An Unexpected Pleasure Ch. 03

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With a supreme pizza in her hand, and her favorite movie; “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” she headed towards Deana’s, more nervous than a school girl on her first date.

Deana thought that Friday would never get there; the days went by slower than molasses on a stack of pancakes. Each night, she ravished her naked body with visions of sexual delights with Sue. Ever since she met her, Deana thought she was one hot baby, even for a preacher’s wife.

Finally the day of unexpected pleasure arrived. She showered, and pampered every nook and cranny. Once she died off and took care of her hair, she headed for the boudoir.

She dropped the towel and ogled her full figured body in the full length next to the bed. Long auburn hair cascaded across her shoulders down to her full bosom. Her green eyes sparkled, and her cute button nose sat atop luscious lips the color of a rose. As her gaze went downward, her narrow waist led way to broad hips and a nicely trimmed pussy. Her petite body oozed with desire.

“Wow doll, if I don’t mind saying so, I am still one hot, sexy package.”

She walked over to the armoire and couldn’t decide what to wear, should she wear her sexy hot pink pajama set, or casual sweats. After all she did not want to scare Sue off, at least before she had the chance to see if she was still bisexual. She hoped Sue did not hide behind her church values; they are so prudent when it comes to the details of sex. In her eyes sex was supposed to be exciting, and fun, and private.

She decided to wear shorts and a t-shirt, minus the bra, adding a sheer lacy pair of panties. Deana doubles checked herself in the mirror then headed toward the kitchen.

She didn’t have much to do, just set out the ice bucket, and glasses for the soda she’d bought. She had almost bought some wine, but didn’t know if Sue approved. Once done she headed into the den to make sure the VCR was still set to play the sexy video.

“Ooooh its going to be a hot time in this house tonight, I hope.”

The doorbell startled her, she turned to answer it, hoping she didn’t appear too excited.

She opened the door, giggled and spoke. “Hello Sue, are you ready for a night of fun, minus church women.” Sue laughed and answered. “Girl you must have been reading my mind, those women are vultures at time.”

Deana showed her to the kitchen, and told her they could set the pizza on the table in the den. That way, there’d be no plates to wash. They gathered up things for their meal and walked into the den.

Sue set the pizza down and showed Deana the movie, wondering if she would like it.

Deana blushed, and blurted out. “Oh that movie is one of my favorites. I have a video too, but don’t know if you’ll like it?”

They each grabbed some pizza, giggling like teens at a slumber party.

Sue laid her pizza down and bahis firmaları took a sip of Pepsi. “Well Deana we do have all night to eat, gossip and watch movies.”

Deana, almost choked on her bite, but managed to keep calm and asked. “Sounds fun, which one would you like to see first?”

Deana carefully watched Sue’s face, and felt her fluids soak her panties. As she silently prayed, “Oh please, pretty please, let her like it. I need some her hot, sex, body.”

Sue replied, “How about yours first, what’s the name?”

Deana trembled, gulped and said, “It’s a surprise. Take a look and see if you like it. If you don’t we can watch yours.

They proceeded to eat for a moment or two. Deana then put her pizza down and pressed the play button. Watching Sue closely and holding her breath.

Sue sat there watching for a few moments. While under her breath she uttered, “Oh my god, if Deana only knew what this is doing to me.” Tears formed in her eyes, and she shook; should she, could she, would she be the question.

Deana took a sip of her drink and just watched Sue for the time being. As the movie progressed she saw her arousal on Sue’s face, and the tremble of her body. She also notices her teary eyes. She wanted to put her arm around her and apologize.

Before she could Sue spoke. “Why you little sneak! I don’t know what to do, it’s not that I don’t like it, mind you, it’s whether I should do anything. After all Bradley and the church would have a coronary.

Deana put her arm around Sue and chose her words carefully. “Forget them for now; this is just between you and me. I’m not judging or trying to convince you to do anything you do not want to. No matter what you decided, let’s just have some fun tonight.” “Sex should be a beautiful experience; it only gets uglier when tinged with guilt and judgmental hypocrites. Sexuality is a preference, like everything else; it gives us pleasure, comfort, understanding, and happiness. You then share it with your heart and body with your partner or playmate.”

All Sue could do was hold onto Deana, like she was drowning in a pool. There was so much turmoil inside her at that moment, she couldn’t think. However the movie was still playing, and the women in the scene were stripping each other and kissing the exposed bit of flesh as they went. It was so hot! She could not resist.

“Deana, you stirred feeling that I have never forgotten. I still fantasize about sex with another woman. I just cannot do it, or couldn’t until now. You are my best friend honey, and I might add, a very attractive sexy woman. If I decide to play, no one could know what happens tonight, and I mean no one, not even Bradley.”

Deana almost passed out, did she hear right, the preacher’s wife, was going to have some unexpected pleasure. Her whole body went into overdrive; she had not been this kaçak iddaa aroused in a long time.

“So Sue, what do you want to do, watch the movie, or go to the bedroom?”

Sue’s whole body trembled, her nipples were so hard she thought they’d burst if touched, and her clit screamed, “Bedroom!” She didn’t want to appear eager, so she smiled kissed Deana softly on the lips and shrugged her shoulders.

That’s it, time to make her move. She turned off the TV, stood up, and reached for Sue’s hand. “Let’s go play.”

Deana guided her toward the bedroom. With each step they took they both trembled with anticipation.

They sat on the bed, and it was then that Sue noticed that Deana’s complexion glowed, her green eyes alive with lust.

Deana pulled Sue into her arms and whispered, “Oh honey, I need you. Don’t worry, everything will be alright.

She started, by kissing Sue, and making sure she was comfortable to go on. When she assured her she was, Deana slowly stripped her, ogling, and worshiping every inch of her body. Her full taunt breasts with erect nipples, they were not as big as Deana’s but a handful. She couldn’t wait to suck them into her mouth.

When she was completely naked Sue stopped her, “My turn baby, I love your red hair and emerald green eyes, they sparkle with delight.”

Somewhere in the recesses of her mind Sue heard a voice telling her to stop. However she ignored it, and gave into her desires. She loved sex with her husband, but should that stop her from enjoying it with a woman?……NO!

She stripped Deana, kissing, licking, and nibbling as she went. Their friendship had turned into a burning desire that neither of them could harness… least not tonight.

As their eyes met, Deana wondered if Sue desired her, did her eyes reflect her wanting? Did she sense how she felt? Would Sue’s morals as a preacher’s wife stop her from just having fun?

Deana’s pulse was racing ninety miles an hour. She wanted to embrace her passionately, letting her fingers caress Sue’s sensual body, and kiss her lips, and explore her mouth with her tongue.

Sue looked at Deana’s body her velvety skin, so much like hers. She wanted to reach out, and touch her, do the things the church prohibited. She paused, and grinned nervously.

“What’s wrong Sue?”

“I’m not sure if I can do this; my mind says it’s wrong, and my body said go for it baby!”

Deana pulled Sue close, “Honey you think too much. Let’s just enjoy ourselves, no strings, no judgments. . . . . . just sex between two women.

She held onto Deana like her life depended on it, and trembled. Oooh she wanted this, it was like breathing, she needed it. She took the first step.

Deana lay back on the bed, and Sue cuddled up close to her. She touched Deana’s cheek and gazed lovingly into her eyes, and kissed kaçak bahis her lips softly. “Oh honey, you taste as sweet as fine wine! I don’t think I could stop myself now if I wanted to.”

Deana returned the kiss with all the pent up passion she had. God, it felt good to be in someone’s arms again. As their kisses, and caressed, the fires of desire went from a small spark to a raging inferno. She was surprised how bold Sue was becoming.

Sue kissed Deana’s eyelids, cheeks, chin, breasts, and naval moving downward. Her butterfly kisses were becoming more passionate, more willing, she was no longer hesitant.

Deana surrendered herself completely. Her arousal was climbing like a freight train out of control. They kissed again, and she sucked Sue’s tongue, and elicited a soft moan of pleasure.

Sue resumed tantalizing Deana’s skin. She sucked in her right erect nipple, causing Deana to gasp and tremble with anticipation.

“Ooooh fuck, I love what you are doing to me Sue. Eat my pussy honey.”

Sue just nodded her head, winked and purred, “In due time baby, I want to savor every inch of you. It’s been so long, since I had this unexpected pleasure.

The slow, tedious movements were driving Deana wild. She put her hands through Sue’s hair trying to direct her down to her steaming snatch.

Sue’s mind had a million thoughts running through it; “What would Bradley think, or those church biddies? Why should I care, this is fun, and not hurting anyone. She couldn’t believe she was making love to a woman. She loved it, and wanted more, than just this one night.

She shook the thoughts from her mind, parted Deana’s labia and teased it with her fingers, lips, and tongue. She whimpered softly, as she ran her own fingers between her legs feeling her own fluids running down her thighs. She slowly started to masturbate and Deana stopped her.

“Oh no self pleasures here baby, let’s sixty-nine. I want to taste, tease, and please you as you do me.” The moved and began eating each other. Knowing a woman’s tongue was more skillful than any man’s: more enduring, more determined, and more at ease.

When Deana’s tongue found Sues, small, throbbing, hard, clit, she gasped, and did the same thing to her.

It wasn’t long until they both climaxed. They stay there locked in that position for a few moments. Then they both moved and held each other close, basking in the afterglow.

Moment’s passed, and Sue spoke. “I didn’t really realize how much I missed the touch of a woman until tonight.”

“I take it you liked it Sue? No regrets?”

“None, and even if we have to meet secretively, I want to do this again.”

“Oh we will do this again. I have an idea.”

“Oooh tell me, I’m open to suggestions.”

“Okay, well how’s about next time we meet, we dress the part; miniskirts, see through blouses with lacy bras.”

“Sounds fun, but I doubt Bradley will let me go out in public like that.”

‘You can hide the clothing in your overnight bad…. the fun is just beginning.”

“So when do we meet again?”

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