Angelina and the Ambulance

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The phone jangled me out of a particularly erotic dream at 6:30 AM. I was pretty disoriented, trying to make the leap from Salma Hayek’s hot tub back to my dumpy bedroom. But even in that state I knew it had to be one of two things: a family emergency or Dickie, the scheduling supervisor at work. Fortunately it was Dickie.

“What do you want, Dick? It’s my day off.”

“I need you to go cover Schaeffer’s shift out at Community Hospital.”

“I’m sleeping, Dick.”

“Come on, Harris, give a guy a break. You’re the sixth person I’ve called since Schaeffer called in. Besides, girl, I thought you could use the overtime.”

Dickie was right, I could use the money. I’d moved out of my ex’s apartment a couple of months ago and was finding it a little hard to make ends meet on my own. I asked who my medic would be.

Angelina Shea. My heart fluttered. Gorgeous and smart, she was one of the best medics in the whole ambulance company. For a moment I hesitated; would I be able to keep my mind on the job with her in the passenger seat for twelve whole hours? I decided that the chance to work with her was worth the risk. I gave Dickie a hard time for another minute or so, then agreed to take the shift.

“All right then, Harris. Get a move on. Shift starts at eight.”

When I arrived at Community, Angelina was already in the back of the ambulance, counting her drug box and checking the supplies. “Where’s Schaeffer?” she asked with a frown.

“Out sick. Guess you’re stuck with me, Shea.”

“Hm,” she grunted and went back to counting the gauze pads. Oh great, I thought, this is going to be a long shift.

On the other hand, there were compensations. As I walked around the ambulance, checking the lights and mechanicals, I stole glances at Angelina through the windows. Her long auburn hair fell in waves around her shoulders and she hooked it back over one ear with a short, shell-pink nail. I imagined those nails lightly tracing the curve of my breast. She paused to twist her hair into a knot at the nape of her neck and clasp it with a barrette. I imagined twisting that hair around my fist as I pulled her into a powerful kiss.

And, oh, her perfume. Our first call came in and she came around to the passenger seat. As I searched for the street in my map book, I slowly became aware of a spicy musk that reminded me of the scent of an aroused woman. I swear, my mouth actually began to water and I felt a frisson of excitement in my clit.

We took a couple of easy calls together. I had to lean heavily on the map book, since I hadn’t driven in that part of town in a while. Angelina made helpful suggestions when I got stuck, but otherwise we rode together in silence.

For my part, I decided to make up for my poor navigational skills by being the best assistant she’d ever had. When she was working up a patient, I tried to anticipate her every need. I watched how she worked and quickly learned how she liked things done. We worked smoothly together and I appreciated her deft skill and her gentle way with the patients.

She was strong, too, and had no trouble holding up her side of the stretcher as we lifted patients into the back of the ambulance. She moved gracefully within the cramped space of the patient compartment and I could see that she had to have a supple body under the unflattering, baggy jumpsuit uniform we both wore. I imagined tugging her zipper gently down to discover what she was wearing underneath.

As we worked together, Angelina gradually thawed. She even smiled once when I suggested we bring back a dozen donuts to butter up the ER staff. My heart skipped a beat. I silently vowed to bring donuts to every ER I worked out of for the next month.

Things slowed down for a while in the afternoon. We had time for Angelina to go help out the ER nurses and for me to wash and polish the rig in the ambulance bay. I had just finished and was strolling past the nurses’ station on my way to the Coke machine when Dr. Lewis called me over. I remembered him from his previous post at General Hospital in the city, where I usually worked.

“Harris! You driving today?”

“Sure am, Doc. What’s up?”

“Thank God. You can drive like a bat out of hell when you want to, can’t you? Well, I’ve got a volunteer squad coming in from Farmersville with a guy who got Bostancı Escort mangled in some farm equipment and he’s bleeding out.”

“Sheesh, Doc – what are you going to do?”

“We can’t handle that kind of trauma here. He’d bleed to death in the ER before we could page in a surgeon, and our blood bank is a joke. Where’s your partner?”

I called Angelina on the walkie-talkie and she hurried over. The doctor brought her up to speed and told her what the game plan was. We’d transfer the patient to our stretcher in the ambulance bay, Doc and Angelina would start IV’s on him, we’d toss him in the rig and I’d drive like hell to the trauma center at General. With any luck, he’d live until the trauma surgeons could patch him up.

The volunteers were five minutes out, so I called dispatch while Angelina prepped the IV sets and got out the rest of her supplies.

In no time, the volunteer ambulance pulled into the bay. A couple of nurses yanked open the back doors and a trickle of blood poured out. Oh shit, I thought, this guy’s in bad shape. We pulled the stretcher out and Doc Lewis and Angelina each took an arm. They both got lines started on the first try and I felt a glow of pride in Angelina’s skills as I trotted to the driver’s seat. I heard the stretcher lock into place and the back doors slam, and I hit the lights and siren and pulled out of the bay.

Traffic was surprisingly light as I smoothly danced through the city streets on my way to the expressway. I felt completely in my element as I worked the siren and dodged through intersections. I spared a glance into the rearview mirror and saw Angelina with the cell phone tucked onto her shoulder, talking with General’s ER while she squeezed the bag of IV fluid with both of her strong hands. She glanced up and caught my eye – I thought I saw a flicker of fear before she looked away.

On the expressway, traffic melted before me. I accelerated smoothly and surged into the left lane. With nothing in front of me for half a mile, I glanced back at Angelina. She was still squeezing the IV bag and looking at the display on the heart monitor. Again she caught me looking. I couldn’t hear her voice over the scream of the siren, but I read her lips. “Faster,” she said.

“Faster,” yes, Ma’am: I could give her “faster.”

I gripped the steering wheel lightly but firmly. I pressed the accelerator to the floor and felt the ambulance respond with another surge of speed. I glanced at the speedometer – it was pinned at 120 MPH. The car swayed gently at this speed and I could feel the texture of the road in my seat, in my sex, in my whole body. I felt like a part of the machine as we moved together; I was in total control and she responded beautifully to my touch. The knowledge of what we’d all look like if I lost control added a spice of danger. It lasted forever. It was over in an eye blink.

We pulled into the ambulance bay at General and a small crowd of nurses and interns had the stretcher out almost before I had the car stopped. Angelina joined the swarm as they hustled through the door and down the hall toward the trauma suite.

The driver of another ambulance winked at me and sniffed the air. “Hot brakes,” he said with a grin. “How fast were you going, anyhow?”

“I don’t know. It doesn’t go up that high.” I grinned back, still on top of the world. He shook his head and ambled off inside to watch the show.

I went back to have a look at the state of the rear compartment. What a mess. There was blood everywhere, wrappers and gloves and bloody towels on the floor and the bench. This was going to take a lot of work. I went inside to the phone to call dispatch.

“Hey, Fred, the rig is trashed. You think we could wash her up at the garage here?”

“Yeah, go ahead, Harris. Lemme know when you’re on your way back to Community, all right? New crew is on at eight.”

As I hung up the phone, Angelina walked over pushing the filthy stretcher, adrenaline crash making her feet drag a little. “He’s on his way up to surgery,” she said. “He probably won’t make it, but we got him here okay.” I took the stretcher and we walked slowly toward the ambulance bay.

“You were great, Angie. I don’t think half my partners could’ve done it.”

“Well that was some driving, Laura. If my Bostancı Escort Bayan watch is right, we made it here in seven minutes flat. I’ve never seen anything like it.” A glow of pride warmed my belly. I glanced up at her face and she was already looking at me. I felt a thrill as something primal moved behind her eyes.

We reached the back of the ambulance and Angelina looked from the stretcher to the trashed interior. “Yuck. We’ve got work to do.”

“I got us the garage around back. There’s hot water and rags and disinfectant, and we can restock.”

“Good one, Laura. Let’s go.”

We drove around to the garage and I punched in the security code and pulled inside. The door closed behind us. We got out and opened all the ambulance doors and pulled out the stretcher. Angelina got to work on the stretcher while I attacked the compartment. Unlike the start of the shift, she was quite chatty and we passed the time telling stories about interesting calls and challenging patients. All the while, I was still feeling the fizzy excitement of being near her and the afterglow of the drive. She was witty and a good storyteller, but I could tell that she was feeling a little giddy, too.

We finished up and she asked for my help putting the stretcher away. We lifted up the stretcher and as we rolled it into the ambulance, our eyes locked. I clicked the latch home without looking, and she stepped toward me. Our bodies touched and our breath mingled. I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. She waited. I reached up and cupped her face in my hands. Suddenly, we were locked together, our breasts pressed against each other, our lips devouring each other, tongues exploring, hands, arms, legs… Fire flowed in streams from every part of me that touched her, straight to my clit.

We broke apart for air and searched each other’s faces. “Stretcher,” she said, and we moved as one into the back of the ambulance. We sat on the stretcher and she surprised me by pushing me onto my back. She pinned me down with her hands on my shoulders and kissed me hard. She pulled the zipper of my jumpsuit all the way down and leaned back for a moment to look at me. She smiled and murmured, “Who knew you were so sexy, Laura?”

She yanked the trauma shears from her cargo pocket and caught my panties over my hipbone. One snip there and another at the other hip and I lifted slightly as she snatched my ruined panties out from between my legs. She smiled again when she saw how wet they were.

Angelina slid her slim fingers under the edge of my bra and pushed it up, freeing my full breasts. She cupped them in her hands and bent to take one nipple between her lips. She sucked and bit it and I felt twin thrills in my breast and clit.

I must have moaned because she chuckled low and drew her nails down over my ribs and cupped my vulva with one pink-nailed hand. She slowly drew a finger up, sliding in the juices along my outer lips to the spot where she could feel the hard nugget of my clit, straining out between my lips. I shifted my legs wider apart and she chuckled again. She brought her fingers to her lips and licked them with obvious pleasure. “Mmmm, Laura. Wish I had time to fuck you right. ”

Then she moved both hands back between my legs. One slim finger slid into me, and I was so open I could barely feel it. Her right hand began a slow, insistent rhythm with my clit. She gave me two fingers, then three. She pumped her left hand in and out of me, in rhythm with the exquisite pressure on my clit. Faster and faster she worked, then she switched, thrusting and working my clit with just her left hand when she felt me teetering at the very edge.

As I crashed into a blinding orgasm, she pressed her right hand over my mouth to muffle the scream. I came and came. It lasted forever. It was over in an eye blink.

I must have lost consciousness for a second because when I opened my eyes she was smiling down at me and drying her hands on a towel. Usually when I come that hard I can hardly move afterward. This time, though, I felt energized and alive. I sat up, pulled down my bra and reached for her.

Wordlessly I took her into my arms and kissed her passionately. I reached up and flicked the barrette out of her hair and thick auburn waves cascaded around her face. Escort Bostancı I tugged down the zipper of her jumpsuit and saw through her lacy bra that her nipples were already hard and ready for my touch. She shrugged out of the jumpsuit sleeves and fumbled at the clasp on the front of her bra. Suddenly the clasp released and her gorgeous, creamy breasts sprang free. My lips and tongue and teeth teased her nipples even harder as my hands cupped and kneaded her full breasts.

Her breath came in short gasps and she moaned a little as she pulled me up into another voracious kiss. I pulled back and drew the jumpsuit and her panties down over her ample hips. I gently pushed her back onto the stretcher and kissed her again, then drew my tongue down her throat, between her breasts, and down her belly to the edge of the curly tuft of auburn hair at her mound. Her skin tasted like musk and the sweat of fear from our wild ride.

I gently but firmly slid my hands between her thighs and drew her legs apart. I smelled the hot, sharp smell of her excitement. Her lips were glistening and I smiled up into her face as I moved between her legs and slid my hands beneath her firm ass. “Shall I take you on another ride, Angelina?” I asked. She moaned again and reached for the back of my head, pressing my face into her dripping sex.

For the second time that night I felt completely in my element. Though I was tempted to give myself over to the sensations washing over me, I firmly told myself to keep my head and do this right, for I might never get another chance. I started with her outer lips and teased them apart with my tongue and teeth. Her wetness was musky and sweet and I plunged my long tongue into her cunt and thrust as her hips bucked and writhed. Then I pulled and sucked her inner lips into my mouth and worked them with my tongue. Angelina’s breath was coming in short gasps and she moaned as my tongue finally reached her clit and began to lightly dance.

I teased her for a moment, and then felt her hands tighten in my hair as she forced my face hard into her sex. I slid my hands under her ass, grasped her hips firmly, and began to work her clit in a slow rhythm.

“Faster, Laura!” she moaned.

“Faster,” yes, Ma’am: I could give her “faster.”

Angelina began to move and thrust into my face and I could feel the tension building in her, straining toward release. I felt like a part of her as we moved together; I was in total control and she responded beautifully to my touch. I worked her clit faster and faster as she built toward her climax.

At the last moment, I plunged two fingers into her dripping hot cunt and worked her g-spot. Her breath stopped and she exploded into orgasm with a shudder. Her back arched and her hips bucked and thrust against me. I struggled to hold on and ride through her climax. Wetness exploded into my mouth and dripped down my neck and between my breasts. Suddenly the excitement was too much to control and I rocketed into an orgasm of my own. I moaned into her cunt as I continued to work her clit and g-spot. It lasted forever. It was over in an eye blink.

Our orgasms subsided and Angelina collapsed back onto the stretcher, limp. I gave her clit a last lick and kissed her outer lips closed as I drew out my fingers. I found the towel she’d cast aside and dried my hands and face and breasts, then gently dried her sex. Her eyes drifted open and I knelt next to the stretcher and took her into my arms. Our lips met in a tender kiss.

“Laura, that was amazing,” she said. “Who’d have thought you were so talented?”

“You should see what I can do when I’ve got the time,” I said, smiling.

Just then, the radio crackled and we heard dispatch calling our car number. I reached for the back handset and responded.

“Hey, you guys about done?”

“Affirm, dispatch. Just putting on the finishing touches.”

“Well, get a move on. Your relief is waiting at Community.”


I turned to Angelina, who had put her jumpsuit back on and was getting her hair back under control. “You ready?”

She looked around the compartment, grabbed the towel and tugged the stretcher blanket back into place. “Looks good to me.”

We stowed all the cleaning supplies and started back to Community Hospital. Again we rode together in silence, but this time the silence was full of a different kind of tension.

About a block from the hospital, she turned to me and a sly smile twinkled in her eyes. “So. Should we bother with drinks and dinner, or just go home and fuck each other’s brains out?”

It was a lot better than Salma Hayek’s hot tub.

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