, I can now use this to blackmail my sister too, make her mine too, oh this is great. I put 2 pills in her drink and went to her room where I saw her in her panty and bra waiting for me.

“Here you go sis, hey you want me to open the balcony door? It said on the TV tonight that will be super hot.”

“Sure, thanks.” she drank the water.

I opened the balcony door, wished her good night and left.

After an hour of waiting I went up to her room. I brought and some old pair of dad’s boots, they were in the garage, made them a little muddy and went to the balcony and started making boot prints to make sure they think it was someone else who came to her room.

After I had that done, I got near her, removed her sheet, watched her beautiful and cute body for a while, I got a boner, I removed her bra and panty and took a picture of her naked, turned her around and stuck her ass up, took another picture, next I took 2 of her fingers and put them in her ass, opened her mouth to make it look like she was doing it herself and enjoyed it, just like I did to mom. After taking those pictures I wanted to fuck her, so I got to her pussy and widened it, for my surprise she was still a virgin, so I decided instead of fucking her pussy I would fuck her ass, but slowly this time, much slower than I ravaged moms shithole.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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