Andy’s Journey Ch. 03

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This story is about an incestuous relationship. It involves submission and dominance.

All characters are age eighteen or older.

For background please read previous chapters.


As Mom had directed I shaved carefully. I was just finishing when she came upstairs.

“Do you have something in mind that you’d like to wear?” She asked me.

“A couple of things, Mom.”

We went to my old bedroom to look through my clothes. We had moved some of them to ‘our’ bedroom, but there was still some in my old closet. Most of my clothing was lingerie and sleepwear, but I did have a selection of dresses, skirts and blouses.

I showed Mom a mini-skirt. She liked it.

“You’ll look sexy in that,” she told me.

“It’s what I like to wear when I’m feeling girlish and a little playful,” I told her.

“Well how do you feel now?” Mom asked. “Do you have something that fits your mood?”

“Mom, that bustier makes you look so forceful. I think I have something that will complement it perfectly.”

I got out a filmy, long skirt that I had bought online. It had been called a harem slave costume and looked like something a belly dancer might wear. It was slit up both sides to the hip. I don’t mind saying that I had legs that looked good in it. I had only worn it a couple of times, never for my ex, only for my own pleasure.

I got excited when I thought about wearing it. It was so perfect. I could be a slave girl for her, my mistress.

We brought it back to the bedroom. Mom clipped the chain to my collar. As an added fillip she picked up her riding crop.

She told me to strip and I was soon naked in front of her. She led me, by the chain, to the bathroom and instructed me to get on my hands and knees on the floor.

I did as I was told and I felt a stinging strike with Mom’s switch, her riding crop. It stung, but not badly. She gently rubbed the spot where she had hit and made soothing sounds. As she comforted me she slid a small tube into my ass, an enema. Before I could object I felt the warm liquids filling my intestine.

I needn’t describe the rest of the process. There is debasement and then there is utter debasement. An enema falls in the latter category. Mom gave me two more doses before she was satisfied. She used the syringe bulb next to pump douche into my ass. That wasn’t quite as bad. But by then I was pretty empty.

“You’ll see why we did this later,” She told me.

She let me stand to help her undress. A shower was next. My feelings were strange. Adoration, of course, and gratitude. My inner self was whispering to me. Delicious, such delicious abasement.

Back in the bedroom we dressed Mom first. Mesh hosiery and a fresh bustier. This one had a large zipper up the front and laced openings on the sides. Like the other it displayed her tits beautifully. As usual spike heels perfectly completed the effect. Mom sent me to the bathroom to retrieve the riding crop.

A garter belt, nude colored nylons and heels took care of my legs. A mesh camisole, one made for men, pushed and molded the flesh of my chest into a pair of small boobs. The nipples peeked saucily through the mesh. If only they were real breasts, I thought wistfully.

A blond wig with shoulder length hair, some expert makeup by Mom and I was ready. We stood in front of the mirror together. I thought I had never looked sexier.

Mom hugged me. “You look beautiful, Dear. So very exotic.”

She clipped the chain to my collar. It made things perfect for me.

She led me to the bed. We laid together exchanging deep kisses. Kisses that got hotter as they continued. Her hands were on me stroking and petting me. One hand under my gauzy skirt fondled my hard cock. My hand was at her pussy. I could feel her wetness and the hardness of her clit.

She straddled my chest and pulled my face to her pussy. Her hard clit was in front of me. Long, hard, as big as a small cock. My lips parted instinctively. She slid her clit into my hot, wet mouth, leaned over me and fucked my face.

Startled, at first, I soon came to feel a thrill as she pumped her hard shaft into my mouth. I closed my lips tightly on it. I eagerly licked it with my tongue. I let my teeth scrape along its length. I sucked it to bring blood flowing into its hardness. My gauzy slave costume added to the thrill. I felt the excitement of imaging myself as an aroused woman giving her lover a blow job.

I wanted to please her, to make her cum. I could feel the throbbing of blood beating in her clit. Much like the throbbing in my cock. I thrilled even more when I felt an orgasm tearing through her. Her plump body quivered with orgasmic joy as she came.

Mom pulled her still hard clit from my grasping lips. She moved back onto my body and leaned down to kiss me. We exchanged a hot open mouthed kiss with our tongues dancing.

She moved to my feet, pushed my skirt up to my waist to expose my hard cock.

“Don’t cum yet,” she whispered hoarsely. “The best is yet to come.”

She spread my legs apart, grabbed the wedge pillow and shoved it under my hips. Lube was next, she rubbed a istanbul escort generous dollop around my anus and inside it.

I thought she’d be putting on the belt, but she surprised me. She pushed my legs up and further apart. I felt her hard clit slide into my ass. I gasped and cried out.

“Oh, Mom. Fuck me.” My voice sounded husky, like a sexually excited woman.

Her clit was not as big around as the dildo, but it was hard and it felt good in my ass. The mere idea of being clit fucked in the ass by my mother’s rigid clit sent me over the edge. It seemed such an intimate act.

I grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled them apart so she could fuck me deeper. Deep enough for me to feel her clit touch my prostrate. The touches were enough to send me into sexual overload. In my mind my ass became a pussy to me. The lube my juices. My mother’s hard clit was filling me, fucking me, making love to me.

Cum spewed from my cock, and again, another spurt shot onto my belly. She was soon cumming too. Her gasps and the shudders tearing through her plump body sent me to new heights. My cock stayed hard as Mom pumped her clit into me, butt fucking me with her hard big clitcock.

Her face was a mask of lust as orgasms sang through her body. She mouthed unintelligible sounds; she scooped up my cum from my belly and fed it to me. I avidly sucked it from her fingers.

We were wild, both of us. I was ready to cum again. Mom may have sensed it. She started stroking my cock, the rhythm of her hand matched the thrusts of her hips. My cum spewed from me again as my mother experienced an especially strong orgasm.

She collapsed on top of me after that last orgasm. Her clit slipped out of my ass. I missed the feel of it.

I held her on top of my body. “Thank you, Mom,” I gasped. “That was so wonderful.”

Mom was catching her breath, as I was too. We kissed and held each other. Mom rolled off me and we laid together. We told each other, again, how great it had been and how much we loved each other. I knew now why Mom had given me the enema and douche. She always had a thing about hygiene when it came to bathroom things.

Mom idly scooped up more of my cum on her fingers and fed it to me again. She scooped up more and sucked it off her fingers for herself.

“I squirted,” she said when she caught her breath. “I do sometimes.”

I thrilled at the thought of her squirt. I remembered my ex doing so on occasion. I started to slide lower on the bed to taste of it, but she stopped me.

“Later,” she said softly. “We have lots of time. Rest now. I need to clean myself.”

Mom got up and went to the bathroom. When she returned I was waiting to suck at her tits. She held me to her as I suckled. It was a delightful sensation, safe and secure. A feeling of trust such as had helped me get through the ordeal of telling her everything.

She pushed me down after she had let me suckle her for a while. Down towards the hairy garden of delight that was her pussy.

I went eagerly, I licked avidly at the lips of her lovely cunt. I savored the slightly acrid, yet delicious, scent and taste of the nectar she had squirted. I rubbed my face in the luscious forest of her hair.

Her clit hardened and grew. I sucked it as if giving her a blow job. We both delighted in my sucking. She came again, intensely with loud gasps. Her fleshy thighs clasped my head and her hands under my wig twisted in my hair.

When she was sated. She pushed my head back. She made me lick her cum from the sheet. Kneeling next to me she held my head to the wet sheet as I joyfully sucked and licked her juices from the fabric.

We laid together in a sweet embrace telling each other of our love.

We rested together until dinnertime. We got up then. Mom said all the activity had made her hungry. I agreed.

Dinner was frozen dinners, again. Cooking took energy and we were too pleasantly relaxed from our lovemaking for such plebian chores.

Our dinner conversation was about my viewpoints on our new lifestyle. Mom was very interested in my ongoing feminization.

“Something I’d like to do,” she said. “Is to learn more about your tastes. So I want you to show me what websites you visit.”

After I cleaned up the dinner dishes we went to her computer in the corner of the living room. I brought up the sites that gave advice on crossdressing. She found them interesting and told me to bookmark the better ones so she could study them more later.

She told me to show her a sample of the porn I liked. It made me feel nice to have an imposing woman like my mother take charge and give orders. I didn’t even consider showing her anything but what I really liked. I found a few of my favorite videos. Two were about men submitting to dominate women and eating their pussies. A couple more I liked were about sissy boys getting pegged, also by femdoms. By the way, I really dislike the term ‘pegging’, I consider it vulgar. ‘Bend over your man’ seems to have a bit more class, at least to me. Surprisingly, considering my dislike of ‘pegging’, I like the term ‘butt fuck’. Crude and concise is how I think şirinevler escort of it.

“Enough for now, Andy,” she said after we had reviewed the videos.

We moved to the couch and I snuggled up to my mother.

Mom talked about the websites I’d shown her. “I depilated you and used a skin softener when we showered because I thought your skin was a little coarse. I didn’t know there were websites to help.”

“I would have liked to do all those things when I was married, Mom, but Amanda wouldn’t let me. She wanted a sissy boy, not a lady.”

“Hmm, she may have had a point,” Mom mused. “I’ll have to give it some thought, but for now I think I want my sissy boy to have soft skin; so keep using the lotion.”

She thought for a moment. “For that matter I’m not sure I don’t want a lady, or a little girl, or a slave girl like today.”

We stayed cuddled on the couch. I felt comfortable in my mother’s arms. I basked in the closeness as I lay across her lap and sucked her tits. I felt her clit stiffening against my ribs. It was a strange feeling at first, but only for a moment. Then I became excited as I realized that this is how a woman must feel when she feels a lover’s hard cock against her body. In a big way it made me feel even more feminine.

I felt Mom’s hand slide under my skirt. She caressed my thighs and moved closer to my hardening cock. She lifted my face to hers for a kiss.

“I think it’s time to go back to the bedroom,” she whispered. Her voice was husky.

After the wonderful sex of the afternoon I thought I wouldn’t get hard again, but I did. Back in bed with hot kisses and mutual fondling we soon became aroused again.

Mom impaled herself on my cock and rode me slowly and sensuously. Her hand massaged her clit as though she was jerking off. I watched fascinated as she brought herself to a long continuous orgasm.

When I came she sat on my face and let me lick our melded cums from her aromatic cunt.

We laid together holding each other. It had been a day full of love and sex. I felt so beautifully gratified, so loved.

I slept peacefully and did not wake until quite late. I was alone so I found my robe and went to the kitchen looking for Mom. I found her there and she greeted me with a hug and a soft lingering kiss on the lips. She was still in her bustier and nylons. Her lush bush on display below the bottom edge and outlined by the straps supporting her hosiery. He almost bare breasts and dark areolas made a beautiful display resting on the shelf bra of her garment.

She poured me a cup of coffee and told me to sit. She waited until I’d finished one cup before she said anything.

“I’m glad you’re adapting so well, Andy. The last couple of days have been very satisfying to me. I’m very pleased.”

“Thank you, Mom,” I replied.

We ate a light breakfast. Mom had a dreamy look as we ate. “I used to do that sometimes with your father,” she said. “Use my clit like a cock. We both enjoyed it. It was nice to do it again with you.”

“I enjoyed it too, Mom, it was an intense thrill. I’m happy you are able to do something like that. You are a rarity.”

Mom didn’t reply right away. She seemed to be remembering things, or thinking of something; maybe our future. She shook herself and came back to the present.

“Yes,” she said. “I am a rarity. Some would say a freak. I was fortunate to find a man like your father. One who not only accepted me as I am, but loved me for it. We had a good sex life and loved each other very much.”

She became pensive again. I didn’t say anything to break her mood until she snapped out of it herself.

“He’s gone now, but I have you,” she said with a smile. “We’re going to have fun. Our personalities complement each other. You’ll see.”

“I know we will, Mom. You’re the only person I have ever been able to talk to about my inner thoughts and needs.”

I was sent to clean the bedroom. I finished my chores and came back downstairs with the laundry.

Mom was at her desk checking her mail and paying bills. “If you’re all caught up, Andy dear, let’s get a shower,” she told me.

I shaved carefully and Mom checked to make sure I was smooth. We showered together and playfully washed each other. I was still sated from the sexual escapades of the previous days and nights. I got hard, but was able to control myself. I could tell that Mom was somewhat aroused too. Her clit was protruding and the tip emerging from behind her hood.

Mom didn’t dress. She put on a robe over her naked body and tied it loosely. She chose panties for me and a mesh camisole. No nylons but sandals with two inch heels.

“Why don’t you make us a lunch, Andy? Sandwiches will be okay.” She told me. “I’ll be in the living room on my computer.”

I quickly got a lunch together and called her. We ate together, when I had cleared the table she told me to sit down.

“You’ve done well, Andy. I’m happy to see you adapting so well. I’m equally glad that no punishment has been necessary. Since you have pleased me I think a reward is in order. Afterward we have something taksim escort to discuss.”

She led me upstairs to the bedroom. From the drawer of the bedtable she took a couple of vibrators. One of them was the prostrate vibrator we had bought at the sex shop. The other I recognized as a g-spot vibrator. My ex had used one sometimes. She put lube on the prostrate toy.

We laid on the bed together kissing and fondling each other. We were lovers now. Mom told me, in husky tones, what I was to do for her. She pushed my head to her pussy and gave me the g-spot vibrator. I kicked and sucked her flowing juices as she came and came again. I sucked her clit like a cock and made her cum harder.

She rolled so she was on top and took my throbbing hard cock deep into her mouth. I pushed the toy I held into her pussy searching for her g-spot. She came quickly, her cries of joy muffled by my cock. Her juices flowed from her cunt, over the vibrator, onto my face as I sucked at her clitcock.

She had cum a couple of times when during a pause between orgasms she slid the vibrator into my ass. As soon as it hit my prostrate I went wild. I had never felt such orgasmic ecstasy. She plied the vibrator with skill. Touching the gland and pulling back to let it massage the sensitive area just inside my sphincter then back to the prostrate for another exciting touch.

She held me at the brink of an explosive orgasm as she came herself, time after time. Came from the blowjob I was giving her and the toy in her pussy.

The point came that my cum exploded from me in a wonderful, powerful orgasm. Electric thrills pulsed through my body and flew to the head of my cock. Creamy seed filled her mouth and she milked my cock for more.

She lifted her head from my cock and pulled the toy from my ass. She rolled off me, reluctantly it seemed to me, and pulled on my arm to bring me to face her. There was cum on her cheeks where it had dribbled from her mouth. She showed me her mouth full of white cum contrasting with the redness of her mouth. She slid her tongue seductively through the creamy goodness and brought my face to hers for an open mouthed kiss.

“I like to suck,” Mom whispered to me. “Your cock is nice and big. It feels good.”

“That was wonderful, Mom.” I gasped. “I can’t believe how good it felt.”

We rested then. When I woke I was alone. I put my panties back on and went downstairs. Mom was sitting at her desk looking at something on her computer and talking on the phone. When she saw me she told me to make some coffee and went back to the conversation.

We had coffee together at the kitchen table. Mom seemed quite animated. Indeed I still felt animated myself. After our coffee we went to the living room. Mom sat on the couch and let her robe fall open. She told me to kneel in front of her, between her meaty thighs.

She pulled the chain from her pocket and snapped it on my collar. Another symbol of my subjugation. I almost groveled in front of her.

“I told you there would be more to come, Andy. So I will tell you a few things about myself. You are not to interrupt until I give you leave to speak.”

I nodded looking up at her. She looked so imposing in her bustier and the mesh stockings.

“After your father died, Andy, I was at a loss for companionship. The few men I dated were repulsed by my abnormal clit. But, strangely, women were not. So for several years, My Dear, I have been having an ongoing sexual affair with my two friends, Bridget and Myra.”

I was shocked to hear this. Especially after the sex Mom and I had shared.

She went on. “Sometimes other women are involved. There is quite a large group of us among the professional women and matrons in this town. Bridget, Myra and I, however, have a special bond.

“I have told them about you. About how you have become my sissy boy and my lover.”

I was shocked again. I had thought that Mom would keep my secret.

“I had good reason to tell them about you, Andy. You see I’m going to share you with my good friends.”

This was more than I could take. “No!” I blurted out. “No, you can’t.”

“Shut up, Andy. I haven’t given you permission to speak.”

I subsided. Even as tears flowed from my eyes at what I saw as a betrayal.

“It’s because I love you that I’m willing to let you have sex with other women, Andy,” Mom continued. “You will thank me when you realize the sacrifice I am making.

“Bridget and Myra will be visiting tomorrow. You will join us in our lovemaking.”

I still sobbed, the tears would not cease. Even as I was finding contentment, with my mother, she was snatching it away from me.

Mom became impatient with my blubbering, with my inability to shut up when told to. She jerked me to my feet with the chain. She led me upstairs. By the time we got to the bedroom my sobs had subsided to sniffles. She attached my chain to the head of the bed. She handed me her belt and ordered me to put it on her. I knelt in front of her as she shed her robe and stood in front of me. Before I could put the belt around her waist she took me by the hair and tilted my head back. She pushed my face into her wet pussy and smeared her fragrant juices over me. For whatever reason it was obvious that she was aroused. From the hurt she had caused me? In anticipation of sharing me? I didn’t know, but I was aware of my hurt; of delicious surrender.

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