An Interesting Weekend Ch. 2

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It was close to noon before I got to moving around. I woke late thinking about the previous evening’s happenings and my cock was rock hard. I had called Ann after Barry had left last night and hated to think of what that cell phone bill would cost! I stroked my hard cock as I thought about the sound of the vibrator and dildo she worked over and in her pussy as I had told her about the evenings happenings.

She had climaxed loudly as I told her in explicit detail how long and slender Barry’s cock was and how I had watched him jack off. Rubbing the precum that dripped from my cock tip I knew she would be here today as fast as she could and her arrival would be with extremely wet panties. I finished cleaning up around the camper and had showered when I picked up my coffee and thought I’d walk down and see how Barry was doing this morning. We had talked last evening before he left and I was going to help him finish setting up his new camper. As I walked around the front of his trailer I was surprised to see another car parked next to his truck. ‘Must be Denise is here early.’ I thought to myself and walked around to the open front door. I was going to holler in when I heard them talking inside and from the tone of their voices I just stood and listened.

“…it’s that thick…ohhh…”

“yes it really is! I had it in my was…so…hard…”

I knew I should walk away but couldn’t stop myself from looking through the screen door. My cock began to throb at what greeted my eyes! There was a blouse and bra lying on the floor, Barry had Denise kneeling on the floor with her body bent over the couch, her breasts mashed on the seat cushions. He was on his knees behind her with his shorts pulled down to his knees, his cock pushing in and out of her slit. I watched him pull back until just the tip was buried then push the length slowly into her. From the position of her hand I knew that she had to be fondling her clit…

“…you want me to have him fuck me…really!??!?!?!…”

“yes…yes…I DO…and he wants you and him to watch me do his wife… Ann…watch me fill her with cum…maybe we’ll even play with each other’s cocks for you to see…”

“…really…oh…yesssssss…” Her scream was muffled against the cushions as her orgasm coursed through her. I watched her fingers move between her legs and Barry buried tight against her began rapid short strokes. The muscles in his thighs twitched and I could tell he was unloading his cum deep up inside her.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching, nor that they had left the door open. It was incredible too see his ass slap against her. My own cock was standing at full attention and leaving a large wet spot where my precum was soaking through. Without thinking I had been rubbing the length through the material of my swimming trunks. Reaching through the side I pulled my rigid prick and balls from the mesh and wrapping my fist around the shaft began pulling on the length.

“…you…can…watch me…” his hips continued to smack against her thighs. “…fill…her…pussy…with my…cummm..mmmm.mmmm…” Through the screen I could see his balls bounce and empty with every word. My own fingers stroked in cadence with his words. Denise’s own fingers were a blur moving roughly against her clit. Her screams muffled as she was pressed against the cushions. Before I could move Barry withdrew his cock from her pussy and sat down next to Denise on the couch, and seeing me smiled. I froze, as did my hand, so there I stood cock in hand. His flaccid cock gleamed with both their juices as it lay between his thighs. Touching his finger to his lips he motioned for me to be quiet and then waved me in. I nodded that I understood.

Taking her shoulders he pulled her towards him and holding the base of his prick she sucked it deep into her mouth. Being as quiet as possible I opened the screen and stepped inside; pushing my trunks down I stepped out of them and knelt naked behind Denise. She was licking and sucking Barry’s cock clean while her finger moved slowly up and down over her own clit. I could see a tan line across her back and another around her waist and down the sides escort ankara of her asscheeks. It was so white against her tanned body it looked like she was wearing a flesh bathing suit, except I was also looking at a tight puckered hole; a naked shaved slit which dripped with Barry’s load; and her fingers which had her slit spread open with one finger caressing a hard pink clit. By the movement of her finger she was approaching another orgasm.

Moving in closer I looked down at the dripping pussy and then up at Barry and licked my lips. His eyes widened when he understood what I was indicating and a moan escaped his lips and I could see his cock begin to stiffen in Denise’s mouth. Slowly I lowered myself until I could smell the mixed juices as they dripped from her slit. Pressing my face tight to her exposed bottom my tongue pressed between the naked lips…

“…oooHHHHHHHHH…WHATTTTTTT…” Denise raised off Barry’s cock startled. Barry held her shoulders lightly as I held her thighs and pressed tighter, sucking and swallowing.

“Honey, this is Jonathan. It seems he’s been watching at the door, so I invited him in.” Her response was muffled as he had placed his cock back in her mouth, but she wasn’t objecting much as she pressed her hips back against my busy tongue, and her finger increased it’s tempo on her clit and from time to time bumped against my chin. Pulling my tongue back I licked over her finger and clit…

“…ohhhhh damnnnn…” Her hips and began bucking wildly against my face. In a swift move I licked up along her spasming slit and circling her small puckered asshole I pushed my tongue deep inside. “…OHHHHHHDAMMMMMMMM…” she screamed as she lifted off Barry’s cock and her orgasm rocked through her. I had continued to stroke my cock as I ate her sweet pussy and it throbbed as my own load filled my balls. I had to bury my shaft in this naked slit!!

Moving up behind her I held my cock and pressed the purple head to her spasming slit. Barry had taken his now hard cock and was stroking the shaft with the head of his cock pressed against her lips. I watched the head of my cock and crown enter and disappear in her glistening slit.

“…ohhhHHH MYYYYY GODDDDDDDD…” she groaned as I entered her. Barry’s fist moved faster and he began cumming, the first load shooting over her shoulder and onto her back. With just the crown splitting her cunt lips I held her thighs and inserted the full length of my thick cock in her until my balls slammed against her fingers. With her mouth wide open she took Barry’s load and began to swallow. My balls full I felt the rush of the first hot cum load erupt from the shaft into her pulsing wet cunt. I slammed harder. “…OHHHHHH DAMMMMMNNNNNN… …” she moaned as she watched Barry jack his cock and his cum shot on her lips…her hips bucked against my spasming cock.

I pressed deep inside her “…fantastic…damnnn…” My load began to subside and cock slipped out of her pussy as I sat back on the floor. Feeling me exit, Denise turned towards me and with cum covered lips took my rapidly softening cock in her hand and sucked the head into her warm mouth. Her tongue and lips cleaning my cum coated cock. Sitting back against Barry’s thigh Denise smiled…

“That is one hell of an introduction! Nice to meet you Jonathan. When is Ann getting here?”

“My apologies for being so forward.” I laughed. “That is what I came down for was to tell you she would be here before dinner and is going to bring a couple pizza’s and bottles of wine.” We sat and chatted for a few minutes and I had the opportunity to admire her pert breasts with dark aeroles and nipples. Glancing at my watch I was surprised to see a couple hours had passed and standing up pulled my trunks back on. “I’ve got to clean up a little before Ann gets here.” As I left Barry said they would get ‘presentable’ and be on up.

I had put on clean shorts and had just gotten a campfire going when Ann pulled in. Putting the pizza and wine on the picnic tale she gave me a big hug and kiss. “Do you know how long today was having to think about what you guys did?” She laughed and pushed her thighs tight to mine.

I laughed with her and sincan escort slid my hand down between us, “hmmmm, I guess so! At least if this wet spot on your shorts are any indication. But that is only half the story.” I held her close and spoke quietly in her ear telling her about the morning’s episode. I could feel the wetness spread as I spoke.

“Oh my! Just picturing that in my mind is driving me crazy! I need to change before they come up.” She pulled away from me and hurried inside the camper just as Barry and Denise came up.

The three of us sat at the table and talked until Ann got changed. She had put on her bathing suit and I could see she was still in a state of excitement from the way her nipples pressed against the material. Introductions were passed around and we devoured both pizzas and worked on the bottle of wine. The girls cleaned up and dragged chairs around the fire while Barry and I talked quietly.

“Are you guys going to join us?” Ann called over, “And bring that other bottle of wine.” Barry grabbed the bottle and I pulled a couple beers from the cooler as we walked over. Even with dusk falling there was no doubt what we had been discussing with the bulges evident in our sweatpants. Apparently we both had been thinking the same thing as you could tell we didn’t have anything underneath, and with baggy sweats on when you have a hard-on there is no mistaking it! I could see Ann stare directly at Barry’s swollen cock as we walked over and sat down.

I could feel the coolness of evening as I walked over and noticed that the girls had wrapped blankets over their legs. “Let me get a couple more logs on this fire, it is getting a little chilly.” I grabbed a couple logs and throwing them on the fire sat down completing the cozy little circle around the fire. We talked about different things, but you could feel the sexual stirrings as we talked. Although Ann looked Barry in the eye when she talked the gaze always fell between his legs to his cock that pressed against the heavy cotton sweats. I could see Denise glancing over to my own cock that pressed against the material and I couldn’t help but notice that both girls had their hands under their blankets. Supposedly it was to keep their hands warm but from the movement of the blankets it wasn’t difficult to know what they were doing. Barry and I both could tell what they were doing and it kept our own cocks in a state of arousal.

“Denise was telling me about their new camper, I can’t wait to get the grand tour. But I guess you’ve had the tour already.”

Everyone laughed at that and before I could answer Barry stood up and motioned to Ann. “Let me give you the grand tour, it is really nice and quite big.”

“I can see that!” Ann replied huskily and as she stood I could see in the light from the fire that her cheeks were flushed. As they walked towards Barry’s camper I saw his hand touch the small of Ann’s back and then travel slowly over the curve of her buttocks. She stepped closer to him and her hand disappeared and I heard Denise gasp. Glancing over at her I could tell that she too knew what Ann’s hand was doing to Barry.

“Guess Ann has just enough wine in her to let her lose some of her inhibitions.” I smiled.

“I would say so!” Denise managed to utter. “Knowing she just grabbed his cock brought me over the edge and I just orgasmed.”

I stood up, my own cock pushing my sweats into a tent. “Shall we wander down to your place?”

“I like that idea, Jonathan.” Denise stood and pulling her fingers from her shorts I could see the dampness on them. Taking her hand I sucked her fingers into my mouth and could taste her nectar. Squeezing my cock she spoke quietly, “Let’s hurry down.”

It hadn’t taken Ann long to go for what she wanted. As we walked in Barry was on the couch with his sweats around his ankles and Ann, her shorts on the floor, had straddled his cock and the head was just disappearing between the folds of her swollen pussy lips. “Ohhh damn Barry! Ohhh fuck it’s so long-g-g-g-g…”

“Let me help,” I stepped away from Denise’s grip on my own rod and reaching around Ann began to finger her clit. “Suck on her nipples Barry, demetevler escort that will help her pussy take your length.”

“Yes, lover do her,” Denise gasped as she watched his length enter Ann’s cunt. “Let me help too!” Kneeling between them she began to stroke the length of Barry’s shaft. She pushed her own shorts down and her fingers busied themselves on her clit, her eyes inches away from the slowly disappearing cock. “Yes! Push that cock of yours deep into her…OH Barry! She’s taking it down to your balls!” As his cock entered Denise let her hand slip lower until only her thumb and finger circled the shaft just above his balls. Her other hand was busy between her legs and I could see a finger rubbing roughly across her clit and the other finger had disappeared in the recesses of her slit.

I pushed my shorts to my ankles, my cock strained erect, the veins standing out along the shaft…throbbing. Reaching down I lifted Denise to her knees and knelt behind her. Knowing what was coming she removed her finger and spread the lips of her inviting pussy. I held my cock at the entrance and pressed into her until I saw the crown of my cock disappear. Holding her hips I slammed completely into her. With the thickness of my cock and the tightness of her pussy I could feel the friction as I entered her.

“OhhhhhhhhhhhhGAWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!…fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee!!” Denise screamed as my balls bounced against her thighs. Her fingers resumed there movement on her clit as I pumped long strokes in and out of her tight cunt. Every time I slammed tight against her I could feel them jacking off her clit. “ohhh…ohhh…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

Ann was riding the full length of Barry’s cock. Her breasts heaved as she rode up and down only stopping when she came to Denise’s fingers that held the base of his cock. I could see his own ball’s beginning to convulse as he neared his orgasm. “oh gawd…OHHGAWDD…Jonathan he’s going to cummmmmm!!…I can feel it in his cockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!…”

“Not yet he isn’t!!” Denise tightened her fingers around the base of his cock as Ann rode faster along the length. My own cock was filling with cum as I watched it appear and disappear into Denise’s tight cunt! Her fingers feverishly rubbed her swollen pink clit. There was no stopping at this point and my cum exploded deep into her pulsating hole.

“ooohhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH…I can’t…can’tttTTTTT…waitttTTTTTTT…” my cock spasmed again and again. The first load brought Denise to her climax and her cunt muscles sucked the length of my cock shaft, milking my cum. She released her grip on the base of Barry’s cock and with her now free hand cradled my balls and began milking all my cum.

“OHHHHHHHHHHSWEETMOTHEROFGODDDDDDDDDDDDD…fillLLLLMEEEEE…” Denise shrieked as her pussy clenched my erupting cock and our cum mixed deep inside her. Completely spent I feel away from her and she too collapsed beside me. My cum flowed from her violated slit…her eyes focused on Barry’s cock buried deep inside Ann’s split swollen pussy…her own fingers between her legs buried in her hole and her other fingers spreading my hot cum over her clit.

I sat mesmerized at the sights before me. I couldn’t help but hold my now flaccid cock in my hand and gasp. Denise moved suddenly with her cum coated fingers and pressed her finger between his spread legs and against his tight back hole. “Now fill her with your cum…” Her finger slid easily into him and stopped when she could go no further…

“AHHHHGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHH!!” I watched as his balls tightened and convulsed their first hot load deep into Ann’s cunt. “ohhHHHHFUCKKKKKK…I’m cummingggGGGGGG…” Barry moaned as he continued to unload. Denise’s finger pumped rapidly in and out of him.

“ohhhhhhhhHHHHHHyesssssssssSSSSSSSSSSS…” Ann slammed up and down Barry’s throbbing exploding cock. Slamming down his full length her entire body shuddered as her orgasm flowed through her. “ohhhhhhhhhdamnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!” His cum filled her and oozed along his cock spreading over his balls and dripping onto Denise’s fingers…

Slowly she sat back against me as we watched Barry’s softening prick slip from Ann’s used slit. She fell against him and we all sat, no one moved, completely spent with nothing but soft breathing and the smell of sex permeating the air…

* * * * *

If you enjoyed this two-part story please let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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